Taipei 3 Day Itinerary

Taipei 3 Day Itinerary


This is our Taipei 3 day itinerary. We had plenty of time to see the sights and it was also enough to make us want to come back for more. 🙂

We really enjoyed walking the streets of Taipei and eating at the night markets. It was a birthday holiday for me and I was lucky that my cousin wanted to tag along for the trip. We got our airfare on promotion from Cebu Pacific. We also found a very charming hotel in Ximending. We found the people of Taiwan very nice. We really didn’t expect to enjoy ourselves so much in this trip since Taiwan is not exactly one of the more popular destinations in Asia so we were very pleasantly surprised and we can’t wait to take other family and friends when we go back in the future.




Day 0

– Flight from Manila to Taipei via Cebu Pacific
Bus from Taipei Taoyuan airport to the Taipei Bus Station
– check in at Cho Hotel in Ximending






Chang Kai Shek Memorial
– Dimsung at Din Tai Fung – Taipei 101 Branch
Sun Yat Sen memorial hall
Shabu Shabu dinner
– Taipei underground market
– Shilin Night Market





Wishing lanterns at Pingxi
Jishan Snack Street, A-mei Tea House at Jiufen
Rahoe Night Market
– Wufenpu wholesale market





Secret Starbucks at Taipei 101
Longshan Temple
Bopilao Cultural Street
Last dinner in Taipei
– bus to airport and flight to Manila


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