Japan Travel Budget

Japan Travel Budget

So, how much did I spend on this 7 day trip? Well, Japan’s not cheap but it’s worth it. I would probably need another source of income to make another trip. 😀 This is my Japan Travel Budget.




So, everything except for Shopping and Souvenirs in total is roughly around 42,000 or around $1,000 which is not too bad for Japan.




2. I availed of the 20 Kilos additional baggage round trip since I can’t possibly make it with the outfits I had in mind with 10 kilos. Haha.

7. I wouldn’t normally stay in a hotel that cost that much if I can help it. For some reason, that Saturday was probably very busy since I checked the hostel in Kyoto about pricing and they have other rooms available but they are almost the same price as Remm Shin-Osaka so I decided to just splurge on this one since we’re getting the value anyway and it’s super convenient. I love this hotel.

10. The Overnight bus is such a good deal. We saved on one night accommodation and a shinkansen ride that would normally cost around 5,000-7,000 pesos.

11. Transportation – it’s just really expensive but that’s a span of 7 days. You really get a value for your money with bus passes in Kyoto. Sometimes, a JR pass in the center of Tokyo would prove valuable if you take more than 5 rides.

12. Entrance Fees are really cheap in shrines, they’re mostly in the 200-250 pesos range. Some are even free. The most expensive entrance fee is obviously Disney Sea Tokyo which costs 2790. The Studio Ghibli ticket was just around 400 pesos. So if you don’t go to Disney or Universal Studios, this will be significantly cheaper.

13. You have to eat in Japan and taste every possible goodness there is.

14. I’m too embarrassed to show you how much I spent on shopping.

15. I surprisingly spent a lot on souvenirs too. I bought a lot of charms, and went crazy with the different flavors of kitkats. Every time, I see a different one at kombinis, I would hoard a few. A third of the expenses probably were bought at Disney.

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  • Was the food expensive? I’m planning a 12-day trip in November and I need to set my budget for food, transportation, and lodging. What’s the average cost of “budget traveler” meal per day for you? And what would a daily meal consist?

    • Hi MMKay!

      The food was expensive in comparison to the prices here in the Philippines but you’ll find out why. Everything we had was very good. I can’t remember anything we ate that we disliked, except for sushi. We just didn’t like sushi. That’s just us.

      Our budget for meals was in the 300-400 pesos or 600-900 yen range. These were food in inexpensive eateries/restos. It may be less expensive to get a fried chicken and onigiri at kombinis but we like to sit down and eat a meal. We would splurge once in a while but we never exceeded the 1000 pesos range for a meal per person except for the sushi meal in Tsukiji. I hope this helps. 🙂

    • I checked my notes for expenses. Meals are like: 880 yen for curry over rice and tonkatsu, 700 yen for Bento meal, the unlimited pizza lunch meal at shakeys was 630 yen, ramen for 830 yen and so on. Drinks like beer or soda are not included. They usually have free water. 🙂

  • Hi! I’ll be visiting Japan next month. Can you advise me where is the best place to exchange our peso to yen? Thank you for your help and for such an informative blog.

    • Hi gazerbites,

      We changed our money at the airport since I didn’t see a lot of money changers even in popular tourist sites when I went there to visit. My cousin also got money from the ATM machine when her money ran out.

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