How to apply for a Philippine Passport in Belgium

How to apply for a Philippine Passport in Belgium

How to apply for a Philippine Passport in Belgium? You can read on the details below. The good thing about it is that you don’t need an appointment. The Philippine Embassy in Brussels does not require an appointment. You just walk in and proceed to apply for your passport as long as you have the complete requirements.





Applying for a Philippine Passport in Belgium is relatively easy. As long as you have the documentary requirements, the process is very straightforward. You fill out a form that you can get there at the embassy. Unfortunately, the form available on their website is not the correct form because I printed that one and filled it out only to find out when I was there that it is the incorrect form. They gave me the correct form and just filled it out while I was there.


How to apply for a Philippine Passport in Belgium



  1. Current Passport.
  2. Xerox copy of current passport information page
  3. Belgian ID
  4. Xerox copy of Belgian ID
  5. Completely filled and signed application form
  6. Passport Fee of 52 euros
  7. If you are married and you want to change your maiden name to your husband’s name, you have to bring Report of Marriage issued by a Philippine embassy or consulate (if marriage was outside the Philippines) or original Philippine Statistics Office issued Marriage Certificate authenticated by DFA (if marriage was in the Philippines)



Address: Avenue Molière 297, 1050 Ixelles
Phone Number: 02 340 33 73

I took Public Transport from Antwerp. I took the train from Antwerp to Brussels. Then from Brussels Noord, you can take Tram 3 to Churchill. It is the last stop and about 500 meters walk to the Philippine embassy.


Philippine Embassy Map





The embassy recommends that you renew your passport 9 months before it expires. There are countries that require at least 6 months validity. I renewed my passport early because of this. I am planning to travel to a country that requires this so even though my passport is still valid, I opted to renew it just to be on the safe side. According to their website, the production of the passport is done in the Philippines. The Embassy has no control over the production of passports or its shipment to Europe; hence, the Embassy cannot assist in the expedited production or delivery of passport. The Embassy can only advise on the expected availability of new passports for collection. There is a huge demand for passports among Filipinos because a lot of them are Overseas Filipino Workers and also travel has been thriving in recent years.

The Embassy will allow application for a new passport a year or more before the current passport’s expiration when the latter’s visa pages are running out, when the applicant is due for pass renewal or will be making an extended overseas travel, or when a meritorious need calls for it.

From my experience, I asked how long it will take. They could not give me a definite date because it depends on production. I was asked to leave my phone number so they can call me when the passport is available. For me, it took about 5 weeks when I got a call from them informing me that my passport is available.



  • I walked to the embassy and easily noticed it because of the flag. I had to ring the bell so they would let me in.
  • Once inside, I was asked to write my name on a log book. Classic Filipino. No Guards though. 😛
  • Then I proceeded to go to the room on the left. I saw some people that were already there. So I had to wait until someone can assist me.
  • I showed them my application form. I was told that it was the incorrect one and that they had changed it recently. They gave me the application form to fill out.
  • I gave them all the documents.
  • Then I paid the 52 euros and I was issued the receipt (which I have to bring when I claim the passport)
  • I had to wait again to be called for my turn to take picture and my signature. I also had to ensure that all the information I have given them are correct.
  • Once that is done, they also got my phone number so they can notify me when it’s available.
  • 5 weeks later, I get a call from them informing me that my passport was available
  • CLAIMING OF PASSPORT: I went back to Brussels, showed them my receipt to claim my new passport. They asked for my old passport and they punched the information page and the back of it which invalidates it. You also have the option of having your passport mailed to you. You just have to leave them a self stamped envelope which you can get at a post near the embassy at the time of application. If you have someone else getting it for you, you just need to give them an authorization letter, photocopy of the ID or passport of the passport owner, and the official payment receipt.





I thought that it was pain free and easy to renew the passport. I have been hearing and reading about struggles on setting an appointment for passport applications in the Philippines and it’s make me appreciate that it was not so complicated. Some people in the embassy are really kind and some are not so kind, probably like everywhere else. The older guy and the petite lady assisting with taking pictures for the passport were particularly nice. I’ve met some Filipinos that have come from different cities in Belgium. I even saw one that came from Germany.





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