How I got my Japan Tourist Visa in the Philippines


UPDATE (MARCH 31, 2016): This is how I got my Japan Tourist visa in the Philippines. Also, this is what the new Japan visa looks like. The paper is matte. Whereas the one before is glossy. I think the old one is prettier because the flowers and the colors are more obvious. The new one has them but they are muted down. My cousin recently applied for one and they gave her multiple entry for 5 years. 🙂




NOTE: You can also read about my most recent (2015) Japan Tourist visa in the Philippines application here: How to Apply for a Japanese Tourist visa in the Philippines

I’m so excited! This is a dream – come true. Honestly. Getting the Japan visa is probably one of the easier visa to acquire in my opinion since It doesn’t require too many things, probably next to the Korean visa among the visas I have applied for so far.



First things first is finding out what the requirements are for a Japan Tourist Visa and when to apply. A Japan Tourist visa is valid for 3 months from the day of issue and it has a validity of 15 days.

We found a really cheap airfare promo on Jetstar so we already have a specific date in April so we decided to apply in February just in case there would be problems or any issues, we can plan ahead. Also, we wanted to book hotels/hostels early to make sure we have a place to stay and not scramble for last minute accommodations like we did on a previous trip in South Korea because we only got our visa a few days before our flight.



Gather all the requirements for a Japan Tourist Visa. It can also be found here on their website. But these were the documents I submitted:

  • Philippine passport with at least 6 months validity. Broken lamination of the photo part is not accepted. Must have signature and have at least two (2) blank pages.
  • Visa Application form.
  • Photo with specifications here.
  • Birth Certificate of applicant. NSO Birth Certificates must have been issued within a year. If the Birth Certificate is late registered (like my cousin’s), we found out at the agency that you would also need to submit an original Baptismal Certificate and the original School Form 137A.
  • Marriage contract (if the applicant is married) – I’m not.
  • Daily Schedule in Japan.
  • Bank Certificate(s)
  • Income Tax Return – I brought the original one and a copy but they returned the original since they won’t be returning any documents to me. My cousin’s ITR was low because she didn’t work much the previous year. She just submitted an employment certificate and the most recent pay slip in addition to her latest ITR.
  • I also included a xerox copy of my DTI and Mayor’s permit.
  • Also submitted a printout of our Ticket and flight information as well as our hotel bookings.
  • I didn’t submit any of these since I won’t be visiting a friend who will be shouldering the expenses of my travel but if you are, you need to submit these: Documents or photos to prove relationship, invitation letter from guarantor in Japan, Residence Certificate (if Guarantor is Japanese), Foreign Registration Certificate from City Hall (if Guarantor is not Japanese), Guarantee Letter (must have handwritten signature), Income Certificate

Once you got all your documents ready and sorted out, the next step is choosing which agency you should submit your applications through. You cannot go directly to the Japan Embassy. There are about 5 agencies accredited by the Japan Embassy to process visa applications and are listed on their website.





A. For ANY visa application

Discovery Tour Inc.


NOTE: All Documents must be in A4 (My cousin was just there today 3/28/16 at the Dusit Thani office to submit her application and all her documents were not in A4 as posted in their office but they still allowed her to submit her papers even though they’re not in A4 paper but this is just a note so you’re aware. I’m not sure if that is the standard now for everyone or it’s just this particular travel agency. )



B. For application WITHOUT Japanese Guarantor


I went with Friendship Tours since they are the most accessible from the North in my opinion. I rode a Victory Liner Bus and asked the conductor to drop me off at Ayala and they stop really close to the Dusit Thani Hotel where Friendship Tour’s office is located on the 3rd floor. They also have really good processing rates. Japan Tourist Visa is free, you just have to pay the agency for processing it. Here is a link of their rates. We were really satisfied with their service. Friendship Manila’s agents were really courteous and helpful. We submitted our application on a Tuesday and got our confirmation on Friday.

Yay! I can’t believe I’m finally going to Japan! ^.^




My cousin was told that it will take 7 Business days. In my experience, it was 3 days. 🙂



Tourist Visa Application Requirements:



5 Easy Steps to Apply for a Japan Tourist Visa For Filipinos











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  • I applied my japan visa here in riyadh (OFW in KSA), since i have japanese relative sponsor who guaranteed me, they didnt even care about my bank statement i submitted, I also paid nothing since u can apply directly at japan embassy in riyadh. they will giv u receipt with the date & time to pickup ur passport and its after 3days from submission. so fast and easy.

    • Thanks for the information Paul! Yes, it seems easier to apply for visas in other countries. They require less documents. ^.^

      The Japanese Tourist visa is also free here in the Philippines but you would have to pay a processing fee to accredited agencies. I wish it was the same here. Everything’s better when it’s free. 🙂

    • Paul, im also working here in saudi and planning to apply the visa this december. My flight’s gonna be on feb 8 2015 but the ticket will come from Philippines. Do u think it’s okay to apply visa from here?

    • Paul, im also working here in saudi and planning to apply the visa this december. My flight’s gonna be on feb 8 2015 but the ticket will come from the Philippines. Do u think it’s okay to apply visa from here even our departure place is manila and not saudi arabia? And did they ask you for your birth certificate there in riyadh japan embassy?

      • Hi Dian, its ok to apply here even if your departure airport is manila as long as you can show them your ticket from KSA to Manila on top of your Manila-Japan ticket. Or you can provide them a dummy ticket reservation Saudi-Japan route (no direct flight, only via Korean air, Emirates, Qatar, Cathay pacific, etc), they dont actually require paid ticket, ticket reservation will do. Your travel date is on feb2015 so December is ok to apply, once they issue your visa, it will be valid immediately, you have to use it within 3months and you can stay only for 15 days single entry if you are a pinoy not residing in pinas (hope they can issue also multiple entry for pinoys abroad soon). They didnt asked me for birth cert but since my purpose is to visit relatives in japan, in order for me to establish that i presented my birth cert from NSO sent to me by my mom from manila. You can read my blog about my experience applying for japan visa at Japanese Embassy Riyadh, just click on my page. 🙂

    • balak ko sanang magapply din kasi may sister ako sa japan kaso papayagan ba kaya ako ng amo ko. ikaw madali kabang nakahingi ng approval ng amo mo? Dito ako sa jeddah

      • naguguluhan ako please sana may sumagot naman.pwede bako magapply dito sa japan embassy sa jeddah visiting my sister tapos sa manila ako manggagaling papuntang japan? nagaalala kasi ako na di ako payagan ng amo ko ng magbakasyon sa sister ko sa japan.kaya gusto ko malaman kung dito ako magapply then saatin ako bibili tiket tama ba? pls help me.

      • Hi Hazel, pwede ka po mag apply ng japan visa dito sa saudi even if your point of departure is manila as long as you can provide them your ticket JED-MNL-JED on top of other required documents. Regarding kung papayagan ka ng amo mo well depende yan sa pakiusap mo kase you need to ask him for your employment letter at exit/re-entry visa, syempre pag hindi ka nya binigyan ng employment letter at exit/re-entry visa ibig sabihin di sya payag at hindi ka pwede mag apply kapag wala ka ng mga documents na ito. In my case sa company namin lahat pinapayagan magbakasyon kahit sinong employee sa kahit saang bansa na gusto nilang puntahan. Lahat ng visa ko (Japan, US, Schengen etc.) ay issued from saudi kase dito ako based.

    • Hi,
      Im also working here in KSA, just want to ask is it ok n wla akong exit reentry visa?kc my company will provide that one only a day or two before my planning to apply for visit visa this march & my flight is on april pa. TIA

      • Pagwala ka pong maipakitang exit/reEntry visa, ung application mo will be considered incomplete and will not be processed. Ang pag apply ng US visa lang po dito sa saudi ang hindi nagreRequire ng exit/reEntry visa. Sa pag apply mo ng japan visa syempre need mo magrequest ng employment letter from your company, isabay mo na magrequest for exit/reEntry visa kase magiging useless pag apply mo kung wala ka nito.

      • Hi! Thanks for the response.ok n ung exit reentry visa ko & i’m planning to apply tomorrow s embassy. My iba p b n requirements n need besides dun s mga nk state s online? I completed everything n nklgay but i’m thinking bka my hingin p cla ibang documents. Thanks

      • Kung meron ka pong credit card, submit ka rin ng photocopy nito (front page only), japan visa requirement now is more relax than before kaya pag complete requirements mo based sa mga hiningi nila sa website ok na yon, good luck!

        • May tanong lang ako kung pumunta ba kayo sa japan embassy dito sa ksa at personal kayo nag inquire kung ano mga kailangang requirements or nagdownload lang kayo s website then saka nyo sinubmit ang lahat ng kailangang requirements. ?

      • Thanks for the help! Nakuha ko n ung visa ko after 3 working days.. Like what u said before, madali lng mg file bsta complete ung requirements. D n cla nghingi ng iba. Ng attach nlng dn ako ng copy ng passbook ko from my philippine bank account. 😊

  • I’m just wondering.. can I still apply for tourist visa even though I was granted for a 3 months working (entertainer) visa as professional singer just a few months ago ? I would love to visit there again coz I didnt enjoyed it much before because of my work 🙁

    • HI Marii,

      I think you can still apply for a tourist visa since your purpose of going to Japan this time is to visit unless you’re returning as an entertainer. 🙂

  • hi just want to ask if NSO receipt really need ? coz i have my birthcertifate with me and i just apply it last month but the sad thing is that i already trush the receipt… is it ok if my birth certificate has no receipt? pls help…really nid ur answer thank you so much in advance…

    • Hello Miks,

      Thanks for dropping by my blog. I don’t know if they really need the receipt with the birth certificate. I would suggest to call one of the accredited travel agencies like Friendship Tours and ask them about it before you submit your application. Good luck! 🙂

  • because i will apply for my tourist visa next week and im wondering if they will accept my birthcertificate without receipy. but i have my old passport with me with old japan visa way back 2009.

  • Hello. I came across your blog while researching for Japan visa requirements. I would like to ask if the bank certificates have to show your balance for the past few months? And is it necessary that the bank certificates have to be yours? My parents are planning to fund me but they’re not coming with me.

    • Hi Hima,

      Thanks for dropping by. They only require the balance that you have currently so it’s only for the day you applied for the bank certificate. They DO NOT require the balance for a few months. 🙂 I’m not sure about the details of your parents funding your trip, you can perhaps ask the agency. It may be easier to just deposit the amount that they have in your account and you can just return it after.

      • Thank you. I plan to do just that but I’m not sure if it’ll work. Another question. This is going to be my first trip abroad, so my passport is really blank (I’ve only started applying for the passport around two years ago). Would it be a disadvantage? I’ve heard it is very very difficult to get an approved visa but I’m on a CHED contract and I’m supposed to render service to my university for a sem (that is, until October this year).

  • Hi! Just a question, is it necessary or is it really required that you already need to book a flight and include it in the requirments? What if you were denied for a Visa after submitting everything? The amount of money you paid for the plane ticket will just be wasted for nothing. I’m just thinking that after they approve my Visa then that’s the only time that I can buy a round trip ticket.

    • Hi Dave,

      It’s not required to book a flight. You’re right. If your application gets denied, then the ticket might not be refundable so it’s better to be on the safe side. 🙂 In our case, we’ve already bought the ticket since it was on sale so we submitted it anyway.

      Good luck on your application! 🙂

      • That’s a relief!! Thank u for the response. Will have to gather all the documents asap. Can’t wait to go to Japan anytime soon lol! Nice blog btw. 🙂

        • You’re welcome. Good luck on your application! Japan is such a nice place – one of my favorite countries. I hope you enjoy your trip as much as I did. Thanks for dropping by my blog. If you have any other questions I can help you with, just let me know. 🙂

      • You need to have atleast a reservation of your flight to submit with your visa application. And you can only do that if your buying a non-promo flight. I also bought my ticket as a promo seat so its a risk if ever my visa application gets denied, it’ll be just a waste. But i’ve read that it is required for visa application, either a reservation or the real deal flight ticket.

      • Good day..I would like to ask about an issue.I and my brother applied for visa to japan since our sister and her brother-in-law invited us..we went to this accredited agency in Cebu for processing on a Friday (September 5) and the staff told that it will take at least 14 working days to get the response since they have to send the papers to Japan Embassy in Manila and back. And we agreed in an arrangement that from the Embassy the paper will be send directly to us. I am just frustrated that we are denied and that the papers where sent to us from the agency in Cebu and it took only 9 days. I don’t want to sound doubtful but yes I have doubts. Thank you..

        • Hi Lot,

          I’m sorry that your application got denied and I understand your frustration but the Japanese Embassy doesn’t deal with applicants directly unless they say so. That’s why they have accredited travel agencies where you can lodge your application from. It is also through the agency that you get your passport, visa and documents back. I don’t know of anyone who has received it directly from the Japan embassy in Manila. Maybe there was a misunderstanding between you and that person from the agency in Cebu.

    • Hi nnieco,

      Hindi pwedeng magapply directly sa Japanese Embassy for tourist visas dito sa Pilipinas. You have to go through the accredited agencies. 🙂

  • Thanks for sharing your visa application experience! Funny how I’m currently in a similar situation. My flight will also be on april and have just planned to process my visa next month. Was your cousin’s visa approved as well? I’ve only been working for a few months so that worries me.

    • Hi Ara,

      Yes, my cousin’s visa was also approved. She was just working for a couple of months with her new company and was not employed for a few months before that so we were a bit worried too at the time. I wish you well on your application! Thanks for dropping by my blog and leaving a comment. 🙂

    • Hi Ara, Im also in the same situiation, I’ll be appying my visa this Feb. and my flight is on March 31. Im a bit anxious if i can get my visa on time, if ever it gets approved.

  • from the philippines also but currently working dito sa saudi arabia..possible ba na makakuha ko ng visa mula dito pa japan?nandun kasi ang fiance ko gusto ko dalawin sa august 2014 pagkatapos ng contract ko.

      • Im also in KSA.i applied my japanese visa directly at their embassy with ease and u dont need to pay anything. I applied a visit visa to see my relatives in tokyo.they sent invitation letter aside from other documents such as guarantee letter, family relationship, copy of their passport, and other docs which are written in japanese including daily schedule. I asked my mom to send me my birth cert from NSO in manila. During my submission i showed them my attested employment letter, copy of my iqama & exit/re-entry visa, flight booking, copy of my creditcards, copy of my 6months bank statement, copy of my previous passport to show my travel history which they didnt even checked, my current passport is very new, after 3 days of submission i went back to get my passport with japanese visa in it.

      • Tnx for the information..tanong po ulit..dito po ako mangagaling sa saudi arabia after ng stay ko sa japan balik ako sa pinas same visa pa din ba ang kukunin ko nun..?nakita ko po kasi na pag sa saudi galing at non saudi ang passport kailngan ng re-entry visa sa sitwasyon ko po kasi dadalaw ako sa fiancee ko tapos balik pinas na exit na po kasi ako dito sa saudi..bago po ako umuwi ng pinas mg stay muna ako sa japan for 15days

        • Hi,

          Pasensya na din.. Hindi ko alam ang sagot dyan. Siguro maganda maginquire sa embassy kung pwede about it. Check mo din yung comment ni Paul, sa KSA din siya nagsubmit ng application for a tourist visa. Marami siya info na shinare. 🙂

  • hi! what if wala po ako ITR? i just graduated me and my friend plan to go to japan for a week vacation.. pero may bank account naman po kme.

  • Hello! I have not yet been employed this recent time as I recently graduated from my masteral degree from a foreign university. However, I will be joining my parents and they will be supporting me for the entire trip. How can I overcome this?

    • Maybe you can provide your diploma and let them know with a cover letter that you have just recently graduated from a foreign university and that you’ll be joining your parents on this trip paid by them. 🙂

      You can ask the agency you plan to submit your applications through, ours was very helpful since my cousin had issues with her baptismal documents because her birth certificate was late registered and they were really helpful. They might give you better advise. 🙂

  • hi there,

    first of all thank you so much for this blog. this is really a big help. btw, do u really need a reservation on the hotel and ticket before you apply for visa? i am hesitant to do that since there is a possibility that it might not be approved. TIA.

    • Hi Anj,

      It’s NOT REQUIRED to have hotel and plane ticket reservations for the tourist visa application. It just so happened that we already booked our ticket during a sale so we just submitted it. 🙂

  • Hi tanung ko lang pu nung nai submit nyo na ung requirements nyo ilang days lang dumating na agad ung visa nyo at ready to flight na to japan? Thanks

  • hi.. ask ko lang po if kailangan pa ng proof of properties para magapply visa sa japan if meron namang bank account ? someone told mo kasi na need din yun thank you

  • Hi Ems! Thanks for all the information. I have a flight to Tokyo ng September 23-27 this year and I’m excited since it’s my first time to visit Japan. I’ll follow everything that you’ve mentioned para sa VISA application.

    May mare-recommend ka bang affordable place that I can stay in in Tokyo? I will be travelling alone kasi. And if you booked your hotel sa travel agency, pwede ko makuha ‘yung name ng travel agency for your hotel?

    Thanks again!

    P.S. (baka mangulit ako ha? =P )

    • Hi Aian,

      Good luck on your application! 🙂 I’m sure you’ll enjoy Japan, fall season yang September – really nice weather.

      Nagbook ako through I really like it kasi you can cancel your booking basta naka-indicate na pwede siya macancel up to a few days and very good deals din. Our room was just 2666 a night. Here’s more details about it:

      Ok lang if you ask any more questions. 🙂

        • Hi Dave,

          Yes there’s wifi in the room and the internet connection in Japan is really fast compared dito sa atin. Yes, the 2666 is in peso – that was at the time we booked, ewan ko lang ngayon. Kung may difference man siguro, konti lang. 🙂

        • Hi Aian,

          No, but they require your credit card information to secure the booking. Just make sure na yung pipiliin mo na hotel ay cancellable – just in case. Yung iba kasi na nakapromo, hindi na pwede icancel. 🙂

    • hi Aian i hopr you can help me kung natuloy ka po sa japan anu po hinanap ng philippine immigration sayo? hinanapan ka pa po ba ng authenticated invitation and affidafit of support ng immigration natin? please kung sino man po ung may past experience help nyo naman po ako kasi wala po ako authenticated invitation letter coming from my guarantor ang sabi po s

  • Hi. Very informative blog. My son (10mos) and I are planning to visit my husband in Japan this March and we already have the tickets too. I am a little worried kasi hindi pa ako nakakapagpass ng documents to one of their accredited agencies.

    Do I still need to secure my own ITR and Bank Cert because I am employed? My husband is our guarantor. And, do you know kung magkano ang minimum na laman ng bank account ng husband ko para hindi na maging reason yung financial aspect sa possible na pagkadeny ng visa namin? Thanks! My husband has a dollar account also.

    • Thanks for visiting my blog Mea. 🙂

      Processing is only a week naman pero it would be better to turn in your application as soon as possible para wala ka ng iisipin or kung sakali na may irequest sila na documents, you have time to still turn them in.

      In my opinion, it would be good to submit your own ITR and bank cert if you have one. Hindi ko sure kung magkano dapat ang laman ng bank account pero I would guess na as long as it can cover yung gastusin mo dun – depende din kasi how long you’ll be staying. 🙂

    • Hi Lennin,

      Meron ako nabasa sa Chaya restaurant magpartner with friendship Manila agency kaso lang not yet open for business daw, under preparation. ->

      Kung may kakilala ka sa Manila, pwede naman ipasubmit mo na lang sa kanila dun sa agency since hindi naman requirement ang personal appearance. Yung universal holidays naman, nagpoprocess yata sila via courier:

      Ako lang, I prefer na ako mismo ang pupunta dun just in case may kailangan na iba sa documents ko. Taga-Tarlac ako so ang ginawa ko, sumakay ako ng victory liner (or five star) tapos nagpababa ako sa Ayala. Makita mo naman agad yung Dusit Thani Hotel. nandun yung agency na Friendship Tours sa 3rd floor.

      Good luck! 🙂

  • HI my family is planning to visit japan we already have RT flight &hotel booking my question is do we have to to fill out separate application for each person. one for me /My wife & 13 months old son. & we are appliying for the visa here in oman since we work here. but our RT is on PH/NGY/PH as it will be our vacation leave at PH does it matter?. lastly it will be only me who have work my wife doesn’t have so only me have the bank statement but I will be paying for them of course? do I have to make a guarantee letter for them as me the guarantor, sorry for the nuisance .

    • Hi Mike,

      If you’re applying at the embassy in Oman – the requirements and documents needed may be different, better check with the embassy there or the embassy website. Does your family live there with you in Oman? Or do they live here in the Philippines?

      • Hi ems thanks for the reply ,I already called japanese embassy here & their requirements is the same as we have in PH. since I will be the one paying for the whole trip they just for my bank statement & a letter of support for my wife & son whose also here. Now my question is that when you went to japan did you purchase japan rail pass in the PH or we can just buy it from the train station in Japan. thanks

        • Japan Rail Pass can only be bought outside of Japan, ideal if u are planning to visit different cities in Japan but if u only plan to stay in tokyo u can just purchase suica card to any train station, in my case i visited 5 cities in 10 days, 2 nights each city, tokyo, hakuba-nagano, nagoya, hakone, hachioji, so JR pass was really usefull to me…

        • HI Mike,

          I didn’t purchase the japan rail pass since I didn’t really use much of the rail system but from what I’ve read on blogs, you can only purchase it outside of Japan. 🙂

  • Hi.. i already booked my ticket to japan for august 2014..I was wondering when is the earliest time I can process my visa application? Thanks 😊

    • Foreign Registration Certificate from City Hall (if Guarantor is not Japanese),hi ms. ems, anu po ito? in my case he’s new zealand citizen.

      • Hi shallot,

        I’m sorry wala akong idea.. wala akong sponsor nung nagapply ako for tourist visa pero baka meron reader dito na makita ang question mo at makatulong. 🙂

      • Hi shallot, we have the same issue.. i dont have an ITR and i just left my job last June 2014..but im planning to apply for japan tourist visa.And my bf will be shouldering our tickets and hotel expenses. I just want to know kung ano ginawa nyo? Or is there anyone that could advice me about this.thank you.

  • Hi… tanong ko lang pwede bang yung paano kung tourist visa ang aapplayan ko isa akong guro sa college puwede bang yung banko na gagamitin ay yung payroll bank ang hihingan ng bank certificate?

    • Hi Marie,

      Hindi ko sure ano ibig mo sabihin sa payroll bank. They require a bank certificate in your name. Ini-issue naman yun ng banko, nakastate lang dun kung magkano ang deposit mo sa bank account mo. 🙂

  • Hello po. Im planning to have a vacation po sa mother ko sa japan , kung mag aaply po ako ng walang guarantor tapos wala po akong bank savings dto dahil mother ko ang gagastos , pano po kaya yun mam?
    atsaka wala pa po ako 1month sa trabaho ko kaya wala pa ko ITR.
    sana po matulungan nio ko . salamat!

    • Hi Dimple,

      Hindi din ako sure sa situation mo dahil katulad mo nagapply lang din ako. Ang opinyon ko lang, siguro kung ang gagastos is ang mother mo, then you have to present financial documents and letter of support from your mother. Mas maganda siguro na iconsult mo ito sa agency na pagpass-an mo ng requirements baka mas makatulong sila. 🙂

  • Hi Ems,

    I plan to travel with my parents, wala kaming guarantor from Japan. Yung Friendship Travel and Tours ba nagpaprocess ng walang guarantor na applications? Nakita ko kasi sa Japanese embassy website nakalagay dun yung Pan Pacific Tours lang ang nagpaprocess ng visa without guarantor, hindi naman sila nagrereply to my email. 🙁

    Thanks for your feedback.


    • Hi Life,

      Thanks for visiting my blog. I applied without a guarantor and it was through Friendship Travel. 🙂 I think meron mga 5-6 na accredited agencies who can process visit visas (with or without guarantors).

  • Hi
    Good Day!, Japan Tourist visa is valid for 3 months right? it is ok if i will stay there for 3 months?

    • Hi Rose Ann Layson,

      My Japan Tourist visa was only valid for 15 days. Yung 3 months – it just means that you can travel within those 3 months from issue ng visa pero 15 days ka lang pwede magstay. Baka meron ibang category ang long stay visit visa na pwede mo applyan. 🙂

  • Hello po….ask ko lang po..meron po kc akong pinsan na nag.asawa ng japanese tpos gusto nya po akong kunin visiting relatives po kumuha po ako ng application form sa visa para sa visiting relatives.ang problem ko lang po ay nahirapan po kc akong kumuha ng birth certificate ng magulang namin to prove na magpinsan kmi..kc po wala po silang record sa nso pati narin po sa local civil registrar isa din po kc ito sa requirements para sa visa ko.hahanapin kc dun kung mgkapatid ba parents namin ….hindi po ba pwede marriage contract nlang total meron naman pong pangalan ng mga parants nila…

    • Hi Aljo,

      Medyo komplikadong tanong yan at pasensya na hindi ko alam ang tamang sagot dahil hindi ko naman siya naexperience. Triny mo na ba magtanong sa agency dahil dun mo pa rin naman ipapass ang application mo? Baka ma-assist ka nila. Baka may mga readers din dito na makabasa nito na may similar situation at masagot yang tanong mo. 🙂

  • Mam tanong ko lang po please … Mag aaply po AQ ng tourist visa bf q po Japanese sang guarantor name same akin n po lht ng documents… Ask q LNG po kelangan po ba n nkbook kna ng ticket kasabay sa pagaaply ng visa till now dpq ngpabook ng ticket kase wla po AQ idea pls answer me

    • Hi jelly,

      It’s not a requirement pero mas maganda rin na pumunta ka sa website for the current requirements just to make sure. The link is on this blog post. 🙂

  • hi po ulit lang beses q po inuli ung blog nu basahin at nakakatulong po ito sa akin. sang punto ko po dati po akong nag singer as south Korea ..dahil sa klase ng trabaho Hindi ko po kinaya kaya nagdecide ako magrunaway for 1 year.. April 30 2012 nag decide po ako sumuko sa Korean embassy at nakauwi ng maayos Pedro sung passport ko may mark ng 68-1 then 2013 nag apply po AQ ng entertainer same Japan at nagkavisa ako nakalis ako ng June 21 2023 at umuwi ng DEC 21 2013 ang inaalala ko lang po mag a apply po ako ng tourist visa ang Japanese Kong bf ang garauntor kumpleto po sang papers na require.. kumpleto din po ako passport baptismal school records at nso birth certificate… ang inaalala ko lang po same application form mi nakalagay po name ” been deported or removed in Japan or any country in violating any law of regulation” at may choice po fun kung yes or no sang isinagot ko po ay yes.. sa tingin niyo po kelangang ko ipa photo copy sang previous passport ko at magiging dahilan back ito para madenie ako…? at ano po pagkakaiba ng tourist visa at short stay visa.. iisa lang po back yin.. please po help nmn po sa akin please… GOD BLESS YOU PO…

    • Hi Jelly,

      Pasensiya na at medyo komplikado ang sitwasyon mo. Hindi naman ako masyado familiar kaya mahirap naman mag-advise since wala akong idea. Siguro, mas maganda na iconsult mo dun sa agency na magproprocess ng application mo. Baka mas makatulong sila sayo or kung meron man dito na makabasa sa comment mo at makapagshare ng info.

      Yung tourist visa is a short stay visa, meron din yatang tourist visa na pang long stay pero hindi ako sure. 🙂

  • Hi good evening..Nakapunta na po ako sa Japan nitong April 2014..30days ako ngstay dun for tourist..Balak ko po ulit pmunta sa Japan next year ng January..90 days po sana balak magstay..Ask ko lng po if same requirements po ba ung ipapass ko at aaprobahan po kya nla ung 90days stay ??.guarantor ko po boyfriend ko Japanese po siya..Sana po matulungan nio po ako..salamat po..Magaantay po ako sa reply nio..

    • HI Melody,

      Pasensiya na, wala akong idea for longer stay visas. I only applied for a short stay visa which was just 15 days.

  • Hi good evening..Nakapunta na po ako sa Japan nitong April 2014..30days ako ngstay dun for tourist..Balak ko po ulit pmunta sa Japan next year ng January..90 days po sana balak magstay..Ask ko lng po if same requirements po ba ung ipapass ko at aaprobahan po kya nla ung 90days stay ??.guarantor ko po boyfriend ko Japanese po siya..Sana po matulungan nio po ako..salamat po

  • Hi po tanong kulang po kung pwede po akong mag apply ng trabaho sa japan khit na kaka denied klang po ntong May..

    • Hi Wen,

      Hindi ko sure kung meron ba silang time na alloted para magreapply ng visa ulit or wala. Siguro, icheck mo dun sa travel agency na inapplyan mo dati para sure. Or baka hindi yun yung tanong mo. Haha. Hindi ko kasi masyadong maintindihan ibig mo sabihin sa pag-apply ng trabaho sa Japan. Kung pupunta ka dun as a tourist tapos magapply ka ng work, syempre bawal yun. 🙂

  • I was reading your blog and others an hour before I received a message from Reli tours, asking me to come over and pick up my passport. I was granted a Japanese single-entry tourist visa! yay!!

    I know exactly how the others felt. I thought I didn’t have enough funds. I just have around 11x, xxx in the bank and I’m going to Osaka and Kyoto for 12 days. I thought there was no chance.

    I’ve only been with my current company for a little over a year but I have all the requirements. COE, ITR, leave of absence, round-trip tickets, hostel reservations from hostelbookers, birth certificate, bank certificate and itinerary. I spent a lot of time on the fake itinerary and made sure it will not exceed my budget for sightseeing. I even had a walking itinerary. It has the amount I’m going to spend at each tourist destination like entrance fees and stuff. It’s fake since I won’t be following any of it. I’m going with my boyfriend and we planned to do other things like whitewater rafting, canyoning and hiking since we are both adventurous. But he’s a privileged one for having an Australian passport.

    Prior to this trip, I went to Thailand, Malaysia, Cambodia and Hong Kong. I started going out of the country since March. Then, sort of became a monthly thing. I was making ipon of the stamps. Too bad HK don’t stamp the passports anymore.

    Anyways, I submitted my application last Thursday. the visa was granted on Friday and I received my passport today, Tuesday. To those who are reluctant, if you have all the documents, there’s no reason to get denied. Best of Luck!

  • hi Ems!

    I was trying to look for the cost of the visa. How much did they actually charge you? Im planning to apply for a Tourist Visa. Thanks !

  • Hi! I stumbled upon your blog since I’ve booked my family for tickets to Tokyo next year, yaayy (nag sale kasi, hihihi)! Ask ko lang, if ever one of us get denied, what is the soonest time we can re-apply again for a visa? Also, since my mom and dad will be funding the trip, should we also present the bank certificates for our joint accounts with them? Thank you for this helpful blog.

    • Also, is it advisable na magbook na kami ng accomodation para mapresent sa embassy? What if ma deny kami? I’m just worried because this will be our first country to visit that needs a visa (we have been to HK quite a few times, Macau, and SG). Thank you again.

      • They don’t really require that if I remember it right pero just in case mali ako, there are booking sites that have good cancellation policies. Yung you can cancel up to 3 days before the trip and walang charges as long as you have a credit card. 🙂

    • Hi Gilai,

      The best talaga ang mga seat sale. Hehe. Hmmm.. Hindi ko sure ang time frame sa pagre-apply but you can always ask siguro the agency you will be applying at. They would have that info. It would be okay to present that siguro. 🙂

  • Good am po .. may ask lang po sana ako .. first time ko po mag tourist sa japan may friend po ako ma madidistino dun balak nya pong mag tour ako within 15days. Sya na din po ku2ha ng ticket ko. Kaso po ang ang hawak kulang is nso and pastport and valid I.d .. kse po munh nag aral po ako pekeng nso po yung nagamit ko so sinundan ko nlng po yung nso ko. 2months ago po asa korea po ako. Sana po as soon as possible masagot nyo po. Maraming salamat po

    • Sa pagkakaalam ko, mga residente lang ng Japan ang pwede maginvite dahil meron required na papeles about their residence or ID. Ichek mo yung website nila for requirements just to be sure. 🙂

  • hi,i was planning to acquire a japanese visa this coming september sa ngayon dito pa ako sa US. is it really needed to submit ITR and employment certificate since nag resigned ako last may 2013? at saka kailangan ba talaga ng gurantor letter? balak ko dito mag apply sa chicago kaso sabi na japanese embassy dito na uuwi then sa pilipinas mag apply since tourist ako dito.

    • Hi Mae Ann,

      Check mo sa website nila ang requirements to make sure kung ano ang listed. Last time i checked, itr is one of them. If you don’t have one, wala ka din naman masusubmit pero I dont know how that will affect your application. Ang guarantor letter – kung may sponsor ka lang sa Japan. Kung wala, hindi needed.

  • hi ako po si fairy nag apply po aq ng visa in japan last june kaso sad to say i was denied late registered po kasi ako pero naipasa ko nmn lahat ng requirements na kylangan as a late registered tita ko po ang nandun na nakapangasawa ng filipino na citizen in japan,ang reason ko po sa pag punta dun tutulungan ko mag alaga ang tita ko dhil meron xang 8 yrs. old na anak at meron xang 8 months na baby boy C.S po kc ng ipanganak nya ung baby nya, ngyon nung tinanong nmn ung embassy kung bakit ako na denied ang sagot nla dhil dw sobra tgl ko mg stay 3 months eh mababaw dw po ung reason, question q po is it possible na totoo ung bngy na reason ng embassy o dhil late registered po aq?mhirap po b mkrting ng japan ang late registered? sana po mag reply kyo need q po blk ko po kasi mag apply ulit after 6 months

    • Syempre totoo yung reason nila since yun yung binigay nila sayo. Kung sa late registered ang problema, they can ask for additional documents instead of denying your application sa tingin ko.

  • good afternoon po, ask ko po yung sa situation ko. student po ako,plan ko po this sembreak na mag vacation sa japan. yung bf ko po ung mag invite and guarantor na din po. japanese citizen po sya. student po ako kaya po wala po itr o ano pa po..paano po kaya yun? pero sa requirements po dadalhin ko po mga papers ko sa school saka po mga req na galing sa bf ko..

    • Hi angela,

      I think meron naman requirements na specific for students pero hindi ako sigurado. Check mo na lang mismo website nila para sure. Syempre pag student, wala talaga itr. 🙂

  • Wala naman kasi nakaset kung how much ang kailangan sa bank account pero syempre dapat yung mapakita mo na kaya mo yung travel expenses at may extra for emergency. 🙂

    • Hi, just came across sa blog mo kasi nagbook dn ako with my friend ng promo flight to osaka. My problem is im working abroad and i dont have the time here to apply visa kasi mejo malayo ung japan embassy from i where live. So kung s pinas pa ko mgaapply with the accredited agencies, sbi mo like 1 wk lang ung application nio, un na ung maximum time na nkuha mo pati passport mo and visa? Coz my flight’s gonna be feb 8-11 but im going back to philippines only on jan 30 na. Do u think i still have enough time to process my visa there?thank u

      • Hi Dian, you can try. Hindi ko lang sure kung may rush option sila. Maybe you can call the agency you choose to coordinate para mas clear mga papeles na kailangan at matulungan ka nila. 🙂

  • good pm po ulit. ask ko lng po ulit. pag inivite ako need po ba ipasa ng mag invite sakin copy ng passport nya? thank you po talaga..

    • Hi Angela,

      Hindi ko sure kung passport, parang yung nabasa ko dati residency something yung kailangan. Just click on the link sa requirements and check yung with a sponsor sa blog post na ito to make sure. 🙂

  • Hi,
    First time ko pa po kukuha ng tourist visa. Sa tingin nyo ba e approved nila ako? Tsaka ung ITR po ba okay lng ba khit low ung income? Ung guarrantor ko naman ang mg de deposit sa account ko. Okay lang po ba un?thank u ha

    • Hello Mirasol,

      Sa tingin ko hindi ako qualified para mag-asess kung makakakuha ka ng visa or hindi. Sa opinyon ko lang, as long as truthful ang mga papeles na isusubmit mo, mas malaki chances mo. 🙂

  • Hello, it’s my first to apply for Japan visa, i have questions..
    1. When going through one of the accredited agencies to apply for the visa, kailangan ba mag-avail ng tour package nila?
    2. I’m just a college student, so i won’t have some of the requirements like ITR like that coz I’m not working, will that be okay kaya? anyway, I have funds of my own sa account ko, siguro mga 100K, may chance kaya yun, like I plan to stay for 1 week?
    Also, I have quite a lot of Japanese friends, like I can ask them to be my guarantor(though just for show only, doesnt mean I will really ask them to fund me ganun..parang support lang sa application ko?pwede kaya yun?)
    or maybe should I combine these? like I can present my bank balance plus yung japanese guarantor thing..?
    Please give me your thoughts, I would appreciate it so much! 🙂

  • Hi po
    Ask lang po ako im planning to visit japan this september.i dont have an itr pero i have worked sa isang private school kaso yung employee ko hindi kami binigyan , then kaka end lang ng contract ko as part time teacher sa isang university kasi nag maternity leave. wala po akong bank certificate na nakapangalan sa akin kasi im using the atm of my bf na chinese na nakapangalan sa kanya. tapus sa tour ko chinese national ang magbabayad. my chnace po ba na ma approve ang aking visa.
    help po, thank you

    • Hi Cathy,

      As I always say, I am in no position to say who has the best chances to get a visa. My opinion is you increase your chances if you present the required documents. You can consult the accredited travel agencies with your situation – having no itr and bank certificate since I really have no idea how that will affect your application. 🙂

  • hello po ask ko lang late register kasi yung birth certificate ko (NSO) wala nakong form 137 panu yun? ok lang ba na baptismal cert ung ibigay ko?

  • Hi ask ko lang kung ichecheck ba nila ang bank account kung may laman talaga? Nagpasa naman ako ng bank certificate pero kinuha ko na yung laman after ko makakuha ng bank certificate,sa tingin mo malalaman kaya ng embassy yun?

    • Hi Oric,

      I don’t think meron silang right to access your current account balance. Pwede lang sila tumawag sa banko to confirm yung bank certificate.

  • Hi, ask ko lang po kasi I’m planning to go to Japan April next year.

    Maga-avail din po ako ng package tour from one of the accredited agencies. Ask ko lang, kung pwede kong gamitin yung itinerary sa ia-avail ko na package or kailangan ko paring gumawa ng sarili ko?

    And pano po yung order of things? Like, apply for japanese visa and tell the agency that you plan to avail one of their package? or Avail the package tour then let them handle the visa processing?

    I don’t want to purchase a package tour before I apply for visa ;A; Baka kasi ma-deny, sayang pera ;A; Nakita ko kasi sa isa sa mga comments na hindi naman kailangan ng flight ticket pero kailangan merong flight reservation ><


    • Hi raze,

      I would get the visa first before I avail any of the packages. You can express your interest at the said agency and they will probably help you with the itinerary and flight reservation which shouldn’t cost a thing.

  • Hi,

    We are in the process of completing our requirements for the visa. We just found out though that I have two registrations with NSO under two completely different names so I’m unable to get the birth certificate that matches my passport and all my ids etc. We are not aware of the first registration which has me carrying the name of my absentee father hence all my life i carried another name and my mom’s surname (I’m proud to say I was raised by a single mom). We’ve consulted a lawyer already, and I will need to have the first registration canceled which takes about a year since it’ll need to thru the courts. Since our trip is in November already, here are the items I plan to submit:

    – passport
    – birth certificate from NSO dated 2011 with receipt (late registered – I was born 1983 and was late registered 1988).
    – school form 137
    – baptismal certificate
    – all govt ids, etc that will show that I did not use any other name in my lifetime .
    – letter explaining the reason behind the NSO issue which will hopefully include a petition already to cancel my first registration
    – ITR
    – COE
    – bank certificates (substantial amount from several banks if needed)
    – Sunlife MF investment
    – Manulife Investment
    – Philamlife Investment
    – property title
    – plane tickets (piso fare, hehe)

    Have traveled to several Asian countries already, HK, Sing, Taipei, Cambodia, Vietnam, Korea, Mumbai, Bangkok.

    Any thoughts on the items I plan on submitting? Really worried with the NSO issue, funny enough I can’t seem to find anyone similar to my situation.

    We are traveling as a famjly as well, my mom, sister and GF. It’ my graduation gift to my sister who’s graduating I’m a couple of weeks.

    Hope someone can help..

    Thank you.

  • Hi..would like to ask if it is really required to submit ITR? My small company will start the operation next month and I booked my flight on Feb 2015. I can’t provide ITR since its less than a year palang mag ooperate ang company ko. I am planning to apply visa by January 2015.

    • If you own the compqny, you can actually get an ITR in January. If this is not possible, you can try to submit other documents like copies of business documents. If you are working for the company, submit your certificate of employment.

  • Hi ms.Ems , magpapa advice lang po ako.. im planning to apply for tourist visa n japan this coming november.. i quit my job last june and i dont have an ITR po.. though, i have a bf(european) that will be shouldering most of the expenses. Pwede din kaya siyang magbigay ng guarantor letter, bank certificate and etc to get a higher chance? Ipprocess din po kaya ng agency kung walang ITR.thanks

    • Hi Lyn,

      Ang BF mo na european nakatira ba sa Japan or sa Europe or dito sa Pilipinas? Sabay kayo magtatravel ng Japan at siya magshoushoulder ng expenses mo, tama ba? Oo pwede naman siguro na magbigay siya ng ganun as supporting documents, hindi naman lahat may ITR. Ang importante lang naman is you can prove na babalik ka sa Pilipinas at hindi magstay dun. 🙂

      • Hi po thanks for answering. Hes currently in Norway po. And yes po sya talaga magsshoulder lahat pero may spporting naman ako na bank statemnt around 100k po.

    • Hi ron,

      Doable siguro pero no guarantees. Kung kukuha ka pa lang ng passport early November, iparush mo sa Manila, that would be 7 days, usually dapat may appointment ka na dito. Kung sa province, baka mas matagal like 3 weeks siguro the earliest. Visa processing depende din yata, mga 3-5 business days kung wala na silang ibang hihingin na documents so it’s really tight. Good luck! 🙂

      • Hi I’m Ivy I am public school teacher. i have a US marine boyfriend stationed in okinawa japan. we havent met so im planning to go see him on christmas. i have all the requirements he sent me all the documents needed im just waiting for the travel order that i requested coming from the department of education. do you think the travel order can help ? because i dont have travel history before. I am planning to apply for visa SOFA status since he’s working in the military and the agent also said that i am applicable for sofa. the sofa can allow me to stay up to 30 days but i am only applying for 15 days of stay. I am planning to apply before the end of october and my trip is on dec 20 to jan3. do you think its too late? i heard the japan visa processing result can only take like 1 week. . do you think that i have the chance to get approve since i am complete with all the requirements and i have a permanent job here in the philippines. please what can i do or can you give me advise on what to do? im really scared to get denied please help me.?

        • Hi Ivy,

          Yes, I think the travel order could help. Is this a document that states your leave of absence for travel? Sorry, I’m not familiar with it.

          It’s not late, visa applications usually only takes 3-5 business days upon lodging at the accredited travel agencies. I really don’t like to comment on chances of approval since I’m no expert. As long as you submit truthful documents and you can prove that you will come back to your home country, you shouldn’t worry too much. Good luck! 🙂

          • oh thank you so much for your response :)..yes its kinda like a permission to travel all government employee should get that when planning to travel… im also going to attached my form leave signed by the district supervisors 🙂 I’m just a lil worried because the immigration requires me to have an authenticated invitation letter from my guarantor should be authenticated by the phil. embassy in jp since my bf stationed far from phil. embassy wherein in the requirements of japan embassy invitation letter should just be original i hope they dont require me to pass an authenticated one right?

          • Hi Ivy,

            For the authenticated requirement, I would ask the agency you would be applying through since baka mas familiar sila sa ganyan para sure lang. You can just call or email them siguro. Sorry, limited lang ang alam ko. Hehe. 🙂

  • Hi. ask ko lang, can they grant me a tourist visa, i have a sponsor, but he is US citizen, is it okay?

    He is my sister’s boyfriend.

    what is the requirements?
    Thank you

    • hello everyone please help me I got my japan visa but the problem is the immigration they are looking for authenticated invitation letter or guarantee coming from my guarantor in japan which is my american bf deployed in okinawa. can someone help me if the immigration really strict about that because my trip is on dec. and we dont have enough time to do the authentication of documents cause its a long process. are you guys been asked about these documents by the immigration officers? please someone help me?

  • good afternoon hindi kaya sila mahigpit kung merun dispcrepancy sa isa sa mga additonal documents kasi yun school record ko naiba naging 1980 pero consistent lahat ng documents ko na 1979 yun taon na pinanganak ako..thank kasi inadvice ng friendship tours sa akin na kumuha na lang ako ng affidavit of discrepancy..pero kinakabahan ako baka mamya magkaproblema sa visa ko…thank u po sa pagbasa sa comment ko..God bless sana matugunan nyo ko..

    • Hi maki,

      If yun yung advice nila, I would get the letter as supporting document para sure lang. Anyway, wala ka naman na magagawa about that dahil it’s in the past. You can’t correct the record. What you can do now is present your application the best possible way and the affidavit of discrepancy can help you explain that difference sa records. 🙂 I am not much help, I’m sorry. Good luck! 🙂

      • hello everyone please help me I got my japan visa but the problem is the immigration they are looking for authenticated invitation letter or guarantee coming from my guarantor in japan which is my american bf deployed in okinawa. can someone help me if the immigration really strict about that because my trip is on dec. and we dont have enough time to do the authentication of documents cause its a long process. are you guys been asked about these documents by the immigration officers? please someone help me?

    • good day can someone help me i got my japan visa but the problem is the philippine immigration is it true that u have to present an authenticated invitation letter or guaranty coming from your guarantor upon the departure in naia in philippine immigration i hope someone can help me plaese my trip is on december and still i dont have an authenticated guaranty letter please help me

  • Hello po goodafternoon po. Ako po si Arlene uhm.. magtanong lang po ako regarding sa situation ko. Im still a college student and im planning to go to Japan for 5 days vacation this Christmas po and yung boyfriend ko po ang naginvite and guarantor ko at the same time. Tanong ko lang po kung paano po yung bank certificate ? eh student pa lang po ako…

    • Hi Arlene,

      Pasensiya na hindi ako familiar sa meron sponsor na magapply ng visa. Hindi ko din alam about sa bank certificate. Mas ok siguro maginquire ka dun sa accredited travel agency na isusubmit mo ang application mo. I’m sure mas masasagot nila inquiry mo. 🙂

    • Hello po, di mo need ng bank certificate if ever may guarantor ka. Kaso kailangan ng bf mo magsend ng mga papers nya pra ma prove na sya sasagot ng tour mo sa japan. Same situation tayo,pero d ko na ginawa ung sa guarantor thing kasi nga maraming papers ang kailangan.

      • Hello angel! Ask ko lng. My visa at ticket na ako. Tourist ako without guarantor. Puntahan ko dn bf ko. Hmm, ask ko lng if what tinanung at hinanap ng immgration ntn sayo at ng Japan nung nasa airport ka na? Hope you can help me with this.

  • Hello po 🙂

    Ask ko lang po yung situation ko 🙂

    Kasi po I already booked a flight to japan next year (seat sale para di masyado malungkot kung ma-reject visa application)

    Mejo confident rin naman po ako na ma-approve ako dahil sa show money and tenured po ako sa company namin ng 4 yrs.

    E kaso po, parang nagkaka-tanggalan po sa company namin, di naman po ko kasama pero I’m expecting the worst case scenario na po.

    The question is, is there a chance of my application being rejected dahil mejo jobless ako for the mean time? *knocks on wood*

    I have the appropriate funds naman po, kaso iniisip ko po na baka ma-reject dahil dun sa reason na yun ><

    Thank you po 😀

    • Hi Kuro,

      I don’t really know kung sino ang papasa or hindi. 🙂 Ang purpose lang naman ng certificate of employment is to prove na may babalikan ka dito sa Pilipinas na work. it means you have ties here and less likely to overstay your visa to work elsewhere at meron kang source of income. So presently, wala kang work? Kailan pala ang flight mo? The earliest you can apply is 3 months before ng stay mo.

      • May work pa naman po 🙂 Pero nagkaka-tanggalan po kasi kaya mejo kinakabahan po ako haha

        ouch, mejo malabo pala ko ma-approve pag nagkataon na ma-layoff ako ;w;

        Mar27-Apr1 po flight ko 🙂 Balak ko po mag-apply sa January or Feb 🙂

        Thanks po sa reply! uhuhuhu

        • Get an employment certificate and apply as soon as possible na lang which would be first week ng January nga or last week ng December. Kung hindi man, itry mo na lang and hope for the best. Meron din naman mga walang employment certificate siguro na nakakakuha ng visa. 🙂

  • hello! question lng po, Wee are planning to apply for visa, one of the requirements is ITR, if nagrequest aq ng ITR ang period covered ba nun pwede jan-oct 2014, kc ang income q last yr is mbaba lng so ang nirequest ko ITR is for this year. mkakapagissue ng ITR ung company pero wla tatak ng BIR, kc supposedly end of the year p nmn tlga nila gngwa un ITR. mshado b cla mabusisi s reqt?

    thank you..

    • Hi kitin,

      Ang alam ko din na ITR is for previous years usually. Yung pinsan ko nung nagapply kami last 2013. She submitted her previous year’s ITR kahit mga ilan months lang yata siya nagwork ng 2012 pero nakakuha naman kami. Sorry, di ko alam sagot sa tanong mo pero I always inquire with the agency I am applying with tuwing may questions ako para sure lang. 🙂

  • Hi good afternoon, tanung ko lang po, kung ok lang i submit yung baptismal certificate ko, kase saNSO at Local Registrar ko walang middle name, den sa sa Baptism meron nakalagay, hndi kasal yung parent ko,anu magandang gwin? Kailangan paba papalitan?

    • According sa website ng Japan embassy:

      If Birth Certificate from NSO is unreadable, or
      If there is no record in NSO, (in addition to “Certificate of Non-Record” from NSO Headquarter)

      SUBMIT: Birth certificate from Local Civil Registrar

      If Birth Certificate (NSO) is “Late Registration”

      Baptismal Certificate
      School Record (From 137)
      School Yearbook (If applicable)

      Please indicate complete address and landline number (if applicable)
      of the church in the baptismal certificate, and of the school in school record.

  • Super dali at bilis makakuha ng japan visa basta kumpleto lng papers nyo, dati binabasa ko lng din mga comments dto at sympre ung blog na to. Nag apply ako ng visa oct.27, oct.29 na approve ako then nov.3 knuha ko sa agency passport ko with visa.. First time ko mg ttrvel student pa, linis ng passport ko kasi sept lng knuha at wala ako experience sa pag alis. Pero eto ngaun ndto na ko sa airport paalis na. Yiii!! Papunta ko osaka japan. Thanks ems sa blog po na to

    • hi angel, what requirements mo na pinasa? student din kasi ako, actually kakagrad lang. what mga requirements na pinasa mo? Im planning to have a tour in japan on dec, and same as you first time traveller ako so malinis din passport ko.

      thank you in advance, and god bless, enjoy your trip. 🙂

  • Good day! I just have a question. I am a student and my parents would be sponsoring my educational trip in Japan for only 5 day. I can not pass the bank certificate of my dad since he’s an OFW (no ITR by the way, only employment certificate/contract), who is now working overseas, and the bank doesn’t issue bank certificates if it is not requested personally by the account owner. So instead i would be passing a bank certificate of my mother who is a housewife (no ITR nor employment certificate, since her income only comes from my dad).
    Is it okay if I pass my dad’s employment certificate together with my mom’s bank certificate? Sorry po if this is long I am just praning I really need an answer huhu 🙁

    • Hi Yan,

      I would ask the travel agency I would applying through just to be sure. 🙂 My cousin who is a student does not have an ITR so I wrote a letter of guarantee for him with attached bank certificate. We will be on the same trip so we applied together. I don’t know if that helped. 🙂

  • Hello Ems,

    i’m planning to apply tourist visa to Japan sa paguwi ko this coming January 2015 and my schedule of departure is June 2015.
    Pwede po ba yung maaga ako mg-apply ng visa kahit sa June 2015 pa ako aalis?

    • Hi Archie,

      Ang validity is 3 months from issue which is kung kailan ka magaapply. Inaask din sa application kung kailan ang travel date. Pwede ka naman siguro magapply dyan sa country kung saan ka based. 🙂

  • someone please patulong naman po i hope you can help me sino po yung may mga past experience na sa pagpunta sa japan as tourist visa with guarantor may visa na po ako and my trip is on dec 2014 tumawag po ako sa immigration at ang sabi po need ko dw po ng authenticated guaranty by the phil embassy in japan
    hinanapan po ba kayo ng authenticated invitation and affidafit of support ng immigration natin? please kung sino man po ung may past experience help nyo naman po ako kasi wala po ako authenticated invitation letter coming from my guarantor please po 🙁

  • I have a question. They asked my mom’s birth certificate from NSO that’s supposed to be valid within a year but then NSO couldn’t find her certificate because they have trouble with the files from the 1950s-1960s but then my mom has her original birth certificate. Would it be ok if we gave the one that’s authenticated? Or there are other requirements needed?

    • Hi kim,

      About your question, according to the Japan embassy website you can submit a birth certificate copy from the Local Civil Registry in addition to Certificate of Non Record from NSO Headquarters. Details below:

      If Birth Certificate from NSO is unreadable, or
      If there is no record in NSO, (in addition to “Certificate of Non-Record” from NSO Headquarter)

      SUBMIT: Birth certificate from Local Civil Registrar

      This info is more related with NSO. A while back, we requested for a birth certificate from NSO and my brother’s birth certificate was not readable so NSO asked us to get a copy of the birth certificate from the Local Civil Registry with a letter request. We did mail it to them. The weird thing is if I request it through NSO directly, I still get the blurry unreadable copy but when we do request it through an online service, they give us the LCR copy – the one we submitted. This takes time with the back and forth of mailing and them uploading it to the system so it would not be practical to correct it now if you are planning to leave in a few months but it may be something you might consider so you don’t run into these kinds of problems in the future. 🙂

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  • hi , itanong ko lang po late registeres po kase ako , then kailangan ko po ng baptismal at form 137. kya lang po wala po akong record ng form 137 ko , ano pong gagawin ko ? salamat

  • please someone help me po yung mga under tourist visa po ba na may guarantor hinahanapan pa po ng Philippine immigration ng authenticated invitation letter or affidavit of support galing sa guarantor? please help me naman po

  • thank you ems… if someone knew about this please help me yung mga nakapag tour na po ng japan with guarantor hinanapan po ba kayo ng authenticated invitation letter and guarantee ng philippine immigration upon departure ?mahigpit na po sila ngayon dahil sa anti human trafficking law please help me po my flight is on dec. 20

    • Hi ivy. What happened to you at Naia? My flight would be on January next year. I still have no authenticated copy of invitation letter and guarantee letter. Hinanap ba sayo yun dito sa immigration? Pls reply. Thanks

  • Hi good day! Just read your blog and it was helpful. We bought a ticket to Japan recently because it was a promo fare. The thing is, I’m still a student and don’t have income tax return certificates and the likes since I’m not working yet. I do have a relative living there so what do you think are my chances of getting applied for a visa? and what will I need to submit to the agency then?

    • Hi Gail,

      If you read my blog post. I mentioned about my cousin who is a student and he was issued a visa. I’m not familiar with sponsors though because I was the one who sponsored him.

  • hi good day. gusto kopo sana mg apply ng work sa japan kaso late registered angbirthcertificateko. me alam po bakayong agency na tumatanggap ng applicant kahit late registered?

  • Hi, my tanong lng ako about sa show money. Nakapagtravel n ko sa Hong Kong for 3 consecutive years 2012/2013/2014 with my friends. Budget travelers kme so share sa lahat kaya d kme sobrang magastos, do u think 40-50k funds sa bank cert ay okay na? Mejo napaparanoid kasi ako sa visa , universal studios na cguro ang pinakamahal n entrance fee n babayadan namin the rest sa mga shrines, temples and other low fee tourist spots lng kme. Never nmn kme nagoverstay sa mga trips at magstay kme sa okinawa ng 1week. Tingin mo okay na ung funds na ganun? Complete nmn kme sa requirements especially ung sa work like ITR and COE to prove ung income. Tsaka pala sa bank cert amount lang ba ung nakastate dun wala nag iba like ung account opened date? Thanks for reading mejo mahaba cia hehe

    • Hi,

      Kung yun naman ang budget mo for travel then yun ang mapepresent mo. Depende na siguro sa consul kung idideem nya na sufficient na yun for the 1 week na andun kayo. Hindi ko masabi kung ok yun kasi depende yan sa pupuntahan niyo at anong klase ang activities niyo which should be on the itinerary that you will submit. 🙂

  • Hi, just wondering, our flight to Japan will be on Feb2015 got all the requirements ready na. Thing is yung NSO kakakuha ko lang this Dec2014 hindi kami umabot sa agency because of the Christmas holiday. So we’ll be applying this Jan. 2015. Ngayon, kailangan ba namin ulit kumuha ng NSO para 2015 yung date? Diba kasi kailangan within the year? How about the ITR? we can’t get the 2014 ITR until probably mid of January–depende actually pa sa employer, you think 2013 is fine? . But everything is ok na. Like Tickets, itinerary, hotel, bank certif etc. Everthing listed. Yung NSO and ITR lang concern ko. TIA 🙂

  • Hi! we just submitted our visa requirements from one of the accredited agency and all we have to do now is to wait. we are applying for a tourist visa, the agency told us that we are in complete requirements and we don’t have to worry. My concern is do they still call in your house? or anyone here has experienced it? Thank you 😀

  • Hello again ems. Dati nagbabasa lang ako dito bec. Wala tlga akong idea kung paano makakuha ng jap visa and ano requirements. Tapos nung oct nga nag apply ako, then nov naka alis na ko. Then now, january 20 nag apply again ako. Tapos nung jan 26 dumating na visa ko. Alis na ult ako this march. Thanks tlg ems.. Basta po kumpleto lang mga requirements nyo mabibigyan kayo ng visa. Ako student lang and first time ko lang mg travel nung november pangalawa pa lang ngayon. Thanks sa blog na to ems..

  • Balak kong mag 10 day tour ng japan this april and will file my tourist visa application sa last week of february. What are my chances of being given a visa considering na hindi package tour your trip ko, have under 300k in the bank, am single, no house and car of his own, am working as government lawyer? thanks.

    • Hello Romeo,

      Thanks for visiting my blog. As I always say, I’m in no position to judge your qualifications of obataining a visa. I just shared my personal experience here of getting one. My advice is that as long as your purpose is true and your documents are authentic, go for it. Japan has relaxed the requirements needed to get a visa so it’s a lot easier now than before. I also didn’t go on a packaged tour. I also don’t have a house and car of my own. Good luck! 🙂

      • I submitted my complete documents for my tourist visa application to Friendship tours on Feb. 26 and my visa was issued on March 2, ang bilis, 2 working days lang ang processing niya, Thank you God, ems and Friendship…

    • Sir.. as my experience.. Nag file ako ng documents ko sa FRIENSHIP TOURS. located at dusit thani hotel nung december 10,2014.. dec 16 na aaproved yung visa application ko..(15days stay)
      As long as complete requirements ka, mas mabilis yung process..Kaya tumagal cguro ng ten days yung process nung sakin kasi they asked for another bank cert since siguro mejo mababa yung first bank cert. ko.. But since you have 300k below in bank, im sure ma approve ka..

  • hello po. ask ko lang po kung kailangan ng appearance pag mag aaply ka ng Japan tourist visa kasi yung daddy ko po nasa Qatar di po namen alam kung pano po siya mag aapply ng tourist visa. and pano po kung mag apply kami ng tourist visa no guarantor pero may friend mom ko dun. Ano po lalagay namen sa schedule of stay?

    • Hi Maritoni,

      Hindi kailangan ang personal appearance pero kailangan ang passport. Since nasa Qatar ang daddy mo, hindi ba siya pwede magapply dun? Kung magaapply kayo ng tourist visa no guarantor, wala naman problema kahit may friend ang mom mo dun unless dun kayo sa friend niya magstay. Yun ang ilalagay mo sa schedule of stay.

  • hi to all!! just wanna share mine… i already tried applying for a japan visa to visit fiance twice,.. the 1st attempt was denied for 90-day stay (i guess incomplete docs on my side) but i reapplied after 6mons or so for the same purpose and we shortened my stay for only 30days.. and gladly i was able to enjoy my stay in Japan from dec 21st,2014-jan. 18th,2015. and on my 2nd try to apply for a japan visa,i made sure i had complete docs that time.. since am unemployed, i only submitted my front and back scanned copy(colored) of my valid japanese school id instead of an ITR. and the ff:
    -nso,and bc coz my nso was unreadable
    -completely filled-up visa application form with a professionally-taken photo.
    -CENOMAR(required if visiting fiance/fiancee.
    -scanned copies of my valid japanese school id front and back,colored(as mentioned earlier.)
    -cert of enrollment from my japanese language school.
    -flight tickets,going and coming from japan.
    -docs on my japanese fiance’s side,all in japanese. that included my itinerary,proofs of relationship,etc.
    i didnt submit my bank balance cert.,only his,since he’s the one guaranteed my stay there.. showing an equivalent amount of 100k/week in yen,.. good for 4weeks.Hope this can also help!!^^ that was my first time to be abroad,actually!!

  • Hello, may balak akong bumisita sa nanay ko na nasa japan at marami akong naririnig at nababasa na offload sila sa immigration gaano ba kahirap ang interviews sa immigration at mahigpit ba sila about sa financial capabilities mo na makapagtravel? Kinakabahan ako thanks

    • Hi Kathleen,

      On two of my trips, wala pa ako nawitness na naoffload. Hindi naman ako inask about financial capabilities. Ang usual na tanong lang is ilan days ako dun. If it’s your first time to travel, baka meron pa ibang itanong.

  • your blog really helps me a lot. just got back from Japan.. no guarantee letter were asked by our immigration if you have a guarantor. Just answer their questions truthfully and you’re good to go.. Thanks ems! More power to your blog

  • Hi! I’m just curious about the visa of my two kids… They passed the documents last feb.5 in reli tour megamall… I just tried to follow up that last Thursday but still no result…all of my documents are consistent. Is it Normal that it takes a month for the result?! Do you have any idea why?!…is it possible that they will approve or deny it?! Thanks and God bless

  • Hello po,
    Gusto ko po sana magtanong Kung ano po ba ang visa Na dapat ko I apply pabalik po ng japan kasi po nagwowork Na po ako d2 ngayon at ang visa ko po at trainee under po ng Jitco at ang amin pong contract ay hanggang 3 years Lang next year po ng january pauwi Na po ako eh gusto ko po sana mkabalik d2 at mkapag trabaho ulet ano po Kaya ang mas madaling visa Na kunin ko Na pede po ulet ako makaptrabaho d2?? Sana po mabasa nyo Ito at matulungan po ako

    • Hi Grace,

      Pasensiya na hindi ko alam ang sagot sa tanong mo. Ang alam ko lang iapply is tourist visa. Hindi ako familiar sa work and other visas.

      • Ah ganun po ba? Ok po salamat po😊
        Pero Kung mag apply po ako ng tourist visa Maaaprovan po Kaya? Gaano po Kaya ktagal aq pede mag apply ulet ng visa kasi po next year ng january 17 po expired ng visa ko

        • Sorry, hindi ko alam kung maapprove ka. If you are there to work, you should not apply for a tourist visa. You should apply for the visa na dapat mo applyan. Pwede mo siguro tawagan ang mga travel agency na associated with the embassy kung ano ang dapat. 🙂

  • Ah gnun po ba? Salamat po
    Pero Kung tourist visa po Kaya applyan ko pagkauwi ko pa ba pede Na ako mag apply ng visa xe po next year ng January 17 po expired ng visa ko

  • Hi Ems, thanks for your helpful post. I just want to know also, required daw kasi ang itinerary. What if we don’t have itinerary, since kami lang mag-pplan ng sarili naming lakad (particularly in Kyoto.) Would the hotel booking be enough instead of the itinerary? (Which I know would come from the agencies or tour packages which are more expensive.) I am asking on behalf of my fiancé kasi dyan siya sa Pinas kukuha ng visa since he’s working there. And me here in SG, na wala namang required na itinerary. Returning flights are already enough here. Pa-help naman po.. Thank you. 🙂

  • Hi! good day! I read your blog and it’s informative and gives me hope about my application for my Visa.. I will be visiting my Fiance(japanese national) this May and he is also my guarantor, we are confused about the Guarantee letter does it need to be english? because he’s not that good in written english and one more thing there is something on the guarantee letter which says “Seal” we are not sure what’s that for since my guarantor is my fiance and not a company.. do we still need to have a seal?? I would gladly appreciate any information or help that you can give.. thanks in advance.. 🙂

    • Hi Leslie,

      I didn’t have a guarantor for my application so I don’t know anything about that. I don’t want to give you answers I’m not sure about. 🙂

  • hi! I already have my tourist visa and plane ticket. I dont have any guarantor and I’ll be goint their all by myself. I just want to ask, I heard about offloads at naia by immigrant officer. anu b usually tinatnung s immigration? or anu b hinahanap nila? para maiwasan ang maoffload? konoconfirm din ba nila ng hotel reservations? Thank you.

    • Hi jaja,

      Ang tinatanong lang usually sa akin ay kung ilan days ako magstay dun. They usually ask for the return ticket. Hotel resevation – baka pero madalang lang naman yun tinatanong. Effort ang pagcoconfirm so unless na they feel that there’s a need for that, I don’t think they would go that far.

      • Hi ems! Sorry now ko lng nabasa ang reply mo
        Thank you ha. Kase madami nagsasabi, although hndi pa naman tlga cla nkakapunta ng Japan. Hahaha. Tnong ko lang, hinanapana k ba ng proof for financial capabalities? Or nag show money kb? Did they ask if my relatives k don? Actually kc my relatives at bf ako don. Pero ang inapplyan ko nman is tourist without guarantor. Tapos sinasabi nila need ko dw invitation letter para sure? How come? Eh. Db without guarantor nga tayo? Sorry kung madami ako tanong. First time ko kc magtravel. Tpos sbi nila need ko dn dw mag dala passbook and credit card? Is that true? Okay. To make it short nlng po, ano pa ba inabot nio s immigration natin? Bukod sa, passport with visa at ticket? And how was it po nung nsa airport ka na ng japan? Ano po tinanung nila? 14days kc ako mag stay don. Ilang days k po? Hope you can help me with this.malapait n kc alis ko. Thank you! God bless!

        • Hi jaja,

          Hindi naman ako hinanapan ng passbook. I don’t normally bring a passbook pag nagtatravel. What I always bring is atm cards and credit cards. So far, hindi pa naman ako hinanapan ng ganun. Sa atin, usually they ask you for your return flight, hotel accommodation at company id if you work. Sa Japan, usually wala naman inaask.

  • hi, i applied for a japanese visa last week via reli tours, i already submitted my bank cert but today reli tours informed me that the Japanese Embassy is asking for my bank certificate. I don’t understand why. Do you have any idea? Thanks

  • Hello po. Ask ko lang po sa may mga experience. Twice na ako nakabalik ng Japan tourist pero wala po guarantor. Pero po this July plan namin invite ako ng bf ko po, ano po ba mga kailangan? And kung wala po sya tax cert ok lang ba? Income cert lng po and cert pf employment. Ano ano pa po ba kailangan? Sa side nya at sakin po? Thanks po

    • Angel, ask ko lng sana mahelp mo ko. 1st time ko mag travel at mgpunta ng japan without guarantor din ako. Pwede ko ba malaman kung ano ngyari sa immigration? Kung ano hinanap nila sayo? Nghanap b cla ng financila capabalities? Credit cards? And show money? Pls help me po. Salamat! More power.

      • Immigration po? Airport ntn dto and sa Japan? Wala po. Ask lang nila sa Japan ilan days ka, dto nman po wala naman sakin ask kht ano. Knuha lang passport ticket and ung fill up na card sa airport then ok na po. Wala po sila ask about money o kht ano..

    • Hi angel, nung nagpunta ka ba ng Japan first time mo dn ba mag out pf the country non? Tourust without guarantor? Hndi k po ba hinanapan ng show money or credit card? Ty po

      • First time po tlga as in. Passport ko malinis na malinis wala pa ni isanf tatak hehe. November un una, then next is last march lang. July babalik ako try ko nman with guarantor. Wala show money, or credit card. Wala po tlga.

  • Wow! Thank you angel s response mo. Ngayon, hndi na ako worried. I heard about offloads kc. 14days ako. My visa, ticket back and forth, bank cert, hotel reservations and tour itinerary ako. Salamat angel!

  • Hi, I want to ask if the BIR Income Tax Return form is a must? Would the Certificate of Employment and bank certificate suffice? Many thanks!

  • Hi, i just got my visa yesterday, it took quite sometime though and nagkaproblem din ako sa courier but nonetheless i was able to secure a japanese visa 🙂 I hope everyone else are able to get theirs. Goodluck to your blog. It’s really helpful and it’s nice that you are able to reply as often as you can

    I’ll be flying on friday 🙂

  • Hi, I plan to buy a promo fare ticket to Japan for August. I know that when applying, you have to provide an itinerary indicating the accommodation, so do I have to book a hotel? or can I just indicate the hotel I think I will be staying at but without any proof of confirmation since it’s too risky to book it without assurance I’ll be granted a visa. thanks!!

    • Hi diane,

      I’m not sure with that. Maybe you can just indicate it in the itinerary. We always include a booked accommodation when applying. I just book a hotel with good cancellation policies so I can cancel if ever I don’t get a visa. 🙂

    • Yes you may. That’s what i did with my visa application. You dont have to book a hotel roght away. You may just write the name pf the hotel to intend to stay in. You also dont need to include your hotel booking in your application.

  • Hi jaja!

    I was reading your comments here and i would just like to know if you were able to go through with you trip. Nagkaproblem ka ba?

    And hi ems!

    Thanks for a very helpful blog. I would like to ask if the immigration is strict with hotel bookings/vouchers. Kasi we still dont have a booking, we are planning to do walkins. We are leaving on Saturday, staying for 14days. Thanks so much!

    • Hi Van,

      Sa immigration, never pa naman kami hiningan ng proof of accommodation pero maganda lang kahit may idea ka lang or know a place that you want to stay dahi kailangan yata ilagay sa form. They usually just ask for the return ticket and how many days ka magstay. 🙂

    • Sorry. Ngaun ko lang nabasa ang concern mo. I hope walang naging problem sa trip nio. Wala namang naging problem s trip ko. Pero when it comes to immigration, hndi kasi masasabi kung anong pwede nilang hanapin kht ano. Kaya much better prepared kayo. In my case, hinanapan ako ng voucher. At mdming tinanong dto sa immigration natin, pero sa Japan walang tinanung skin na kht ano. Enjoy exploring Japan! 😊

  • Hi. My mother and my brother (22 y/o) are greencard holder in US. They are planning to travel in Japan. We’re expecting na hindi sila gaano mahihirapan sa pagkuha ng Japan tourist visa since they are living in US. Our problem is baka ako ang mahirapan sa pagkuha ng visa, since hindi naman ako US immigrant. I’m a college graduate, single but unemployed for almost a year at hindi rin naman ganun kalaki ang pera sa bank. My question is mahihirapan ba ako? Or makakaya ko ba na maconvince ang Japanese Embassy na shoulder ng mother/brother ko lahat ng expenses ko for our trip at hindi ako magti-TNT sa Japan? Ok ba ang chance ko for japan tourist visa or medyo maliit ang chance? Sabi kasi ng mother ko hindi nila itutuloy ang tour kung hindi ako makakasama. Btw, may cousin ako na dun na nakatira, makakatulong ba sya? Thank you very much.

    • Hi Castillo,

      I don’t know about your chances of getting a visa but really, you will never know until you try. Just present your situation the best way you can. Your cousin can give you an invitation but they have to produce the documents. I don’t know how close you are or how willing they are to produce those documents for you. 🙂 They are more relaxed now than before.

  • Hello po. Girl po ako. Gusto po kasi akong kunin ng Tita ko from Japan. Visit /. Tourist lang for 3-6months. Siya po ung magiging guarantor ko. Asawa po siya ng hapon at may sariling work naman sya dun. Saan po ba ako dapat magsubmit ng requirements for visa? Direct poba dapat sa Japan embassy sa Manila?? Kapag po ba nacomplete ko ung Requirements ko at kailangan na requirements ni Tita, posible po ba na maapprove at mabigyan ako ng Visa? 1st time ko po. 20y.o ako at wala po work. Please reply po.. this year ko po balak pumunta na dun. Thanks a Lot!

  • hello I just found your post, and may question lang po..

    I plan to apply for visa kc this coming December so I wanna know if the days of processing are going to be affected by the season that I’m going to apply? baka kasi matagalan since December is a busy season and my hinahabol kasi akong dates, in time sa pag uwi ko. what i plan to do kasi is sa pinas ako magaaply, dito po kasi ako sa UAE and I’m trying to avoid my company from knowing about my travel..

    thank you po

  • How much will it cost po ba for a 15 days tourist for japan?does daily activity really needed and be followed when we are already in japan?thank u

    • Hi Vonex,

      No interviews for japanese tourist visas. You just submit the requirements at a credited travel agency. Someone can even do this on your behalf. 🙂

  • Hi po! Nung september 16,2015 pa po ako nag apply ng visa sa consulate ng Davao pero until now wala pa po ung result ng visa eh 1 month na po sa Friday… Is there a possibility po ba na denied yung application ko? Ilang days lang maximum days po ba ung processing ng visa?

  • Hi Miss emz..long term resident visa po ung may certificate of eligibility kasi po asawa ko japanese descendant..dalawa po kami ng anak ko ang nag apply ng visa…

    • Pasensya na I’m not familiar sa ganyan klase ng visa pero I imagine na hindi mabilis yan dahil iverify pa nila lahat ng documents. 🙂 Maybe you can follow up at the consulate and ask them how long the process usually takes para may idea ka sa time frame.

  • Hi saw your blog while I’m doing some research and tips for getting a Japanese visa,my question is it okay to stamp old passport on the new one?since my old passport just got expired last March 2015 and un lahat ng travel stamp ko including ung Korean visa Asa old one or ung agency will asked to removed it?i’m planning to submit my requirement s friendship tour’s din due to positive feedback,,,travel will be on nov 11 is that enough time for visa processing..thanks

    • Hi Abby,

      You can just submit your old passport along with your new one. You don’t have to attach them together unless the Agency will return it to you. I’ve never tried this so I’m not sure about it. They will check all documents naman before it is submitted, they do return some that they do not deem necessary. 🙂 Submit your application as soon as possible. Standard processing in my experience is one week but you’ll never know so it’s better to be safe.

  • I have my Japanese visa approve last week and valid for 3 months with 15 days length of stay. Do I need to stay only for 15 days in Japan or can I stay in Japan for 3 months as per visa validity? I want to know also If I can apply for extension after 15 days of arrival in Japan? Thanks in advance.

    • You can only stay 15 days because that’s the length of stay they allowed you to stay. Validity means that you can go at any time within that 3 month period. Sorry I don’t know anything about visa extensions.

  • Hi! Please help me. Late registered kasi ing NSO birth certificate ko.. So I need to provide baptismal cert and form 137a as additional docs.. kaya lang it is indicated there na kelangan din ng yearbook? Kelangan ba talaga? College yearbook lang ang meron ako 😯

    • Hi Faith,

      Yung pinsan ko late registered din ang NSO birth certificate nung nagapply kami for Japan Tourist visa, ang sinubmit lang niya is original baptismal certificate and original school form 137a. Hindi na siya nirequire ng yearbook. Did you check with the accredited travel agency kung saan mo ipass ang application mo if need pa yun? 🙂

  • Hello po ems! I was planning to try my luck again to visit Japan. I have recently applied for the visa and got denied. I only had a little less than a 100K and had 14 days as my itinerary (probably the reason why I got denied). Question ko lang po, kung sakaling 2 or 3 days lang ang ilagay ko sa itinerary (which would mean greater chances of approval since less na lamang yung expenses relative sa 100K), at sakaling na-approve, 15-days pa rin ba ang visa allotment? Or may mas bababa pa sa 15 days? Gusto ko talaga kasing mag-stay ng 2 weeks (in a budget manner) kasi marami naman akong kakilala dun sa Japan (about 20 persons and kulang nga yung 14 days). Ayoko naman yung sponsorship-style kasi hassle. So pag-worth 3 days lang ba ang itinerary ko, 3 days lang din yung visa ko? Sana 15 days yung visa pa rin. Thanks!

    • Hi Alexander Smith,

      I don’t know anyone who goes that far to visit only for 3 days unless business purposes. Siguro mas feasible pa ang 5 days. Usually 15 days talaga ang binibigay nila. 🙂

  • Kailan ka po ng-apply ng Visa? Mejo worried ako ngayon dahil babalik ako ulit ng Japan this coming May for vacation purposes. My last visit was september 2015 and I was still employed that time. Ngayon ay wala na akong work dahil mag-aaral ako this coming June. Hopefully, ma-grant yung visa ko dahil naka-book na ako ng flight namin. Letter of explanation lang ginawa ko instead of ITR and COE.

  • HI.. Iam a filipino and my boyfriend is working in japan for the past 3 months. ask ko lang po:
    1. pwedi po ba ako mag stay ng 60-90 days sa japan? 5 yrs na po kaming in relationship.
    2. makakuha na po ba sya ng Incom Tax Return Cert kahit 3mons palang sya nagwowork dun?

    tnx. Hope you can help me about this.

    • Hi elma,

      1. Depende kung ilan ang ibibigay sayo ng Japan embassy. Yung sa akin, nung una 15 days lang binigay for Tourist visa. Yung pangalawa, binigyan ako ng 30 days. Sabi din sa website nila, 15-30 days ang binibigay for temporary visit visa.
      2. Hindi ko alam kung makakuha sya ng Income Tax Return. Siguro mas maganda itanong niya mismo dun. Kung hindi man siya makakuha, siguro pwede naman iexplain sa letter kung bakit hindi siya nakakuha.

      I hope nakatulong ito kahit papano. Good luck! 🙂

  • nabasa ko kasi sa discovery tours na kung magvivisit ng fiancee nakalagay dun 15 up to 90 days. naguguluhan po kasi ako baka ikabit ko sa form yung duration ng stay ko dun kung lalagay ko ng 90 days baka nmn madeny ako. or ang japan na ang magdedecide kung ilan days? salmat. hindi ba ako madedeny nung if ever?

    • Tama ka, sa friendship tours din nakalagay na maximum 90 days ( Sa tingin ko ichecheck pa rin naman nila mga papeles at application mo and siguro pwede ka magtanong dun sa agency kung san ka man magdecide na ipass ang application mo. 🙂 Dun sa application form, kailangan mo ilagay yung intended length of stay in Japan mo. Hindi ko alam kung madeny ka or hindi, syempre depende din yan sa application mo at sa desisyon ng embassy. 🙂

    • Oo, pwede naman. Wala naman specific instructions sa bank certificate na bawal. Basta nandun lang siguro ang name mo. 🙂

  • isa nalng po tlga maam. kung hindi man sya makakuha ng income tas return kasi 3mons palang sya nagwowork dun pwedi naba yung dalawa nlang ipsa? yung bank cert and income cert?

    • Hindi ko masagot yan kasi hindi ako familiar sa ganyan situation. Ayoko naman bigyan kita ng maling sagot dahil nanghula lang ako. Siguro mas safe na iask mismo yung acceedited travel agency para sigurado. 🙂

  • Hi! Just want to ask if I could apply for a japan visa here in riyadh with a final exit visa instead of an exit/reentry visa? My 3year contract is almost up, with no plans of renewal and I will be going back to the phils this july 15. My japan trip will be on july 24-aug 4. Is it ok if I apply here in ksa or it’s much better to apply in manila? I’m worried I will be denied there (in manila) since I will not be able to provide an ITR (I’m an ofw). Also, will it help if I show them a round trip ticket manila-bangkok on aug(proof that I will be coming back to the phil after the japan trip)?
    Any advice/tips?
    Thanks in advance.

    • Hi Rhen,

      Thanks for visiting the blog. 🙂 I’m not very familiar with the application process in riyadh with either a final exit visa or an exit/reentry visa so I wouldn’t know. Your time frame is a bit tight. You return July 15, then you are planning gyour trip on July 24. That gives you only 5 Business days. Although it is possible to get your application processed in 3 days, that’s not always the case especially if you have documents missing or they could be busy. Agencies will let you know that processing is 7 business days. I would not recommend it. Either you move your travel date or take the risk and apply at ksa would be my advice. 🙂 Yes, you can always let them know you have future travel plans although that is not required. Sometimes, they just return documents that are not necessary. Anyway, Good Luck! 🙂

  • Hello!! We applied for a visa recently(Me and my boyfriend), and we’re just waiting if approve ba or what. My question lang ako kasi i get confused, my guarantor kami(My Aunt) and yung company niya is inviting us to go to Japan and work there, so the case is, yung reason na nilagay namin eh “to visit my Aunt” but may endorsement yung company sa Japan na kasama namin pinasa.And first time namin mag apply for visa pero nilagay namin is three months(90 days). Does it have a chance na ma-approve? Thank you!

    • Hi Ma Danica M Ranola,

      Anong type of visa ang inapplyan ninyo? Yung alam ko lang kasi is about tourist visas and you mentioned na magwork kayo dun. Alam ko pag tourist visa, bawal ang magwork. Medyo confused din ako sa situation ninyo. Hehe. 🙂

      • Yeah, it’s really confusing and as in nakaka kaba kasi i really don’t know kung ano yung paper na yun na galing sa company ng tita ko, to where she is working. My aunt is not really sure since it’s written in Japanese, i can’t rely on my aunt, all she was saying is that, it’s like an endorsement daw kung saan iniimbitahan kami mag work kung saan dun din nagwowork yung tita ko(can’t understand it really). Hindi ko alam kung anong type ng visa ang inaapplyan ko since pinasa ko lang yung documents sa agency then nag tanong lang ako kung anong purpose ilalagay ko, sabi samin nung sa agency ang ilagay daw namin is “to visit aunt”, well i guess tourist visa yung in-apply namin. haha sorry i got you confused.

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