Japanese Curry at Curry Station Indo Club



Japanese curry is probably one of the more affordable meals you can have in Japan. It’s also tasty. It has a much milder flavor than the usual curry. As with a lot of things, curry is a foreign import by the British which the Japanese made their own version of. It is recognizable by its thick dark brown sauce usually served over rice.


We passed by this particular store in the Shin-Osaka station a few times. We decided to have an early lunch here before going to Osaka Castle.




We were greeted by a Japanese guy and we were seated. The restaurant had the kitchen in the middle surrounded by seats.




Usually the Japanese would tell the person inside what they wanted but since we didn’t speak Japanese, we just pointed at the picture and told the guy what we wanted. They gave us water and there was unlimited condiments of pickled veggies on the side.




This is the lady manning this curry house.




Our orders came in just after a few minutes. This is fast food. I got the curry rice with egg and tonkatsu.




Of course, I had to instagram my lunch. ^.^




My cousin got the curry over rice and some tempura on top.




They actually give you a receipt when they give you your order at a thing like  on most Japanese restaurants – usually it’s an object with a lid. You take this paper at the cashier and pay for your food.




I was really happy with my food. It’s Japanese comfort food at its best. It was affordable and filling. I wouldn’t mind having this more often.



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