The Reichstag Building is a historical building constructed in 1894 to house the Imperial Diet of the German empire. It was set on fire in 1933 and was severely damaged. It fell into disuse until it was partially refurbished in the 1960s. Restoration began in 1990 and it was fully restored in 1999. Now, it’s used by the German Parliament.




WALK : Our hotel was close to the Berlin Hauptbanhof and it’s just 12-15 minutes walking distance from here to the Reichstag, about 1.1 kilometer.
TRAIN: stations Berlin Friedrichstrabe, Brandenburg Tor
BUS: 265, 147






Platz der Republik 1
11011 Berlin Tiergarten
Tel.: 030 – 22 73 21 52
OPENING TIMES: Daily from 8:00 to 24:00
ADMISSION: Every quarter of an hour. Last admission: 22:00
CLOSURES: The rooftop terrace and the Dome are closed on December 24-31, The Dome is closed on March 7-11, July 11-15, July 25-29, October 10-14 for cleaning and maintenance work. The roof terrace can still be visited when the dome is closed. For information about additional closures on the dome, please contact the Visitor’s Service during operating hours.

***Speaking of closures, on our first day, we were supposed to visit the dome but it has been snowing heavily so they closed the Dome and were not accepting visitors during the day so yes this can also happen even if it’s not a scheduled closure. It can close due to bad weather. 


Registration is required and it’s free. You just have to click this link for Online Registration. Just fill in how many guests you have in your group. Then choose the date of your visit and the time. You fill out your information. You can print it or save the confirmation on your phone. I think they will also email the confirmation.
If you didn’t book online and you are around the area, you can attempt to get a spot by going to the Visitor Center but it’s a lot less likely for you to get a spot. It’s better to just go online and it’s easier too. You can always try.
***Since we didn’t get to go on the first day. I tried to see if there is an open schedule on our third day which is also the day we’re leaving Berlin and we were really glad that there were slots open in the morning so we can still see it before we leave.
The first thing you do when you enter the Reichstag Building complex is present your reservation so they can check it. Then, you go through security. It was very thorough since this is THE Parliament. After that, they line you up and you wait for your turn. They bring groups by batch. We entered through the main doors. Then you get to see the amazing lobby with the big German flag installation in the middle. Then we were led to the elevators. It took us all the way up to the dome.
The guide briefly tells you some instructions. There is a booth giving out head sets and you get to choose what language you want it in. It’s really nice since the audio guide is triggered by a sensor wherever you are in the building and tells you about the history or significance of each location. It’s a really nicely designed Dome. It was quite impressive and modern but still fits perfectly with the traditional building it’s on.
We had a lot of fun going through the dome and taking lots of pictures along the way of course.
They have a fancy restaurant across the Dome. It’s called the Rooftop restaurant and it’s open daily from 9:00 to 14:30 and 18:30 to midnight. I read on the website that the restaurant requires reservation and if you only want to go to the restaurant, you can go on a separate entrance.
When you reach the top, it was surprising for us that the Dome of the Reichstag is open. That is probably the reason why they close it when the weather is really bad.
If you ever visit Berlin, I think I would recommend visiting the Reichstag to put on your top 3 must see places. It’s very nice, iconic and best of all a free attraction. 🙂

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