Philippine Passport Renewal at Marquee Mall

Philippine Passport Renewal at Marquee Mall



Thank you sa isang reader dito sa blog na si Aldrich at minention niya yung online appointment which is good for all regions all around the world. It’s available on the official website and this is the link:

On this page, you can either do an individual or group appointment. This is very smart as most Filipinos do apply in groups especially as a family. On this page, you can also view appointments.



Philippine Passport Online Appointment



You can click below for a more detailed instruction on it with pictures. ๐Ÿ™‚



Starting June 17, 2016, APO Productions, Inc. will handle the DFA Passport Appointment System.

The website is now redirected toย

UPDATE (MAY 31, 2016): DFA WARNS APPLICANTS WHO MISS ONLINE APPOINTMENTS. They will be imposing a new rule starting June 1, 2016 wherein no shows will not be allowed to book again online for 30 days. You have to wait for a 30 day period before you can book again online if you did not show up on your appointment date. Apparently 47% of online appointmentsย end up as no-shows every day. That is a waste of opportunity for other people who really need their passport. Source.


UPDATE (MARCH 1, 2016): My cousin went to Angeles, Pampanga recently to get their Philippine passport renewal at DFA Marquee Mall. THEY ARE CURRENTLY SCHEDULING FOR APPOINTMENTS. NO MORE WALK-INS.ย They have NOย online appointment system in place at the moment like some DFA offices in Manila.ย They need the applicant to personally come to make an appointment for himself/herself and any companion or email them to schedule one (they said that this takes longer), then they would have to come at said appointment date. My cousin went on the last week of February and they got an appointment for March 23, 2016 at 09:30. My cousin’s wife is pregnant so they gave her an option to renew her passport on the day itself, she didn’t have to set an appointment because she was given priority. Sheย didn’t take it. Sheย opted to just go on the appointment date with her husband.ย 

UPDATE (MARCH 23, 2016): We were there today at DFA Marquee Mall and I took pictures of their new scheduling policy. My cousins were there today for their appointment and they were let in at 9:30am but they still had to line up inside. We checked on them once the mall opened and they were still on the line outside DFA Marquee at around 10:15 am. They were finished at around 11:20am.ย 



UPDATE: MAY 10, 2016


We emailed the DFA Marquee Mall office atย to schedule an appointment and this was their response on how to correctly schedule an appointment.


Simula 12 Enero 2016, required na ang CONFIRMED APPOINTMENT bago mag-apply ng passport sa DFA Angeles maliban sa mga sumusunod:

  1. Senior Citizens
  2. Pregnant (mayroong medical certificate)
  3. Persons with Disability (PWD) (may PWD card/ID)
  4. Sanggol (0-12 buwang gulang) (maaaring kasama ang isang (1) legitimate parent na traveling companion)
  5. Menor de edad na pitong (7) taong gulang pababa (7 y/o and below) (maaaring kasama ang isang (1) legitimate parent na traveling companion)

Paraan para makakuha ng appointment:

  1. Pumunta nang personal sa DFA Angeles tuwing:

Lunes hanggang Biernes ย ย ย ย ย ย  ((08:00 am – 09:00 am, 10:00 am โ€“ 11:00 am at 4:00 pm โ€“ 5:00 pm)
Sabado ย ย ย ย ย ย ย ย ย ย ย ย ย ย ย ย ย ย ย ย ย ย ย ย ย ย ย ย ย ย ย ย ย ย  (10:00 am โ€“ 12:00 nn at 3:00 pm โ€“ 4:00 pm)

  1. Kuhanin mula sa email.
  • Ilakip sa email ang valid ID. Ito ay dapat โ€œclear and readableโ€.
  • Sagutan ang mga sumusunod:

Last Name:
First Name:
Middle Name:
Complete address:
Mobile number:

รผย  Ang mga โ€œopen dates for passport appointmentโ€ ay ibibigay pagkatanggap ng inyong impormasyon.
รผย  Ang group appointment ay ibinibigay lamang sa magulang, asawa, kapatid o anak.
vย  Para sa kumpletong talaan ng mga documentary requirements, bisitahin ang
vย  Ang Kagawaran ay maaaring humingi ng karagdagang dokumento kung kinakailangan, lalo na sa mga aplikanteng may dual citizenship o foreign-sounding family names.
vย  Sundan ang tamang โ€œdress codeโ€ sa pagpunta sa opisina ng DFA.

WAITING PERIOD: 20 WORKING DAYS (excluding Saturdays, Sundays and holidays)
WAITING PERIOD: 10 WORKING DAYS (excluding Saturdays, Sundays and holidays)

Ang mga di-inaasahang pagkawala ng kuryente, pagkasira ng makina at pagtigil ng proseso dahil sa kalamidad ay maaaring makaabala sa pagre-release ng pasaporte. Pinapayuhan ang mga aplikante na isaalang-alang ito sa kanilang pagpapagawa ng flight booking. HINDI MAISASAULI ANG BINAYARAN NA PASSPORT EXPRESS FEE DAHIL SA MGA NABANGGIT NA KADAHILANAN.

Pinapayuhan ang publiko na kumuha muna ng pasaporte bago magpagawa ng flight booking.

Dapat lamang magpagawa ng flight booking kung ang pasaporte ay may bisa pa na di-kukulangin sa anim (6) na buwan.


Maraming salamat po!

Department of Foreign Affairs – Angeles City
Level 3, Marquee Mall, Pulung Maragul,
Angeles City, 2009
Tel no. (045) 304-0193/ 304-0194/ 304-0195
Alternate email:


One of the readers (jecka) asked how long does it take for them to respond which is a very good question so I decided to update this blog post. We emailed them on May 9 and we got a reply on May 11. So, give it about 2-3 working days.



YOU NEED TO CONFIRM THE appointment within 48 hours. Once you have confirmed it. They will email you again with an attachment of your confirmed appointment that you need to print. This is what the email looks like.


So, we emailed them May 9 and got an appointment for July 22. That is more than 2 months. This is what the attached pdf file looks like below. They also have a master list and they will check your name on their list if you really have an appointment.



NOTE: I’m in no way connected with DFA Marquee so I really don’t know when you’ll get your passport if you applied two weeks ago, today or tomorrow. ^^ I just wrote this blog post to share my experience when I went there to renew my passport. Please contact them for more information specific to your need. I will try to answer questions that I can answer to the best of my ability. I’ve just been getting a lot of questions about their individual circumstances about their passport so please understand that I’m just like you, a regular person who just shared her personal experience. ๐Ÿ™‚

My friend recently went to renew and get an extension for her passport last August 30, 2015. You can read about her experience here:ย



The Department of Foreign Affairs in Angeles City is the nearest office from my city so I decided to come here for my Philippine passport renewal at DFA Marquee Mall. It’s located in Marquee Mall which is just off the NLEX so it’s very convenient if you drive. It’s about 45 minutes to an hour from Tarlac City. If you’re coming from the north or Manila and you are commuting, few buses from Victory and Five Star stop across the mall. So, it’s very convenient.

Before going, make sure that you have your documents with you. Here’s an infographic for the information that is available. For more detailed information and my personal experience, read further below.


Passport Renewal

Please have all your original documents and IDs photocopied before going to DFA. ALL REQUIREMENTS

  • Personal appearance
  • No need to submit a passport size photo
  • Most recent expiring or expired passport
  • Valid picture IDs and supporting documents to prove identity.ย (Please refer toย List of Acceptable IDsย andย List of Supporting Documents)

For additional requirements if you have had a brown passport, a green passport before or other circumstances that require additional documentations. If it’s your first time getting a passport, you can also get information for first time applicants. I know that in most DFA manila offices, you can set your appointment online but in Marquee Mall, you don’t need an appointment. It’s on a first come, first serve basis. From my experience, it took about 2 hours for the whole thing. When I accompanied my cousin to get her passport renewed, it took her only around an hour, more or less. So, it differs and it’s not too bad from the previous system wherein you’d have to waste half a day or the whole day waiting.





At the Marquee mall, the DFA office is on the third floor. On the left, from the escalator, you would see the waiting area. That is the one pictured above.

STEP 1: Get an application form from the guard if you don’t already have one, fill it out. Then give it back to the guard with all your documents ready. If you need something xerox copied, there’s a xerox machine there. You wait for a little while before the guard announces the name that they would let in the office.




STEP 2: You would line up here, the middle or entry part of the DFA office and a receptionist will re-check your requirements and ID, then they give you a number. TIP: If you’re accompanying a friend, you can ask for their number or they can text it to you since you can check on the right side what number they’re serving. You would know if your family/friend is almost finish with the process.
STEP 3: You wait for your number to be called into the appropriate counter. Then they would check your documents. If everything’s okay, they ask if you want the rush or ordinary service.
STEP 4: You make your payment.
STEP 5: ย You proceed to another room where you wait for your number to be called again. They take your biometrics like fingerprint scans, your signature and your picture (Their cameras are not very flattering. Haha)
STEP 6: This is optional. You can go to the LBC counter by the door to ask for your passport to be delivered for 120 pesos or just pick it up. I must say that getting a passport has really improved from the last time I renewed my passport but I still wish for a time where you can just mail it in like in other countries, just for renewals. They already have our biometrics, so nothing’s really gonna change except our faces.

This photo refers to the hours of operation of the DFA Marquee mall. Photo was grabbed at the Marquee Mall Facebook page. It was posted on August 17, 2012 so I don’t know if that is still their current schedule.

Monday-Friday: 10AM to 7PM
Saturday: 10AM to 3PM
Sunday: 10AM to 3PM (passport releasing only)





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571 thoughts on “Philippine Passport Renewal at Marquee Mall”

    • Hi Sherrylyn,

      An unexpired passport is still a valid ID but you may need another valid ID and supporting documents to prove identity. My passport was still unexpired at the time I renewed it but I still had to show them another valid ID. ๐Ÿ™‚

        • Kung sa Marquee mall ka magparush processing ng lost passport, depende kung gaano katagal ang processing nila. Nakaspecify lang yung date dun sa window so iba-iba. Nung ako yung nagparush processing ng renewal ng passport, nasa 3 weeks. Mas mabilis yata sa Manila offices pero by appointment sila. Sa Marquee DFA office, walk in applicants lang.

      • Hi gudevening tanung qlng po sana kung pwede mag renew ng passport jan sa marquee mall kahit 2years pa ung expiration ng passport q kc kailangan qpo eh need po kc na ung passport q eh 30 months pa ung validation kaso po ung sakin eh 25 months nlng kailangang kailangan po kc ang lipad po kc eh last week ng july wait qpo reply nyo punta po kc sana q tom tnx po lester marasigan po from nueva ecija tnx po ulet

  • Hi…we are from Pangasinan..We are planning to go there on Saturday, Jan 25, 2014. What TIME should we be there? since we have to get a number & the opening of DFA is 10am…

    • Hi Jingle,

      The mall opens at 10am so you really can’t go earlier. Don’t worry. They can accommodate a lot of applicants. I went in at around 11:30 and was finished at past 1pm. It takes about 1-2 hours. ๐Ÿ™‚

  • Hello po folow up ko lang yong passport ng baby ko.kasi release ng passport nya dapat jan 22 2014 but until wala pa rin.aalis na kami sa fe 7 wait nalang namin passport ng baby ko.pero hangang ngayon wala pa rin.nqg bayad ako ng 1200 kasi akala ko mapapadli.

  • Hi Miss Jessica ๐Ÿ™‚ good day po, ask ko lang if need pa ba ng maraming supporting documents if magrerenew me ng passport? and ano po yung mga yun? thanks po sa respond

      • Hi maam!!so basta may one na valid id na po di na po xa kailangan ng supporting documents ganun po ba yon maam??kasi ang meron lang po sakin for remewal ng passport po eh is my passport and my 1 valid id.kasi kung kailangan ko pa ng supoorting documents mahihirapan na ako.taga pangasinan kasi ako and nag istay na pi ako now here in Olongapo. . Pupunta sana ako bukas eh so they open at 10am. .

        • Hi Barbie,

          From my experience, yes isang valid ID lang. Ewan ko lang din kung depende sa ID. I presented a driver’s license. Yun lang at passport at photocopy. ๐Ÿ™‚

    • Hello po, ask ko lang po sana kung pwede mag renew sa marquee mall ng passport from Tourist to Immigrant? Thank you po mam.

      • Sa pagkakaalam ko po ang passport ay iisa lang. Wala naman difference for tourism at kung immigrant. Icheck niyo na lang po mismo sa dfa yung inquiry ninyo para sure.

  • Hello po. Ask ko lang po if meron po silang courtesy lane? Only for renewal lang po ba sila or pwede kahit new applicants, first time ko po kasi kumuha ng passport. Thank you and have a good day! ๐Ÿ™‚

    • Hi,

      Same lane for renewal and new application. Wala akong napansin na courtesy lane pero meron yatang window for Senior Citizens. ๐Ÿ™‚

  • its been a month since i applied for passport. not yet delivered by LBC until now? is there a number i can call? or email adress?

    • Hi khye,

      When you applied for your passport, did you take note of the date of the release for your passport? I know that regular processing usually takes about a month or a bit more. Once the passport is released, it takes about a day or two for LBC to deliver it.

  • good day po! ask ko lang po paano po dapat kong gawin kasi po last 203 kumuha ko ng passport as a single pero po 2001 married n po ako..kukuha po me ng passport ngayun pero as married n po. ano po ang mga dapat kong gawin

    • Hindi ko sure, wala naman mentioned pero nung nagpunta ako dun meron nakapost sa windows kung kailan yung approximate date of pick up or delivery for regular processing. Ours was around 30 days. ๐Ÿ™‚

    • Hi Alona Jose,

      If you read the blog, the DFA in Marquee Mall doesn’t require an appointment. It’s based on a first come, first serve basis. You can also click on one of the links for the requirements.

      If you live in Manila, they have several offices that take appointments and you can refer on their website for that:

    • Hi Chandalyn,

      I don’t think meron one week pero pwede ka din magtanong sa kanila. Yung sa akin express which took about 3 weeks. Yung regular parang a little over a month yata. ๐Ÿ™‚

  • hello po problem ko po kumuha kame family ng passport ng ideliver ng LBC Po ay kulang po yung anak ko isa wala po yung kanya san po kaya ako pede magtanong bukod sa number nila kasi po walang sumasagot sa 0453040193

    • Hi gie,

      Pasensiya na hindi ko din alam maliban sa contact number na nakalagay sa website nila. Kung nakatira ka malapit sa DFA office, mas maganda siguro na pumunta dun para itanong.

    • Hi Norie,

      It’s listed as a supporting document. It depends what kind of documents you already have or if your application is for a new passport or renewal. You can click on the links of this blog post for more information. ๐Ÿ™‚

  • Hi, Balikbayan po ako, di papo expired passport ko magpaparenew po sana ako… wala po bang problema kung kakabayad po ng OEC magpaparenew right away? at saka di po ba magkaka problema sa return Visa ko? maraming salamat po…

  • maramaing salamat po… itatanong ko nalang po sa DFA… if ever po hanggang anong oras po open for renewal..? salamat po

  • hi po mam ems ask ko lang po kung pwede po ba ung nso na malabo po ung name ng mother ko ? ung sa friend po kasi ng brother ko malabo din po ung name ng parents nya tpos pinapapalit po ung nso nya ng mas malinaw. so bumalik pa po sya.. thank you po in advance sa reply :))

    • Hi Kath,

      You can try siguro pero kung hindi talaga siya legible, they would need clearer copy siguro. If you have time, it would be better to get a clearer copy. Kung wala na, then you can try na lang. Kung irequest ang clear copy, then you’d have to procure one. Good luck! ๐Ÿ™‚

  • Hi ask ko lang po mag renew ako ng passport pano po kaya yun mga tatak ng visa sa old passport ko? Lalabas pa ba yun sa new passport pag nag renew?sayang kasi yun mga tatak para maganda present if kumuha ng us visa. Hope u reply. Thank u po

    • Hi paulskie,

      Pag nagrenew ka ng passport, ipupunch nila yung old passport mo since invalid na yun. The new passport would not have anything in it (walang tatak). Hindi sayang yung mga tatak o visa mo sa old passport since pag nag-aapply ka naman ng visa, they usually request you to present your old passports along with your current one.

  • Meron na po ba update about sa releasing ng passport sa DFA Marquee. Nag- renew po ako ng passport feb 15,2014 until now wala pang feed back from them though nung March 8 they sent me a text informing me na once my passport available txt nila ako ulit. I need po kc new passport ko for my visa ASAP.

    • Hi Lee,

      I’m sorry since I’m in no way connected to DFA Marquee, I have no information about them. Siguro mas maganda na icontact mo sila directly to follow up. ๐Ÿ™‚

      • Thank you. I’m just worried because the National visa center won’t process my papers with out the copy of my new passport. I will just go there tomorrow.

    • Hi jen,

      I would guess all DFA offices would process lost passport applications. It would be better to check with them just to be sure. ๐Ÿ™‚

    • Hi arleen,

      I paid 1200 for express processing. Regular is 950. I think it’s 7 days faster than regular processing but I’m not too sure on processing times because it differs. ๐Ÿ™‚

  • hello,, ask ko lang if pwede kumuha ng rush passport sa marquee dfa kasi kailangan ko lang kasi babalik ako dubai bakasyun ko lang eh wala na 6 months ang validity ng passport ko,, within ilang days at magkano? salamat po,,

    • Hi jjv,

      I’m in no way connected with the DFA at the Marquee Mall. I just shared my experience through this blog post. It might be better to check with them for days ng processing dahil it varies. When I applied for renewal, nakalagay dun sa windows ang estimate day of release for regular and rush processing. I think 1 week lang ang pagitan pero I’m not sure. Yung akin – it took about 3-4 weeks yata yung rush at the time. Sa regular, it was 950 for regular and 1200 for rush processing.

  • Hi good afternoon, ask ko lang po kung open sila bukas kasi magrrenew po kami bukas eh may nakapg sabi po na wala daw po dfa offices sa pampanga sa manila na daw po lahat salamat po

    • Hi Trizzia,

      If you read my post, I already updated it to put a note since a lot of people misinterpret that I would know everything about the DFA in Marquee Mall. Hindi po ako konektado sa kanila. Gaya ninyo, kapareho niyo lang ako na pumunta dun at shinare ko lang ang experience ko dito sa blog na ito para makatulong at magshare ng information. So, wala po akong idea kung bukas sila bukas. Siguro mas maganda na icontact niyo sila directly to get the answer that you need. Pasensiya na po. ๐Ÿ™‚

  • hi ms. ems.. just want to confrim, if i already have one of the Valid IDs do I still need to present at least three of the supporting documents? hope to hear from you soon.. thank you..

  • Good day…just want to ask if it’s true that aside for NSO birth certificate and marriage contract plus valid id’s they are still need the birth certificate from (LCR)local civil registry?

    • Hi Liza,

      I’m sorry but I have no idea. I went for passport renewal so it might be different if you have a special case like you’ve gotten married since or new passport application but the requirements should be listed on their website. Better check with them directly. ๐Ÿ™‚

  • Hi…gud day…tanong ko lng po kung kelan pwede ma release ung passport ko…march 31 kc cya pero wla nmn ako na re recieve n msg.kung available n cya o hndi p…ung kasabay ko kc nakatangap ng txt msg. N hndi ma re release ang passport nya ng march 312014 kelan po kya pwede makuha un…

    • Hi Ms. Mary ann Dela cruz,

      Thanks for visiting my blog. As I’ve noted on the blog, I’m in no way connected with DFA Marquee. I’m just a regular person who shared her personal experience sa pagrenew ng passport sa Marquee mall. Siguro mas maganda na icheck or iconsult mo with the DFA office at Marquee ang iyong concern. I hope you understand. ๐Ÿ™‚

  • Hi can I apply sa dfa marquee mall branch even if I am from Manila? and kung pwede po pwede po bang ipadeliver ung passport sa Manila? 7 working days pa din po ba kapag rush?

    • No appointment needed for DFA in marquee mall and anyone can apply. Yes, you can have it delivered pero I don’t think it’s 7 working days. Yung regular processing at the time na nagapply ako was more than a month, and rush was about 3 weeks. Iba-iba yata ang processing times, siguro depende kung gaano sila kabusy.

  • Hi linawin ko lang po nagpa renew ka ng passport tapos ilang wks po bago mu nakuha? Were from Nueve Ecija kasi may nagsabi lang na meron na nga sa marquee. ๐Ÿ™‚ Were planning to go there sa thurs 10am ang open nila nuh kasabay ng mall? Mag renew din kasi kami ng passport. Isang ID lang ba hinanap sayo? thank you so much sa blog mu it really helps talaga ๐Ÿ™‚ Antay ko po reply mo. ๐Ÿ™‚

    • Hi beng,

      Yes open sila kasabay ng mall. ๐Ÿ™‚ Oo, isang ID lang pero dala ka na ng iba para lang sure. Haha. Yung akin, nagparush ako and mga 3 weeks siguro bago ko nakuha. Depende din kasi sa prinoprocess nila. Pag nandun ka, makikita mo yung approximate date of release ng passport. ๐Ÿ™‚

  • hi ems!!!!
    is there any means of telling what or really when is the processing taking place? March 28,2014 ang release ng passport ko but then pinamail ko po sa LBC but until now wala pa… any help please to contact DFA Marquee Mall and LBC there?
    alot of thanks!!!

    • Hi Olga,

      If you live near Marquee mall, I would go there directly to follow up. If not, LBC should have given you a receipt with a tracking number. You can try to go online or call LBC. This was the number listed when I did a google search: 1-800-3385424. I hope you get your passport soon. ๐Ÿ™‚

  • rachelle,from dau mabalacat pampanga
    ask ko lang pag ba first timer apply for passport sa marquee nid paba magpa set ng appointment? kung kailangan paano?pls help me

  • hi help po kung paano mgdownload ng application form for renewal and first timer..pra po pgpunta sa marquee mall ppla nlang thanks again godbless you!

    • HI Roselyn,

      Hindi ako tagaDFA so hindi ko alam ang processing time nila ngayon. Nung ako ang nagapply ng rush processing, it was 3 weeks. Siguro mas maganda na icheck mo sa kanila para sure.

  • Gud pm po mam,c almira Baniqued Gonzales po eto ,,kelan po releasing ng passport ko po,,,march 2014 po ako ng apply,,,releasing po Nya March 26 ,,dko pa po natatatnggp,,,salamat

    • Hello Ms. Almira,

      As stated on my blog post, I’m in no way affiliated with DFA Marquee. I’m just a regular person like you who shared her experience kaya wala akong idea kung kailan marelease ang passport mo. Pasensya na. I hope you understand. Better check sa office nila mismo. ๐Ÿ™‚

  • Helo po mam, mam ask q lng po sna if can i renew my e-passport even the expiration date is after 2 years p? tnx po

  • hi po. ๐Ÿ™‚ Ask ko lang po if student I.d po ba pwd siya as requirements? kase po wala pa po akong ibang credentials ee ๐Ÿ™‚ thank you

    • Hi Princess Anne,

      Check mo yung list of documents na pwede dun sa mismong website nila. Meron din link dito sa blog post. ๐Ÿ™‚

  • ask ko lng po ppunta po ako ng dfa marquee this week .. first time ko po kmuha ..wat time po ngoopen ang dfa ??
    pag 10am po ba ngoopen my pila n po ba sa labas nun ?? o start po ng pila pag ngopen na ung mall ??? thanks po

  • ask ko lng po kung dfa marquee 10am din po open ?? 10am po start ung pila nun ?? salamat po ..

  • ask ko lng po ppunta po ako ng dfa marquee this week .. first time ko po kmuha ..wat time po ngoopen ang dfa ??
    pag 10am po ba ngoopen my pila n po ba sa labas nun ?? o start po ng pila pag ngopen na ung mall ??? thanks po

  • Hi, May I ask if there’s an express? Which is one week marereceived mo na yung passport. Thankyouuu ๐Ÿ™‚

    • Hi Nica,

      I chose express when I applied for passport renewal but I got it after 3 weeks as indicated on their release date. At the time, regular processing was about 5 weeks ata, more or less. They will post a date on the windows for regular and express. Baka sa DFA Manila offices lang yung one week. ๐Ÿ™‚

  • Hi! Thank you so much for this info!! thank you!! ‘Cause I just turned 18 and i’m renewing my passport by myself and you made it sound very easy which is comforting ’cause I was scared haha thanks again! ๐Ÿ™‚

  • Hi,i just wanna ask about the renewal of my passport…kelan ko po makukuha?tapos na po ako sa appointment ko last march 28,2014 friday).i think only 45 days marerelease na un.tama po ba?

    • Hi Jovielyn,

      If you read the blog post, I’m not in any way connected to DFA Marquee so it would be better if you check directly with them. ๐Ÿ™‚

    • Hi ernesto kaibigan,

      I’m in no way affiliated with the DFA in Marquee as written in the blog post so I wouldn’t know if pinadala na ang passport mo. I hope you understand. ๐Ÿ™‚

  • Meron akong NSO Birth Certificate, Police Clearance, Barangay Clearance, College ID and TOR, pwd na ba yung mga requirements ko?

  • Good evening.. gusto ko po sana i try sa DFA marquee mall kumuha ng passport? kaso NSO, Voters I.D at laminated TIN I.D lang po ako meron.. yung SSS I.D po kc di pa narelease mula ng ipa replaced.. tatanggapin po kaya mga requirements ko? salamat po…

    • Hi Ms. Judith Morenes,

      Please check the list of accepted documents on their website just to be sure. I don’t have them memorized. ๐Ÿ™‚

    • Hi rye,

      Sa Manila for appointments, one week lang according sa pinsan ko.

      Sa Marquee mall which does not need appointments, first come, first serve basis is about 3 weeks for express from my experience pero better check din with them just to be sure.

  • good evening po miss ems, ask ko lang po sana kung kelangn pa po ng original copy of NSO birth certificate pag magrerenew ng passport? kumpleto na din po kc ung supporting documents namin eh.

    • Hi Cristine,

      For renewal, kailangan lang magdala ng ID. Ako, nagdala lang ng Driver’s License. Hindi na kailangan ang birth certificate for renewal. Kapag new application lang ata, isa siya sa mga accepted documents. ๐Ÿ™‚

  • Hello Miss Ems.My husband is an american citizen.And I have to bring the ff: as additional requirements according to the website.Meron lang ako nung Guidance and counselling attendance for family planning which we used in filing for the marriage lisence.Okay na ba a requirements yun together with an old college id and supporting documents(Marriage contract and birth certificate from NSO,TOR,and cedula) ? Wala pa kasi akong id using my husband’s surname.

    • Hello Robie Lyn,

      Sorry hindi ako familiar sa name change pag married at kukuha ng passport. It would be better to check directly with the DFA. Pasensiya na.. ๐Ÿ™‚

  • hello, ask ko lng po kung available na ung passport ko, may 8 daw relese, tpos ngtxt po dfa angeles na may problema daw, technical error daw sa manila epassport, sabi nila mgttxt daw sila kung available na,, bakit hanggang ngayon wala pa po.. one month nang delay.. rush pa man din pinagawa ko.. please answer.. thanks

    • Hi John Paul Fernandez,

      If you read my blog post, I’ve already said I am in no way connected with DFA Angeles so wala akong idea kung kailan marerelease ang passport mo, pasensiya na. Kagaya mo rin ako na nagpunta dun para magparenew at shinare ko lang ang experience ko dito sa blog ko. ๐Ÿ™‚

    • Hi Minerva,

      If you read my blog post, I’ve written that you don’t need an appointment at the DFA in Marquee Mall. Walk ins lang ang ineentertain, wala silang appointment systems like some of the DFA offices in Manila. ๐Ÿ™‚

  • hello Ms EMs kaya ba ng 1 week after ka mg pa rush renew ng passport? ilang working days kaya ang aabutin? .thnx :))

    • Hi Mel,

      Sa Marquee Mall, i don’t think meron one week processing. From my experience at recently from friends, it would at least take 3 weeks, depende din sa processing time nila. Usually it’s listed sa office nila at the time of application.

      You can try sa Manila DFA offices by appointment. Sabi ng pinsan ko, one week lang daw ang rush processing dun. ๐Ÿ™‚

  • Hello! This site is very useful for me as a first time applicant.. i just want to ask is there any additional fees aside from the passfort fee? Probably the appointment fee i guess. If so how much? Thank yooou! ๐Ÿ™‚

  • Hello! This site isvery useful for me as a first time applicant.. i just wantto askisthere anyadditional fees asidefrom thepassfort fee? Probablythe appointment fee i guess. Ifso how much? Thank yooou! ๐Ÿ™‚

  • Hi there! Sorry, this might be a long one. My step daughter is trying to renew her passport but her passport has been expired way, way back. because she had this when she was only 2 months old. First question, is it better to just renew that passport or apply for a new one? Second, since she’s only 17 years old, can she apply for her own passport with her biological mom’s consent letter? Her father will be traveling with her but he’s not in the country right now to help her apply or renew her passport and her biological mom is in abroad too. Thanks for your help.

    • Hi Jhas,

      Since she already had a passport, it should be for renewal. New application is only for those who are applying passports for the first time. Since she’s 17, she has a different set of requirements and you can look it up at the official website for Philippines passports which is on the blog. I think the basic document needed for minors is the DSWD clearance but you can double check just to make sure. ๐Ÿ™‚

  • Hi Em,

    Blessed day to you.

    Your blog really helps,

    Asks ko lang kung yung original copy ng Birth Certificate and other requirements ibabalik din ba nila sa akin pagtapos?

    Then as of today July 2, 2014 pwede pa din ba ang walk in? Or need na ng appointment sched?

    Thanks and best regards,

    • Hi Adel,

      Renewal kasi ako kaya hindi ko sure pero kung original naman ang birth certificate mo, siguro ibabalik naman. Sa renewal, xerox copies lang naman ang mga kinuha. Pero mas ok siguro na tanungin mo na din sila para sure.

      As far as I know, walk in pa rin lahat sa Marquee mall na DFA office. Walang appointment system in place pa ata. Double check mo na lang sa website nila. ๐Ÿ™‚

  • Hi Em,

    Blessed day to you.

    Your blog really helps,

    Asks ko lang kung yung original copy ng Birth Certificate and other requirements ibabalik din ba nila sa akin pagtapos?

    Then as of today July 2, 2014 pwede pa din ba ang walk in? Or need na ng appointment sched?

    Thanks and best regards,

      • Sa mga Manila offices po yata possible yun – yung mga by appointment. Sa Marquee po na first come first serve basis with no appointments, usually takes longer. Hindi ko lang po sure ngayon. Sa experience ko po at mga friends ko, at least 3 weeks yung rush processing.

  • Hi! Do you know po ba if they do authentication/red ribbon for nso birth and marriage cert? Thank u in advance.

    • I don’t think they do. They only process passport applicatoins/renewals as far as I know but you can always check directly with them. ๐Ÿ™‚

  • Hi po, ask ko lang sana yung sa case ko. I’m legally married but im physically separated balak ko sana single status gagamitin ko. Okay lang ba yun? wla bang magiging discrepancy if ever? I need your advice on what to do. Thank you!

  • Hi emz. Ask ko lang. Pg ngprenew ba ng passport. Kelan nila bubutasan un passport. Upon collection nb o sa applying palang bubutasan n nila?

    Or i mean is hbng pnprocess un renewal of passport pde prn b mg travel overseas?

    • Hi Supremo,

      On the day ng renewal pag pupunta ka sa DFA, bubutasan na nila yung passport. Hindi na pwede magtravel pag butas na ang passport. Usually countries require ang validity ng passport 6 months before siya magexpire.

  • Hello po, tatanong ko lang po regarding sa pag aaply ng lola ko. Senior Citizen. Dinala po kasi namin yung copy of civil marriage contract nila kaso po may wrong spelling dun then pinapakuha kami ng copy of NSO Marriage contract… Need pa po ba yung copy ng civil marriage contract? Pero yung naapply po namin sa NSO eh yung nung sa church sila kinasal.

  • gud day po mam/sir! ask ko lang po if pwedi po pa bang i turn over ung renewal passport ko sa dfa manila? date po kasi ng release na passport ko sa sept.5 gusto po sana ng agency ko na i pa rush dahil gusto po ng employer ko dis aug. mag flight napo ako.. tnx po

    • Hi olivia,

      Hindi ko sure kung ano ang ibig mong sabihin. Pwede ka naman magschedule sa manila, may mga online reservations sila for applications & renewals. ๐Ÿ™‚

  • Hi! Ask ko lang, as of today ba okay pa din ang walk-in or online appointment na?. Btw, I like your blog, very helpful.

    • Thank you Meowee!

      Yes, walk in applications lang sa Marquee. Walang reservations. At this time, sa manila offices lang yata ang available for reservations. ๐Ÿ™‚

  • Hi I just wanna ask something. August 26 kasi ang date of release ng passport ko. Pero kasi may training ako out of town that time. Pwede ko bang makuha ng ibang araw and hanggang kailan? And kung di pwede, pwede ba ibang tao ang magclaim? Thanks!

  • hello good afternoon po ask ko lang po if kailan mare released yung passport ko ang name po marlon dela cruz cristobal jr. ang release date po july 22 2014 kaso may nag text po sakin na wala pa daw po ask ko if kailan ?thank you and god bless

  • Hello, does anyone know how long does it take for the passport to be renewed? Like from the day you filled all the documents till the day you receive it? Thanks

  • Hi ask ko lang kung may idea ka kung narenew jan ung passport tapos aug 11 nkalagay na for released kaya lang nkabalik ka na sa ibang bansa kc nagpa extend ka nalang.sabi nila papadala nila dito sa dubai pero tiningnan ko list of names ng passport released nila dito wala pa.ang tanong pano ko kaya un mata track?thanks,

  • HI! my family is scheduled to visit DFA Marquee-mall this weekend either aug 23 or 24 for our passport renewal. may i verify if your good office will be open on those dates. may i have your tel nos? thank you!

  • I’ll be leaving on Sept. 28, 2014 and my passport will expired on Feb. 15, 2015, do i need to renew it? if yes how many days will it take before i can have may new passport, let’s say i will renew on sat., sept. 6, 2014.


    • As far as I know, usually countries would allow you to travel with a passport with 6 months validity but you can check with the country of your destination. You should check with the DFA office you’re going to how long the processing is kasi iba. I’ve read din somewhere na you can also try to apply for an extension for your current passport.

  • ask k lang po kung andyan na new passport ko ksi ngaun ang release sb ng DFA sept .5.cge po me twg s DFA marque mall kung saan me ngappply pero wla sumasagot.worried po ksi me dhl flyt ko po sa sept.10..hope bgyan u po ng action.twgan u po me kung andyn na po 09185365368. ty po

  • Hi Good day.. I would like to ask if they are still accepting walk-in applicant? I’m planning on going within this week, thanks ๐Ÿ™‚

  • HELO MAM ASK ko lang po la po kasi ako valid ids ingf meron ko lamng ay old id’s ,nbi,police clewarance, form 137 ,nso ok na ba yun para makakuha ng passport ?pls reply me thank you ..

    • Hi Keneth,

      Please check the acceptable ids link which is posted on this blog post. It will lead you on their website para sure. Hindi ko sila memorize. Hehe. ๐Ÿ™‚

  • I need a rush passport renewal and change last surname to my husband’s surname, how many days can I get my passport because I might be scheduled for an interview anytime. Need your reply ASAP. Thanks!

  • hi mam,,nag pa renew po ako ng passport ko last march this year pero di ko nakuha nung april 23 2014 releasing kasi po due to maintenance daw,,tapos umalis po ako ng april 25 2014 dto na po ako sa dammam K.S.A,,ask ko lang po sana kung pede dito ko nalang po makuha ang passport ko,,tnx

    • Hi Glenn,

      I don’t think pwede yun. Kung saan ka nag-apply, dun din irerelease yung passport. Pwede ka naman siguro mag-apply ulit ng passport dyan sa KSA or itanong mo siguro dun sa Philippine embassy dyan para sure dahil baka may record sila na narenew na ang passport mo.

  • thanks for this blog… it is really a big help… but just wanna ask if they still offering an express service and how many days it will take to release the passport?… thanks…

  • Hello,

    Uuwi ako ng pinas sa Jan. 2014 at mag papa renew na din ako ng passport,
    wala akong valid IDs na gawang pinas, lahat ay invalid na,
    meron lang ako valid ID from other country kung saan dito na ako naninirahan,
    Ano ipapakita ko for supporting documents? Birthcertificate? Invalid IDs?
    Gusto ko din itanong kung dapat ko bang i claim ang passport sa releasing date?
    Or pwedi ba na i claim ilang araw after ng releasing date?

    Salamat po in advance!

    • Hi Mae,

      Very good question pero pasensya na hindi ko masasagot dahil hindi ko din alam. Hehe. Wala ako or kakilala with the same situation but maybe may makabasa nito at masagot ang tanong mo. ๐Ÿ™‚

      Siguro pag nandun ka na, you can ask about the release date din. Hindi din ako sure pero I assume na it should be ok if malampasan mo ng ilang araw ang release date. ๐Ÿ™‚

    • Hi Maribeth,

      If you read this blog post, may link sa government website for the requirements at nandun nakalagay ang listahan ng mga requirements for lost passport. ๐Ÿ™‚

  • ask ko lang po kase po yung passport ko releasing po nung 1st october pero hanggang ngayon po ndi ko pa po nakukuha wala po kase ako sa pampangga ask ko lang po kahet saan d.f.a po ba pde ko po makuha yung passport ko

  • hi, if in case you were not able to get your passport on the specified date, will you still be able to get it. i will not be able to get mine tomorrow because of work, and im planning to get it on saturday, what do you think? thank you!

    • Hi sumire,

      I think you can still get it even if it’s not on the specified date. Don’t take my word for it though since I haven’t really experienced it. ๐Ÿ™‚

  • gud day ask ko lang po yung tungkol sa passport bale nagrenew po ako nuon ng passport sa dfa clark kaso hindi ko napo nakuha yung passport ko nung releasing na kasi nagpunta napo ako dito sa manila tapos yung resibo nasa friend ko na tumulng sakin magrenew eh nasa macau napo sya even before irelease yung passport ko, eh im planning to renew again anong mga documents ang kaylangan ko at renewal papo ba or lost of passport na sya maitatawag? thank you po please answer my question

    • Hi Mariz,

      Pasensya na hindi ko alam sagot sa tanong mo pero baka meron nagbabasa dito or nakaexperience ng similar situation at mabigyan ka ng sagot. ๐Ÿ™‚ Siguro kung may malapit na DFA office sa inyo, pwede ka din maginquire directly. ๐Ÿ™‚

  • hi sir.. ask ko lang kasi na reject yung birt cert. ko nid ko daw dalhin yung form 137 ko…ok lang ba kahit photo copy lang ng form 137. . .mahihirapan na kasi ako kung kukunin ko yung original copy??

    • Hi reggie,

      Pasensya na hindi ko alam ang sagot sa tanong mo. Please read the note on the blog post for the reason. ๐Ÿ™‚ Pero baka meron reader dito with the same experience na mabasa ito at makatulong sayo. ๐Ÿ™‚

  • hello po

    ask ko lng po mag apply po kase ko ng passport ang kaso high school id lang po meron ako
    meron narin po ako nso police clearance postal id barangay clearance and baptismal ok na po
    ba yun para makapag apply ng passport thanks po

  • Hi Ms. Ems

    Gaano po ba talaga katagal ang clearing period para sa loss passport? Nagfile kasi ako ng loss last oct 13 pa at ang sabi sakin 15 days clearing daw. Binigyan ako ng date kung kelan ako dapat bumalik pra sa processing, nov 5 ang binigay. Kaso nasabi din nung nasa counter na wait daw ako ng txt from them before nung nov 5 pra iconfirm kung available na daw yung records ko. Pero kung wala nmn daw ako nareceive proceed na daw ako dun sa given date na nov 5. Kaso nov 4 tnxt ako at ang sabi wla pa daw available na records. Today is nov 24 already pero up to now hindi na po cla ulit ngtxt sakin. I tried po na itxt cla ilang beses na to follow up kaso laging walang reply. Pano kaya yun, need ko ba na pumunta na lang dun personally pra ifollow up, e baka nmn kc pagdating ko dun ang sabihin wla din. Tia

    • Hi lhyn,

      Ang naexperience ko pa lang sa marquee mall. Hindi ako sure sa robinson pampanga pero i would assume na meron din sialng rush service. Hindi lang kasing bilis ng sa Manila. Ang rush sa marquee na naexperience ko is 3 weeks at ang regular is 5 weeks. Hindi ko lang alam kung nagbago na or ganun pa din. ๐Ÿ™‚

  • hello ems

    nag google na ko pero wala yata silang email address ang DFA marquee mall at ang DFA robinsons san fernando, email address lang ng main office sa manila yata ang meron. kung meron ka info sa email please paki post mo naman dito.

    maraming salamat.

  • Hello po,ask ko lang po sana kung magkaparehas pa rin ang passport number pag nag renew ka. Kailangan ko lang for my visa kasi nagrenew na ko sa marquee mall nung 17 kaya lang January 30 ko pa daw makukuha kasi wala daw sila rush ng passport. So pls po,let me know kung pinapalitan nila and passport number.

  • hi,

    just want to ask the status of the passport of my children. we requested it last Novmeber.

    Diogenes Alba
    Charles Austin Alba
    Dennis Ian Alba

  • Hi Ems. I appreciate your great efforts on this blog and trying your best to answer almost all the questions. ๐Ÿ™‚ I have a question though (sorry If I missed reading it), how much for the renewal regular processing? And will it matter if I was single when I got my passport and now married during renewal?

    • Hi engrRichard,

      Thanks for visiting my blog and your kind words. ๐Ÿ™‚ The fee for renewal regular processing is 900. I think it only matters for Married women because of the change in name since the status does not really show on the passport but don’t take my word for it. It’s always better to check. ๐Ÿ™‚

      • Same here gnun din probs meh now. Coz I’m planning to go abroad and my husband wants me to renew my Passport thou the expiration of mine still on 2017 but he said because its all the requirements of their country in UK (LONDON) and at the same time coz I’m already married now its their policy there to used the married status already. So hassle lng kc start nnman ๐Ÿ˜’

  • Hi, is it really necessary to bring birth certificate from the local civil registrar if the NSO birth certificate is clearly readable? And do they really require NBI clearance if you already have 3 supporting documents from the list? Someone just told me so.
    I appreciate your help.. thank you..

    • Hi happy,

      From what i understand you only need to bring 1 of the picture ids on the list or 3 from the supporting documents. You have a choice which to bring. Otherwise they would have listed the nbi clearance as a requiremnet in itself. The birth certificate from LCR may be required if you have issues with your birth certificate. Please remember that these are just answers from an individual not related to the DFA. Please check with them directly if you want official answers to your inquiry. ๐Ÿ™‚

  • hi ms. ems!

    just wanna ask if the dfa satellite office in robinsons san fernando pampanga or in marquee mall can authenticate documents?

    thank you!

  • hi goodmorning. may lane po ba sa DFA marquee mall para sa pregnant? and anong oras po ba dapat pumunta? akala po kasi namin need ng 8am andun na pero based on ur previous post kaht 11am? thanks a lot

  • Hello! good day! just wanna ask, kung pwede na bang ipa-renew yung passport ko kahit na Dec 2016 pa ang expiration, para sabay ko na ding ipapa change yung surname ko, coz im already married. thank you

    • Yes.. I renewed my passport kahit hindi pa expiration because a lot of countries require at least 6 months validity. You don’t have to wait for it to expire. ๐Ÿ™‚

  • Good Day..

    Pwde po magtanong? ano po requirements to get passport for new applicant?
    yung sure po tlga na kakailangan pra mkakuha ng passport. pra po wala ng prob sa mga req. kung sakali po mkapunta na ng DFA sa Angeles Marquee mall . TIA ๐Ÿ˜€

  • helo po ms.ems ask ko lang ano ibig sabihin kapag sinabing duly aunthenticated by NSO?
    as stated below:
    -Certified True Copy of Marriage Certificate issued by the Local Civil Registrar and duly authenticated by NSO. (one of the requirements kasi to if want magchange ng status sa passport)
    im in a rush kasi kaya nagbabakasakali ako na pwede na to kesa kumuha ng Aunthenticated na Marriage Certificate that will take 3-5 days bago makuha. tyia

    • Hi cielo,

      Hindi ako masyado familiar sa marriage certificate pero i don’t think meron ganun kabilis na processing. You need to get a certified true copy of your martiage cert and submit it to nso. Sa tingin ko lang. ๐Ÿ™‚

  • hi ems,

    i want to renew my passport in marquee mall. are they accepting voters id not issued in region 3. I am from batangas and married here in tarlac.
    Also are they accepting old company id from abroad since i am an ofw.

    • Hi veds,

      Please refer to the list of acceptable IDs stated on the government website. Hindi ko din kasi alam kung ano ang acceptable besides sa nakalist dun. Pasensya na. ๐Ÿ™‚

      I don’t think it matters kung anong region yung voters id since wala naman nakaspecify na dapat specific region. ๐Ÿ™‚

  • hi ems, ask ko lang kung may concern s middle name ko nung dalaga ako, just 1 letter ano po possible n ggwin para makapag apply ng passport. thank u.


    • Hi marites,

      Pasensya na wala ako idea sa mga specific na concerns pero baka meron makabasa dito with a similar experience at magreply sa tanong mo. ๐Ÿ™‚

  • Hi ask q lang po sana kung ung 2 kids ko ages 2 and 4 pede po ba iwalk in q nalang cla sa marquee mall dfa?kasi bka may age limit lang ung pede dun eh plz reply

  • elma payomo junio
    tanung ko lng po kung bakit wala pa sa LBC Bayambang PANGASINAN ROYAL MALL ang passport ko releading nung march 11,2015 wala pa po hanggang ngaun..

  • nagrenew ako noong feb.3.2015 ang sinabi nilang releasing March 11.2015 pina LBC kuna bakit sabi sa LBC wla pa nasa Dfa pa daw tanung ko kung kelan ko po makukuha sa LBC?

  • Ask ko lang sir madam kung open ba dfa marquee mall dis saturday march 21 kc sasamahan ko ung son ko 17 years old from pangasinan po kmi tnx, melva bagasin

  • Ask po kung pwede iparush ung passport ko dfa marquee kahit narenew ko n a last week?? Kailangan n po kasi ng employer bka icancel niya ako.tnx po

  • Maraming salamat po..sana po pumayag cla khit magbayad uli ako,may dala nmn po akung offer letter from employer.

  • Helo Sir, ilan days po pa rush ng passport? Were Going Vacation po kasi from April 5 to May 7, 2015.. on this days pa renew po sana kami ng Passport dyan sa Marquee.. Mabalacat po kami.. Thank you sir

  • hello. tatanong ko lang kung meron pa rin yung dfa sa marquee. may nakapagsabi kasi dati na wala na daw po? thanks..

  • hello po.. ask ko lang po kung pede papo yung tesda id valid nlang po un id nitong april 29 2015.. pede papo ba un?

  • Goodmorninp Mam/sir. pano po pag di ko po makuha yung passport ko ngayon? Bigla po kasi nag off line sa releasing counter na po ako dito sa nueva ecija.

  • Hi Ems, you’ve mentioned passport can be delivered by LBC? Is this meant for “new” passport or “renewal” passport. I thought kukunin nila old passport then bubutasan daw sabi ng friend ko, so need to show up for the collection din? Just want to confirm. Thank you.

    • Hi Alfred,

      It’s an optional additional service that you pay extra for. The LBC counter is at the end before you exit. You avail the service for both new passport and renewal. You can choose not to have it delivered and just pick up your new or renewed passport at the specifief date.

      Tama yung bubutasan nila yung old passport pag irenew mo. Then they return it to you.

  • Hi! I’m renewing my passport and I have a maroon one. Do I still need to bring a BC (NSO copy) and other stuff like Barangay and Police Clearance? Also, regarding IDs, what IDs are valid other than a Driver’s License? Will a company ID suffice? Thank you.

    • I renewed my passport kahit hindi pa expired so yes. You can’t travel to most countries if walang 6 months validity ang passport.

  • hi ems! did you go to marquee mall without having an appointment first? same time din ba opening nila ng mall?

  • Hi Salamat sa pagawa ng blog na to marami ang naututulongan na mga kababayanan natin.. Tnong ko lang pwede ko na po ba irenew ang 1year and 4months nalang bago magexpired na passport?

  • hello po,2015 na po ngaun tanung ko lng po sana kung ok pdin kumuha ng passport s marque mall khit n walang appointment letter?

  • hello ems, I am getting new passport at marque mall what do I needs or requirements to get new passport? and it easy to go to marque mall in public transpo? my location is here in Tarlac….thanks in advance!!!

    • Hi ryan,

      Im from Tarlac too. There are buses at Victory Liner sa may Siesta na nagstop mismo sa Marquee. You can check the link for the requirements. ๐Ÿ™‚

  • i went to DFA marquee mall last week MAy 30, 2015.. i applied for a new passport and i was hoping to apply it in rush processing.. to my disappointment, they are not processing rush for now.. it is only regular processing which is 950 for 30 days.. i asked the officer inside the cashier why they don’t process rush application, she said that all regional based DFA offices now don’t serve rush processing, only manila based offices do serve rush processing for now..Too bad.

  • mam/sir yung passport ko po sana na marerelease ngayung june 15 2015 na delayed. may nag text sakin na may technical error daw ung machine.ask ko lang po sana kung mga ilan days po bago ko makuha ung passport ko,kc 45days na po ung lumipas nyan wala pa rin. need ko na po kc talaga yung passport.


      The Department of Foreign Affairs today appealed for the understanding of the travelling public, particularly those in the provinces, as it announced that the delay in passport releasees copuld last for a few moreweeks as a result of technical concerns and the surge in the demand for the ePassport.

      “We apologize for the inconvenience caused by the delays, especially to our overseas Filipino workers, but we would liket to assure the public that we are exerting our best effrots to resolve the issues as soon as possible,” Foreign Affairs Assistant Secretary Jaime Victor Ledda of the Office of Consular Affairs said.

      “The DFA will work hard to ensure that those with urgent travel, especially overseas workers, are acccomodated,” Assistant Secretary Ledda said. “We would like to request those without immediate travel plans to defer their applications unitl the situation has normalized.”

      Assistant Secretary Ledda also said that those with expiring passports who cannot forego their travel may opt to apply for an extension of the validity of their existing passports instead of applying for renewal.

      Assistant Secretary Ledda said the delay in passport releases is primarily the result of maintenance work and upgrades on equipment in the ePassport Personalization Center at the Bangko Sentral ng Pilipinas (BSP) facility in Quezon City. This, he saud, also coincided with the seasonal increase in passport applications as Filipinos start making preparations to travel abroad this summer.

      Assistant Secretary Ledda said the DFA has been working closely with the BSP to resolve the issue and that it is confifedn that i would be able to reduce the waitign period in the comign weeks.

      At present, applicants would have to wait an additional 10 working days before their passports could be released.

      The delays, which started in February, have affected primarily applicants in the 19 Regional Consular Offices nationwide and Foreign Service posts abroad.


      The Department of Foreign Affairs today appealed for the understanding of the travelling public, particularly those in the provinces, as it announced that the delay in passport releasees copuld last for a few moreweeks as a result of technical concerns and the surge in the demand for the ePassport.

      “We apologize for the inconvenience caused by the delays, especially to our overseas Filipino workers, but we would liket to assure the public that we are exerting our best effrots to resolve the issues as soon as possible,” Foreign Affairs Assistant Secretary Jaime Victor Ledda of the Office of Consular Affairs said.

      “The DFA will work hard to ensure that those with urgent travel, especially overseas workers, are acccomodated,” Assistant Secretary Ledda said. “We would like to request those without immediate travel plans to defer their applications unitl the situation has normalized.”

      Assistant Secretary Ledda also said that those with expiring passports who cannot forego their travel may opt to apply for an extension of the validity of their existing passports instead of applying for renewal.

      Assistant Secretary Ledda said the delay in passport releases is primarily the result of maintenance work and upgrades on equipment in the ePassport Personalization Center at the Bangko Sentral ng Pilipinas (BSP) facility in Quezon City. This, he saud, also coincided with the seasonal increase in passport applications as Filipinos start making preparations to travel abroad this summer.

      Assistant Secretary Ledda said the DFA has been working closely with the BSP to resolve the issue and that it is confifedn that i would be able to reduce the waitign period in the comign weeks.

      At present, applicants would have to wait an additional 10 working days before their passports could be released.

      The delays, which started in February, have affected primarily applicants in the 19 Regional Consular Offices nationwide and Foreign Service posts abroad.

    • isa rin pong katanungan,kapag na delay po ang releasing nila ng passport gaanu po ito katagal mula sa expected date.dahil gaya ko rin po expected date po ay june 17 2015 ang release ngunit cla po ay nagtxt at nagsasabing hndi pa daw makukuha ang passport dahil po sa mga cnasabing technical probelms.gusto ko man clang tanungin hingil dito ngunit may pahabol po sa bandang huli na salitang hindi nyo pweding daw po cla pweding twagan.sana masagot nyo po ang katanungan ko.

      • Pag na-delay. wala kang magagawa. Ganyan nangyari sa kilala ko. June 1 dapat ang release sa Baguio Branch ng DFA pero hanggang ngayon wala pa. Wala rin silang sinasabing date kung kelan ang release. Hintay lang daw sa text nila. Wala ka talagang magagawa. Maghintay lang ng maghintay.


        The Department of Foreign Affairs today appealed for the understanding of the travelling public, particularly those in the provinces, as it announced that the delay in passport releasees copuld last for a few moreweeks as a result of technical concerns and the surge in the demand for the ePassport.

        “We apologize for the inconvenience caused by the delays, especially to our overseas Filipino workers, but we would liket to assure the public that we are exerting our best effrots to resolve the issues as soon as possible,” Foreign Affairs Assistant Secretary Jaime Victor Ledda of the Office of Consular Affairs said.

        “The DFA will work hard to ensure that those with urgent travel, especially overseas workers, are acccomodated,” Assistant Secretary Ledda said. “We would like to request those without immediate travel plans to defer their applications unitl the situation has normalized.”

        Assistant Secretary Ledda also said that those with expiring passports who cannot forego their travel may opt to apply for an extension of the validity of their existing passports instead of applying for renewal.

        Assistant Secretary Ledda said the delay in passport releases is primarily the result of maintenance work and upgrades on equipment in the ePassport Personalization Center at the Bangko Sentral ng Pilipinas (BSP) facility in Quezon City. This, he saud, also coincided with the seasonal increase in passport applications as Filipinos start making preparations to travel abroad this summer.

        Assistant Secretary Ledda said the DFA has been working closely with the BSP to resolve the issue and that it is confifedn that i would be able to reduce the waitign period in the comign weeks.

        At present, applicants would have to wait an additional 10 working days before their passports could be released.

        The delays, which started in February, have affected primarily applicants in the 19 Regional Consular Offices nationwide and Foreign Service posts abroad.

      • sir me latest info/update na po ba kyo about this? if bumalik na ung normal processing ng passport or same pa din? share info plsss, thanks.


        * good job po for sharing infos about this topics and issues, very helpfull and informative po. keep it up!

  • Hi..ask kk sana kung need na andun kme ng maaga ? Baka kase magpunta kme dun ng opening ng mall sobra haba na robinson daw kase as early as 5 am may pila na..

  • Hi can i ask if the DFA in Marquee mall doing rush processing of Passport? Coz just last week we went to DFA in Robinson but close already and as what we saw to their post out side they don’t have rush processing already. And we for got to go to Marquee mall as well but not sure also if that time was still open coz its about 7pm already we arrived there. Thank you so much for the response on my question if ever. God speed!

    • They do rush processing but it’s still not as fast as the Manila offices. Mga 21 days yata ang rush nila but lately, I’ve been getting comments na may delay sa passport release. Sa Manila yata, the rush processing is 7 days but you need to get an appointment.

  • Hi. Would you know if DFA Marquee releases passports during Saturdays? Coz the DFA texted me last June 9 (Tuesday) that my passport is now ready for pick-up with a note that I can claim on from Tuesday-Thursday (1pm to 4pm). Now I am confused if that is their standard schedule for passport claims or for that week only due to the June 12 holiday (Friday). I would appreciate your inputs since I dont want to hassle myself by going there on a Saturday with uncertainty.

    Note: I tried calling their hotline numbers but no response. Thanks in advance.

    • Hi Ron,

      Sorry, I would not know. I haven’t or anyone I know gone there to pick up a passport on a Saturday. We usually have them delivered or pick it up on a week day. Maybe someone here who reads your comment might know. ๐Ÿ™‚

      • Thanks Ems! Your blog about the DFA helps a lot of people including me that’s why I decided to renew my passport at Marquee even if I live in Manila. And my decision is correct because of the convenience you shared. Thanks to your informative blog. God Bless!

  • Good day mam/sir ..gaano pa po ktagal ang delayed ng release ng pass port..june 19 po expected date release ng passport ko pero ngtxt ang DFA n hindi ko po mkukuha..mgdadalwng buwan bkt hanggang ngayon wala p po

  • hi po mag tatanong lang po ako medyo may hindi ako nagets kase or I mean hindi pala ako sure eh so pag mag rerenew po ay tumatanggap po ba sila ng expired ng college ID? Ang sabe po kase ng nanay ko d daw po kase pwede kase expired na? ayaw ko na po makipagtalo sakanya kaya nag hanap nalang ako dito sa mga blog ng mapagtatanungan, meron lang po kase ako na sure na madadala is expired college ID birth certificate saka driving student permit? Lagot po ba ako? hahaha maraming salamat po! ๐Ÿ˜‰

  • hi mag renew po sana ako passport, nung 2010 date of issued nung passport ko.. do i need birth certificate pa ba? wala kasi ako nun ,pero need ko na kumuha passport.. i have some valid id’s exept birth certificate

  • hi! inquiry po…. me sched travel po kasi ako and ung passport ko will be Seven (7) months bago mag expires sa travel date ko. need ko na po ba e-renew now? correct me if i’m wrong po, ang alam ko po kasi six (6) months before expiration ng passport ay considered nang invalid. and also, allowed pa po ba ang passport extension? share info pls… thanks and God bless po!

    • Yes, usually kailangan may 6 months validity ang passport for travel. Pwede yatang magrequest ng extension, hindi ko lang alam ang proseso. It would be better to just renew it if you have time. ๐Ÿ™‚

  • ask ko lang po ang release ng passport ko itong july 20, 2015 nag text po sa akin ang dfa ang sabi may technical problem po daw hanggang kailan po uli maghihintay yun lang po maraming salamat po.

    • Based on my experience in the Baguio Regional Office and in Megamall- they DID NOT ask for any proof of pregnancy. So I would imagine that Pampanga would just be as courteous and respectful of expecting moms. But it’s BEST TO BRING PROOF anyway- especially when you’re not showing yet. ๐Ÿ™‚

  • hi gud pm po ask ko lang po sana kung may rush processing po ng passport dito sa marquee mall kasi po mag rerenew ang husband ko kasi po by september 14 ang balik po niya sa ibang bansa?kung makukuha din po ba niya hanggang katapusan this august..?

  • Hi,

    Ask ko lang kung ani mangyayari sa old passport, kukunin na ba nila o ibabalik sayo lalagyan lang ng mark na invalid. Kasi my visa pa me na 8 years to expire which i will also need for my future travels

    • They usually just punch the bio page and give it back to you. ๐Ÿ™‚ Let them know that you still have a valid visa on your old passport.

  • Mam, plano ko mag bakasyon sa first week of may 2016 balik ako ng first week of june. Mag eexpired ang passport ko ng Dec 16 2016. Valid pa po ba un gpassport ko to travel? Ilang month po ba ang allowed ng validity ng passport para makapag travela t makalabas ng pinas.

    • Office hours are 10am-6pm, Monday-Saturday but I’ve seen comments in other sites that say doors are closed at 5pm. My cousin was gonna claim his passport and we were there close to 5pm and they almost didn’t let him get it that day.

    • Hi Marj,

      Sorry I don’t know. Hula ko lang is yes since hindi naman holiday yun but do check with them directly para sure. ๐Ÿ™‚

  • Helu. Need poe b ng appointment sah marquee pra mka pag renew ng. Passport wla kcng nka lga sah website nila qng ma set an appointment ๐Ÿ™‚

  • Hi.. I had a passport before…unluckily i lost it. Then i applied for another copy after giving all necessary requirements like blottering it and affidavit of loss… When i claimed it, they said that my passport was still active so they forwarded it to DFA in manila.. They said i can get it after 2 weeks or so.. But because of the nature of my work, I wasn’t able to claim it… I saw in the office that any passport not claimed within 6 months will be automatically forfeited. Now, i need to apply again for another passport, i am married now… Will i be considered as new applicant or not?

    Looking forward to ur answer to mu inquiry…

    • Yes, passports must be claimed within 6 months. No, you’re not a new applicant. I think it’s a renewal and you can change your last name. They have the instructions on the official website. ๐Ÿ™‚

  • gudpm. mag inquire lang po sana ako , kung open ung office nyo weekends ? . if so, ano pong oras mag oopen ang office ninyo. thanks

    • Hi arrenkim,

      i’m not associated with their office so I wouldn’t know. I just shared my personal experience. Kindly read note on the post. ๐Ÿ™‚

  • Tanong ko lang if need pa ba ng birth certificate pag marerenew un pamangkin ko na 10 years old ano pa need na requirements.Kasama naman niya mother niya pag magrerenew.Salamat

    • Hi Tsubasa,

      For renewals, hindi na kailangan ang birth certificate. For minors, you can click on the link sa post para sa requirements. ๐Ÿ™‚

  • Hello po. Totoo po ba na para kelangan munang pumnta sa DFA marquee mall para makapag set ng appointment for passport application?!

    • No appointments required sa DFA Marquee as far as I know currently. Wala naman sila announcement na ganyan sa so wala nagbago. Same as before. ๐Ÿ™‚

  • ok thanks. kasi po yung kakilala ko nung pumunta sila sa dfa marquee mall, dun pa lang sila binigyan nang schedule for appointment which means babalik sila ulit on the said date and yet their from pangasinan pa and i find it inconvenient para sa mga malayo pa. pero ganun talaga. Just sharing po. Thank you.

    • So far sa mga kakilala ko na nagapply dun as recent as last month, nakapagapply naman sila on the same day and were not give appointments for another day. May binigay bang rason sa kanila? Or meron bang unusual sa papeles or circumstance nila?

    • Thanks for the info. ๐Ÿ™‚ Do you have a pic about the info na you can share so I can update the post? Maging helpful sa iba..

    • Hi Arka,

      I have one commenter who said that they are now setting appointments but I can’t really confirm if it’s true since I haven’t been there.

  • gud evening po admin. 10 am po ba ang bukas ng Marquee mall? wat time po pwede pumila para sa pag apply po ng new application pra passport? salamat po

    • Hi lauds,

      Mall opens at 10am so I think na ganun din yung start ng operation nila. ๐Ÿ™‚ Sa pagpila, hindi ko alam.

    • Hi Jerry,

      Nung ako nagparenew walk-in lang pero may nagcomment na pumunta daw siya at binigyan ng schedule. Hindi ko pa maconfirm kung ganun na ngayon dahil hindi pa ako nakapunta lately.

  • i would like to ask an appointment for the renewal of my passport on 30th day of march 2016 there in marquee mall dfa office im going back home on march 28, 2016 and my vacation is only 20 days.. how many days it will take the renewal of passport? i would like ro renew it rush or exppress..

  • Hello po anu po sasakyan papuntang marquee mall in pampanga kapag po galing ng pasayrotonda po . Gaano po katagal ang byahe?.

  • Hello ๐Ÿ˜Š. Thank you sa pag reply sa tanung ko . May itatanung pa sana ako, hanggaang ngayon po ba hindi parin po sila nagpapa appointment?. Kung new passport po ang kukunin ko at rush po may appointment po ba?. Salamat ๐Ÿ˜Š.

    • Hi,

      Sa pagkakaalam ko – appointment based ay for a few Manila DFA offices lang. Meron isa nagcomment na binigyan daw sila ng appointment nung pumunta sila pero hindi ko maconfirm kung ganun na nga. Wala pa ako kakilala na nagpunta recently. ๐Ÿ™‚

    • Hi Jeff,

      Depende sa sched nila, minsan one week earlier sa regular yung rush. Nung ako, mga 3 weeks yung rush. Click on the link sa post para sa requirement ng minors. ๐Ÿ™‚

    • Depende sa schedule nila, iba-iba. Depende kung ok ang mga machines at walang back log sa pagprint. Ang ilalagay nila dun pag mag-apply or renew ka is yung mismong date kung kailan available for release hindi yung ilan days. Nung ako nagparenew, 1 month yung regular processing at 3 weeks yung rush.

  • magandang gabi po. nag apply po ako for passport renewal ng anak ko (underage-illegitimate) nung dec.29 2015., kaya lng kulang ppo ng marriage contract ko., then bablik po sana ako this April para isubmit yung kulang ., confused po ako hindi po ba pede na basta ka na lng pupunta? dapat po ba magpapaschedule papo? e nasa ibang bansa po ako anak ko lng po ska mga grand parents ang nasa Pilipinas pede poba sila ang mag paschedule ? then from that mga ilan days poba binibigay nila allowance pra mkakuha ng schedule. sana po matulungan nyo po ako. maraming salamat po ((( saka po sa releasing pedi po ba LBC din kahit underage po ang ina apply ko?))) more power po

    • Hello,

      Dati pwede yung walk in lang kaso binago na nila simula nung January 12, 2016. Kailangan na magschedule. Pwede naman na sila ang magschedule na kasama siguro yung anak mo. May kailangan lang sila ifill up na form so just make sure na kumpleto sila sa info. Hindi ko alam ang allowance nila for schedules, depende siguro kung gaano karami. Yung sa pinsan ko po mga 4 weeks, ewan ko lang ngayon. Option po yung ipaLBC sa releasing, hindi ko lang sigurado kung may pagkaiba ba pag minor. Siguro mas maganda na iask na rin yun pag nagpaschedule sila. Pwede mo din sila iemail sa for appointments pero ang sabi lang nila mas mabagal daw pag through dun pero pwede mo siguro itry. ๐Ÿ™‚

          • Psensya napo may itatanong po ulet๐Ÿ˜“yun pong kulang kong papel nung Dec29 is yung marriage cert. ko po eh dito po ako sa Japan kinasal nasa japanese letters po yun papel and i know na need sya ipa translate sa english.. dapat po bang ipa authenticate yung translated paper po??? maraming salamat po sa walang sawang pagsagot .. kun may tatanong po ulet sana po pagpasensyahan nyo po๐Ÿ˜“salamat po

          • Sorry ha.. Hindi ko alam sagot dyan. Hindi pa ako nakaexperience ng foreign marriage contracts para sa pagapply ng passport pero baka meron dito na nagbabasa na makakasagot. ๐Ÿ™‚

          • lulubusin kona po last napo ito .., yun pong application form ng anak ko natatakan na ng DFA Angeles (Dec29)wala po ba yun expiration date? anytime or any year pede po ba magamit yun papel nayun?? yun npo kase napasa ko nung nag apply kami eh.baka po d ako makauwi dis april natatako po ako baka mali nnman ipasa ko papel dami kona po gastos sa pamasahe ko๐Ÿ˜“maraming salamat po

  • Hi Ask ko lang allow pa din ba ang walk ins sa DFA Angeles Marquee Mall? Papaano mag pa appointment kung sakali. Thanks

    • Hi Mitch,

      Hindi na allowed ang walk-ins unless pregnant yata, atbp. Please read the update on this post. Yung details din, nasa picture na tinake ko – andun yung email address for appointments. Pwede ka din pumunta dun para magpa-appointment. ๐Ÿ™‚

  • Good am.pwede po ba dumirect ng pnta sa dfa marquee mall.without appointment.kc my appoinment aq sa megamall pero 1 st.week pa ng july.kya ask ko kng sa marquee mall bka pwede mapadali.thnks

    • Hi,

      As of January this year, they require an appointment sa DFA Marquee. Either personally ka pumunta dun para magset or email mo sila. Try mo baka mas maaga kesa July ang next available appointment. Yung info on email ay nasa blog post. ๐Ÿ™‚

  • My appoinment po aq kaso sa sm mega mall.anu po pwede gawin.mag email po ba muna sa dfa clark.for appoinment

    • Hi girly,

      Please read the blog post. Mahanap mo yung information. Wala ng walk in starting January 2016 unless may special circumstances.

    • Make sure din to check your email lagi kasi kailangan mo magreply to confirm the appointment na binigay sayo within 24 hours. ๐Ÿ™‚

  • Goodpm po. May tanong lang po ako. Nag pa appoint po kasi ako via email. Kaso yung sinend na appointment stub ay mali po yung first name na nailagay ng dfa office. Clear naman po yung email ko. Tanong ko po, di po kaya ako magkakaprublema sa araw ng appointment ko dahil mali po yung spelling ng name ko? Nagkabaligtad po kasi yung spelling. Imbes na sheila. “Shiela” yung nalagay. Salamat po.

    • Hi Sheila, sorry hindi ko alam ang sagot dyan. Mas ok siguro na iemail mo sila ulit to have that corrected para sure lang. ๐Ÿ™‚

  • HI tanong ko lang po kung nagredribbon sa dfa angeles ng nso and cenomar at my extension din po ba ng passport?

    • Hi Rez Jose,

      Ang red ribbon pagkakaalam ko hindi available yun kahit saan – sa main office lang sa Manila. Hindi ko din alam kung nagbibigay din sila ng extension sa DFA Marquee. Mas ok siguro maginquire sa kanila directly para sure ang answers. ๐Ÿ™‚

    • Hi neth,

      Pasensya na, hindi ko alam. I’m not affiliated with them. I just shared my experience. ๐Ÿ™‚

  • Hi there ask ko lang po kung pwde po ba isabay ko nalang pgkuha ko ng pgrenew ko ng passport ko sa pgkuha po ng 3yrs old baby ko..ask ko po kung p2de po na wag napo ako kumuha ng appoinment pwde po ba un…sana po my mgreply sa my alam sa case na gnito..thanks Godbless everyone

    • Hi Irynne,

      Kailangan niyo pa rin ang appointmet. Only infants (0-12 months) are allowed na magwalk-in. Please refer to the picture I posted on the blog post. ๐Ÿ™‚

    • Hi, hindi ko din sure pero you can try to email dun sa email address kung san kayo nagpa-appointment and let them know na icancel at hindi kayo makapunta. Tapos na din po ang June 20. ๐Ÿ™‚

  • Good morning isa lang po kasi ang valid id ko may nso nman po ako at marriage contract baptismal,at nakapg pa rehistro nman po ako kahit bago lang sa commelect.kulang parin po ang requirements ko to get passport.pwed po ba yung tin number at land tittle?may luma din po ako nbi clearance 2014 kaso hnd po daw pwede.

  • Hi. Marquee mal required online appointment? Pwedi na ba walk in? Kase mag appointment ko this sept. Palang pero email appointment sya? Pwedi na ba walk in ngayon? Para hindi kona hintayin yung sept email appointment ko.

    • Hi Sheila,

      DFA Marquee Mall requires an appointment which can be obtained through email. Meron ka naman na. Pwede lang ang walk in for senior citizens, pregnant women (with medical certificate), persons with disabilities and babies. Please refer to the picture on the blog post. ๐Ÿ™‚

  • What if po kapag hindi namin na confirm yung email nung day na nag apply kami for appointment?? Pwede po bang ipasend ulit para ipaconfirm?? Please do reply ASAP thank you

    • Hi kg,

      Basta ang sabi lang sa email, pag hindi cinonfirm within 48 hours nangangahulugan pagkabawi ng appointment. Ibig sabihin cancelled na yun.

      Siguro by this time, napuno na din nila ang araw na yun sa mga nagconfirm kaya mas ok siguro na magemail na lang ng panibago. ๐Ÿ™‚

    • Hello Aldrich,

      Oo yan ang official website for Philippine passports so siguro nagawa na nila ng paraan ang appointment system para sa lahat ng lugar. Salamat sa information. Iupdate ko itong post. ๐Ÿ™‚

  • Ask ko Lang po Kung pede po ba mgwalk in dfa marquee mall ikukuha q kc ng passport ung 7years old and 2years old kids q.. Ano2 po ba mga requirements na kailangan

    • Hi Angie,

      If you read the post, you’ll see all the info at hindi na allowed walk-ins except for infants, pregnant women at senior citizens. ๐Ÿ™‚

  • Hi ems. Ask ko lang po gano po katagal bago ma receive yung confirmation email? If ever po nagkamali ka sa pag lagay ng emai kaya di mo na receive ano po dapat gawin? Thanks po

    • Hi dollie,

      Nung triny ko magschedule, within minutes dumating yung confirmation email ko. Itry mo din check ang spam folders mo. If ever na nagkamali ka sa email address, pwede mo itry na magschedule ulit. Kung ayaw pa rin, wait 72 hours kasi dun nagautomatically cancel yung unang appointment pag hindi cinonfirm. ๐Ÿ™‚

      • Ahhh okay po. By the way very informative po yunh blog. Thanks. Yung appoinment po for renewal po yun diba? Mam nasabi nyo na automatic mag cacancel? Pag na cancel po gawa appointment ulit? O wait po ako nag another 1 month? Thanks po

  • hello gud am po. i just want to inquire kung pwede po magrenew ng passport sainyo sa online?, At pangkukuha ko din po ng passport ung kptid ko she is 17y/o at ano po mga requirements need nya po?.Nandito kasi ako sa ibang bansa nextyear plang ako uuwi, At gusto ko na irenew po ung passport ko expired nya august 2017 then need to change surname, pwede po b kami mgkasabay ng kapatid ko kahit sa online po ako mgrerenew at mg aapply?.

    • Hi glaisa,

      Yung online – appointment system lang siya. Bibigyan ka lang ng schedule and government website yun so pwede kahit sino. Anyone applying for a renewal or new application ng passport must be present at the DFA dahil pipicturan kayo dun. Kung nasa ibang bansa ka, usually meron naman embassy dyan where you can renew your passport. ๐Ÿ™‚

          • hello po ate ems, Ask ko lang po kung pwde po kami magkasabay ng pagbook ng appointment sa online po ng kababatang kong kapatid ? renewal po ako cya, new applicant po cya?. At pwede din po ba mag apply ng australian tourist visa sainyo?.

          • Hi glaisa,

            oo pwede basta pag nagset ka appointment online, mag start ka dun sa group appointment. ๐Ÿ™‚ Meron ako guide for applying an australian tourist visa din dito, pwede mo gawin reference yun pero hindi ako nagaapply ng anuman application. Pasensya na. ๐Ÿ™‚

  • Hi po Tanong lng pno kng my Mali s name ko s appointment oklng po ba un s mga papers ko ok nman lhat s appointment lng kulang Ng ..n

    • Hi Norman,

      Kung sa appointment lang at meron ka naman confirmation, hindi naman siguro sila sobrang strict. Pwede mo din sabihin pag nandun ka na mismo sa office, hindi ako sure kung pagfill upan ka pa ng form. Baka may nagbago na kasi pero yung last appointment ng pinsan ko, nagfill out muna sila ng form bago prinocess.

  • hi question lang papa renew sana ako kaya urgent tumatangap paba sila sa angeles DFA nang Walk – in or pano ung iemail sila for sched? ako ba mamimili nang date para dun or bibigyan nila ako nang date pagka email ko? and pano ano ano po isesend sa email nila…

    thank you!

  • Good Afternoon po. Ask ko lang po sana kung ok lang ba mag renew ng passport ung son ko 5 yrs old with my mother. dala po nya orig marraige contract at orig b. cert ng son ko.. ngpadala din po ako authorization letter… may appointment po cla by nov. 14, ok lng po kaya kung punta cla sa marque mall before the appointment date since 5yrs old nman po sya which is no need for appointment date?

  • One month bakasyon po. Hindi n pala ko makapag apply online oec. Dapat daw 6 months validity date. May expired kc ang passport ko s Feb 2017. Flight ko. Sa Dec 29 this year. Kailangan ko I rush. Ask ko po. Pag nag renew nko passport na hindi ko p received passport ko. Resibo lang hawak ko. Pwde naba ko I apply ang oec s online……. suggest po please. ……..

  • Hi, Please help! before meron na ako passport then when the time need to renew, i renewed and unfortunately i was not able to get it on release date. dfa said i will apply for a new one because it was forfeited already. so i did. now releasing of my new application last oct 27, 2016. but dfa suspend it and said wait for their feedback. how long i should wait? almost 2 months delay na po. pls make it as soon as possible. im willing to cooperate. here is my contact 09778302245. Thanks!

  • Hello po new applicant po ako ng pagkuha ng passport,mga requirements ko po ay birthcertificate from nso,marriage certificate from nso, tin id,nbi,new postal ID, voter’s record with biometric ang picture.umid sss ID. Pwedi na po ba ako makakuha ng passport?

  • Good afternoon..postal i.d po is valid i.d?pwede rin po bang gamitin yung mga binigay na papees po sa voters i.d information ko?di pa po kasi ako pwedeng kumuha nang i.d mga papees la po binigay..pwede po bang valid i.d yun?salamat sa reply

    • Hi,

      I looked up the dress code and the guide is just saying to wear appropriate attire. Nothing really specific but I would suggest wear closed shoes, pants – no shorts, a top with sleeves. ๐Ÿ™‚

  • bali ang schedule kasi fully book po kasi na check ko sa site. may way po ba makaa insert ng schedule sakali may floating schedule po makaa singit… salamat po

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