Taipei 101



The Iconic Taipei 101. How can you go to Taipei without visiting this amazing building. We actually went here twice on our 3 day trip but I’m going to tell you the reason why on subsequent posts. Isn’t it gorgeous? Too bad the weather that day wasn’t exactly nice so we were kinda stuck in the building for a little while.




View you’ll see when you look up from the exit of the MTR.




The 101 Observatory’s entrance where you can take special elevators. I think it costs about TWD 400 to go up? We weren’t really interested so we skipped this one.




Plenty of things at the souvenir shop.




If you walk further down, you will find this gorgeous food court with wine glass as chandeliers.




We actually went up the 5th floor looking for Starbucks since we were stuck with the rain and all and found this nice mural of Taipei 101 at night time and also across it is the mural of Taipei 101 at day time.




When we finally reached the lobby of Taipei 101, we couldn’t get into Starbucks as we found out so we just took pictures.




This is actually the main entrance. The entrance from the MTR is the entrance to the mall and not really Taipei 101 itself but you can access the observatory there at the mall.




The sculpture outside and the coins.




And of course the infamous LOVE sign outside Taipei 101. It was raining a bit so hardly anyone was there. I blurred my cousin. Haha.


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