Yanagawa Canal Tour

Yanagawa Canal Tour


We bought the Daifazu Yanagawa Kankou Ticket at Nishitetsu Tenjin Station. It costs 2,930 per person or about 1,300 pesos. I think it’s really worth it for 3 train tickets and a free Yanagawa canal tour especially in Japan. Yanagawa is about an hour away from Fukuoka. They just cut out parts of your ticket when you enter the station. Just check the schedules if you have a time that you set but trains in between are pretty regular. They have trains that leave every 30 minutes I think. The ticket includes the Yanagawa Canal Tour. It takes you around the town of Yanagawa via the canals.  It’s actually called Yanagawa punting I think. The tour itself costs 1,600 yen so it’s a really good packaged deal.




From Hakata Station, you take 2 trains and it takes an hour and 25 minutes.  To get to the canals, there is a shuttle van that waits near the station to take you there.


Our first order for the day is to go to Yanagawa. We want to go to the furthest one, then work our way closer to home. After exiting the station, there are actually people that guide you into the shuttle that will take you to the boat docks. They wear uniforms too. Bear in mind that you won’t return the same way, you will be dropped off at a different location. We just saw a van leave so they just took us to another van and we just waited until it was filled. It was a short drive to the dock.





This is what we saw at the boat dock and how could you not take pictures. 🙂 It was so pretty. Those kids we saw were probably part of a school group tour because their boats had tables and they had food and drinks. Ours was just the regular boats like those on the sides with seats on either side.






We lined up for our boat and it was a short wait. They had hats that were for rent if you wanted one. Tours operate from 9:00-17:00 everyday.




The tour was in Japanese so we did not understand a thing. I think we may be the only foreign tourists except for a couple. Most of the people in our boat were Japanese. I just wish they had maybe one English boatman that did the tours. It would have been nice to understand the history of the place and what we were looking at.

There were really nice scenery along the way including this park.




And really nice Japanese homes..




The tour lasted 70 minutes.


Yanagawa Canal Tour




At the end, we were dropped off at Okinohata which is a complex in itself with museums and restaurants. This part was confusing. We wanted to get back to the train station so we asked a lady at the museum and there was problems with communication so she directed us to the public bus. We were looking for the free shuttle bus. As you enter the complex, just remember to go left for the free shuttle bus. You will see a bridge and a canal in between with a shrine at the end. The tourist information center is also around here. You have to board the shuttle bus right away because it gets pretty full quickly and you would have to wait for the next one.

  • The course is one way only. When you get off the boat, our free shuttle bus will be available at 14:30/15:30/16:30 from our “Rokkyu” restaurant (near end of course) back to Nishitetsu Yanagawa station or Shogetsu (start of course). You can also take a taxi (about ¥1200) or regular bus (¥210/person) from the gate of “Ohana”.

The Tour for me was just okay. I think it would have been relevant or more enjoyable if they had tours in English. Other than that and the shuttle bus fiasco, we had an enjoyable time. It’s not something I would go back to do again or take friends to do it. It’s probably something nice to experience once or if you want to fill your time with an activity around this area.


Yanagawa Punting Tours
Website: http://www.yanagawakk.co.jp/index_e.html




Address: Takahata, Yanagawa 8320065, Fukuoka Prefecture








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