Taiwan Tourist visa for Philippine Passport Holders

Taiwan Tourist visa for Philippine Passport Holders


For my birthday each year, I always spend it in another country. I try to go to places I’ve never been to. In 2012, I went to Thailand/Cambodia with family. In 2013, I went to Bali with friends. This year, I went to Taipei with my cousin. We bought our tickets from a seat sale early this year. ^^ I really enjoyed our Taipei trip and I can’t wait to blog about it!

Since I recently got my Canada visa and it’s still valid, I am eligible to apply for a visa online. The ROC (Taiwan) Travel Authorization Certificate is applicable for citizens of India, Thailand, Vietnam, Indonesia and the Philippines.

Effective August 08, 2013, Philippine passport holders are exempted from visa and are allowed to stay in the Republic of China (Taiwan) for thirty (30) days provided that they have never worked in Taiwan as blue-collar workers and are currently holding valid visas or permanent resident cards of U.S.A., Canada, Japan, U.K., EU Schengen, Australia and New Zealand.

Qualified applicants may register for approval at https://nas.immigration.gov.tw/nase . Upon obtaining approval, please print out the Authorization Certificate and present it to the airline staff upon checking in at counter. For those who fail to show valid visas or permanent resident cards of the above mentioned countries, ENTRY TO TAIWAN IS PROHIBITED.




As of November 1, 2017, Filipinos do not need a visa anymore to visit Taiwan for 14 days. It has a 9 month trial until July 31, 2018 for a further review. Conditions still have to be met like having return tickets, 6 months passport validity and accommodation booking. You can read more here on the embassy website.



It looks like this:


I just presented it along with my passport and my Canadian tourist visa in the passport at Immigration.

This section can help you with information on Taiwan Tourist visa for Philippine passport holders. I actually had my application and requirements ready for the Taiwan visa. We were going to apply through an agency with my cousin. She went through with hers. I actually had all the requirements prepared just in case I didn’t get my Canada visa and had to apply for one.



  1. Fill out the online application form, then print it.
  2. Two (2) passport size photos 1.5”x2” with white background (taken w/in the last three (3) months)
  3. Passport valid for at least six months and old passport showing previous travels
  4. Birth Certificate issued by NSO
  5. Marriage Contract (if applicable) issued by NSO
  6. Certificate of Employment
  7. Financial statements of the applicant (Bank Book or Bank Statements)
  8. Traveling on BUSINESS, you must also submit:
    A. Certificate of Business Name Registration and SEC Registration(If owner of the company)
    B. Invitation Letter from Taiwan company / organization in Chinese letterhead that outlines clearly purpose of your visit and duration of your stay
    C. Request letter from applicant’s company
    D. Certificate of Employment
  9. Other Supporting Documents if required.
  10. All documents submitted to this office should be Original and with 1 photocopy
  11. The applicant will be scheduled for an interview (if required)
    Visa Fee: P2,100.00 (Single entry)/ P4,200.00 (Multiple entry)
    (NON-REFUNDABLE) payable upon filing of application
    Processing Time : 3 Working days
    Expedite Fee for single entry : P1,050.00 / Processing Time: 1 Working Day
    Expedite Fee for Multiple entry : P2,100.00 / Processing Time: 1 Working Day
    Filing Time : Monday to Friday 8:45AM to 11:45 AM
    Releasing Time : Monday to Friday 1: 45PM to 4:45PM


Post Date:2014/8/8

1. Applicant who has been issued a tourist or business visa by U.S.A, Canada, Schengen Convention countries, U.K., Japan, New Zealand or Australia visa within a year, may be exempted from financial documents and certificate of employment, provided that he/she has never violated the laws and regulations of Taiwan or been refused a visa by an R.O.C. mission abroad.
2. Applicant who has visited Taiwan more than twice, maintaining his/her bank account (or spouse’s bank account) with a balance of at least one million pesos, may apply for a multiple tourist visa for a maximum validity of one year, provided that he/she has never violated the laws and regulations of Taiwan or been refused a visa by an R.O.C. mission abroad.
※The Consular Division of TECO may ask for additional documents depending on each case. Submission of requirements does not guarantee issuance of visa.







Taipei Economic and Cultural Office
41st Floor, Tower 1, RCBC Plaza
6819 Ayala Avenue, Makati City
Telephone No. (02) 8876688; Fax No. (02) 8877828


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22 thoughts on “Taiwan Tourist visa for Philippine Passport Holders”

  • Hi. Helpful post. I’m also planning a Taiwan trip. How long before your departure did you apply for your travel auth certificate? I’m curious about the ‘valid until’ date on yours, 2014/10/18 – how long was it good for? Thanks, hope you could share some advice.:)

  • Would a Japanese multiply entry tourist visa suffice when applying for the Authorization certificate? And would that assure me of the said certificate? Because I don’t want to get tickets until I’m sure that the TAC will be issued to me and our planned trip is still a little over a month away.

    • Yes, a valid Japanese visa would suffice for the authorization certificate but there are times when they take it away like when relationships between our countries are not very good. I took my chance with that and hoped that nothing unusual happened around the time of my trip. I also had a back up plan to apply for a Taiwan visa just in case they took that away. 🙂

  • hi there! what happens if i failed to print my approved ROC Travel Authorization. can i apply again online or where can i retrieve my entry? please advise asap. thanks!

    • Hi lenlen lim,

      I don’t know. I’m on my phonr right now but when I do get a chance to go on the computer, I can check. Have you checked on the website if there’s an option to retrieve it? If not, maybe you can try to reapply again. 🙂

  • Hello there! I read somewhere in your post, after the article, as stated in #1., that those who have valid visas of the listed countries within the year dont have to submit any COE or financial documents? I’m a frequent traveler and have three USED Japanese tourist visas which I have all used within this year, last trip was just this January 2015, will I be exempted of submitting COE and bank certificate? Thank you and God bless!

    • Hi nathansison,

      If that’s what is still stated on their website. Please check on it first as sometimes they change the rules. 🙂

  • hi there ,
    just wondering if you can help me i have problem with my authorisation travel certificate to Taiwan i will be there for 8 days
    i accidentally chose PERMANENT RESIDENT CARD instead of ENTRY VISA
    I have multiple entry visa for Australia and i tried to change it , it wont change to ENTRY VISA now I am wondering if I will have trouble when I get to Taipei?
    Any advise will be appreciated
    I have called up and i got two different answers I am just confused now
    I don’t want to be deported

    • Hi gretchel,

      Sorry I don’t have any ideas about that. Maybe someone who reads this might. Have you tried just trying to get a new one? Will it allow you?

  • If your visa application is dis-approved for applying in visa for taiwan, how many months will you wait to apply again for visa in taiwan?…

  • I have a valid Japan travel visa but it’s pasted on my old passport and I had to get a new one last Jamiary 2015. How can I use that to get the visa exemption for travel to Taiwan?

    • Is the one you got in January 2015 still valid? If it is, you just go online to apply for a Taiwan visa. It will ask you for info. I think it’s only valid for 30 days once issued. 🙂

  • Hi! I would like to share my own very recent information about Taiwan Visa application for Filipinos.
    – Visa Application Form. Address and Phone number in Taiwan CANNOT be blank. You can use the contact information of your booked hotel.
    – Two (2) 1.5″ x 2″ less 3 months old passport photos, white background, with signature at the back. Extra copy in a plastic attach to the visa application form.
    – NSO-provided birth certificate
    – NSO-provided marriage certificate (if applicable)
    – Income Tax Return
    – Recent bank certificate AND bank statement
    – Certificate of Employment
    – Certificate of Earnings (for Upwork/oDesk freelancer)
    – Photocopy of Company ID
    – Round-trip tickets
    – Trip Itinerary
    – Confirmed hotel booking at least 1 night (printed email, doesn’t have to be paid.)

    I am looking for a buddy, joiner or company for my hike in Snow Mountain sometime in January 25-20, 2017. Please email me hewbertgabon@gmail.com

  • Hi.

    I am going to be in Taipei this Thursday, February 9, 2017. I applied for the travel authorization, using my Japan visa. So I only have my tickets round-trip, my hotel bookings, and my passport and Japan visa. That ok already? A friend who had been to Taipei using his Japanese visa said it’s ok but I’m praning as praning can be and I just wanted to get it from other people as well.


    Thank u.

    • Yes, don’t worry about it too much. Yes, you just present the passport and travel authorization with your still valid visa. I did it with my Canadian visa and I had no problem. 😊

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