M3 Hotel Review in Mandalay

I booked the hotel before my trip since I didn’t want to look for any while I was there. Otherwise, I wouldn’t mind staying at Royal Yadanarbon Hotel again. This hotel is a bit pricier than my usual pick but the location is really good. It’s on the main road and a couple of blocks from the AirAsia bus stop which is the corner of the Royal Palace complex as well. I asked my friend who lived there about my hotel choices before booking and she said that she knew this one so I went with it. Here’s my M3 Hotel review. 🙂



M3 Hotel Mandalay Review


I was given a room on the 6th or 7th floor? and the roof top bar was directly above me, it was open from 6pm-12 midnight. It didn’t really bother me. I saw signs that said you can watch the sunset from there but I never tried it. Anyway, I booked the Standard Double room. It’s really a room for two people and I think it’s the same rate regardless if there’s only one person or two people staying. There is wardrobe on the left when you enter the room. The bathroom is directly across the door. The bed and the rest are on the right. 🙂



The bed was really comfortable and huge! A vanity on the left side of the bed with snacks on the table – but those are for sale. Telephone and plenty of sockets on the right. There’s also a menu inside the drawer which is really handy when I’m lazy. They do room service. 🙂



I ordered the chicken fried rice a couple of times. Haha.



TV, fridge and the rest across the bed. They had drinks that were for sale as well. They have free water and they replenish it everyday.





The bathroom was nice and clean. I didn’t use the bath tub. They had toiletries available just in case you forgot your soap or shampoo neatly arranged on the counter.

The breakfast area is at the restaurant on the second floor. It was okay, nothing really special. They do make your eggs however you want. The restaurant had a lot of vegetarian dishes, some meat, rice of course and fruits. They also had cereals. There also was coffee, tea, water and juice. If you wanted soda which are displayed on the fridge, you pay for that separately.

The service was professional. I was really impressed. They tried their best to accommodate you. Communication can be a problem sometimes but they try. I left my bag for a few days and I wasn’t even checked in yet but was going to in a few days and they were really nice about it. Payment like anywhere in Myanmar is preferred in cash. If you do choose to pay with credit card, there’s a service fee of a certain percentage.





They have free bikes at the hotel that you can take out for the day. They have locks so you can park it and leave it. Wasn’t my bike adorable? 🙂 Biking around Mandalay especially on the main roads can be intimidating at first since most people are on motor bikes and there are only a few who are riding their bikes. You eventually get the hang of it though. I guess I saved on transport since I can bike or walk to a lot of place I went to. Taxis are weirdly expensive in Mandalay and there is no set rate. It’s a matter of how much they want to charge you and if you can communicate where you want to go properly.




Address: 26th St, Mandalay, Myanmar (Burma)
Website: http://m3hotelmandalay.com/

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