Namba and Dotonburi

The original plan was to go to Osaka Castle, then take a cruise boat to Namba and Dotonburi. Since we got in the city later than planned. We decided to skip Osaka Castle and go in the morning. Dotonburi shouldn’t be missed at night. ^.^





From Shin-Osaka station, we took the subway and stopped at Shinsaibashi. We actually had no idea where we were going, we just followed the crowd until we got here.




Dotonburi is lively at night. This is the Kani Doraku, it’s impossible to miss it. There are a lot of crab food and merchandise outside its shop.




The river..




The infamous Kuidaore Taro – the drum playing clown.





Zuboro-ya – the fugu restaurant. I was really tempted to try fugu but I really couldn’t risk it and probably afford it. Maybe next time.. ^.^




There was the smaller version of Glico Man along this road but I couldn’t find a pciture. It also has a store next to it with plenty of cute merchandise.




We ate a lot on this street, the food deserves another post. ^.^




We called it a night and looked for the subway. It got a bit chilly too. Dotonburi in my opinion is in the top 3 of places to see in Osaka.


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