Vienna Prague Berlin Trip Budget

Vienna Prague Berlin Trip Budget

How much does it cost to visit 3 cities in 3 countries in Europe in 7 Days?


Not that much. We were on a very tight budget for this trip and I think we did fairly well. This Vienna, Prague, Berlin Trip Budget could hopefully help you plan your own trip while giving you an idea of how much it could cost. Our visit included 3 cities in 3 countries in 7 days and we were really happy with the trip. It probably helped to keep the cost down traveling in winter since not a lot of people would like to go somewhere cold except for maybe girls like us from the tropics. 🙂




  1. Our travel started within Europe, therefore the airline ticket price is very low. We got it on sale from Easyjet – the really popular European budget airline. We booked our tickets months in advance when they had the sale. I usually never see them this low so we booked them right away. The airline is no frills. It just gets you from point A to point B. If you want additional services like check in luggage or food, you have to pay extra for that.
  2. Vienna admittedly is a bit expensive. It is the most expensive out of all three. Hotels were out of the question because of our budget so we got a hostel instead. You can read my review of the A&O Hauptbanhof to get more information. We would have rather preferred a private room but this was the best option we had. We also wanted to be near the train station so we can access the rest of the city and go to our next destination with ease.
  3.  For a four hour train ride on a really nice train, I thought this was really inexpensive. The train was quite comfortable. You can probably get this price on hours that most people don’t like to travel. Otherwise, if you want to travel in convenient times, you would have to pay more. We picked the 7am train. I also read somewhere that if you booked on the Vienna site, they charge more but if you book on the Czech site, it’s cheaper. I actually checked that and it’s true. The same train was 10 euros more expensive on the Austrian site. The Austrian site charges in euro and the Czech site charges in Kronos. For more train information, this is a very good website to check –
  4. We loved Residence Bene Hotel. I’m sure there are less expensive options and we even checked apartments on Airbnb. We really liked this one because of it’s proximity to the Old Town and transport. It was a very spacious private room. It also came with a complimentary breakfast and it was rather nice.
  5. The train ride from Prague to Berlin was also comfortable. It was a 5 hour train ride. We took a late train at 18:30 and we got there around 11 in the evening. Again, not a lot of people would probably take these hours that’s why they are less expensive than if you took one in the middle of the day.
  6. Berlin hotels are very good. They are the cheapest of the bunch at the time of booking that’s why we decided to spend more nights there. We had a private room. We loved the location of the hotel, near the Central station which made things very easy for us.
  7. Our plane ticket from Berlin was also through an Easyjet promotion.
  8. These included subway and metro rides. We would walk if we can but public transport was relatively inexpensive. We never took a taxi or anything like that.
  9. Food was inexpensive in Prague and Berlin while Vienna was a bit more on the expensive side. We didn’t really eat in restaurants regularly. We mostly just ate what we can when we were hungry. We tried local food as much as we can like the wurst and sausages or the Christmas ham at the Prague night market. We did not deprive ourselves but we did not splurge either.
  10. We bought magnets for souvenirs and that was about it. We didn’t really go shopping, we didn’t really have any time for that to be honest or luggage space. Haha.
  11. You might be wondering about attractions. Most of the attractions we went to were free. At the Schonbrunn Palace, we visited the grounds which was free. If you wanted to go in the palace, there is a fee for that. Our time was really limited and we didn’t really want to go on a tour. We participated on a couple of free walking tours. That was always nice to get an idea of the city and go back to places that you find more interesting.

That was our one week trip and this was our Vienna, Prague Berlin Trip Budget. We loved seeing this part of Europe. Most noteworthy for me are the structures around the city. Vienna has that old, elegant vibe having the opera and other beautiful buildings. Prague has that easy going charm. It just seems so approachable while Berlin has that modern cosmopolitan livable feeling. I hope that it helped you somewhat and if you happen to have any question or suggestion, feel free to comment below. 🙂

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