Okonomiyaki at President Chibo



I actually had no idea what President Chibo was or if it was any good. We were on Dotonburi and wanted to try okonomiyaki. We just walked further down the street and saw a line, we were like this should be good enough. We waited for a good 5-10 minutes before we were ushered to our table.




We were given an English menu with pictures and description of what goes in the okonomiyaki.




We ordered two kinds. Each is about 600-700 pesos.




I know that traditionally, they just give you the batter and you cook your own but ours were already cooked and put on the grilling pan, the waiter drizzled the sauce and we forgot to put bonito flakes which was on the side of the table. We were just too excited to eat it.




It was actually really, really good. Too bad we had snacks along the way while walking through Dotonburi. We couldn’t finish a few slices, we were already too full.




Then we asked for the check but it turns out that we pay for it at the cashier on the second floor which was no problem, they had an elevator. They even have merchandise like the sauce if you wanted to take one home. It was a really nice setting and we really enjoyed the okonomiyaki.



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