Isla Cabana Siargao

Isla Cabana Siargao


Isla Cabana Siargao is one of the top hotels on the island of Siargao. It’s a beach front property and centrally located with restaurants and stores within easy reach. That was the main reason I booked the hotel. They also have individual cabanas which I really like and not rooms next to each other. You have privacy and good amenities. Although recently, they’ve built an additional building with regular rooms that faces the street on General Luna. At the time of our stay, there were three kinds of rooms which were the Superior Villa, Premier Villa and Deluxe Villa. It’s on the expensive side so this is a splurge accommodation for us.


We availed of their pick up service. There was a bit of confusion at check-in because they were asking me for a fee but my understanding was that it was included. I had to show them the email of the confirmation that pick up was included. Apparently, at the time of my booking it was still free but they have made the changes a week before our check in. Anyway, after that was cleared we were taken to our villa assisted by these two lovely ladies.



Isla Cabana Siargao Villa
Our Villa has a nice terrace although no views. The pathway to the resort is in front of us but the resort had lush plants and trees so it still feels private when you are on the terrace. We had the regular key and you have to leave it at reception every time you leave the resort.
Isla Cabana Siargao Room
There were two beds and we asked the ladies if it’s possible that we push them together so we can have a bigger bed and they helped us. They turned on the AC and We were given the key and they promptly left. The room was quite spacious. There’s AC, a TV and even a fridge.
Isla Cabana Siargao bathroom
The bathroom was nice and ample. It was also spacious. This villa had a shower and the water pressure was good.



Isla Cabana Siargao Swimming Pool
The swimming pool is quite picturesque especially with that view. The restaurant is also directly across the swimming pool so if you get hungry, you don’t have to travel far. That also means that it’s not quite private because non hotel guests can also eat at the restaurant and even use the pool for a fee. This was one of the sore points for us with the hotel. We as hotel guests cannot really enjoy these amenities when the pool area is full. It also has limited seats around. There was a day when we didn’t have space to enjoy the pool because there was a bunch of non guests who were there at the pool all day. I was also thinking that maybe it’s nice to go from the beach to the pool or the seats but it was not possible because as you can see in the photo above, it was always low tide from 10:00 to 18:00. I’m not sure if it was always like that or we were just unlucky.


You can also ask the reception for an in-room massage service but it’s best to let them know ahead of time because they don’t have an in-house masseuse. They have to contact outside massage establishments if anyone is available. I availed of this service and it was really nice.


Like I mentioned before, they have a restaurant. It has room for maybe 30-40 people. We have dined here a couple of times. Food was okay. Service can be a hit or a miss. Some people are nice and friendly but some of them make you feel not welcome, like what are you doing on their island bothering them.




Isla Cabana Siargao Breakfasts


Breakfast was a small spread but surprisingly had a nice variety. It was a mix of european annd filipino fare. They had cold cuts, cheese, eggs, rice, the usual filipino breakfast food, breads and fruits.


Our lovely breakfast views..




I like the area, how accessible it is to everything. You can walk to restaurants and shops. I also like that the villas are quite private and spacious. For the things we don’t like.. the service can be a hit or miss. We also didn’t like that people that don’t stay in the hotel can stay at the pool all day for free. This probably won’t matter if there is space enough for guests and non-guests but the area is quite small for everyone. It’s not nice to be staying at the hotel expecting those amenities only to be not be able to use them because it has been taken over by non-guests. Also, you are paying a premium for this hotel. It’s probably in the top five of the most expensive hotels on the island.


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