Hungry Yard Tarlac

Hungry Yard Tarlac


Hungry Yard Tarlac is the city’s first food park. It is built on container shelves like most food park in the Philippines. The place has about 25-30 food stalls. It can be packed on weekends especially on holidays. Hungry Yard Tarlac has varied selection from comfort food to desserts and craft beers. It is located on the San Sebastian/San Vicente diversion road which is basically the back of SM Tarlac which has been becoming like a restaurant row since a lot of food establishments have opened there in the last few years. That area is very much alive at night.


Hungry Yard Tarlac



If you are taking public transport, it can be easily reached by trycicle. When driving, turn right if you are coming from the north before the Sogo hotel. If you are driving from the south, turn left on the road next to Sogo. Just keep going straight about 200 meters and you will see it on the right. The map is listed below


Hungry yard map




Hungry Yard Tarlac has two levels and it is enveloped with food stalls with a common dining area at the center on the first floor. On the second floor, there are tables around the areas. It’s very open and the breeze is very welcome at night. I don’t know how it is during the afternoon, I imagine it would be a bit hot. Parking is provided on the right side of the establishment. This is what it looks like from the second floor.


Hungry Yard Tarlac




Hungry Yard Tarlac food


Since there are plenty of stores and we can’t try them all, we just opted for the ones that are appealing to us. We got drinks from a stall called Green on the Go. They had two options fro drinks and you can refill another time. You can choose how much sugar you want to put in. They had watermelon and lemon flavors available at the time. We also tried 9 Wings. They sell chicken wings in different flavors. We tried the Mango Jerk chicken and the Texas BBQ. The Taco stand was next to where we were sitting so we also got some tacos.


Hungry Yard Tarlac


We also tried the seafood bucket from Catch 2300. It came with several dipping sauces. It’s basically some fried seafood including baby crabs, calamaris, shrimp. It was okay. I would not get this again. We also tried their baby back ribs which was also presented in a bucket and a wooden tray. That was nice.


Hungry Yard Tarlac


We tried the sisig fries and it was surpisingly good. Next time, I would like to try their other sisig dishes.


Hungry Yard Tarlac


We also ordered bagnet with salted egg. In theory, this should be good but the meat was really hard and chewy. It would be better if it was soft and crispy. The salted egg sauce did not really do much to it in terms of flavor.




Hungry Yard Tarlac is a very good food concept in my opinion. It’s a nice place to hang out with friends who have different preferences in food. You can just get or explore together the kind of food you feel like eating. We were there to celebrate a friend’s birthday who was not even there. Haha. We brough a cake and there were guards on the door. Of course, they told us that it was not allowed which I totally understand. We told them that we’re just bringing it to show our friend via skype and we promised not to eat it on the premises. 😀


Hungry Yard Tarlac




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