Nokonoshima Island Park

Nokonoshima Island Park



Nokonoshima Island Park is an island off the city of Fukuoka. It is famous for its flowers that changes with the season. In Spring, it was full of cherry blossom, tulips and rape seed flowers. It is very accessible from the city and only takes maybe one hour to get there, depends what kind of transport you choose to travel with. We spent about half a day in this beautiful island taking lots of pictures. It was really pretty.



First thing we did was purchase a Tourist Day pass at the Tourist Information desk at Hakata Station. They check the visa sticker on your passport. We were really confused what they were looking for at first. We showed them the visa and they said no. We didn’t know that they were looking for the sticker that they put on once you enter the country because that means you’re a temporary tourist with only 15 or 30 days to stay. I guess there are foreigners with longer visa stays so that won’t do. Be careful to scratch the right date because they won’t replace it if you made a mistake. This covers our bus and subway transport.


Fukuoka Tourist City Pass




SUBWAY: Take the Fukuoka City Kuko Line and get off at Meinohama Station. From Meinohama Station, you would have to take a Nishitetsu Bus from Meinohama-eki Kitaguchi, get off at Noko dosenba (ferry terminal). Subway Fare is ¥280 – ¥550 one way, depends where you’re coming from. The bus fare is ¥230.

BUS FROM HAKATA STATION: From Hakataeki-mae A Bus stop (Front of the station), you can get on 300, 301, 302, 304. Fare is ¥430.

BUS FROM TENJIN STATION: 300, 301, 302, 304. Fare is ¥430.


Bus to Meinohoma


We took the bus option since it takes us directly there. It is the last stop. When you enter the bus, you get a paper from that orange thing if you don’t have the card to tap on the sensors. Once you get off, you just put it in the box next to the driver and pay your fare or show them your Tourist Day Pass. The fare is displayed on the LCD screen near the driver. The further you go, the fare increases. It’s not a fixed fare except on certain buses like the 100 loop bus. This was a long ride. It took us 40-50 minutes to get there. Subway would be a bit faster but we didn’t mind, we liked the convenience of the bus.


Meinohoma ferry


From the Ferry Terminal, we had to wait for the next ferry which leaves every hour or twice an hour in the morning and later in the day.


Nokonoshima Ferry Schedule


We bought our round trip Ferry Tickets for ¥460 or ¥230 yen each way.


Meinohoma Ferry Ticket


The ferry was quite big. It also ferries vehicles. I’m not sure how much that costs. It was a really short ride, it took maybe 5-10 minutes.


Meinohoma-Nokonoshima Island ferry


Once we were at Nokonoshima Island, the bus stop is on the left. According to the driver, there are always 3 buses that go up to the Island park so don’t worry if you belatedly see the bus and you think you just missed it. Bus fare is ¥230. Our pass was still valid here. We only had to pay extra for the ferry.


Nokonoshima Island Park


Entering the Nokonoshima Island Park, you have to pay ¥1000 for entry. This is their ticket, so pretty. You can see the cherry blossom petals have fallen on the ground which is just as pretty.


Nokonoshima Island Park


We took a lot of photos, I mean a lot. Haha. These tulips were just pretty.


Nokonoshima Island Park


We also passed through some snack shops on the way. There was also a souvenir shop.


Nokonoshima Island Park


Nokonoshima Island Park


I went crazy with my macro shots (Thanks for this Christmas gift boyfie!). It was just pretty. Everything was pretty.


Nokonoshima Island Park

Nokonoshima Island Park


The highlight of the trip is towards the end of the park where you see this wonderful sight – field of yellow. Spring had rapeseed blossoms. If you want to know what kind of flowers you will see depending on the month you go, you can click here. There were people having a picnic on the open field. There were also a couple of restaurants where you can eat and enjoy the views.


Nokonoshima Island Park


We had a really fun day at Nokonoshima Island Park. This is in the top 3 of activities I would recommend doing in Fukuoka. It is just a really nice place to take your family/friends/guests and enjoy the day with them. It is very pretty. It has easy access from the city. It’s a good half day activity. If you don’t like flowers or nature, this may not be for you.



  • Look at the time table or have a copy. This will save you a lot of time since Ferries depart every hour in the middle of the day. It sucks when you miss it by 10 minutes. Buses within the island are in no hurry and depart all at the same time on schedule.
  • Bring snacks if you can. Drinks you can always get from a vending machine. The island has limited eat in options. We saw a restaurant near the ferry terminal we wanted to try but we didn’t want to miss our ferry.
  • Respect your surroundings. You are a guest so just take pictures and nothing else.

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