How I got my Multiple Entry Korean Tourist visa in the Philippines

UPDATE 03/29/2017: Since my last Korean Tourist Visa has expired, I had to apply for a new one. I actually wanted to apply before my visa even expired. I was gonna go together with my cousin but it was not allowed. You can only apply for another visa once your current one has expired. It was the same requirements and process. What was different this time is I applied with their BPI and BDO promotion.





The Promo Mechanics essentially is if you have any of their following credit cards, you can get either 3-5 years tourist visa. They run these promos on certain period so be sure to check first. Their most recent promo (which I availed) is available until December 31, 2017. Along with financial documents required. If you are submitting any of the credit cards included in the promo, you must also submit the Statement of Account. If you are a Gold Debit Card Holder, you must submit a screenshot of your BPI Express online account.



Card Type Validity Period of VISA
BPI Gold MasterCard 3 Years
BPI Platinum* Credit Card

3-5 years

Gold BPI Express Teller Debit Card

3.5 years

Direct link:





The BDO Promotion is also valid until December 31, 2017. The ones listed below are the qualified cards. Cardholders must present the original card and the recent Monthly Billing Statement.


3 Years

  • Gold Visa Credit Card
  • Gold Mastercard Credit Card
  • Gold UnionPay Credit Card
  • Gold JCB Credit Card

3-5 Years

  • Platinum Visa Credit Card
  • Titanium or Platinum and World Elite Mastercard Credit Card
  • Gold, Platinum, Cathay Pacific and American Express Charge Cards issued by BDO
  • Diamond UnionPay Credit Card
  • Diners Club Premiere

Direct link here:

DISCLOSURE:  These are really good promotions if you already have the card. Always take into consideration that granting of the visa is still in the discretion of the embassy. Having one of these cards DOES NOT GUARANTEE that you will be granted a visa. 




Sorry, I’m just too happy today to not share this. I got a Multiple Entry Korean visa for 3 years!!! I was wishing I would get one but I didn’t exactly expect I would get it so I’m very pleasantly surprised. This means I can just go to an EXO concert or book really cheap tickets ahead of time without worrying about getting a visa. Thank you, Thank you!!!


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This post is about How I got my Multiple Entry Korean Tourist visa in the Philippines. We sent in our application last Monday and just got them today. My cousin was the one who picked them up from the embassy and she told me right away that I got multiple entry and she got single entry. Yay, we’re going to play with snow in Korea!!! I’m sure you’re curious how to get a multiple entry visa for 3 years. Well to be honest I wouldn’t really know. I just applied for a visa like anyone would normally do and I was just happily surprised to get a multiple entry visa good for 3 years. 🙂 Both me and my cousin have previous Korean tourist visas, we got one in 2011 so I’ve only been to Korea once. Some of the information I’ve read on the internet says that you must have traveled to Korea at least 4 or 5 times in the last 2 years so I thought it would be impossible for me to get multiple entry. So, before I went to their embassy in Manila (no need for appointments), I had to get all my papers ready so I won’t have to cram. These were the documents I submitted:


  • Fully filled out Application form (download it here). Don’t leave anything blank, put N/A if for information you don’t need to fill out.
  • 1 piece Passport size colored picture (attached to the application form)
  • Original Passport (valid for more than 6 months)
  • Photocopy of Passport Bio Page (page 2)
  • Original and Photocopy of valid visas and arrival stamps to OECD member countries for the past 5 years (if applicable, and Korean visas will not be counted). For a list of OECD member countries, you can click here.
  • Photocopy of Business Registration from SEC or DTI
  • Photocopy of Business Permit or Mayor’s Permit
  • Original Bank Certificate (not Bank Statement)
  • Photocopy of ITR (Income Tax Return) or Form 2316


Mine were requirements for Filipino Businessmen. If you are an employee or a student, there are different requirements.


So, it’s time to submit my application and the address is listed below. It’s about 5-10 minutes walking distance from SM Aura. NOTE: Visa Applications are processed from 9am – 11am, Monday-Friday except Holidays. REPUBLIC OF KOREA EMBASSY in the PHILIPPINES 122 Upper McKinley Road, McKinley Town Center, Fort Bonifacio, Taguig city 1634, Philippines Make sure to bring an ID since you need to sign up at the front and get a guest pass in exchange of your ID. If you’re in a group, you’re only required one ID but just bring one anyway to be sure.


Once you’re in the premises, you just show your documents to the guard and get a number. Since we have an OECD member country visa in the last 5 years, we were given a number for Window 3. There is only one number given to us since we were submitting our application together. On our first visa application when we didn’t have an OECD member country visa in the last 5 years, we queued at Window 1. We came in at around 10am. Once our number showed up on the screen, me and my cousin approached the window and submitted the papers. The lady checked them, then we were given a paper with a stub and a date. We were informed to come back in 3 days. Before leaving, I asked the guard if we need anything to present since I won’t be there when we have to pick up our passports, only my cousin will be there. He said none, only the stub they provided would be good. We were out of there around 10:30am. It was really quick. They were very efficient in handling all that.


NOTE:  Processing Time: 3 working days (for those who have visas of OECD member countries) and 5 working days (for those who do not have visas of OECD member countries) Visa Fee: 59 days (or less) stay in Korea — GRATIS (FREE!!!) 60 to 90 days stay in Korea — PHP1,350.00

Fast forward to 3 days: Pick up time for visas is from 2-4pm only. We got our visa and we’re now looking forward to winter in Korea. This would be my cousin’s first time to see snow. 🙂






Toyoko Inn Hotel Station 1 (Busan Station)
Gamcheon Cultural Village, Nampodong,
PIFF, Famous Hotteok stand
Shinsegae and Lotte for a bit
Gwangan Bridge
Haeundae Beach
Spa Land at Shinsegae Mall
KTX Train to Seoul
Hotel Icon in Insadong
Bukchon Hanok Village
Lotte Department Store and Myeongdong
Jogyesa Temple
Bongchu Chicken in Myeongdong
Youth Avenue
Ehwa Women’s University
Kwangjang Market
Last minute pasalubong shopping at Insadong
fly back home

2011 SEOUL

Namsan / North Seoul Tower
Gyeongbokgung Palace
Cheonggyecheon Stream
Artsy Hongdae – Hello Kitty Cafe
Trick Art Museum
Korean Cute Picture Booth Experience
Getting a Hair Cut in Korea
Coffee Prince Cafe
Karaoke the korean way
Nami Island
Lotte World
Ehwa Woman’s Universtiy
Han River
Myeongdong again.

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  • Hi there!
    My family is planning to apply for Korean visa as a group. DO you think it’s okay for just 1 of us to come personally to the embassy to submit the documents? Thank you!

  • Hi. Just curious. I have travelled to US in 2011 and the visa also expired in 2011. Can I still submit it to get the Korean tourist visa? It is within the last 5 years but the visa is already expired.

  • Hi! We are travelling as a group, however my siblings are still students. We have completed the requirements of my mom since she is here with us, my dad is still on board and can’t come with us. Will the documents of my Mom are enough for the visa application of my siblings? Thanks in advance.

    • Hi Ria,

      In the past 5 years, I’ve had the Schengen, UK, Canada and Japan visas. No, I didn’t pay for it. I didn’t even apply for the multiple entry visa. 🙂

  • Hi! Just wondering if you paid anything to get a multiple entry visa. I checked the korean embassy website and they posted that they require 4000+ pesos to get a multiple entry visa…Im so curious coz you got it without actually applying to get a multiple entry are so lucky..:)

    • Hi Patricia,

      No i didn’t pay to get multiple entry visa. I actually just applied for a regular single entry one and I was really surprised that they gave me multiple entry for 3 years. Yes, i am very lucky indeed! 🙂

  • hello! your blog is very helpful… I want to travel to S. Korea but kind of worried because I just resigned from work last year after getting married and having a child. This means I have no ITR or COE to present at the embassy. I just have a bank account with sufficient funds and a husband who works abroad. Also, I had a 1 year UK visa on 2010. Can you tell me what to do please? Thanks

    • Hi Mari,

      Thank you for visiting my blog. 🙂 I’m not really sure about your situation. On their website, they only list the requirements for business owners, employees and students. But people with similar situation might come across your comment here and can give you advice. 🙂

    • Hi Mari, you can try to apply for tourist visa. I visited the UK before and I don’t have a job but showed them my bank statements from my husband’s income who worked abroad too. I was approved for 59 days and it’s free anyway so it won’t really hurt you!!

  • My husband and I are planning to apply this July. Can one person submit the requirements and receive them as well?

  • Hi we are planning to visit SK this december what if I applied for a visa earlier for example this july will the free visa (59 days) still be valid by december?

      • Hi,how to apply multiple entry visa in South Korea,I’m hir in Dubai,but I went in South Korea last month for visit visa only,but I want to get multiple visa,???

    • Hi bell,

      If you read my blog post, you can look at what I’ve submitted. Flight itinerary and hotel booking is not required for the Korean tourist visa so I did not submit it.

  • hello! i just want to ask if they interviewed you on your first application of visa for S.korea, or did they told you to come back for the interview?

    • Hi sheila,

      They did not really interview us. We just submitted our papers. They probably asked like one question and I forgot what it was, maybe purpose of travel. Someone else could have submitted our papers but I just wanted to submit it myself just in case there were any problems. 🙂

  • good evening po.
    ano po ung dapat na isubmit po sa korean embassy pag nag aplay po ng multiple visa? Salamat po.

    • Hi rizaldy,

      If you look at the application form, wala naman nakalagay dun to indicate if single or multiple entry ang aapplyan unlike other visa applications. So, wala din nakaspecify sa requirements. Isa lang na general list of requirements ang meron, depende na lang kung employed ka, may business or student. You can check their website para sa eksaktong requirements. Ang mga link nandito naman sa blog post. 🙂

  • Makakakuha po kaya ako ng multiple visa? 20 yrs. old po ako tas isa pa lang po tatak ng passport ko sa thailand and 200k+ po ang laman ng bank account ko tapos nag wowork po ako sa call center . Salamat po

    • Hi Madz,

      Korean embassy lang ang makakapagdecide kung sino ang bibigyan nila ng multiple entry visa. Hindi ko din alam ang criteria nila.

  • if you travel at least once to korea… and get a new visa.. they will give u a multiple entry for 3 yrs.. after that if that expires and get a new one. as long as you have used it at least once ulit.. then ul get a 5 yrs multiple entry 😀

    • I’m not sure if this applies to all. Pareho lang kami ng pinsan ko na nakatravel once sa korea pero ako lang binigyan ng 3 years multiple. 🙂

  • hi, i read in a blog that it’s okay not to submit bank certificate as long as you have ITR and COE, wla savings kakatravel. lol

    • Hi Engl Castle,

      There is not set amount recommended to have on your bank account. Some people little but they get a visa, and some people have a lot but don’t get a visa or vice versa so it’s really their discretion. My advice is it is good to have money that shows you can cover your trip cost unless someone else is paying for it.

  • Hi ask ko Lang I had a friend with visa single entry 59 days,issue date(07/14/14) ; final entry date(10/14/14), pumunta sya last sept 6,2014 hang gang kelan sya magstay Sa Korea dahil gusto nya umuwi Sa Nov 2 pa nagustuhan niya climate run at watch nya Asian games, question niya masisita b sya Sa Korean immigration dhil Oct 14 final entry date nya or 59 days ang susundin Nov 3 please give some advise

    • Hi maris,

      Pagkakaintindi ko sa last entry date ng 10-14-14 is yun ang last day na pwede ka pumasok sa south korea. Then 59 days from your entry pero hindi din ako sure. Mas ok siguro tawagan mo mismo ang Korean embassy para mas sigurado ang sagot. If you can let us know din pag nalaman mo, that would be helpful. 🙂

  • Hi! I am planning to go to Korea with my parents. Only my mom has an ITR and certificate of employment. Do we need to have 3 original copies of the certificate of employment (1 for my mom, 1 for my dad, and another for me), or can we just photocopy the original certificate of employment? Same with the bank certificate, should we have more than 1 original copy of the bank certificate, one for each of us three? Thanks in advance. =)

    • Hi Mark,

      If the only one with a certificate of employment is your Mom, then I would guess sa kanya lang yun. Sabay-sabay naman kayo magpass ng applications. Ang bank certificate ba kanino nakapangalan? Isa lang ba yang account na yan? Kung kanino man yung account, dun lang siya applicable. Kung ang mom mo ang magbabayad for the trip, I think meron naman portion nun sa application pero hindi ako masyadong sigurado. 🙂

  • Hi,
    I’m currently working in uae, if i will get the tourist visa in korean emb uae can i depart/travel from philippines? What about my family we will travel together but my family is leaving in the philippines. (My son, 14yrs old)

    • Hi Abby,

      Yes you can depart/travel from the Philippines even if your visa was issued in uae. Is your family also getting a tourist visa in korean embassy uae? I’m not sure about your question. Since your son is underage, he should be traveling with a parent or get a dswd clearance.

  • Hi, I am wondering, do they put a stamp on your passport when you submit your documents? I am worried, because in Norwegian Embassy, they put a stamp on your passport during the submission of docs. So when you get denied, even if it’s not reflected there, it may affect the next application to another country. Do they put anything on the page of the passport? or the passport comes out clean even when you get denied?

    • Hi merigenc,

      They do not stamp your passport on submission of documents. I am not sure about denials since I don’t personally know of anyone who has been denied.

      I also have a stamp from a country I submitted my application to. I was not denied since I withdrew my application and the stamp is still there. I get asked about it sometimes on interviews and I just casually tell them about it. I don’t think it has severely affected any of my visa applications so far. 🙂

  • Hello! I’ve read your post and all comments: Just one question, what if you will be travelling with friends and not all of them have ITRs and Certificate of Emoloyment?

    • Hi JC,

      I’m not sure about that. Maybe it would be better to call them directly about it or maybe someone here with a similar experience can answer that. I’m sorry. I hope you can also share with us when you find out. 🙂

  • Question.. pano pag d pa aq mkpag provide ng itr kc d pa month ng filling.. my expected date n kc mi ng alis un nlng prob ko sa requiremnt ko ung itr. Training allwances lng qq after ng grad ko kya ngaun lng aq ngrun ng tin..

    • Hi ruby,

      pasensiya na, hindi ko din alam. so far, wala pa akong kilala na nagsubmit without itr pero baka meron makabasa nito dito at kapareho mo ang situation. 😉

      • I was approved a single entry sa Korea, but I did not submit an ITR, only bank cert and SEC reg and business permit

  • Good day po!tanong ko lang po sana dati po nakapunta n ko ng Korea last 2007 bale 59 days lang po nag stay po ako ng 1month and 2 weeks..tatanong ko lang po kung pede pa rin ako msg apply?ano ano po kaya ang kaylangan ko i submit?

  • Hi!

    May multiple entry visa ako to Korea that will expire in 2019. Kaso my passport will expire in 2016. How do I transfer the visa to my renewed passport? Did you encounter this problem?

    • Hi bobbyandrachel,

      You don’t transfer it. Valid pa rin yan. Naka-attach lang old passport mo with the visa sa new passport. But you can always check with the embassy para sure. 🙂

  • Hello hello!

    I read in your blog that you didn’t submit any Flight itinerary and hotel booking since is not required for the Korean tourist visa, but I read in some blogs that contact number of the place you’re staying is important. They call to confirm whether you made a reservation. Is it true? Did you make a reservation first or did you just pick a hotel/hostel and wrote it down the application form without reservation?

    • Hi kk,

      I always have a hotel booked. Yes, i think on the application form, they ask where you’re staying and the contact info. I’m not sure if they call to confirm your reservation. On you can always make reservations and cancel if you find a better place as long as the hotel allows free cancellations. 🙂

  • Hi!

    Thank you so much for all the infos.
    I am already married with 2 kids who’s grades 5 and 6. Do I still need to submit their school ID etc.

    Also I would like to ask, just incase you know, I always bring my sister when we travel to Asian countries. So far she already visited 3 countries.

    She doesn’t really have a job since she’s only staying with us and she helps me with the kids. She doesn’t have a bank account nor an ITR.
    We fund all her travel expenses. Do you think she can get a VISA.

  • Re transfer of visa. I also have a visa that will expire 2017 but i had my passport renewed Am flying this June to Seoul and I was thinking na pwede dalhin lang un old passport to show your visa. But sa site ng sk embassy it says you need to transfer it. So nagguluhan ako what to do. It’s difficult to contact korean embassy so I might as well visit the embassy. Unless someone has already encountered this before and can give light on this matter? Thanks!

    • Hi,

      It would be nice if someone who has experienced that can let us know. If you do find out, I hope you don’t mind sharing it here so I can update this post. 🙂

  • Hello Ms. Ems
    Ask ko lang po kung ano po yung nilagay nyo sa application form no. 19 Business phone number and no.20 Name and address of present employer. Since for businessmen po yung sinubmit nyong requirement.
    Then pag more than one po yung business is it okay to submit one nalang?
    Thank you so much Ms. Ems 🙂

    • Hi Trish,

      I don’t know about multiple businesses and yes, I only submitted one. Yung sa no. 19, linagay ko lang phone number ko at sa no. 20, the name of my business at address.

  • Hi. My bf and I are going to SK soon. Since he is a freelance photographer, wala sya ITR and COE. Because of that we are planning na ilagay nya sa application nya na ako ung mag shoulder ng expenses nya sa trip,

    1. do we have to provide 2 orig COE’s and Bank Docs?
    2. Does he need to provide din yung bank docs nya kahit ako naman mag shoulder ng expenses nya?
    3. Since we have no way to prove relationship, ano dapat addtl docs? Or wala naman?
    3. And also, dapat ba may date sa bank doc. kung kailan ini-open yung account?


    • Hi Viv,

      1. It would be better since 2 individual applications pa rin yan.
      2. Kung meron, provide it.
      3. Wala naman but you can write a cover letter explaining things pero I don’t know if they will accept that.
      4. Usually wala date sa bank doc kung kailan na-open, only the current balance pero siguro depende din sa banko.

  • Hello again ms. Ems, I just got the result of my application but it was denied. I submitted all the requirements needed as a businesswoman naman, chineck nila sa paper na binigay nila sa akin the reason is I failed to prove the purpose of entry to korea. Pero yung kasama ko po na student same Lang naman kami ng nilagay ng purpose of entry naaprove po. Is it okay kaya na mag send ako ng email sa embassy? Next month na po sana kasi ang flight namin

    • Hi Trish,

      I’m sorry to hear that. Did you apply at the same time? Or magkaibang time kayo nagapply? I don’t know how to make an appeal or when you can re-apply again. Someone who might read your comment here may have the answer. 🙂

        • Goodevening. I just received the invitation from the organizer of the photo exhibit in Korea. Since member ako doon at may entries ako can i still re apply kahit na denied visa ko.?

          • Hi hipreas,

            I really don’t know the specifics to be honest. I just searched in your behalf and found on a blog that once you are denied, you have to wait 6 months to reapply. I don’t know how true that is. You have to check with the embassy of South Korea to be sure. 🙂

  • My 2 daughters, husband and I have a US visa (10 year multiple) and we went to the States last year, I was told that it was going to be easy
    for us to get a Korean Visa. But my worry is, I wanted to bring my sister with us. We have traveled together with my sister since 2009 and we’ve been
    to 6 Asian country’s that doesn’t require a visa.
    So the day came and I submitted all our application forms and all the requirements. By the way my sister is not working since 2008 ever since my mum got sick. She was the one who took care of my mum ( mum passed away last 2009). Since then my sister has been with me and helped me in raising my kids.
    My husband is the only one working so I was really anxious about this whole application thing because I want my sister to be able to visit Korea.
    So what I did was, I made sure that I submitted all the application forms altogether. My sister was supposed to submit hers in Window 1, but I tried to submit all the application forms in window 3. My purpose was, for the consul to see that we are all travelling as a group/family.

    The consul accepted all the application forms! That was the first step but was still terrified about all the what ifs.
    The day came……………………………………………
    we all got a VISA!!!!! HOOOORRRRAY!
    Goodness I almost fell down on my knees and got teary eyed. Am so happy my sister can visit Korea with us!!!!

    I am sharing this story for other people to find hope. That there is always a possibility. That impossible is just an opinion.

    Good luck to everyone!!!!!!!
    See you Korea!!!!!!

  • Same time kami nag apply pero magkaiba po kami ng window. Then nung release na ako nalang yung kumuha ng passport namin. At first nung ni rerelease ng consul yung passport ko Wala syang sinasabi if denied ako, then nung nakita nya na may kukunin pa akong passport bigla nyang sinabi the other one got denied, siguro she taught na mag isa lang ako magvavacation nung nireview nila that’s why I failed to prove my purpose of entry. Gusto ko sana bumalik dun sa consul kaso ang daming nasa pila

    • Siguro nga akala niya magsia ka lang. As much as possible, mas maganda sana kung magkakasabay kayo magapply. Pwede naman na isa lang ang magsubmit for multiple applications.

      • Ms.ems, my passport will expire on may 2016 and i would like to apply Korean visa next month april 2015. Will they give me also a multiple entry even if my passport will expire next year? I’ve been in Korea once, also i travelled to UK,Italy and canada. Thank you for your reply.

        • Hi Grace,

          I don’t know if they will give you a multiple entry visa if your passport will expire soon or because you’ve already been there and to any other country. It’s their discretion. 🙂

  • Hi Ms. Ems , Good day po , this is the first time that i will apply for a visa. Hindi ko po alam gagawin ko, PLEASE HELP ME PO 🙁 , maraming what if’s po. I’m planning to apply a tourist visa, My bf was deployed in korea and he invited me to go there even just a week. He will shoulder all my expenses since i didn’t open a bank account yet and i don’t have ITR. hindi ko po alam kung makakapasa ako or madedeny. ang alam ko po pag deny ka makakapag apply after 6 months. He will send an invitation letter pero nawawalan po ako ng pag asa na makakapasa ako. 🙁

    Salamat po.

    • Hi angela,

      I don’t know what kind of help you need. Ang advice ko lang is make sure the documents you submit are complete. I’ve had people comment here who had bfs who were deployed in korea too and they got their visas, maybe you can ask them specific questions if you have any. Wala kasi ako masyado alam tungkol dyan. Good luck and take one step at a time para hindi ka maoverwhelm. 🙂

  • Nice post. 🙂

    So if multiple entry ang binigay, iba iba din pala ang length of visa validity? Kasi I have a friend whose visa is valid for 5 years and yours is for 3 years. And also, correct me if I am wrong, mas konti ang allowed days ng period of stay if multiple ang binigay?

    • Hi James,

      Thanks for visiting my blog. 🙂 Sa tingin ko depende kung kailan ka nagapply. I think nung nagapply ako 3 years lang binibigay pero later 5 years na. Parang sa Japan visa. There was a time they would only give it for 2 years but later they made it 5 years. Don’t quote me on this. Sa tingin ko lang ito. Haha. Sa period of stay, hindi ko sure. 59 days yata yung previous single entry ko at 30 days itong sa multiple ko. Hindi ko din alam kung yan ang normal nila. Di ko pa nacompare sa iba. 🙂

  • Hi Ms. Ems,
    I just can’t find any answer on the net and I came across your blog. I currently have a multiple visa. I went to SK last year and will be going back this Spring. Would you happen to know if there’s anything else I need to do or process, or am I good to go with my multiple visa and ticket?

    Hope to hear from you soon,
    Danna 🙂

  • Hello! I’m planning to visit South Korea next month. I just want to ask, is there any chance of someone applying for a multiple entry visa despite not having traveled to Korea in the past? Or can I apply for a double entry visa? Please help me out. Your blog is extremely well informed. Thanks in advance ^^

    • Hi Pri,

      All the people I know that have received multiple entry korean tourist visa have been there before. I did not really apply for a multiple entry, they just gave it to me. Do you need to go there a few times for multiple entry? I think you might need to explain that if you request for double entry. 🙂

  • Hi Ems,

    1 quick question, my mother is in province now, can i apply for the visa on behalf of her? since i will also apply for my own SK visa.

  • Hi ms. Ems, i’ve submitted my application last wednesday.. May cases ba na hindi sila nagveverify sa employer? Kasi until now hindi pa din sila tumatawag sa company.. Bakit kaya.. Huhu! Im hopeless.. Sa wednesday ako babalik para malaman result.. Sobrang gusto ko talaga makapunta ng korea..

    • Hi Marienor,

      Yung second time na nagapply yung pinsan ko, hindi naman ata sila nagverify sa employer. Nung first application, nagverify sila. Good luck! 🙂

  • Hi ms. ems,

    my family, four of us, is planning to apply for Korean visa next week.
    we are applying as a family/group. Does that mean that we need 4x copy of my parent’s original bank certificate &bank statements? and complete individually all the requirements even we are going to submit it in one window?

    Thank you 🙂

    • Hi Sharmaine,

      I would at least have a xerox copy ready for each application and just note that the original is with the parents. That’s what I would do but I’m not sure if that’s correct. 🙂

    • Hi sharmaine! Ganyan din kami. Im about to submit the requirements tom
      But husband ko lang ang may original bank statement. Samin ng son ko photocopies lang.. May i know if your application turned out well? 🙂 🙂 thanks!


  • Ang lungkot.. Denied na naman application ko.. For the 2nd time.. Rebook na naman plane ticket.. Na-submit ko naman lahat.. Employed ako at the same time may business din.. But then, failed to proof the purpose of entry daw..

  • No po.. With my husband, son and niece.. Hindi ko lang magets kung ano bang kailangang proof ng purpose of entry.. Dahil kaya nilagay ko “undecided” sa address?

  • Di ba po pag hindi pa naman sure kung san pupunta pwedeng undecided ung ilagay.. Yun po ung nakalagay sa likod ng form..

    • Usually kasi mga turista before pa sila pumunta, may idea na kung saan magstay. Sa mga kakilala ko na nagapply at nakakuha ng visa, they usually put a hotel name for the address sa form. Hindi din natin alam kung yun nga ang dahilan ng pagkadeny or iba pa. Iba-iba din kasi ang circumstance ng bawat aplikante at syempre discretion nila sino gusto nila bigyan ng visa. 🙂

      • Hi Ms. Marienor. I agree with Ms. ems. Not having an address could be a small thing and it may not be the sole reason, but it may give them a doubt of your purpose of entry. More so starting this year, they’re became stricter.

  • Hi there!

    Actually I don’t think that the reason is bec. of the “undecided” place to stay. When we applied for our korean visa, by the way there were 5 of us,:, my 2 kids, my husband, me and my sister. My husband is the only one employed.
    We still haven’t decided yet where to stay so I wrote “undecided” on the form.
    Well, i thought we had to secure our visa first before anything else right?

    As soon as we got all our visas, that’s the time we started booking for flights and accomodation. I don’t know, i might be wrong but thats how it was sa amin.

    As soon as we

  • Hmmm.. Thank u po sa inyo.. But im desperate.. May nakapag-apply na kaya ulit ng passport in less than 6 months after madeny?

  • Me too.. I just got my visa yesterday and to my surprise, it was multiple entry with 3 years validity. This is my 1st time to apply for korean visa by the way.

    I even have no idea that they offer multiple entry visa for 1st timer in korea.. 🙂

    • Hi! How were you able to get a multiple visa being a first timer in Korea? 😀 like is it because of the company, or the amount in the bank, or the job? 😊

        • Thanks for replying so quickly! 😀
          I got my passport today and I was denied Visa the second time already, with the same reason that I failed to prove purpose of entry!
          I don’t really get it, the first time I applied I was a student, and I would understand why they had to deny me because I didn’t submit financial documents, but this time I’m already employed and submitted complete requirements and all, with my bank acct exceeding those that others state to have who were approved of Visa, yet was still denied!
          Would you have any idea what their grounds are for denying applicants with complete reqms and full capacity to finance the trip to their country?
          I’m just so confused! I mean, there should be standards and merits, right?!

          • Hi Chemi,

            My only guess would be maybe you have too much on your bank account? It may not be believable for them that a recent graduate could have that much? Again, I’m just guessing. I really have no idea how they process applications. I understand that it can be frustrating especially when they don’t specify what it was that got you a denial. I know friends of friends who you would think would get a visa and still got denied. Maybe they became more strict with issuing visas after the time I applied? 😛

          • Yes, it is frustrating. It’s just that I don’t even know how should I present myself to get my visa approved next time, when I’m being honest and truthful with my documents and requirements. Like the next time I apply for Visa, I would be giving the same set of requirements, and what? I’ll get denied again?! Sigh.

  • hi I’m planning to get a Korean visa with my family is it ok to apply now even if we will leave next year? For the purpose to get cheap tickets since we have direct flight from kalibo

    • I don’t think that’s a good idea. Usually the validity of the visa is within 3 months of issue if they give you a single entry. You don’t know if they will give you a multiple entry visa.

  • Hi!

    I just read your blog today. Good job on getting a multiple entry Visa!

    I applied for a Korean Visa through a travel agency and unfortunately we were denied because accdg to the embassy, we failed to prove the purpose of entry to Korea. I indicated “Leisure” on the purpose of entry and I didn’t understand why we were denied with that. I guess if I were to suggest, I’d advise hopefuls to apply personally so if the consul has any questions with your application, you can explain it to them priperly before leaving the embassy. I an so unlucky, I should’ve just submitted my application personally.

    Anyway, would you know if it’s possible to appeal for the denial of the Visa? Because I think it’s a misunderstanding and I wish to clarify in hope that they review our application again. If I can submit an appeal, how and where should I send? Who should I talk to?

    Kamsaheyo! Please let me know if you replied to this comment by sending me an email.

    • Hi Ija,

      Thanks for reading my blog. 🙂 Sorry, I don’t know the process of submitting an appeal. I think you cam reapply again personally after a certain time. Maybe the appeal is if you want to appeal the recent decision right away. 🙂

  • hello after how many weeks of hurdles.. heheh.. joke.. i finally got the visa.. gusto ko lang pong ask if magpapabook ako ng tiket… is it ok if magpabook ako with aliz 1 ang a half month ung pagitan ng entry date till departure? hnd po ba ako masisita ng immigration.. sins 59days namn po ung validity ng visa 😉 thank you po.

    • Hi Karen,

      Congrats Karen! 🙂 Ewan ko lang kung masisita ka o hindi pero you can tell them naman na ang plan mo magstay for 1 and a half month since valid naman ang visa mo for 59 days. 🙂

  • Hi tanong ko lang po mag aaply kc ng multiple visa to korea. Saan ako magbabayad sa embassy din po ba?? In cash??

    • It’s free for less than 59 days. I just don’t know how you pay if you request more days. Probably in the premise as well and yes in peso.

  • hello sis ems 😀😀 sorry for the late rep. i just book the 59 days visa.. the immig.(phils) u know sobrang daming tanong haha.. cguro i got stuck der almost 45 mins. super intervw. fortunately i had my supporting dox with me.. then voila .. they did their thing.. and here i am 😀😀..

  • will our application be approved we will travel on march 2016 to incheon (me, husband and 2 kids) if i am the only one who has certificate of employment or itr as government employee, my husband dont have itr nor employed however we are financially capable theres no problem with other req such as bank cert etc.

    • I don’t know if anyone can be approved. If you will travel in march 2016, please check on when you can apply because the validity of the visa might be limited.

  • Hi, Ms. Ems! Planning to apply for visa just two weeks before my flight (due to scheduling reasons), do you think it would be a problem? Since 5 working days lang naman, I am hoping na hindi siya makaka-affect… Thank you in advance!! 🙂

    • Hi Jeanne, we also applied a short time before our trip previously and we got it in time so It shouldn’t be a problem unless their machine broke down or something – that might cause a delay. Apply as soon as possible. Good luck! 🙂

  • Hi.. Tanong ko Lang po kelan ulit pwd mag apply for tourist visa? We went der last apr20 and just got back last June 12.. Do we need to wait for specific number of months?Thank u so much

  • Hi, I’m planning to visit SK in the next few months. I work as a freelance editor. Can I still apply as an employee an just ask one of my clients to provide me with a certificate? thanks. 🙂

  • Hi,

    May I ask, will they going to have an interview during the application? If there is, what are the possible questions would be?thanks.

    • It’s not exactly an interview since anyone can actually submit your application on your behalf. They’ve never really asked me any question personally. My cousin was asked once what her purpose for her travel was.

  • Hi! This is regarding the visa for businessmen. In my case, I’m a fresh graduate kasi and my dad is a businesman. Can I apply under the visa for businessmen and use the papers from our business? At unemployed ako as of now.

    • Hi Scarlett,

      As I understand it, it should be your own business, under your name. If your dad is applying, then it would apply to him. Not as an extension to you. So, I don’t know if you can use the papers from your dad’s business for your own application.

  • Hi,Ask ko lang poh bakiT kaya na Dinied young visa ko purposed to entry to korea,,
    Sinagot ko Nman na dalawin ko lang fiancé ko,bf ko Nman nang invited sa akin Papunta doon,

    • Hi Cherry,

      Pasensya na hindi ko alam bakit nadeny ang application mo, ang korean embassy lang makakaalam nyan. Hindi ko din alam if they give you a reason for the refusal.

  • Hello,

    I have a girlfriend in Cebu Philippines. I am an American contractor working in South Korea. I really want her to come live with me. I love her and miss her so much.
    She went to apply for her tourist visa and they said she needed a bank account for at least 3 months. So I helped her open one. Now I’m reading that she needs it for 6 months. I hope this isn’t true.
    Also, is there a better faster way to get her here with me. I can write a letter inviting her. I have plenty of money in my account to show that I will pay for her travel and things. I just wish it was easier for her to come see me and a faster way to get her visa.

    Thank you in advance,


    • Hi Shaun,

      I checked on the Korean embassy website and the bank statement/passbook is still for the last 3 months at present. So far, there is no option for a foreigner inviting another foreigner in Korea. It is only by a personal invitation from a Korean or a Company. Maybe she can try joining a group tour from a reputable travel agency or asking for their assistance. I just don’t know if they give you limited number of days for that or the standard 30 or 59 days. Good Luck with you two! 🙂

      * If personally invited by Korean
      . Invitation Letter
      . Photocopy of invitor’s Passport or Identification Card
      (authentication not required)

      * If invited by Company in Korea
      . Invitation Letter
      . Photocopy of Korean Company Business Permit
      (authentication not required)

      • Thank you so much for your fast reply!
        Sounds like she only needs the bank account open for 3 months. That is good news for us. This comment and all of your other posts were very helpful!

    • Hi,

      The requirement is: Bank Statement (original or certified true copy of bank statements/passbook for the last 3 months). 🙂

        • I think if you go often, there is a higher chance to get a multiple visa. 🙂 Inggit ako nasa Korea ka next week! Sama ako. Hehe. Enjoy your trip.

  • Hi @morefunwithems..matanong ko lng ung chemi.. Twice na denied ung visa niya? What type of visa ba ung inaplayan niya? If employed ka, importante ang content ng iyong COE. Pls be guided dun sa mga details what to include. Is there someone ba na nag invite sau from korea? Do u have any korean relatives or friends here?. Dpat ung bank account mo atleast 6 months k ng open bago ka mag apply… O atleast ung pera mo nkadeposit atleast 1 month before ka hmingi ng bank statement at certificate…importante ung dlwa na yan… kc dun nila yan tntngnan kng kelan ka ng deposit at nag open ng account. Dapat mging visible dun ang outstanding balance,ung date kng kelan k nag open at huling ngdeposit. Minsan kc ung ibng bank n d nka specify… Sa ITR mo naman.. May tax kbang bnayaran? Dpat dun ka magrequest sa finance dept ng cmpany para sa ITR mo. Since employed ka its their job. Wait ano pala purpose of travel mo? My mga options naman na e checheck lng sa box…dpat lhat ng nakalagay dun sagutan mo.. N/A ang ilagay mo if not applicable. E specify mo din kng ilang days ka magstay sa korea and i would suggest in ur case two weeks is enaf. Keep trying maaaprove din yan! Double check every details before submitting it. Just pray first before u go to the embassy thats the best thing u can do….keep trying!

  • Hey, Chemi here.

    Yup, visa was denied twice. It’s a tourist visa. My COE contained all necessary information except HR’s office number and email address because the HR refuses to give the contact details, they told me that the other employees who they made COE for don’t have contact details as well, and they were approved naman so they know it’s okay.

    I don’t have someone who invited me to go there, I’m just really going for a vacation on my own. I have friends in Korea, but I don’t think I need to ask for an invitation from them just to go to Korea, as my visit naman has nothing to do with them. Lol

    And yes, my bank acct is really old. My bank statement reflected when it was made and my average daily balance, as well. They’d know it’s been there for a long time.

    As per my ITR, yes I’m paying my tax and I asked for a certified true copy from my accountant (not from my current HR because I’m new at my job), since nawawala at that time yung original ITR ko.

    Purpose of travel is tourism. I’m suppose to stay there for 5 days lang.

    I answered everything naman. Maybe a portion I might left blank would be the marital status area where you have to check if married, divorce, etc. I noticed they didn’t have a “single” box so I didn’t tick off anything yet and waited to ask the guard, until I forgot to clarify that and forgot to answer, so I accidentally left it blank.

    One more reason na naiisip ko is because of yung kasama ko dapat sa travel. We were supposed to submit together but hindi na tinanggap ng embassy yung application nya, pero yung sa akin, natanggap. I wrote his name as someone I’ll be traveling with, and maybe they look it up on their system if this person has visa or also applying visa, and they saw na the name I wrote doesn’t have visa and not applying visa (because they didn’t accept his application), and just denied my application. Or whatever. Lol

    I don’t know. Wala na akong gana actually to travel Korea. Not planning to travel there anytime soon, so yeah. Lol I just don’t really get the embassy, on how some people get approved and some people with the same qualifications don’t. Magulo eh. And nakaka-confuse for people like me who get denied. Lalo pa na they don’t give exact and concrete reasons as to why you get denied.

    Thanks for the advices, Vhon!

  • denied din visa application ko.failure to prove purpose of entry daw to korea.nagapply ka pa ba third time? were u granted a visa

  • hi po .possible po ba magapply ng korean visa kung wala ako coe. exempted na ako sa itr kasi i have a bdo titanium . possible ako magrant 3-5 years multiple entry since its an elite credit card and kasali sya sa promo. problem ko is wala ako coe. but i have enough funds in my bank account.

      • hi extended po until dec 2016 promo according to korean embassy website.btw I only read na itr and bank certificate po exempted when holding a gold or elite bdo/bpi credit card. di ko po alam na exempted rin pala coe? plan ko rin po magsubmit ng bank statement and certificate since sufficient naman po adb ko. coe lang talaga wala ako.

          • Hi ms.ems…pano poh ako mkakakuha Ng multiple visa?andito poh ako sa dubai?pero galing nah ako sa Korea last month,binisita koh Ng koh dun,Kso gusto koh sya mkasama Ng matagal,at gusto koh rin mgstay Ng mtgal dun,so I want to get multiple visa?pwd poh bng humingi Ng tulong?please,tnx poh

          • Hi Jackyline,

            Actually nagapply ako for single entry lang pero ang embassy ang nagbigay ng multiple entry visa sa akin. Hindi ko sya inapplyan. Hindi din ako familiar if you are applying from Dubai. You can also look into the BDO credit card promo for South Korea multiple entry visa if you have one. Ito lang ang makita kong link sa internet about multiple entry visa sa South Korea embassy sa Dubai pero hindi nga sya clear.


  • San koh poh Kya pwdng kunin un mga requirements?30 days Lang kc ang visa nah inapplyan koh last month eh,Kya gusto koh Ng mtgal at mkakuha Ng multiple visa?

    • Nandun naman sa embassy website ang mga requirements. Nabanggit mo na galing ka na dun so nagapply ka na before, similar lang naman siguro. 30 days lang talaga ang maximum stay kahit sa multiple entry visa. 🙂

  • Prang nabanggit moh kc nah nkakuha kah Ng multiple visa tpos nagstay kah Ng 3 yrs,so gusto koh sna Ng gnun?

    • I think namisinterpret mo lang. 🙂 Binigyan ako ng multiple entry visa, valid siya for 3 years. It means na within 3 years valid ang tourist visa hindi yung pagstay. Pag tinignan mo yung picture ng visa, nakalagay dun yung period of sojourn which is 30. Yun yung maximum days na pwede magstay. Within 3 years, pwede ako magpabalik balik dun pero each time hanggang 30 days lang pwede magstay. 🙂

  • Aww… Co-EXO-L… You can go to their concerts ’til next year T-T
    Unfortunately, mine got denied last May. I’ll be applying again next year. Hope it would get approved na. I submitted all requirements but still got denied. Reason is failed to prove purpose of entry. Any tips for my next application? 😀

    • Hi Kris,

      I’m sorry to hear that. Did you submit a good itinerary? Or maybe tickets if you are going to an event or concert? Is this your first time out of the country? I hope you would have better luck next year. 🙂

  • I have a valid 3 year multiple-entry Korean visa on an expiring passport. I am going to renew my passport this month and has a planned travel to Korea by October.

    Do I need to apply for a new visa? Or I’ll just bring my old passport together the valid Korean visa in it?

    • I know that as long as you have the valid visa on your old passport, you should bring it with the new passport. This happened to my cousin but with a schengen visa. She brought the old passport with the visa along with the new one and had no issue. For peace of mind, I would give the Korean embassy a call or email them to be sure. That’s what my cousin did, she emailed the embassy and printed that correspondence just in case she would run into any problem. 🙂


    DATE: SEPTEMBER 14-19 (2016)
    PRICE: P5000

    My friend’s Korean Visa was denied. Our flight is on September 14-19. And change of name is allowed in JinAir Arlines. Flight is from Clark airport to Incheon airport.
    So instead of not using the ticket we decided to sell it just for P5000 nalang po. two way napo. Sa mga may Multiple entry visa at ready to enter the korea, this is a good deal po. And we are changing our plans to go to Jeju island instead.

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