Overnight bus from Kyoto to Tokyo through Willer Express



As I was looking for options on how to economize this trip, I came across the idea of taking the overnight bus from Kyoto to Tokyo through Willer Express instead of taking the very expensive Shinkansen for around 5000 pesos. The bus on the other hand is half the price at 2000 pesos and we get to save on one night accommodation too. I chose Willer Express because of their really comprehensive and helpful website. We actually bought our tickets online two days before our departure thanks to the advice of my cousin. They were coming from Tokyo going to Kyoto but the tickets ran out so they had no choice but to take the bullet train. I was planning to buy it the night before. ^_^’


Willer Express has several buses that take the trip at different hours of the night. They have a day trip too but most are night buses. I mean who would want to spend 8 hours on the road during the day? They have different seats to accommodate your needs. I was enjoying myself just looking at the seating options. We could have gotten the standard seat since it’s the cheapest but we decided to spend a little bit more for the Beaute.




We looked up the location of the Willer Express parking at Kyoto Station. We were there really early so we just walked around and bought some snacks. Spending all the money we had left on our ICOCA cards since we won’t be able to use them in Tokyo.

At the waiting area, you have to wait til they announce the hour of your departure, then you give them your name and they tell you which bus number they will announce so they can lead you to the bus. Once our bus was ready, we were lead to it. Our luggage was stowed and we were asked where we were stopping for organization of the luggage I guess. We had reserved seating as well. This is what our seat looks like. There are 3 in a row.




There is actually a card that states the seat features but in Japanese. We had a blanket, pillow, foot rest, comfortable leg room, personal air conditioners on the side, a mirror, individual curtains, and what i like most – a personal charger. Too bad there wasn’t wifi available.




Here’s a more accurate display of the features of the Beaute bus I found on their website.

We even downloaded movies thinking it would be uncomfortable and we needed something to entertain ourselves but we slept like babies. The thing with me is I can sleep anywhere so I’m not sure how it feels for others. But me and my cousin felt very comfortable. There were rest stops where you can take a bathroom break or stretch but we didn’t bother. We just slept the whole way through. Either the driver was really good or they just have amazing roads or both. ^.^





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  • Hi, On the subject , Iam from a country which does not have Visa waiver agreement with Japan, My query is if this Willer booking accepted in place of a proper Hotel booking for a night at the Japanese embassy?. Thanks – Arun.

    • I think it would. You would have to provide an itinerary and they can also see it there. If you take an overnight bus, it would not be possible to stay at a hotel for that night anyway.

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