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Southeast Asian weather is generally very warm. Weather in Myanmar is in the 30s-40s range during the hottest months and 20s in the cooler months. Most of Southeast Asia only has two seasons: the wet and the dry. The peak season for travel in Myanmar is during the wet season which is cooler. The colder months are from November to February which is also the peak season for travel and the hottest months are from March to June. Temperature throughout the country is greatly affected by altitude.

What to wear in Myanmar?

I traveled during the hot/dry season. I only brought really light clothes. Temples have a dress code so it would be wise to bring clothes that would respect and comply with that.


      I brought a lot of really light cotton shirts. It’s impossible not to sweat in Myanmar. I liked the convenience of T-Shirts since this is temple approved. You don’t have to cover your shoulders for a temple visit.
      I liked wearing shorts for this trip since it was really comfortable going around. Moving freely was really nice and keeping myself cool with the heat. I think I only brought one skirt for this trip.
      Sarongs have so many uses. It can be a beach blanket or an extra layer of protection from the cold airplanes and other transport. For this trip, I used it a lot as a skirt to cover myself when I visit temples since I was wearing shorts most of the time. I also used it to protect me from the sun at times.
      Long Yi is a local cloth sewed into a cylindrical shape that is mostly used as a skirt by both males and females in Myanmar. It is traditional and you can buy it at most markets. For me, it’s like a thicker Sarong and instead of it being just one piece of cloth. It is sewed all the way around. They tie it up around the waist. Myanmar has a very conservative culture, it goes all the way to the ankle. Women wear a pretty top with sleeves up to the elbows. It usually is the same color and texture as the skirt.
      I wore one at Inle Lake as there were no temples there. I wore mostly shirts with sleeves on this trip just because it was more convenient for temple visits.
      I brought a few of this. Light pants are what I had when I was lazy to bring a sarong. I also went on a biking tour and wore pants for that.
      I used slippers the whole time. Shoes – I did not bring. I tried to have a plastic bag with me at most times because I was paranoid that my slippers would get misplaced or stolen and I won’t have anything to wear on the way home. This is just me. I left them a few times at the front of the temple and they were still there when I left every time.


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