How to go to Narita Airport from Tokyo



There are actually several ways you can travel to the airport. Bus, Train and Taxi are the most common. Although I saw on their website that you can travel by helicopter too which would take approximately 20 minutes but with a hefty price tag of 280,000 or about 120,000 pesos.


How to go to Narita Airport from Tokyo:


By Narita Express: costs 3,000 yen. Departs every 30 and 60 minutes. It takes 60 minutes to get there.

By JR Sobu Line: costs 1,280 yen. It takes 90 minutes.

By Keisei Limited Express: costs 1,280 yen. It takes 60 minutes.

By Keisei Skyliner: costs 2,400 yen. It takes 45 minutes.

By Limousine Bus: costs 3,000 yen. it takes 80 to 100 minutes.

By Tokyo Shuttle Bus: costs 900 yen. It takes 90 minutes.

By Heiwa Kotsu Bus: costs 1000 yen. It takes 90 minutes.

Taxi: very expensive.
It actually depends which part of the city you’re coming from. From the Hotel Nihonbashi Villa with Asakusa as the closest subway station, the cheapest and most convenient is through the Keisei Limited Express.




We actually found this noodle shop in the station and since we were really early, we had time to grab a quick breakfast. I ordered the cold soba and I didn’t like it so early in the morning. Wrong choice.




We’re gonna miss these wonderful elevators.




The airport was very bright and organized. Plenty of places to eat and shop.




We still had some leftover yen so I bought a magnet and a few boxes of KitKat in various flavors.

Here are a few of the very unique kitkat flavors you can buy at the airport.







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