How to Apply for an Australian Tourist Visa in the Philippines

How to Apply for an Australian Tourist Visa in the Philippines


This post can help you with information on how to apply for an Australian tourist visa in the Philippines. The first step is to figure out what kind of visa you need. This post is specific to the Visitor visa or Subclass 600. This visa is for temporary entry of people for tourism or business visitor purposes.




Visitor: Tourist Stream visa (subclass 600)



You have 3 ways to submit your application. (1) You can do it online but you will need a credit card for this process. (2) You can also go to VFS Global to submit your application personally or through a representative. (3) The third option is mailing it to them. For more details, here’s the link for personal submission and mailing it in:


Online lodgement for Visitor Visas – subclass 600

From 1 August 2014, the Australian Government is providing online access to nationals of several countries to apply for a Visitor Visa (visa subclass 600).

The online visa lodgement system is available to applicants at their convenience, seven days a week, without the need to apply in person or send in application forms by mail. Applications can be made at (see: Online Services). Please note that you will need access to a credit card to pay for an online application. A third party may complete an online application on your behalf with your consent.
To ensure the timely processing of your visa applications, please ensure that you upload all relevant supporting documents to your application. For applicants in the Philippines applying to visit Australia for tourism and/or business purposes, please refer to our application checklist for information on what to include with your application, see:

For more information about online visas and which nationalities are eligible to make online applications, see:

For online applications, you would need to register first on this website, click on visitor visa and click on Visitor e600 visa online application:

Then you click on Start an application, another window will appear and it will allow you to register.

Once, you’re inside, you would have to fill in the information it would be asking you. At the end, you will still have a chance to review it and change things if necessary.


NOTE: I was going on this trip with my cousin but we had to submit two separate applications online. While you input
your application, you can actually put a group name on it so that the other person can also put that group name on 
their application just so they would know that you will be traveling together. :)



After you’re done filling in your application, you finalize the submission of your information. Then it will give you the option to make the payment. There is actually a surcharge of $1.40 for using a credit card so the total at the end is $131.40. They also email you an invoice which looks something like this.

Once your payment is completed, only then are you allowed to upload the necessary documents. It took me around 2 days to complete uploading all the documents that were required. I used a program to consolidate some scans so that they would only be one pdf file.

After that, we waited one full month before we got our results which comes in paper form. They won’t even ask for your passport which was very convenient since I was travelling while my application was being processed. They just email you the Grant Notification. It looks something like this. We were given a single entry visa with 3 months validity.




NOTE: When we landed in Sydney, I gave them my passport and also the visa grant notice. The officer gave the visa grant notice back to me and told me he didn’t need it.  I assume that it’s already in their system. I’m not recommending that you don’t bring it with you. Always bring a copy because you never know. When you leave, they don’t automatically stamp your passport. If you want a departure stamp, you have to ask the Immigration officer. The one we were on had to bring out his small box and bring out his stamp, he even asked which page I wanted it on. 🙂




0 thoughts on “How to Apply for an Australian Tourist Visa in the Philippines”

  • Hi I was wondering, what I can put as evidence of temporary stay. I’m unemployed here and I don’t own real estate/car. I’m only going to be there for a month and my fil-aus boyfriend will be paying for everything.

    • Hi Agathe,

      I’m not sure what you can put as evidence of temporary stay. I would guess whatever evidence you have of your rootedness in the Philippines. 🙂

  • Hi,

    I applied on my brother’s behalf on 17 Aug. A questionnaire was sent, but we got to attend to it 10 days after. I wonder if that affects the processing of the visa, as the email said that they wanted it completed in 3 days.


    • Hi Joanna,

      I’m sorry I have no idea. We didn’t get a questionnaire. I’m guessing it might cause delay in the processing.

  • Hello,

    Just want to ask is it possible for them to consider if my friends who are travelling with me already got the visa… will it also mean my visa will be granted?

    I have logged my visa application online last Aug 25, 2015.
    We are schedule to travel Sept 19, 2015 (12:05 AM)

    Pls advise.
    Appreciate your time.

    • Hi Gale,

      I don’t know because I haven’t tried that. I’m just not sure how they will know that you are traveling with your friends who already have a visa if you did not specify that on your application.

      You are traveling in 2 days?!? Our application took exactly a month and that is what’s on their website too. I hope they consider your travel date and give you a decision soon. Good luck! 🙂

        • That’s good then that you included that. I really hope you get it in time. They’ll just email it to you anyway and you just print it. 🙂

    • Hi Julie,

      Hindi requirement ang property titles. Wala akong property titles nung nagapply ako ng visa. Although makakatulong siguro yun in proving ties to the Philippines. 🙂

  • question po about online application:

    First time ko mag travel overseas so ung passport of course is empty, but dun sa online application meron dun part sa attach documents na “Evidence of Travel history” tapos meron say red na exclamation mark and note na “required” tas ang option po nun eh (or type of doc) either entry/exit of stampe pages of current or old passport. so wala akong ma upload dun kasi wala pa naman ako history of travel but i was able to provide all other ncessary documents, will that affect my online application? do i need to submit /scan my blank passport? may red exclamation mark kasi sya so di ko alam if in process na ung application or waiting na ma upload ung part na un? thank you in advance po.

    • Hi doreen,

      If it was me, I would probably just upload a pdf file that just says “no previous travel history” para sure lang.

  • Hi mam,
    We have a family business. At nakapangalan ang business namin with my mother. Is it ok to submit ang lahat na mga business documents ko, kahit hindi nakapangalan sa akin ang business?

    • Hi Albert,

      If you do that, maybe you can explain it with a letter na it is a family business. Otherwise, parang mahirap kasi to claim ownership sa hindi nakapangalan sa iyo.

  • Hi mam,
    It me again albert. How about gawing family corporation ang business namin. To share the ownership of the business maybe it will be consider. Thank you.

  • Hi! You mentioned something about using a program to consolidate your scanned documents. May I know what it is..? I will be submitting my visa requirements by the end of the month.

    Thank you

  • Hello i just have a question if you will be travelling as a group do we need still to create our own account? How do i create group ID and group name? Tnx

    • Hi Julius,

      Everyone has to fill in their individual application so yes you all must create your individual account. In the application, there is just a place there to put in a group name. That’s when you put in your group name. I would suggest something specific. Everyone should include that group name in their application. 🙂

      • Ok thank you! So there is no form or link to create a group name and group ID, i will just create my own group name and ID?

        • Yes, you just create your own group name. If I remember it right, there is also a check box there that asks if you are traveling with other people or not. 🙂

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