My London Itinerary

My London Itinerary

I traveled to London last summer and I was supposed to blog about it and never got around to doing it since the Bali posts took over. Since the post How I got My UK Tourist visa in the Philippines is one of my top posts, I figured this would help a lot of those who read the post in planning their upcoming trips to London.



I was there for a week or so but I didn’t see everything I wanted to see. So, there’s reason to go back. Haha. I took the Eurostar train from Paris Gare de Nord to London’s St. Pancras station, will blog more about that. It’s a shopping city so be prepared to get your wallet burned even if you’re on a budget. I brought a small suitcase thinking I wasn’t buying anything but I was so wrong. Haha. Shopping was really good. I was supposed to stay at a hotel but I ended up staying at the apartment of my friend’s mom, it has it’s pros and cons. Obviously, you save a LOT! I also have a personal tour guide and I was looked after with care. The cons – depending on location, it takes time to get to the sights and you can’t really go out at night since you have to think about the time table of the public transportation. Most Broadway shows are at night time. I’m not willing to pay much for an expensive taxi fare. Anyway, this is my London itinerary and here are the few destinations and things I would like to blog about:




I wanted to see the Harry Potter set at the studio but since it was summer, the tickets got sold out really soon so I decided to leave earlier than planned. My friends went around October and they did not have any trouble booking tickets to Universal to see Harry Potter. I also wanted to see Stonehenge, the city of Bath, and also an aunt who lived about 2-3 hours outside London but I just didn’t have enough time so maybe next time. ^.^

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