Taking the Subway in Toronto


Toronto has a very efficient transportation system in place through subways, streetcars, and buses. We took the subway a few times. The subway system has only 3 lines which is pretty straightforward.




A one way fare is about $3.00 a ride. You get a better deal if you buy tokens. Day passes are $10.75, weekly pass is $38.50, and monthly passes are $128.50. Here’s a more detailed list of the ticket prices.

The subway stations are mostly open so when we witnessed a group of teenagers taunting each other, we placed ourselves against the wall. I was paranoid about the pushing and shoving that might happen.




This one I took a picture of looks like one of the older trains which is still charming and clean.




We took the subway to Eaton Center which had a direct exit and access to the mall. This is probably one of my top three favorite malls in Toronto. It has mostly everything. They had really nice displays during the holiday season too.





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