Tokyo Ramen Street



So while waiting before we can check in at our hotel, we headed out to Tokyo Station to find the Tokyo Ramen Street where there is also the Tokyo Okashi Land and the Tokyo Character Street alongside it. Tokyo Station is huge! Good thing there were Tourist Information Offices where we can ask around to make sure we were headed on the right direction.


On Tokyo Ramen Street, there are 8 restaurants specializing in different kinds of Ramen. These are popular ramen restaurants converged in just one place. We went at around 10 in the morning and there were only a couple of stalls that were open at the time. Most were still closed.




We went into Rokurinsha which specializes in Tsukumen ramen since it seems crowded and welcoming. Only one of the two open early in the morning.






You actually order your food from a vending machine and since it was early, there were only a few that were available.




We chose the regular one that comes in 200g of noodles and at 830 yen. Then an attendant got our tickets and showed us to our table. There’s also a counter and behind it is where they prepare the food.






Comes with free iced water served with a pitcher on the table. I think the broth was unlimited too since I saw a salary man scooping some more at a community pot. It comes in two separate bowls since you dip the ramen into the broth and eat it from there.


After that, we walked around to see the Tokyo Okashi Land which was basically a store selling sweets and other cute stuff.






Tokyo Character Street was really cute! So many stuff that are adorable. I wanted to buy a lot of things but I had to restrain myself.

This is the store that sold anime products like Bleach and Naruto stuff. I wish they had more selection though.




This store sold Studio Ghibli stuff which were kawaii! I only got an item from each store. I didn’t want to break my budget on my first day.




The Hello Kitty Store..








I got me a key chain with my name at the Lego store..




It was fun visiting the place and partaking of the awesome ramen. I highly recommend this place.



Tokyo Ramen Street

B1F Yaesu South Exit, Tokyo Station (First Avenue Tokyo Station B1F South Street
11:00-22:30 (kitchen closes at 22:00) *Hours vary by shop

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