Matutina’s is a seafood restaurant located in San Sebastian, Tarlac City. It’s along the highway across the intersection next to the SOGO Hotel so it’s hard to miss.  It serves mostly Filipino food with affordable prices. My friend and I met after not seeing each other in a while. I was craving pinakbet and Matutina’s makes some mean Pinakbet so we decided to eat there.

Matutina’s Seafood Restaurant

Coming from the highway, you can will see Matutina’s Seafood restaurant on the right if you are coming from the South and on the left if you are coming from the North. They have ample parking space in front of the restaurant, about 5-6 slots. As you enter, you will notice the very Filipino decor that includes wooden tables and chairs. It actually was renovated last year. They changed some of the seating to cushion chairs and amped up the decor a little bit.



I ordered the delicious Pinakbet. I dream of this sometimes. It’s just the right ratio of vegetables and meat. It’s really tasty and fresh. I love the sauce, the pumpkin, and the chicharon. I’m not a vegetable lover but I could finish this by myself. Matutina’s has the best Pinakbet I’ve had in restaurants.



We also ordered a sizzling plate of pork sisig. It was really nice with the calamansi and soy sauce dip on the side. It has egg on top and we mixed it with the pork while the plate was still hot.



To finish it off, we had the creamy leche flan. It was good leche flan. It tastes home made. I’ve had leche flan that tasted more like gelatin in other restaurants just to skimp on ingredients. Matutina’s leche flan was tasty, like the ones most Filipino are familiar with.



This is Matutina’s menu just in case you are wondering what they have on offer and what the prices are.




Address: Mc Arthur Highway, San Sebastian, Tarlac City, 2300 Tarlac, Philippines
Hours: 8AM–11PM


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