Kinkaku-ji or Temple of the Golden Pavilion



Kinkaku-ji or the temple of the Golden Pavilion is a Zen temple covered in gold leaf. Its garden is equally amazing as the structure. I came in here without any expectations. Yes, I’ve seen it in pictures and you know how you see a structure and you’re like oh just like the pictures but we were amazed with the beauty of this one. Seeing it in person is quite different. The amazing gardens perfectly highlights the structure.


It can be accessed by bus 101, 205, 59 and 12. Admission is 400 yen.





The structure is actually not that big. I expected it to be some kind of palace or something but the size is just like a little bit bigger than a regular house.




Since no tourist is allowed inside, there were pictures displayed outside as what the structure looks like inside.




There’s actually a trail, so there’s only one way to enter and exit – even tourist attractions are efficient. It doesn’t get as crowded. We saw this small “carp falls” on our way.




And also this pond with an island and a pagoda in a middle.




Towards the exit, there was a tea house that offered green tea and a small dessert for 500 yen.




There was also a small structure for prayers. Candles were also available and tablets. It is based on honesty, you just drop the money and get the what you need. There are various prayer candles for different needs.






There were also snack shops, vending machines and drinks, and charms for sale towards the end of the complex.




This was amazing.. the only fortune thing – in English! I’ve been to a lot of temples in this trip. The fortune sticks are usually in Japanese only. This was honestly the only fortune thing I found in English through the many temples we’ve been to. It’s a bit modern since it’s a sort of vending machine but it’s the same concept.





If you see those papers tied on a tree or wooden structure in temples, this is what it is. If you receive a not so good fortune, you’re supposed to tie it to get rid of it. 




Mine was very good so I kept it. ^.^

After this, we went down a flight of stairs to exit the site.





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