Tenerife on a budget

Tenerife on a budget



I honestly never heard of Tenerife or the Canary Islands prior to this trip so this was a really nice discovery thanks to my travel partner who insisted we go somewhere warm for a winter holiday. 🙂 We decided to do Tenerife on a budget as much as we could so we can possibly return sooner. Haha.

Tenerife is the largest and most populous among the seven Canary Islands. It is a territory of Spain so if you are from the Philippines and hold a Philippine passport, you only need a valid Schengen visa to visit this place. If you’re european, you only need your national ID.




The first thing to do is decide which part of the island you intend to stay. There are plenty of flight to and from Tenerife and there are two airports. The Tenerife North airport or Los Rodeos airport and The Tenerife South airport (also known as Reina Sofia airport). We decided to stay in the south which is the warmer part of the island so we looked for deals there. The biggest chunk of the budget on a trip always goes to the airfare and accommodation. You’d be happy to know that there are budget options. 🙂 We found a really good deal for round trip tickets that cost around €100 per person from Brussels Charleroi airport through Ryan Air.

Airlines that fly to and from Tenerife South Airport:

Airlines that fly to and from Tenerife North Airport:



This part would probably take a huge part of the budget. We looked for days for resorts, hotels and rentals that would suit our budget. It really depends on your travel style, some people are more comfortable with resorts or hotels. We on the other hand, are more of the Airbnb type. Honestly, we found a really nice apartment at Los Gigantes that had everything we needed but it was more expensive so we settled for another one that fits our budget more. The location was also perfect for us, near a public pool, groceries, the pier, the beach and restaurants. If you want to try Airbnb, you can get€18 of credit when you sign up using my code. 🙂



Tenerife on a budget


This was the view from our Airbnb rental’s veranda.



Tenerife on a budget


From our experience, we never used the public bus. We hired a service our airbnb host recommended to get us to and from the airport. It was a flat fee of €40 for each ride. Taxi to and from Los Gigantes costs €50. We looked into transport with www.rome2rio.com and the public bus from the airport only goes up to Costa Adeje, then we needed to take a taxi from there to Los Gigantes. You can always rent a car. If you choose public transport, I heard that they do have a good bus system. It is always recommended to get a TITSA bono card. It is a prepaid card with credits and gets you discounts on your fare. Aside from buses, there are trams in the capital of Santa Cruz and La Laguna. There are also several bus excursions that takes you around the island or at certain areas.




Tenerife on a budget


Tenerife on a budget


There are several sights that are free including going to the beach. Tenerife’s publicly owned galleries and museums have free admissions on Sundays. Hiking is free. You can always visit the famous El Teide and the village of Musca or swim in the rock pools of Garachico. You can also visit the 1000 years old Drago Tree. There is a €5 entry fee to the park. They have a few parks on the island geared for families like the Loro park and Siam park.

We took a bus tour to El Teide and Musca valley which costs us €38 per person. It was really worth it in our opinion. We were the first to be picked up at the bus station and also the first ones to be dropped off luckily. Our tour stopped for lunch near the drago tree park and dropped by the rock pools on our way to Musca valley.


Tenerife on a budget


We also took a dolphin and whale sightseeing. There are several companies that does it. The price can range from €15 – €60 depending on what vehicle you choose to go with. They have small boats, pirates ships, sailing boats and catamarans to choose from. We went with the Ocean Explorer and we had 8 in our group. It had a money back guarantee and we paid €20 per person for the 2 hour trip to see dolphins and whales. We saw both!



Tenerife is a duty free island and so most things are really cheap including food. We bought an 8 liter water for €1.50. A 300ml Dove liquid soap was around €2. The driver that took us from the airport dropped us at the supermarket to get some supplies before we reached our apartment. We got our supply for the week and it was relatively inexpensive. Restaurants were also less expensive compared to the ones in mainland Europe. We ate out twice and the rest of the days, we prepared our own food which saved us a lot.


Tenerife on a budget


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