How to Apply for a Schengen Tourist Visa in the Philippines – 2013

How to Apply for a Schengen Tourist Visa in the Philippines – 2013

Italian embassy website:
Short term visa requirements:
Call Center Scheduling Info:
Effective 14 November 2013, the Embassy of Italy, Manila will implement a new visa procedure in compliance to the implementation of the common EU visa policy.The new procedure is called the VIS (Visa Information System) which will involve the collection of the visa applicant’s biometric data (10-digit finger scans and digital photograph). This will require all visa applicants to make a personal appearance at the VIA Centre to submit their visa applications.


I’ll be making a trip to Europe this summer. ^.^ I’ve already secured  my UK visa last month. Once I got it delivered, I checked on the items I already have on hand from my previous application and what I needed to submit. The last time I applied for one was last year which I posted here. I am applying at the Italian Embassy again since it’s my first entry into Europe and I will be spending more days here than the other countries I intend to visit in Europe. This post is on how to apply for a Schengen Tourist visa in the Philippines at the Italian embassy.


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So I called the number 63-2-892-4531 to ask if there were additional requirements since you’ll never know if anything has changed or added. The major difference from before is that they now require a Letter of Introduction. It’s a letter addressing the ambassador and introducing yourself and your purpose of travel and what you intend to do on your trip. I called the information line a few times, they usually direct me to their website for a complete list of the requirements for a Tourist visa with the document dated February 2013. These are the requirements according to their website.





  • Valid Passport with no less than 3 months validity over the visa expiration;
  • COMPLETELY accomplished application form with one recent picture (2X2) with white background; (Please DO NOT leave any blanks in the form. Indicate “N/A” if answer is not applicable.)
  • Original and photocopy of ALL documents required for each applicant (including passport and previous visas).





  1. Letter of introduction to the Embassy (document that introduces the applicant and reason for visa application. The letter should include contact numbers of the applicant)
  2. If Employed: Certificate of employment & Approved Leave of Absence
  3. If Self Employed: Business license/permits, registration and financial statement.
  4. Declaration of annual income (ITR), and approved Leave of Absence
  5. For Students: Certificate of enrolment and approved leave of absence
  6. Proof of economic means: Bank certification for dollar and peso accounts accompanied by their corresponding passbook, statements of account. If available, international credit cards, properties, land titles, etc.
  7. Birth certificate and Marriage Contract (NSO issued)
  8. Itinerary, confirmed round trip flight booking and hotel vouchers or hotel booking under the name of the traveler.
  9. A letter of invitation addressed to the Embassy, (format of this letter may be secured at the Italian Embassy or downloaded from ), in case the traveler will stay in a friend’s or relative’s residence. The invitation may be made by an Italian national or a foreign resident legally staying in Italy. A document of identity or permit of stay should accompany the letter of invitation.
  10. For ALL minors: NSO birth certificate, affidavit of Support and Consent from BOTH parents. In addition, a DSWD clearance for minors not traveling with parents.
  11. Travel insurance with a coverage of at least 30,000 euros (with 15 days allowance beyond the travel period) obtained only from Schengen accredited insurance companies in the Philippines. (Please refer to the current list of Schengen accredited insurance companies in the Phils)
  12. If not Filipino citizen the applicant needs to show proof of permanent residency in the Philippines (ACR).
  13. Visa Processing Fee + Service Fee in form of Manager’s check, payable to “PIASI”



• The above list of requirements is general in nature. The Embassy Consul may require other additional documents upon evaluation of your file and the documents you have submitted. Failure to submit the required documents may result to the refusal of your application.
• Only visa applications whose intended date of travel is within three (3) months from the time of application will be



1. I introduced myself and what I do. I also indicated the countries I’ve traveled to so far, my purpose for travelling and my contact information.
3. I only submitted notarized copies of my business documents since I thought I would be needing them at the BIR because of the turnover of the receipts that they are currently implementing.
4. I submitted my 2012 ITR
6. I submitted original bank statements, an original bank book but for a couple of the bank books, I just submitted notarized copies since I use them for business purposes.
7. I almost panicked about this since I thought that I still had a recent copy from my Canadian visa application which they did not return. Good thing I have an older NSO issued copy of my birth certificate in one of my folders. I just quickly ordered one at the nearest SM which takes about 10 days just in case they ask for a more recent one.
8. I just printed out my itinerary and hotel bookings and airline reservations.
9. Didn’t have an invite, so did not need this one.
11. I got mine from Bluecross since you can get one online. I checked most of the insurance companies and they have the most accessible website. There’s another one called Paramount Insurance and I think you can also get one online but when I was on payment, I didn’t see a secure site like the https when I was ready to put in my credit card details so I skipped it. I got the Europlan from Bluecross and you would need to adjust your date for an additional 15 days since that is required now. It wasn’t a requirement last year. It means it became more expensive. 😛
13. I got mine from BDO. Make sure to ask what the rate is when you call their information line and how long that rate will stand. Usually it’s for a month or two.




You may contact the PIASI Call Center through the following numbers:

• 1909-101-2200 using PLDT and NDD;
• 1903-101-2200 using BAYANTEL;
• 1900-101-2200 using GLOBE.

They give you instructions on what to put on the brown envelope, it was still the same as last year.

You don’t need to pay the courier like the previous year since it’s already included in the application fee.




The Italian Embassy do not actually usually do interviews unless they have questions they need answered, they would call you up for a scheduled interview. My previous two applications didn’t need one but this time, I got called for an interview. About two weeks into my application, I got a call and they were asking which day I would be available to come to the embassy and of course I was surprised. I had to think if I had anything on that day. I decided on the soonest one which was the next day. I was scheduled for 12pm-1pm. I was given their address which was: 6/F Zeta II Bldg, 191 Salcedo Street Legaspi Village, Makati City Metro Manila. I was there around 11:30. I went up on the 6th floor and asked the guard, my name was there on a list. There were only 2 names on the list. I was given a paper to fill up. Then it took about 1 hour or 1.5 hour before I was called to the window. Then I was asked why I’m staying there longer, which was basically the issue they had with my application. I told them that I was visiting family and friends in different parts of Europe. July and August are my slowest months for the year in my business since it’s the rainy season and I may not have the opportunity to do this again. I need to get married in the next few years. Haha. I was asked to write it in paper. Basically, I was there for about 3 hours. I was called at least 4 times to the window and I was asked different questions which I just normally answered. My frame of mind the whole time is that: it’s really in their discretion to approve me or not. I have no control over their judgement. What I have control of is to answer whatever questions they have the best I can truthfully. At least they didn’t outright deny my application for a visa. They gave me a chance to answer the questions that they had. It would be such a shame to be in the UK and not be able to go anywhere else in Europe if my application is denied since I’m already in the area.” Finally, after 3 long hours, one of the consul told me that they will pass it to their outsourcer? I was like, what? He said PIASI. I’m like, oh okay Thank you sir. I’m actually not sure at this point if I was approved or denied since they will deliver my documents anyway through PIASI approved or not. 😀




The Manong from 2Go who picked up my documents was actually the same person who delivered them so he texted me if I was at home since he was going to deliver something. This was about 5 days after the interview. I’m so happy I got it! Hello Europe!

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        • Thanks for the info! I read your post and It’s good to know that you can also lodge your application personally. Mail was more convenient for a gal from the province like me though. 🙂

          It’s probably because it’s through PIASI and maybe they included the pick up/shipping and processing fee of documents. 🙂

          • Oh I didn’t realize that you are residing in the province. Yeah mail is the way to go for you. Glad to know yours didn’t take forever thru PIASI, I’ve read stories from forum members that sometime it took months for the result.

            Oh yeah I forgot about the fees when you apply through them. Where are you heading next? 🙂

          • China is next.. 🙂

            I hope you don’t mind if I ask kung san kayo nagapply pangalawa for schengen? or abangan ko na lang next post mo? Hehe.

  • Hi! I’ll be travelling Europe this September with my friend. For the hotel/hostel reservations, is it necessary to have it in our own names and make two separate reservations? Or can we just inform them that we will be travelling with another person? Thanks!

    • If it’s possible then put the reservation under both your names. If not, you can just probably attach a letter referring to the reservation since you’ll be both travelling together. 🙂

  • If applying for a Schengen visa, do we have to submit NSO birth and marriage certificates?
    What if we don’t have these?

    • Hi Marie Ann,

      Some embassies require it. Better check the specific requirements for the embassy you are applying at. I’m actually scheduled at the French embassy next month and they require the photocopy of your Birth Certificate and Marriage certificate (if married). If you don’t have them at the time of the interview, they might ask you to present them at another time. I’m not too sure about this since I’ve always tried to submit the complete requirements each time I apply for a Schengen visa. Maybe one of the readers can answer your question. 🙂

      • Hi maam, asked Ko lng po before ba KAYO nag process ng visa my ticket na kayo at insurance? Papano mag book ng ticket? Babayaran ko ba yon agad? And also sa insurance papano mag apply ng insurance? At how much ang bayad? Salamat po,

        • Hi Jho,

          Yung ticket – reservations lang. Hindi pa bayad yun. Yung insurance, yes nabayaran ko na yun. Kailangan ng certification. Kinuha ko sa akin online sa bluecross, ang bayad depende kasi kung ilan days.

  • Sir /mam nakapag sumit na po ako for tourist visa may bayad na rin po 5088pesos monday ko po dinala sa italian embassy wednesday may tumawag po from italian embassy kulang pa day requirement ko proof of finacial kung pano daw po susuportahan habang nasa italia kaso po nito pong tuesday may dumating na po samin 2go dala ang passport ko with letter REFUSAL OF VISA di ko daw po nasubmit addional documents ko pano po yun re-apply po ba or mapapakiusapan pa sila..salamat po sa sasagot.

    • Hi Neil Bryan,

      Hmmm.. hindi ako sigurado sa ganyan. Nung ako yung tinawagan, nagset na kami ng appointment the following day para sigurado na masagot ko yung mga tanong nila. Siguro mas maganda na tawagan mo sila directly kung ano ang pinakamagandang option. Or baka meron din makasagot dito na naka-experience ng similar na sitwasyon. Good luck! 🙂

      • Hello ems, ur blogs helps so much!and I hope u can help me for this, I’m just firs time applying schengen visa, first time as touris, want to visit Belgium, just wanna know if bank statement, bank certificate, mayors permit, business permit for my sari sari store, and I’m a whole saler of a cosmetic, is it enough to approve my visa? Pls help me, give me more advice, thank u kisafe and godbless,

        • Hi Jhoy,

          I don’t know anyone’s chances of getting a visa. I don’t even know if I will be granted a visa. It’s always a risk and it can go either way. My advice is the better prepared you are, your chances get better. Just make sure that you double check the requirements and submit a complete application so you don’t waste your time and theirs. 🙂

      • And what is insurance for? Do I need to get that, to attach for my documents? For possible approve of visa? Pls, help me

  • My mga relatives po ako sa Italy and they are inviting me. my problem is nka graduate na po ako, no work but i have my savings. Nag work n po ako dati kaya lang partime and under sa minimum wage so wala po akong ITR… and eto po yung first visa na gusto kong applyan…thank you po sa magrereply

    • Hi Ninia,

      Ano ba yung question mo? If yung chances mo for approval, I don’t think I or anyone here can answer that. Consul lang siguro makakasagot nyan. Advice ko lang is you submit all the proof that you can to prove that you have enough ties dito sa Pilipinas na babalik ka talaga. Good luck! 🙂

  • Hi ems,
    Mag aaply aq for tourist kasi nandun ung friend ko sa italy , mag kano po ang total cost ng babayaran if ever na tapos na ung mga interview ?

    • Hi Jan,

      Hindi ko sure kung ano yung ibig mo sabihin sa total lcost after ng interview. Sa application, ang gagastusin mo is the application fee (60 euros), travel insurance (depende ito kung saan insurance company at gaano katagal ang travel mo), etc.

  • Good day, may question po ako, kasama ko po kasi yung tita ko for vacation, im 20 y.o, need ko pa po ba ng dswd permit.? Then wala po kong proof of employent or self employ since kakagraduate ko lang. Pwede po ba yun?

    • Hi Marc Cy Manla,

      You will only need the dswd permit if you are under 18 years old and traveling out of the country without your parents.

      Meron naman na nakakatravel siguro dun na mga 20 years old at hindi employed. Kung sino ang gagastos siguro ng trip mo ang magprovide ng financial documents and you have to provide proof din siguro na you have ties to the Philippines.

  • hi ems,

    i have read your stories about europe visa. Im planning too, since this is one of my goal. I hope i will not have a hard time for approval of visa.

  • Why can not I see my comment? Something was not quite correct?What? Everyone would be easier if everyone would go to the offices deserved.

  • Hi! Plano naming magtour magasawa sa italy and greece later this year kasama yung 1 yr old daughter namin. Ww have sufficient funds naman pero pano yun? Joint account kasi account namin. Photocopy yung sa 2? Pati business permit namin, lahat ng envelope namin lalagyan ng kopya? Kasal naman kami. First time din namin mag-out of the country. Makakababa ba ng chance of approval yun? Salamat! 🙂

    • Hi Genesis,

      If joint account, then maybe you can request two copies from your bank so meron copy ang bawat application. Sa business permits, pwede na siguro ang kopya. Hindi naman makakababa pero syempre advantage yung may history ka ng travel at bumabalik ka sa bansa. Good luck! 🙂

  • Hi! I plan to spend a month in Europe this year, but was planning to get a roundtrip ticket to London (Il be using my mabuhaymiles, so it needs to be a roundtrip ticket.. plus PAL does not have other European destinations yet). Can I jet in to London, then take a train to mainland Europe, then take train back to London? Should my UK visa be multiple entry? By the way, which visa should I apply for first? UK or Schengen?

    As for the itinerary, some blogs said that I also need to have proof of transportation from one country to another? Will that be necessary or is it enough if I say that il take the Eurostar to Paris?

    Will it look bad if in my itinerary il only stay at hostels, or should I make dummy reservations at hotels?

    Thank you so much!

    • Hi Andrea,

      For application purposes, you need not buy your ticket yet. You only need reservations. Yes, you can jet in to London, then take a train to mainland Europe. I also took the Eurostar last year via Paris. Yes, your UK visa should be double entry or multiple entry since that is your point of entry and exit. You will be entering the territory at least twice. I would recommend getting the UK visa first since that is where you’re heading first. I heard that the current processing time though is inconsistent from readers’ comments so be mindful of that.

      You have to figure out your itinerary so you would know which of the embassy of the Schengen state you are applying. I’m not sure about proof of transport, they might ask you for it. I’ve always flown into a Schengen state first before the UK so I wouldn’t know much about this. Sorry.

      No, it wouldn’t look bad. I’ve always put a mix of hotels and hostels in my itinerary.

      You’re welcome and Good luck! 🙂

  • Hi Ems,
    Thank you for this blog. You’re a life saver. Do I need to buy the tickets in order to apply for visa? My problem is if I get denied, I don’t what to do with my ticket. Sobrang mahal. Thank you very much. I’m going to Italy for a conference but I’m still a student.

    • Hi Sha,

      I never buy tickets when I apply for Schengen visa. I only get a printed ticket reservation from travel agencies which costs 0 or a maybe a minimum of 100 pesos. 🙂

        • Hi Beahbooze,

          Sorry I don’t know of any in Manila. 🙁 Maybe you can try the travel agencies at the mall? I read somewhere too that emirates does an online reservation ticket without a fee but I’m not sure if that currently works. 🙂

  • hi im filipina and my bf wants me to visit him at france , he is a german who is living in france ..weve been for 1 yr and 5 months.he visited me 4 times in philippines he wanted me to see his family n his place..Im a student n probably no job.but he will shoulder all the expenses .isthere possibility i can hve schengen visa…and pls help me what r the requiremnts needed?and where to apply germany bec he is german citizen or france embassy where he stay.

  • Hello!
    Im not really sure how insurances work. Uhm super required po ba talaga yung travel insurance? cause diba 30,000 euros is like more than a million na in peso so I need to pay that?:o waaah, sorry i dont really get insurances

    • ^btw i’ll study kasi in paris and your post is really helpful cause it’s my first time to apply for a visa without my mom. thanks!!:)

      • Hi Yana,

        Thanks for visiting my blog. 🙂 Student visas have different requirements and I have included the link below for more information. The insurance covers at least 30,000 euros. You only have to pay a fee for the coverage depending on how long you are staying at the country. I paid 108 euros for an 80 day travel insurance with Bluecross when I traveled last year. Iba iba din ang presyo depending on which accredited insurance company you go to. You can research the list of accredited travel insurance companies and get a quote from them to find out how much you would need to pay.

  • Hello ems,

    I had an italian boyfriend ..and he invites me to visit him in Italy.ofcourse shouldering all the expenses…i really dont have idea how to apply a tourist visa?or schengen visa?is that the same?…he always asking me about it how i get visa …

    • Hi radge,

      The schengen tourist visa covers travel to italy. I’m not very familiar with having a sponsor but if you go to their website (italy embassy in the philippines), they should have information about tourist visa requirements and you can start from there. 🙂

  • hello 🙂 gusto ko po san umalis ng August 7, pwede pa po ba ako mg-apply ng tourist visa or dapat september na lang po ako dapat umalis? thanks!

    • hi marie,

      depende kung saan ka magaapply.. some embassies takes longer to process than others. depende din sa availability ng slots nila for an interview, you can check at the embassy you are applying. 🙂

  • Does it really takes 3 weeks for the visa to be processed in the German embassy? I have read a lot of blogs and usually it takes 3-7 days. Pero and sabi sakin ng interviewer eh 3 weeks daw. I was really shocked na ganun katagal.

    • Hi sai,

      siguro depende kung gaano kadami ang applications na pinoprocess nila. Sa french embassy, mas mabilis. One week lang. Sa Italy, nasa halos one month din dati. Depende talaga sa embassy na aapplyan. 🙂

  • good day emz.
    i just to ask, nag apply kasi ako ng tourist visa for italy schengen, tapos ung boyfriend ko ang mag sponsor sa akin for the entire trip, ano pang mga requirements ang kailangan kung ihanda? and also i dont have ITR kasi employed lang naman ako at they pay me cash..
    At insurance ko in the requirements, “with 15 days allowance,beyond the travel period”, so anong date ilagay ko sa insurance form? if ung ticket ko August.9 ako aalis at babalik dito manila August 22..
    Anong tamang fill-up the travel insurance form? para hindi ma denied.

    • Hi Ashley,

      Hindi ako familiar sa requirements ng sponsored. Better check with the Italian embassy itself para sure.

      If you don’t have an ITR, you can probably show an employment certificate instead. May interview naman so if they ask you about it, be ready to explain your situation.

      Sa insurance, you can ask the accredited insurance companies about it and they will advise you accordingly. May list ng accredited travel insurance companies lang ang pwede so make sure na yung pagkukunan mo ay accredited. 🙂

  • Hi. I applied tourist visa in italian embassy to visit my parents but I got denied because of the following reasons: 1. You have not provided of sufficient means of subsistence; for the duration of the intended stay or for the return to the country of origin 2. The information submitted regarding the justification for the purpose and conditions of the intense stay was not reliable 3. Your intention to leave the territory of the Member States before the expiry of the visa could not be ascertained
    can you help me or give me some advice for this. I unemployed right now (fresh graduate) we have properties here in the philippines but it’s my parents property can I use that as my proof of evidence since I will just visiting my parents there and will not overstay. How will I proved that? I hope you can read mine also.Thank you and Godbless!

  • Hi ems, just got through this blog.
    I also have some questions.

    My husband is in recruitment process, the employer called just now to have him interviewed in Germany. They want him there as early as july 23, a week plus from now, yet today is friday so officially he can’t start to process the visa on monday. He’ll stay there for 3days only.. will this be possible? What visa should he apply? For sure there’s no time for getting an employment certificate. Another thing, we were nust married 2months ago, he’s passport is single, for sure no marriage certificate yet, if there is, time won’t allow for the processing.

    Could you possibly advise us regarding this?

    By the way, if there’s a chance to resched, could you advise the least possible duration, say how many weeks from now?

    Really hoping for your help. Please.


    • Hi Shang,

      If he’ll be interviewed sa Germany, then he should apply through their embassy. Unfortunately, hindi ako masyadong familiar dun. I’ve only applied through the Italian and French embassy before. Iba-iba din kasi yung processing nila at time frame although similar ang requirements. My advise is to find out the number for scheduling for the German embassy and schedule right away. Some lines are open on Saturdays and some aren’t. I’m not sure about the kind of visa, I’m just guessing tourist since he’ll only be meeting these people for an interview. He’s not exactly working there. Hindi din ako sure about the single thing pero I don’t think it should matter that much lalo na gahol sa oras. You’d have to find out sa scheduling what’s the earliest possible slot for an interview. That’s the imporant thing right now.

      Good luck! 🙂

  • hi.. I’m thinking of flying to Belgium for a week and would not mind to check out UK / Netherlands etc.. When applying for the visa should i apply for it first before i book a ticket or should i book a ticket first then apply for Belgian Visa?

    • Hi yahoogle,

      They don’t advise purchasing a ticket. It would be a waste if your visa application gets denied. What they require is a ticket reservation which is sometimes free or some travel agencies require a minimal fee of 100 pesos.

      • Hi ems,

        Do you have some agencies you know who offer the 100 pesos fee only? I only came across with a few but they charge 300-500.

        • Hi Ppe de la Cruz,

          I don’t know any travel agencies in Manila assuming that’s where you live. 🙂 I live in Tarlac and I go to the travel agency here. Sorry.

  • Hi!

    My sister and I got an invitation from my French National friend. So these are my queries:

    a. Is it fine if his parents will provide the attestation d accueil? Will there be an issue if my sis and I have the same sponsor? Will they ask personal questions regarding my relationship with his parents? I havent talked to them yet.

    b. My sis and I are in abroad but after our contract we will apply schengen visa in the Phil. So is it ok if we dont have proof of employment? But we have bank statement that can sustain our 7 day stay there.

    c. Our appointment in the Phil is on Aug 26. Is it ok if we return to Davao on 27th right after the appointment? Or should we stay longer in Manila?

    d. My sis and I are applying for student visa for Aus as well (after the trip, if granted!) Will they consider this as valid reason that we will not be overstaying in France?

    Thankyou so much. Im getting crazy for a month! Im not renewing my contract here because of this trip.

    God bless us all 😊

    • Hi Mariel,

      Thanks for visiting my blog. I did apply at the French embassy recently and will be blogging about it soon. I hope I can help you with some of your queries.

      a. I’m sorry, not sure about this. I didn’t apply with a sponsor so I don’t really want to give you answers I have no idea about.

      b. I would just advise that you can explain this if they ask you about it since you will have the opportunity at the interview. Just present as much documents that you can to prove that you will return.

      c. Yes. From my experience, no need to stay longer. I also commuted from the province and only needed a few hours to submit my papers and be interviewed on our appointed date. There was no reason to come back unless there were special circumstances.

      d. This might help if they ask you about it but what if they don’t? You’re not exactly presenting documents about your application to Aus.

      • Hi Ems!

        Was glad to hear from your immediate response 🙂 It made me worry less. Cant wait for your french visa application details.

        Was it granted? Hope so! Were they fussy and uptight?

        So should I prepare the copy of my Aus assessment just in case they ask me?

        • Yes it was granted, i’m leaving soon. 🙂

          Depends who you get as interviewer. Haha. Sometimes you can hear them from where you are seating, the French interviewers seems nicer than their Filipino counterparts. 🙂

          Yes it would be good to prepare it just in case, wala naman mawawala. Good luck! 🙂

  • Hi. re the Flight details na requirement, pwedeng booking lang muna di ba? Problem is ano’ng format ng Flight details ang nasubmit nyo? YUng agent ng travel agency was referred to my husband (my hubby is undergoing training in Italy.) Pero ang binigay ng agent ay – email message na andun yung flight details :
    Tanong ko, papano ko ito isubmit sa Embassy? anong format? Kasi parang pwedeng sabihin ng Embassy na hindi legitimate ang travel agency.
    Ano yung format ng mga Flight Details/ Itinerary ang naisubmit nyo? Worried lang ako, my Flight is august 13. Thanks..

    • Hi marie,

      Flight reservations lang ang required, they discourage purchasing tickets before the decision about your visa application is made. Can’t the travel agency just print it out like they usually do? Kung questionable ang itinerary sa email format, maybe it would be better to consult another travel agency.

  • Hi! I just want to ask, what requirements should I prepare if I will be travelling alone after my graduation? That means I am no longer a student neither self-employed. Thank you! I would really want to have this as my graduation gift 🙂

    • Hi Samantha,

      You have to figure out your itinerary first and then which embassy you’re applying at. Although Schengen countries have similar requirements, you have to check the specific requirements for the country you’re applying at which is usually availble in their website. 🙂

  • Hello i just want to ask.. Puro ba english lahat ng tanong.. Ano po ba sa tingin ninyo and madalas nilang tanungin sa mga applicante.. Im also have and interview in italian embassy by monday pls help me.. Nung tinanong ka po nila kung bakit k nila dapat n bigyan ng visa ano po sinagot nyo.. In english pls. Hind ba sila nag tatagalog
    Thnk you po.. Sana po masagot nyo tanong ko

  • Filipino naman yung sa harap na naginterview so pwede magTagalog unless kausapin ka mismo nung consul which is in English of course. 🙂

  • Hi Ems, i just want to ask regarding the requirements. i’ll be applying pero tatlo po kme. I’ll be traveling with my son (7yrs old) & mom (65yrs old) and i’m 32. My wife is in the US and she will be the one to finance from accomodation, plane tickets and everything including our cruise ship tour. sa Italy kme mag mi-meet up ng wife ko. my questions are, anu po ung requirements na needed namin kasi ung wife ko mag finance and do we have to make each one of us a letter of introduction? at saka on our itinerary for cruise we have a 2nights in Turkey and we know that its not a Schengen country. do we have to apply visa for Turkey?

    Thank you in Advance!

    • Hi Paul,

      Hindi ako masyadong familiar pag iba ang magfinance ng trip at medyo kakaiba since she’s from the US at hidi Italy. Just check with the italian embassy site for requirements and provide as much documentation as you can. 🙂

      Hindi ako sure sa Turkey pero you will probably need a visa for that. Pasensiya na nasa phone ako ngayon, hindi ko magoogle. 🙂

  • Hi Thanks for the very informative blog. Im just wondering which will be easier, lodging it personally in the embassy or, just ask PIASI to do it? Actually as of nov 2013, we need to personally submit the documents because they needed our biometrics na pala! Before I think they allow pick up and delivery of docs right? Thanks in advance. 🙂

  • Hi ems!
    I hope you can advise me, im currently in Paris on a tourist visa and I’m supposed to fly out on Aug30 (landing in Manila on 31). Pero nagkaron ng additional plans and I was thinking of rescheduling my flight so that I leave on the 31st and back in Manila Sep1. My visa is up to Sep2 (so covered) but my travel insurance is only up to 31. What can I do? Thank you!

    • Hi Michel,

      Im not really sure about insurance. Im no expert. My cousin had the same situation dahil nagextend siya ng one day. Hinayaan na lang niya but syempre he was risking coverage if something happened kaya nga yan nirequire. I don’t know if you want to extend it, maybe you can talk to your insurance provider. 🙂

  • May I just ask, how many days/weeks did you have to wait for your appointment? THANKS! Can you please tell me which is the fastest way to get the visa. Is it by booking an appointment through the Italian Embassy website? By calling the premium lines? Or walk-in? THAAANKS IN ADVANCE!!

    • Hi Chai,

      The appointment by phone from my experience is usually 3-5 weeks. I’ve never tried the website or the walk-in since I live in the province. 🙂

      • Thanks Ms. Ems! Another question po, ano kaya mas okay For me to book(free cancelation) a roundtrip ticket to London, or MNL-LONDON then PARIS-MNL para ipakita upon UK visa application? I have a confirmed booking by a travel agency who offers a tour which starts and ends in London. E I’m thinking if ever magrant ako ng visa baka single entry lang, so I might as well exit from Paris na lang pabalik dito?

        • Hi Chai,

          I think on the application form, you can indicate if you want single entry or multiple entry. I always choose multiple entry, pareho lang naman ang bayad. Haha. Siguro discretion din naman nila but I was always issued multiple entry. Yes, you can show your ticket reservation that way if you want.

      • Ms. Ems! Sorry super tambay na ko blog niyo, I’m scheduled for an appointment na for UK visa on Wednesday (24 Sep.), kailan kaya advisable magpaschedule ako for Schengen visa? Through VIA? Kasi iniisip ko baka maipit ‘yung passoport ko and other docs doon sa UK application? THAAAAAAAAAAAAANKSSSSSS SOOOOOOOO MUUUUUUCHHHHHH!!!!!

        • You can get an appointment now or check on available dates. Ganyan din ako dati pero sumakto naman, buti na lang! I got my passport a week before ng appointment ko sa Schengen. You can always reschedule naman if you do not have your passport yet. 🙂

  • Hi There! You said that you were called for an interview because you were staying longer than usual. How long did you actually stay in Europe? I’ll be traveling to Europe this December and will stay there for 15 days. Is that considered as unusually long? (It will be my first time in Europe)


  • Hi ems,

    I’m planning to apply visa in Italian embassy. Can you please send me sample of

    your introduction letter so I can have idea about the content and its format.

    Appreciate much you help.


    • Hi Maricel,

      I don’t have an introduction letter. I wrote a cover letter before and I cannot find it anymore. It’s been a while since I applied at the Italian embassy. Anyway, it was very basic. I just told them my name and what my profession is, places I’ve been to and purpose of my trip and also my itinerary.

  • Hi Ems,

    I’ll be in 10 days in Italy and 5 days in France. I’ve heard that France does not allow Hostels in the itinerary. Should I book for 3-start (and up) hotels for the visa application for both countries or are hostels/backpacker’s hotels enough ?

    • Hi Bobby,

      I don’t think they discriminate with the hotel that you choose. It’s actually your personal preference. We didn’t stay at a hostel in Paris because we prefer to have our own bathroom. The room price was on the less expensive side but it wasn’t exactly budget. Hotel rooms in Paris are notoriously expensive so I understand why choosing a hostel would help you with your budget. If you are traveling alone, it is also a great way to meet other travelers. The hotels we chose on our itinerary varies, they are a mix of regular hotels and hostels. If we can afford a room with its own bathroom, we book that. If we can’t, we stay at hostels. I don’t know about the thing that they don’t allow that in their itinerary. If you’re staying in Italy longer, you would have to apply at the Italian embassy and not at the French Embassy so it’s really pointless to worry about that even if that was the case. 🙂

  • Hello Ems,

    I am an OFW here in Italy..I am about to have an operation within a month(probably November) My Italian employer wants to invite my brother to come over since I don’t have any relatives here. My employer is an attorney and she is willing to provide all pertinent documents for the invitation.

    She will be stating her purpose of inviting my brother..would the embassy consider this for visa approval?

    My brother has all the requirements needed for the application except for the he pass the his requirements w/o an ITR?


    • Hi len,

      For me, it just means reservations. I only reserve hotel rooms most of the time and don’t pay for them until I arrive at the destination. Depende anong gamit mo to reserve them. 🙂

  • Hi, ask ko lang if bound to Spain mas madali ba makakuha ng schengen visa? plan ko mag tour next year, mas gusto ko kasi sariling itinerary unlike sa mga travel agency na limited days lang. anyone here from madrid or barcelona san pwede mag stay na budget wise for single tourist. and required ba tlga ang ITR? walang akong ni isa na tinago sa record ko na gnun ever since na nag work ako and I doubt if mag re-release ang company ko dito sa saudi ano pede ko gawin dun.

    • Hi Kirby,

      About sa san madali ang kumuha ng schengen visa – no idea. Halos pare-pareho naman sila ng requirements at process, mas mabilis lang yung iba. And depende yan kung saan ang main destination mo at san ka pinakamagal na country magstay.

  • HIIIII MS. EMS!! I SO LOVE YOU AND THANK YOU! JUST RECEIVED MY UK VISA TODAY! IT ONLY TOOK 9 WORKING DAYS FOR ME TO GET MY VISA. Though I haven’t called for an appointment for my Schengen visa, I’d just like to ask, ‘yung processing fee po ba is in cash form? Then ‘yung visa fee MC? How much exactly ilalagay sa MC? THAAANKS!!

    • Hi Chai,

      Congrats!!!! I’m so happy for you. Haha.

      Saan ka pala magapply ng Schengen visa? Sa Italy, MC siya pero sa France, you’ll pay by cash dun sa mismong embassy. Kung MC, you would have to call and ask kung ano ang rate nila for the time you set your appointment. Good luck ulit! 🙂

      • HUHUBELLS! MS. Ems! Medjo lost na ko, I called ‘yung premium lines nababa ko kasi sabi for courier service daw ‘yun? Haha natakot ako sa bill kaya nababa ko. Ganun ba ‘yun ipipickup na lang nila ‘yung documents?

        Tapos meron pa for booking daw is from Mondays to Wednesdays 3-5PM lang daw? Hindi ko na maintindihan @..@

        • Hi Chai,

          Anong embassy yung tinawagan mo? Usually ung premium line is for calling to set an appointment. Tawagan mo yung regular number for inquiries, regular rate lang yun. Mas mura..

      • Hi again Ms. Ems! Hehe tinawagan ko ulit sila, ITALY? Okay na, kaso down ang server nila kanina so bukas na lang daw ulit. THAAAANK YOOOOU! One more please I THINK, 2nd to the last ko nang inquiry ‘to before my final THAANK YOOOU hehe

        Sorry ang kulit, ‘yung No. 28 (ENTRY PERMIT FOR THE FINAL COUNTRY OF FINAL DESTINATION, WHERE APPLICABLE) Ano po ‘to? Ilalagay ko ba ‘yung sa UK Visa since doon magsstart and end ‘yung tour ko?

        May nabasa kasi ako parang ganun ilagay daw if outside the schengen region, may nabasa rin ako parang related sa previous schengen visa daw ‘yun?

        • Yes, ilagay mo yung UK Visa number for Final Country of destination since dun magend ang trip mo. Also include your itinerary para mas clear. Sa akin naman kasi, nasa middle ang UK visit ko so I left it as N/A. 🙂

  • Hi ems,

    Meron ka rin bang alam na agency na nagpro process ng tour here in italy? I mean ung package trip na..thanks a lot!

  • Hello!!Im planning to apply visa to Italy..I just want to know if its I do need to have some government ID’s.And how long it will take for the visa processing..?BTW I have Italian Fiancee so what is the easiest way we can do to get a visa…

    Thank you

    • Hi Jenny,

      I don’t know about the easiest way as I have only applied for tourist visas. It should depend on your purpose of travel. I don’t know what you mean by government IDs. 🙂 The time frame depends on the embassy, how many applications they are processing. In my experience, it was about a month.

  • Hi, just want to ask po if possible po Kaya tanggapin pa ng embassy ung application namin ng anak ok this month November plan namin mag Christmas and new year sa Italy so we plan to leave dec 20th next month. Ang fiancé ko Italian citizen sya nag mag bbgay lahat ng needs namin I have only property in Phil hndi nko nag wowork then meron din Ako bank acct na pede ipakita. Yung anak ko 7years old we just plan to stay there for only 15days or less. Ask kpo if pede kami mag direct sa embassy to apply visa?

    • Hi Jen,

      Yung process ng application nila from what I know is dapat magschedule ka muna ng appointment bago ka pumunta sa embassy to submit your application. Kung pupunta ka lang dun to apply agad, hindi ko alam kung eentertain ka nila. I would advise to call them as soon as possible or kung malapit ka sa embassy nila, baka pwede ka maginquire. 🙂

  • Thank you so much EMS sa reply! Alm nyo pba Kung saan po Ako pede tumawag for appointment? Possible Kaya EMS na tanggapin pa nila nag application namin kasi next month na alis namin dec 20 🙁

    • Hi Jen,

      Pasensiya na at hindi ko masasagot yan.. Sana makakuha kayo ng appointment na maaga para maprocess na ang application ninyo ASAP. Please make sure na nandyan ang mga information mo dahil mahal ang pagtawag to schedule an appointment, it’s 32 pesos per minute excluding surcharges. Nandito sa blog post ko yung phone numbers, nakalist. 🙂

  • Ask ok din if needed kpa IPA red ribbon ung mga birthcertificate namin ng anak ko? And ung land title? Needed Kaya un na nka redribbon? Thanks po

    • Hi Jen,

      I don’t think so pero hindi din ako sure dahil hindi naman ako nagsubmit ng ganyang documents.. You have time naman if ever kailangan yan. Ang importante right now is to schedule an appointment and hindi naman need na red ribbon ang mga yan para magschedule. 🙂

  • I know this is nonsense, but I’m wondering, I received a letter from the Italian Embassy last Wednesday saying that I need to go there for interview and clarification of documents, I was not asked to bring something(additional documents). I went there the next day, Now I’m wondering why I wasn’t asked to write my answers on a paper during my interview, the one who interviewed me did the writing on the front part of my folder. Is that an indication of refusal since I did not write/sign on any paper?

    • Hi Chai,

      In my opinion, I don’t think it’s an indication of refusal. They also did that to me on the first part. I was interviewed and they also wrote notes. The consul wasn’t satisfied so he had me interviewed again. Then he still wasn’t satisfied and I was asked to write an essay. At least your interview didn’t seem to drag on as long as mine. Good luck! 🙂

      • Thank yooou Ms. Ems! 😄 You mean po you were asked to come back the second/third time? Or ‘yung hindi sila nasatisfy isang puntahan lang?

      • Ohmygosh Ms. Ems I’m a bit anxious sayang naman UK visa kung hindi magrant Shengen, nabasa ko sa ibang forums, consul nakausap nila direct? And they were given instructions pa nga daw kung kailangan nila bumalik and so on.. Bakit ako pinoy ‘yung naginterview? Tapos ang sabi pa wait daw kung may further questions pa ‘yung consul tapos I left na ganun lang ba ‘yun? 😦

        • Pinoy din yung unang naginterview sa akin. Tapos pinaantay ako, tawagin na lang daw. So yun mga ilan beses pa ako tinawag at nagantay din. Mga 3-4 hours yata ako dun..

      • Oemgee? Ganun ba ‘yun? Sorry ang kulit ko sabi niya parang tawagin na lang daw ako kung may further questions pa ang consul, pero I asked “okay na po ‘yun? I could leave na?” Tapos sabi niya yes YATA haha so umalis na ko, tatawagin naman ako if ever hidni pa ko dapat umalis diba?

        • Oo siguro.. Haha. Kung tinanong mo naman kung pwede ka na umalis at sabi na yes, it should be okay siguro. Oo, tatawagin ka naman siguro kung may ibang kailangan pa. 🙂

      • Hala Ms. Ems! Kinabahan na ko! Naguluhan na ko, thingking about it over and over again, naisip ko sabi niya hintayin na lang daw kung may further questions ‘yung consul, so tinanong ko kung p’wede na umalis? Baka akala niya umalis sa window? Or lumabas lang? E dumerecho uwi na ko. @…@ Paano kaya ‘yun? Ano kaya p’wede ko gawin? @-)

        • Hmmm.. Hindi ko din sure. Baka naman kung sakaling may tanong or they need you to come again, they will try to contact you siguro. Ilan days na ba ang nakalipas since the interview? I’m not sure how to follow up on an application. If you can do this, maybe there’s a way to find out what you need to do?

          What has happened is out of your control na so don’t stress too much about it. I’m sure you’re not the only person who has done that. Just pray na lang and hope for the best. 🙂

  • HI! Ems. 🙂

    Your blog helped a lot of people who dreamed to go in Europe. Thank you 🙂

    now, i just have a few question to ask from you. I know it’s complicated but it may have still a chance to pass for VISA.

    My expected flight from here to Italy is on November 26 and will return on December 5.
    Now. I only have 10 working days for application. The problem is’ I don’t have passport yet, but i’m pretty sure to have it on November 12. I don’t avail the option for deliver of DFA because some said it will take 2 more days of waiting. Am I able to book now for appointment in PIASI while the passport is yet on my hand?

    I’m going to Florence, Italy and I need a Tourist Visa. would it be possible? what do you think?

    Please Answer. Thank you :))

    • Hi Nikz,

      They ask for your passport number and details like expiration so I don’t know if they will give you an appointment if you don’t have that info yet plus processing time from interview date may take longer. I would advise to call their regular number, not the expensive one to ask about your concerns. They will be the best source to provide you with the correct and timely info such as processing time.

      • Thanks Ems :))

        I just called the Customer Service Representative from PIASI, You’re right, they advised me to wait for my passport on Nov. 12. She told me they will be happy to have my call again on 12 once I have the passport, so they can set an appointment for the submission of requirements on the next day right after my call.

        I gave her my flights details on Nov. 26, then she asked me to adjust it atleast one day because the Embassy required 10 working days. so thats what i’m gonna do now. Thanks! :))

      • hi! ems! :)) finally i got my schengen visa delivered by 2GO yesterday. :)) November 14 nag start yung application ko, so i think it’s 6 working days lang. Pero depende parin sa applicant kasi yung kasama ko nag pasa on the same date wala parin. kasi she doesn’t have back account but she has certification of indigency from their Barangay.

        Anyway! Hello EUROPE! 😀 my flight will be on November 26 this week. 🙂

  • hello
    any idea of how much money you must have in the bank account? I want my girlfriend to apply and i was thinking if 60.000 php are enough in her account

    • Hi Mike,

      It depends on how long she’s staying. If she’s paying for this trip, she should be able to show that she can afford it. Kung may sponsor, the amount does not really matter much. It is more important to show strong ties to the Philippines. 🙂

  • Hello! Ems,
    Thanks for your very informative blog..
    I have few questions that I need your immediate response…I have plan to travel in Spain this January 2015 ..only 6 days trip) …I’m not employed, not a students, I dont have any business…housewife lang ako…do you think na maaaprove ang tourist visa application ko? bale ang magiging source of fund ko lang ang regular remittance from my husband na nasa uae at yung aking bank savings…70,000 pesos ba na fund ko for tourist trip (basta less na dito yung visa fees and others processing) kaya na Kaya I cover lahat ng expenses ko sa Spain while I’m in tour?
    Many thanks..

    Ms. Ada

    • Hi Ms. Ada,

      I feel like I have no right to say who is qualified to be given a visa or not because that is Spain embassy’s discretion. My advise – as with any visa application, it would be best if you can prove strong ties to the Philippines and that you will return. I think it gets you better chances than having a lot of money in your account. As for 70k, I’m not sure if that is enough. You have to do your research on how much are round trip plane tickets at the time you are planning to visit, how much is the hotel you’re staying at per night and other transportation and meal costs at your destination or find someone who’s been there that can give you an idea. 🙂

  • Hi em, Pinatawag Ako ng italian embassy then bakit , for interview pero ba submit k na yung mga documentes ko Tapos naka receive Ako ng col My interview Ako bakit ?

      • hello po,i read your blog and all the comments here..its very helpful..i am going to apply tourist visa to italy po may sponsor po ako..she will shoulder all my expenses àt lahat2..ngaun po i need to provide strong ties to prove na babalik ako ang idea nmin yung land title ng mama ko ipatransfer sa name ko but they said it takes time daw,so they come up with another idea yung store namin na nakapangalan sa mom ko ilipat sa name ko…okey na po ba yun?? meron po ako bank acct na 100k im only staying there for only 21 days…student lang po ako but i stopped …pwede rin po ba maghingi ako ng employment certificate sa aunt kahit hndi ako nagtrabaho dun may school kasi cya..pwede kaya yun??thank you so much i’ll be waiting for ur response ;)ciao!

  • Kasi last december 18 lng aq galing Then ng aaply ako for feb pá kasi para maayos ko ang travel plan next year kaya ng Apply ako ng maaga at galing n ko ng rome kita nila bank statement ko andun yung pinag bayad ko ng LV sa rome

    • I’ve been to europe din a few times previously but they still called me for an interview. Wala siguro yan kung galing na dun or hindi pa. Baka may specific question lang talaga sila sa application mo na they need to see you in person. 🙂

  • Hi ems, tapos na interview ko may tinanong lng sa bank statement ko meron sila hinde nakita Hays sabi need ko passaport ko agád makuha kasi punta ko ng Japãn jan 1 tapos sabi nila Dont worry you get your visa tom yun lng Hays

  • Hello

    Im planning po na magpavisa to italy.And my fiancee is italian,just wanna ask if need ko pa magadd ng mga pictures together to proof that we were really together.and how long for visa processing?


    • Hi Jen,

      Tourist visa ba ang aaplyan mo or another kind of visa? If it’s a short term tourist visa, then it is not required pero whatever proof that can help your application, I suggest you include it Huwag lang yung sobrang dami. Visa processing in my experience took about 3-4 weeks. It depends when you’ll get an appointment if they require one and also how many they applications they are processing. You can always ask them to get an idea. 🙂

    • Hi Jeg,

      Thank you for visiting my blog. I don’t know if they will give here a visa. That all depends on the consul assessing her papers. My advice though is that if she is going to try it is to present documentation that strongly proves here ties to the Philippines and that she won’t overstay her visa. 🙂

      • Hi Ems,

        Thank you for your reply. the big problem is money. she is a poor girl. She doesn’t even has a bank account. I am the one who has to sponsor for her tickets, visa, stay everything. If i give the sponsor letter for her, embassy may think that she may stay in Italy forever. Thats my worry.

  • hello po,
    i read your blog and all the comments here..its very helpful..
    i am going to apply tourist visa to italy po may sponsor po ako..she will shoulder all my expenses àt lahat2..ngaun po i need to provide strong ties to prove na babalik ako ang idea nmin yung land title ng mama ko ipatransfer sa name ko but they said it takes time daw,so they come up with another idea yung store namin na nakapangalan sa mom ko ilipat sa name ko…okey na po ba yun?? meron po ako bank acct na 100k im only staying there for only 21 days…student lang po ako but i stopped …pwede rin po ba maghingi ako ng employment certificate sa aunt kahit hndi ako nagtrabaho dun may school kasi cya..pwede kaya yun??
    thank you so much i’ll be waiting for ur response 😉

  • Hi ems

    Tatanong ko lang kung how many days to get an appointment sa italian embassy?, mag a-apply kasi ako for national visa (long term) complete na mga documents ko ipapasa nlng, ano bang mas mabilis? Mag a-apply ako on my own or ipadaan ko sa PIASI or sa VIA?..nag pa book na ko ng ticket before end of the month…. plsss reply as soon as you read this.thanks

    • Hi kim,

      I don’t think may other way to book an appointment. You’d have to go through via or piasi, di ko sure which one handles their appointments now. I would recommend to call them as soon as possible tomorrow and let them know that you need to go by the end of the month so they can give you the earliest appointment. Although ang appointment ay appointment lang for your application. Italian embassy pa rin ang magpoprocess at walang definite or fixed time yun. I hope you get it processed in time. 🙂

  • hello po,i read your blog and all the comments here..its very helpful..i am going to apply tourist visa to italy po may sponsor po ako..she will shoulder all my expenses àt lahat2..ngaun po i need to provide strong ties to prove na babalik ako ang idea nmin yung land title ng mama ko ipatransfer sa name ko but they said it takes time daw,so they come up with another idea yung store namin na nakapangalan sa mom ko ilipat sa name ko…okey na po ba yun?? meron po ako bank acct na 100k im only staying there for only 21 days…student lang po ako but i stopped …pwede rin po ba maghingi ako ng employment certificate sa aunt kahit hndi ako nagtrabaho dun may school kasi cya..pwede kaya yun??thank you so much i’ll be waiting for ur response ;)ciao!

    • Hello fabulouz09,

      Thanks for reading my blog. Usually strong ties to the country just means na madami kang reason para bumalik like family, a good job or source of income, etc. Kung babalik ka talaga, you can state those reasons sa cover letter and then provide documentation to support that. I’m sure madami na din gumawa ng mga ideas mo. Kung nakakuha ba sila ng visa, yun ang hindi ko alam. Baka meron makabasa dito na mashare ang experience nila. 🙂 I can only attest sa own application ko at lahat ng mga pinasa kong documents ay yung akin lang talaga. I know that hindi lahat meron documents to provide, nasa sayo na yun kung gusto mo gawin mga ideas mo. As kung pwede na, I don’t think qualified ako para sabihin kung ano ang pwede at hindi. 🙂

      • hello po..i have all the documents na po sa business namin..another question ko lang po yung sponsor ko po nag mail na ng mga docs nya like host declaration,bank statement, house title,passport,drivers license,permit ng business din nya,,curios lang po ako about affidavit of support kelangan pa po ba nun ?hndi nya kasi naprovide,she told me okey na daw bsta may bank statement..thank you po..hopr for ur reply

  • Hello! I just want to share my story na hindi pa tapos hehe. I just got married and I want to go to Europe for our honeymoon. I applied through VIA (Italian embassy) last January 29 then the embassy sent me a letter for an interview and request of other documents last Feb 4. I went there Feb 5. Pinoy nag-interview sa akin at mabait naman siya. She asked me about my family background as in each member of the family kung ano occupation, etc., if I have other bank accounts, she took all my 5 original and photocopied passports with my old US visa, old Canadian visa, other travels, how many branches ng business ko now and how many years na, my current work din sa business ng uncle and auntie ko (she asked if it’s a family business), and a photocopy of my wife’s Canadian passport. She wrote all the answers on the folder. It’s indicated on my letter of introduction that my trip is for honeymoon and she also asked me about that again. She told me to wait for the delivery for the results. I’m leaving on March 5 but wala pa ako news sa status ng application ko. I’m nervous lol. I have a history of US visa denial last 2011 (I have no idea why and ang sungit pa sobra ng consul) but I had 2 US visas before (1997-2001 and 2001-2011) and some travels to Asian countries before the denial plus I traveled to several Asian countries including South Korea and Japan after the denial.

    I’m praying for good news. 🙂

  • hi magttanong lang po ko kung ano po mganda.. may french friend po ang asawa ko sa italy gusto sya kunin at kasama po kami ng anak nmin na 4yrs old para magwrk sa knya bilang housekeeper.. lahat po ay sagot nya.. ano po maganda gawin friend invitation or employer po … tnx po

  • Hi!
    we were planning to apply for schengen visa, if we do walk in, can we apply/ pass the reqts on the same day?
    because we had been calling piasi for booking but we dont have any luck on connecting thru there lines.

    • Hi cheska,

      I don’t think you can just walk in but just check their website for instructions. Sayang din naman if you just go there but if you live nearby, maybe you can always inquire.

  • Hi! Thanks for this very informative blog.
    My mother applied for a visa last Jan 27, then received a letter to go personally to Italian embassy to submit additional reqts which she did last Feb.3. But until now we have not received the result yet.
    We are worried bec. Her travel should start by March 14. I sent an email but did not get a reply. We tried calling the hotline but they said still processing. Does it normally take this long to process a visa?

    Thank you very much in advance!

    • Hi Megan,

      The processing times varies and it really depends how busy they are. The Italian embassy does not have a set time like other embassies. I’m sorry to hear that it’s taking a while.

    • Hi Mico,

      I don’t know how to categorize it as mahirap. Depende kasi sa sitwasyon. Natural naman yung magask sila ng questions. Sa Italian embassy siguro yung pinakalongest interview ko pero yun din naman kasi pinakalongest stay na inapplyan ko so I understand din namay why it was a long interview.

  • hi, i was asked to appear for an interview with the embassy last tuesday. the following day, i received an email stating that i needed to pass an additional document. i replied with an attachment of that particular document at midnight. when do you think will i receive the results? thank you

    • Hi Jesse,

      I don’t know. I was not asked to give an additional document but I was interviewed. My visa was released a week after the interview. 🙂

  • Good Day po. I am planning on enrolling in a summer program in Europe this coming June. This will be my first time abroad. I still don’t have a passport and visa that’s why I’m reading some blogs regarding this matter. I’ve been constantly seeing this schengen visa travel insurance thing and that it costs 30,000 euros. That’s more than a million right? Do I have to pay all that? Sorry I don’t really understand how this works. Btw, the program is only for a month.

    And also, will the visa application process consume much of my time? I still have classes until May and I’m afraid it will affect my schedule drastically.

    I’ll be waiting for your response. Thank you. 🙂

    • Hi Jan Wayne,

      I don’t know if you have enough time. The first thing you need to do is get a passport because you can’t even apply for a visa without one. That takes some time depending on the earliest appointment you can get. Manila only processes for a week but you need an appointment and that depends on availability. In provinces, you can walk in but it takes at least a month or more.

      Visa processing also depends on which embassy you apply to. I don’t know how long they process student visas or what the requirements are.

      The Schengen travel insurance only requires a coverage of at least 30,000 euros. The insurance company covers the 30,000 not you. You only have to pay for the premium. For one month, that is usually around 3-5k depending on the insurance company you go to. Just remember that it has to be one of the Insurance companies approved by the embassy.

  • Hi there,

    I really have a big problem and I hope someone could help me figure out how to manage or resolve this issue. I just want to ask if it’s possible to travel to Europe as with a travel visa kahit wala pa pong tatak ang passport ko that i have travelled before to any country? may case na po ba ng ganun kasi this would be my first time to go out of the country, if possible, and i just want to go with my friend’s own family. they will act as my dependent kasi they have travelled to almost all the countries in Asia and now it’s going to be in Europe and they want me to go with them. But the problem is, they are not sure if it’s possible for my visa to be approved. This is the reason why i am asking po because i dont want to waste any money for visa application. Please help me po i want this issue to be cleared before I will pay for the application and before they will book a flight with itinerary very soon. Looking forward to hearing from you very soon. Thank you.

    • I know a friend of a friend who has traveled to Europe and it was her first overseas trip. As for your chances of your visa being approved, I DO NOT know. Schengen visa applications discourage buying a ticket. They only require a reservation which does not cost anything or a minimal fee.

  • How would that be possible po? The reservation.. Kasi diba po one of the requirements for application is to provide complete documents including your itinerary.. Please enlighten me po i badly need these information.. 🙁 thank you po..

    • You can go to a travel agency and ask them for a reservation of tickets. Some airlines allow you to do this on their website too, I’m not sure which since I haven’t tried it. Your itinerary is your day to day schedule of what you will visit, what you’re going to do.

  • Good Day Ems,
    You’ve had a very helpful information.
    But how about if you already in UK holding family visitor visa and wanted to travel to shengen countires-Do you have ideas how to get shengen visa? I supposed I’ll have to go to embassy in uk to apply?
    Cheers 🙂

    • Hi Mae,

      You can only apply for schengen tourist visa in your country of residence but double check on this, I may be wrong. You would have to go to the Schengen state’s embassy to apply in your country of residence. If you’re just a visitor in the UK, you can’t apply for a schengen tourist visa in the UK.

  • Hello. Can you explain the Travel Insurance? I’m quite confused kung saan makukuha, process, etc. Necessary po ba talaga yun. And yung Visa Processing and Service Fee anong mga options ng pagbabayad? I am traveling with my grandmother and cousin, and my aunt is our sponsor. Next month ang flight namin, we already have reservations. Kaya I’m desperate na how to process ALL of these quickly since I also have a job to pay attention to. Thanks in advance for the reply po.

  • One more thing Ms. Ems, HOW LONG PO ANG PROCESSING NG VISA once they acquired the documents? Through courier din pala pag-submit ng documents no? Hindi na need pumunta pa sa embassy. Kasi po naka-appointment palang kami ng passport renewal sa April 29, and ang plan na alis namin is on May 24. Please advise. Thanks.

    • Nung nagapply ako dati, courier ewan ko lang ngayon. Kasi they changed the schengen rules na nagrequire na ng biometrics since 2013 yata so do check with them first. 🙂 Yung akin dati took about 5 weeks or a month. Call them na agad to check available appointments pero they will require info like your passport # to set up an appointment.

  • hi, iniinvite kasi ako ng friend ko from france, pano ang gagawin? pls. let me know this is my 1st time to travel, my passport validation is until 2017, ung friend ko ang bibili ng ticket ko from france tapos sabi nya sakin gagawa daw sya ng letter sa france para sakin na katibayan na may pupuntahan akong kaibigan, please reply augusta ng target date namen thank you

  • hi ems
    i just want to ask about the insurance
    ako ba kukuha nun or yung friend na nag invite sakin from italy ?
    is there a chance na sya nlng ?
    an anu rrquirements if yung friend ko nag invite ?

    thank you 🙂

    • Please check on their website for the specific requirements. Baka kasi nagupdate din sila. 🙂

      Ang insurance, meron lang list na accredited dito sa Pilipinas and that can also be found on their website.

  • A letter of invitation addressed to the Embassy

    what does this mean ems?
    sya gagawa ng letter then he will send it to the italian embassy or isesend nya sa akin?

    • A letter coming from him addressing the embassy. It should be sent to you. You will include this with the documents you submit.

  • ahhhhhh dun ako sa italian embassy mag aapply 🙂 dun din ba magbabayad?

    so if mag e schedule ako ng appointment ill call PIASI?

  • Hi Ms Ems,

    Question regarding visa application form. since housewife ako at si husband (my husband is a filipino) magsponsor ng trip namin sa europe ano ilalagay ko sa question no. 33 cost of travelling & living during stay icheck ko ba na by herself or by a sponsor (ilagay ko name ng husband ko at company niya)?

    Thanks in advance,

    • Hi Aranses,

      Sorry, hindi ako masyado familiar dahil never pa ako nagapply with a sponsor pero siguro yun nga dahil ang sponsor (your husband) naman ang magfifinance ng trip.

      • You mean physically there siya when you go in for the interview? I don’t really know if they will let your friend in, you can try.

  • hi. hope you find time to answer. 🙂 just wanna ask if i still need to get a transit visa for dubai. im travelling to Italy via emirates airlines thru dubai, 4 hrs layover upon going to Italy and 9hrs layover upon coming back here in Philippines. i will not be going out from dubai airport.

  • Hello maam!

    Tanong ko lang po, dito ako ngayon sa hongkong mag apply
    Sana ako ng tourist visa sa spain, san po ba talaga ako pwede
    Mag apply kasi sabi ng staff ng spain embassy dito sa hk, dapat
    Sa pinas daw ako mag process. Anu po ba talaga maam san
    Po ba talaga ako pwede mag apply?

    • Kung yan ang sabi ng spain embassy dyan sa hk, then I guess sa spain embassy sa Pinas ka dapat magapply since nanggaling na mismo sa kanila.

  • ano nang nangyari kay Chai ms ems.. hehe., calling Chai, update na man jan., i’m called up for an interview also, this Monday June 29, 2015, nakaka stress., kasi malapit na yung departure date ko.. dami kong natutunan dito sa blog mo ms ems., update ko din yung readers mo about what’s gunno happen with my application and my experience, for them to learn something also. wish me luck everyone…

  • ms ems., kelangan pa ba ng pocket money/ show money to show sa immigration dito sa pinas? although we do need to bring euro or usd for expenses sa ibang bansa., but how much yong kelangan e’show sa immig??

  • Hello Ems-Thank you for all your time sharing all the pointers, Just like many i have few question that probably by your own experience you know the answer:)- I am a Greencard holder, i know na wala gaano kinalaman yan sa application and still need to go by my my Passpor, Quick questions:

    Kunyari balak ko umalis ng August 20, apply ako ng July 20 at luckily i make it sa maikling panahon, it will be great.(hopefully,maaring yes or no)

    1) Ok lang ba ilagay ko sa appllication yong ganon kagipit na date..or young
    ‘3 months rules bago umalis’ will be better..i mean pedi ko ilagay yng 3 mtnhs,
    then kung papalarin na maaproved much earlier..pedi ako umalis nong original date na plano ko..August..wala na siguro sila paki don.he he as much as na narelease na yong visa:)

    2)Magbabkasyon ako sa Manila from US, then habang anjan apply Schenvisa kung ma g grant, i wll fly to Europe, Now Ok lang din siguro na ilagay ko don let say..i want to goto Italy ng 3 weeks then pagbalik ko..US na KObalik ko i nstead ng Pilipinas(with all my valid US papers)

    Slamat ng Marami:)

    • I think you have to apply at the country of your residency so kung green card holder ka, dapat sa US ka magapply ng visa. 🙂

      If you live in the Philippines and you are applying there, 1. Yes you must indicate your date of travel. 3 months before lang ang recommended dahil it gives you enough time pero hindi necessary.
      2. You can try but as far as I know, you have to apply at your country of residence 🙂

  • I am planning to apply schengen visa going to denmark. My boyfriend is from there. We never met yet and can’t wait to see each other anymore so he decided that we will try to apply for tourist visa and he will sponsor me,he will shoulder everything. My point is that we never met yet so there is no proof of relationship etc. What should i do to possibly be approved? please hellllppp 🙁 Thank you

  • Hi! Thanks for the detailed information and tips.

    Just to ask, do the air ticket and hotel reservations needs to be confirmed (i mean finalized) or i can just use or present a copy of ticket and hotel reservation which not yet paid yet with an option date to finalize. I am worried to buy a ticket and finalize a hotel booking before the application when the visa is not 100% sure to have. However, refund is possible but charges will apply. Money wise, i want to avoid it 🙂

    Hope you get my point.

    Thanks in advance!

  • Hi!
    I have a few questions regarding the application for Schengen visa:

    1. I will be staying with a friend in France and he already scanned and emailed me the documents needed for proof of lodging. I read in the requirements that the original copy must be presented. Does this mean that he has to ship the said documents to me from France to Manila? Or are scanned documents acceptable?

    2. My dad would be my financial sponsor since I’m currently unemployed. Problem is, he doesn’t have an ITR. What would be an alternative document/s for the ITR (income tax return)?

    Hope to hear from you. Thanks so much!!!

    • Hi Bev,

      1. Sorry, I don’t know about this since I’ve never applied while staying with a friend but someone here might be able to answer your question.
      2. I don’t know the alternative but maybe you can show other financial documents of your dad like bank accounts and/or credit card documents or other financial documents.

  • Hello! I just wanna inquire something about applying Philippines visa. My boyfriend who is Moroccan is planning to visit in my country which Philippines, if anyone who can advice me, please do. And also how much it will cost.. thank you..

  • Hey Ems. Just sharing that i already applied my schengen visa last Oct. 9 through VFS until now I havent received any updates. Should I be worry? honestly I cannot sleep well bec of this. Crap. hahaha. Anyway 15 days if i dont hear anything i would really need to call them. I applied through danish embassy by the way. Great blog you have! 🙂

    • Hi Ramie,

      Different embassies have different processing times. Usually the website would indicate the standard processing time. It would be good to find out so you don’t worry too much. Good luck with your application! 🙂 I hope you share the result with us.

      • True. It says in their website 15 calendar days which means including weekends. Oh well. This waiting game is just killing me. Grrr. Haha. I wonder, no email, no text, no additional requirements etc. And its only for 10 days tourism visit. But yeah ems, have to wait. Patience it is. If everything goes well i will share my story. Thats a promise 🙂 *crossing fingers

        • Hello ems! I emailed the embassy today and they told me my visa is approved! omg i can’t believe i will go to europe! Woahhh! i just have to wait for my passport because i live in cebu. Thank you Lord! 🙂

          • Congrats!!! Are you going soon? Malamig na nyan.. Haha. Enjoy! Thanks for sharing the good news. 🙂

  • Hi Ems,

    My wife’s parents are planning to go to Italy by DIY in applying for the tourist visa. They already have plane ticket reservations but for the hotel reservation they are wondering where they can make reservations that can be canceled free of charges. Does the embassy accepts hotel reservations booked online like Thanks.

  • This blog is very helpful. Just like to share my story and hopefully it would end positively. I applied for a shengen visa hoping to visit my italian boyfriend in Milan this holy week. We work in the same company only i am based here in manila. I submitted all my requirements last jan 27 and on Feb 10 i got a letter from the embassy for declaration of docs. I immediately went there the ff day (feb 11) and was there for 3 hrs as the queue was massive. They asked me to write a letter of declaration on how i met my bf and to describe my family. Feb 12 the embassy rang my landline, too bad i wasnt home as i was at work but they told my mom that i need to go back on monday(feb 15). They didnt say why and didnt ask to bring anything. My italian bf was a bit upset about it and wrote an email to the italian consulate asking why they didnt ask everything when i was there. I guess my bf is just too concerned and doesnt want me to have a hard time. But oh well, ofcourse im still going there on Monday and see how it goes. Goodluck to me!

      • hi, matagal ba talaga ang visa application sa italian embassy? me and my husband applied last march 1,2016 from via cebu and until now processing pa rin ang status ng visa application namin. our flight going to italy would be this april 27,2016 na. i want to buy tickets na sana ngayon kasi on sale pa sa emirates baka mahal na kasi pag sobrang lapit na ng travel date.

        • Hi wiki,

          Sa experience ko, at least one month lagi ang processing nila. Yun eh kung wala pa aberya. Minsan pinatawag pa ako para interviewhin.

          Oo usually mas nagmamahal tickets pag malapit na sa date pero wala naman tayo choice. 😛 Kaya next time if possible, apply 90 days before your travel date. Good luck! 🙂

  • hi yung sister ko na citizen na sa italy want niya ako papuntuhin dun for good what are the documents should i prepared.. mabilis lang ba process ng visa?may mga interview question pb?

    • Hi Francis, hindi ko alam ang process ng pagpunta dun for good so hindi ko din alam ano documents ang need mo. Nagapply lang ako for a tourist visa before. Yes, meron lagi interview.

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