Wangfu Marquee Mall

Wangfu Marquee Mall


Wangfu Marquee Mall is a Chinese restaurant serving familiar Chinese fare at affordable prices with really good decor. It was relatively new at the time we went and we’ve never been there before so we decided to just try it. We were not disappointed.

Good Chinese Food with Affordable Prices at Wangfu Marquee Mall

Wangfu Marquee Mall has really good, clean and quite modern decor. It sets the mood for good meals.



The restaurant had really fun colorful chopsticks on the table. Also the customary chili garlic, soy sauce and calamansi for dipping.



We ordered their signature Crystal Ball dumplings for PHP 98 pesos. It had shrimp and vegetables inside. It tasted yummy. We were quite satisfied.



I was craving Oyster Omelet and I ordered one. It was ok, definitely not my grandma’s oyster omelet.



What’s good with their menu is the personal meals. If it’s just one or two people eating, this is a good option. The serving is more manageable and you can get more choices rather than getting one whole plate of something. Since the salted egg craze is popular nowadays, I tried their Salted Egg Fried Chicken set. For PHP 228 pesos, it comes with iced tea and unlimited rice and soup.  Admittedly, I was not that happy with the salted egg fried chicken. It was just ok. I think I just expected more out of it.



My cousin went for the Wangfu Hainanese Chicken set and this was a better option. The special rice that comes with it was really good. The chicken and dippings go well together as expected on a good Hainanese chicken meal. This was priced at PHP 258 pesos and comes with iced tea and unlimited rice and soup.



Generally, we were quite satisfied with our meal. All in all, it was around PHP 1,000 for the whole meal or about $20. I would not mind coming back to this place and maybe trying out something different. You can also check out their menu here.





Location: Marquee Mall, Angeles, Pampanga
Phone: +63 45 304 1257
Facebook Page



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