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It has long been my dream to visit the Studio Ghibli Museum since I’m such a huge fan of Hayao Miyazaki’s work.


The day before, we decided to buy tickets at Lawson. Bad idea! We were checking all the hours available since there are 4 time slots scattered all throughout the day I think. I was praying the whole time! They were almost sold out. We checked the last time slot they admit people and good thing we got tickets at 4:00pm. So, lesson learned. Get your tickets early. Ticket cost is 1000 yen or about 400 pesos.





Through Mitaka Station on the JR Chuo Line. About 20-30 minutes from Ueno. There’s a shuttle bus from the station. Fare is 200 yen one way or 300 yen round trip. You can also walk from the station to the museum but it’s a loooooong walk. Here is the map, if you would rather walk.


walking map


But we’re lazy and it was really cold so we took the bus. Here’s the ticket booth.




The Totoro Bus Stop sign.┬áIt’s so cute, this already made me excited.





I wish this was a catbus. Can you imagine the awesomeness?




They checked our tickets and we were told that taking pictures is not allowed inside.




The Museum has a ground floor and 2 levels. It also has an outdoor garden, a cafe and a packed souvenir store on the 2nd level. We went on the roof deck first to take some pictures.





There were wonderful displays about animation. They also gave us a separate cute ticket for the movie which was a short film about Totoro. I think it varies what they show. This was one of the really cute tickets for the movie and they’re all different.


ghibli tickets


There’s also a kid size cat bus where kids can play on the 2nd level. There were displays of drawings and inspirations for the films that they produce. We spent about an hour and a half probably. We exited through a courtyard. There’s also a cafe right above it.




Small details like these are adorable.




We made our way back to the bus station where a line was starting to build up. It was getting cold too. Studio Ghibli Museum is highly recommended for those who love the characters and the work of Studio Ghibli. My cousin had no idea who they were so she didn’t enjoy it as much as I did. Just don’t set your expectations too high and you’ll enjoy it.



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  • nice you too you visited this wonderful place!
    I was really nostalgic seeing all the works from the past, and I myself feel like a kid again, my fav is definitely Kiki’s delivery service, Totoro and spirited away but all of theme are good in their own rights!

    love the pictures,

    • Thanks Fabrice! ^.^ I wish there was an anime theme park. This is probably the closest to it. I loved it. You’re right, it’s like being a kid again. My fave is Howl’s Moving Castle. The museum store was always full the whole time we were there, I read your post and saw the cookies. I wish I had squeezed in to get something, maybe next time. ^.^

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