Puerto Princesa City Tour: Crocodile Farm

Puerto Princesa City Tour: Crocodile Farm


So we met up with manong driver at Balinsasayaw after lunch. I considered doing the tour on trycicle since that would be cheaper but it was so hot, the air-conditioned van was worth every penny. I forgot about the price we agreed to but it wasn’t that bad. It could be on the 1000-1200 range but I’m not too sure. His van wasn’t new but the AC was working very well so no complains from us.

The first thing we went to was the pasalubong center. I think every van drops by here. I’m sure they get commissions but we didn’t mind as long as we didn’t stay there very long. We needed to get a few things anyway like cashew nuts and magnets. Then we went to the Palawan Wildlife Rescue and Conservation Center otherwise known as the Crocodile farm. We paid a fee of 40 pesos each. They have tours every 30 minutes. We waited for the next one so we roamed around like at the canteen and found the Palawan Crocodobo.





Finally the tour started. There were a lot of people and you could hardly hear the person talking since it was somewhat loud, people chatting and kids playing around. She was trying to tell us what the rules are and I didn’t get most of that and showing us this crocodile skin. It was the largest crocodile in the country before the infamous Lolong.




Then we were led to the open area thing where the baby crocodiles were on compartments. These are some reminders..





Then we went up the steel stairs to view the bigger crocodiles below. They were really huge.




Most of them were stationary and slow until you see someone snap on someone and you realize how strong they are and then I also hope to God that these things we’re standing on are built very well.




Then we conjugated in this hut.




You can take pictures with the baby crocodile. His mouth is taped so it should be okay. 😀




There were a few booths that sold souvenir towards the end as you exit or if you are hungry, you can always get these..



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