South Korea Tourist Visa Experience

South Korea Tourist Visa Experience


I just wanted to share my experience about applying for a South Korea Tourist visa. We went to the embassy at around 930am. We took a Taxi to get there. They receive applications from 9am – 11am. They ask for an ID at the gate and they give you a guest badge. Inside the building, the guard by the door will ask you if it’s your first time to apply in which they will direct you to Window 1, or if you are sponsored by someone in Korea and they will direct you to Window 2, or if you have an OECD visa valid in the past five years and they will direct you to Window 3. So, once you know which window to go to, the guard will give you a corresponding number. They have application forms available at the guard’s desk just in case you don’t have one. I printed mine off of the embassy website. We only waited for about 15-20 minutes before it was our turn. It was pretty quick. I submitted the following to the Korean consul:



  • Passport with 6 months validity
  • Copy of first page of the passport
  • filled application form with one passport sized photo
  • copy of the DTI registration
  • copy of the Mayor’s permit
  • copy of the BIR registration plate
  • original bank statements ( I submitted 2 from BDO and BPI)
  • copy of last year’s ITR
  • copy of the receipt of the ITR payment


He just returned the copy of the receipt of the ITR payment and the 2nd page of the application form which really was unnecessary. Then he gave me a stub that says it can be picked up on Sept 23. A week from that day. Processing is 5 business days.

Someone else can actually submit your documents for you. It is just recommended that you be there just in case they ask questions.

After a week of nervous anticipation, my cousin’s friend got our passports. I was too far away and my cousin was still at work. Passport release goes every weekday from 2pm to 4pm. My cousin’s friend was already there at 1pm but he said that there were a lot of people that were claiming their passports so he got them pretty late. Here is the result.. Tada!



We got it! So happy! Seoul, here we come.. 😀


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