Rice Restaurant Princesa Garden

Rice Restaurant Princesa Garden


Rice Restaurant is one of the three restaurants at Princesa Garden Resort and Spa Palawan. It’s the same restaurant where they serve the complimentary breakfast. They also are open for lunch and dinner. We had a pick out of the three and we decided to try this one first. It serves Filipino and International cuisine. Their hotel website says that they show cultural presentations on occasion outdoor but it was not the case when we were there maybe because it was low season.


Rice Restaurant Princesa Garden


We opted to sit outdoor across the pond which was really cozy. The resort has really nice grounds and garden throughout. They had koi fishes in the pond too and several stray cats. πŸ™‚




I took pictures of the menu and you can click on them below should you know what’s on offer. Price ranges from 200-500 so a meal for two would cost around 1,500 to 2000 including appetizer, mains and drinks which is around $30-$40.


Rice Bowls
Mains – Meats
Mains – Seafood
Vegetable/Side Order/Dessert




For starters, we ordered the chicken wings for PHP 260 and it was unusual from what I would expect. It was a bit heavy on the breading and it was okay. It came with two kinds of sauces on the side. I love their plates and serving dishes.


Rice Restaurant Princesa Garden


For the main meal, boyfriend got the Mediterranean kebab and chose the chicken. It was served over rice for PHP 500.


Rice Restaurant Princesa Garden


I ordered the Bistek Tagalog and it was served with a side of onion rings for PHP 350. I also had to order a side of rice because it did not come with it.


Rice Restaurant Princesa Garden




For dessert, we ordered Halo Halo for PHP 149 but the boyfriend was not too fond of it. πŸ˜› Prices on the menu do not include tax and service charge so don’t be surprised by the extras at the end of your meal. The food was okay. It was nothing to write home about but it was nice. The setting was really nice and food was presented well. There is also a bar called Sala across the restaurant. One of the nights we ate there, they had someone singing so we went there after our meal to just unwind and relax for a bit. You can only order drinks and dessert there.






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