Maidreamin Shinjuku

Maidreamin Shinjuku


We were in Shunjuku in the late afternoon and were just walking around and we saw a girl in a costume carrying a sign advertising their “Maid Cafe” and the direction pointing towards the alley. We passed by it and walked some more and we thought a while later that we might as well check it out. It would be another unique Japan experience for this trip.




Maidreamin Cafe


Maidreamin Shinjuku Cafe had 2 levels. It was a small cafe with maybe room for 20-25 people on the first floor. The second floor I believe is used for “performances” and it’s also where the toilets are located. We were ushered in and we were informed that we had to pay an entrance fee to be paid later.




Quite cute eh? It was a functioning cafe with food and drinks albeit more pricey than a regular cafe.

They also had packages if you want a meal and a performance or a meal and a photo with a “maid”. As we were not really hungry, we just went for drinks. I ordered a cola and my man ordered a green colored drink which tasted funny. They also gave us some headbands with ears when they served the drinks which was cute.




Most of their regular clientele are single men which is not surprising. There are also the occasional tourist like us and we also saw a family before us that even had a meal there. The meals are designed very cutely with cartoon characters and faces. Service is not good. They seemed cute and friendly at first but once they realize that you are not spending much there, the friendliness seems to stop. Nothing creepy about the cafe, everything seemed normal. We wanted a photo for a souvenir but of course we had to also pay for that.



Address: 3 Chome-22-10 Shinjuku, Shinjuku City, Tokyo 160-0022, Japan
Hours: Open every day from 13:00-23:00
Phone: +81 3-6457-7699


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