Learning to surf in San Juan, La Union


I lived in Hawaii for 5 years and I’ve never attempted to learn surfing. I know. I know. As they say, it’s never too late. 😀

It was the weekend before All Saints Day and most people are busy preparing for the festivities. I get a text from a friend that this other friend we know suddenly had a boyfriend out of nowhere and that was enough motivation to go and meet some boys. Haha. I love blessings in disguise. 🙂


We wanted to stay for a night but most of the hotels (like 3 of them) were already full. So we settled for a day trip. From Baguio, it took about 2 hours to get to La Union. The buses can drop you off right on the road entrance to the beach so it was very accessible.



A lot more people than the usual..



At first, we just sat at one part of the beach and just watched people. Then my friend decided to take surfing lessons – might as well. It was 400 pesos for an hour. I think it’s 200 pesos for the board and 200 pesos for the instructor.

After that, we were famished. We went to Sebay Resort’s restaurant. They didn’t give us any kind of attention. I guess they’re not used to the volume of people? After sitting there for a while, an attendant told us that if we ordered it will take approximately an hour and a half because they have to cook for the resorts guests. I don’t know what guests they were talking about since only one other table was occupied. Did everybody else order room service? We also thought that maybe it was their nice way of saying shoo..




We moved on to Kahuna’s on the other end. It looks like a more expensive place since it’s more modern. The difference in the price was not that huge with Sebay’s. They had wifi! 🙂 I ordered the Thai Green Curry Chicken. It was spicy. Now this resort had good service.



After lunch, we decided it was my turn to learn how to surf. They had rash guards by the way that you can wear or you can bring your own. I don’t know how to swim but that’s not an issue since we’d only learn it on shallow waters and the lesson is one on one. You have your instructors full attention. On land, he told me to be mindful of the fin. He taught me how to push myself to prop up and stand on the board. Way easier on land than on water.





Then we’re off to go and get them waves..



Me on the board. He gave me a tip to lower my head when a wave approaches.



I must say that I have a new found respect for surfers. I’ve also figured out why they have such amazing bodies. My arms were really sore the day after. I didn’t get to stand up. I was really nervous the whole time so I couldn’t overcome my fear of the water and find my balance. I’ve tried standing up half-way. After a few tries, I decided I was done for the day. I was so tired. I was like.. I’m gonna do this next time. Another reason to come back. 🙂

Thank you San Juan for an amazing day. I will definitely come back.



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