Since I knew we were stopping at Ueno on our way back to our hotel, we decided to have dinner here at Yayoiken. I saw this particular place on the Ueno Wikitravel article under Budget eats. We were convinced on the description – with all the rice you can eat. We were looking for a similar place we ate at in Kyoto. It was kind of hard to find at first since you have to exit the station and cross a bridge but we eventually found it.






This is also a vending machine type of restaurant where you pay for your order and then get your ticket. The server will take the ticket. They do have a wide selection of food.

My cousin ordered the fried pork set?




I got my favorite Katsudon set.




We actually sat to a table next to the rice for easier access. Haha. We had second servings and took advantage of the unlimited rice.




The food was delish and very affordable. The place was clean with a great decor and ambiance. A mix of people dine here from regular workers, office workers in suits, students, though we were the lone tourists at the time. This was our last dinner in this Japan trip. I will miss a lot of things, especially the food.

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