Japan Travel Budget

Japan Travel Budget


For those wanting to know what we spent on this trip, this is my Japan Travel Budget. This is one of the cheapest trips I’ve been to considering it’s Japan. We spent 4 days and 3 nights in Fukuoka, Japan. We noticed that prices here are relatively cheaper than Tokyo. Maybe it also helps that the yen is at a good rate. 🙂 My Fukuoka Travel Budget for 3 days was around 15,000 pesos. This is probably one of the most inexpensive international trips I’ve been to.



Japan Travel Budget


  1. We got our Manila to Fukuoka airfare online at a Cebu Pacific seat sale thanks to my cousin. This is the cheapest Japan tickets I’ve bought for a round trip flight. This does not include check in luggage and food. I did not put a visa fee since we have multiple entry Japan visas. Two people in our group still had to get theirs and it costs 900 or 950 at Reli Tours.
  2. Self explanatory – we have to pay that always. I wish they would just include it in the ticket in the future, saves the time you have to line up. It was crazy when we were there, so many people in line.
  3. If we had booked our tickets early, maybe we could have found cheaper accommodations but our airbnb in Fukuoka was not bad. Our airbnb was 16,160 pesos divided by 4 people so that was 4,040 per person. Each of us paid 1,350 pesos a night or roughly $30/night each. In this case, being in a group was good.
  4. This includes 2 Fukuoka Tourist city passes for 820 yen/day, 100 yen bus rides, combination ticket from Daizafu and Yanagawa for 2930 yen which you can only get at Tenjin Nishitetsu line, and ferry rides.
  5. Food is amazing in Fukuoka! We ate a few Hakata ramens. We also ate a lot from the Combini, you know those triangle rice when we’re hungry. Also, we got some food at 50% off towards the end of the day, they always put things on sale, even at grocery stores. Those are really good for breakfast or lunch and cheap! 🙂
  6. We did go look for a Don Quijote to get our Japan stash. I was actually pretty good with my budget on this trip. I just hoarded some beauty products for me and some beef jerky for the boyfie and the kitty. 😛


Fukuoka Tourist City Pass

Daizafu and Yanagawa ticket


A Japan Trip doesn’t have to be expensive. If you can get cheap airfare and accommodations, those are the biggest chunk of the budget. Our airfare and hotel was prepaid. I only got 10,000 yen from the ATM and changed maybe 50 dollars and that really lasted me a while. I even had some leftover at the end of the trip that I got to buy a portable luggage scale. We also had a group budget for small things that we wanted to eat or buy as a group. We even had some leftover to buy drinks and a small snack at the airport.


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