How I got my Canadian Tourist Visa in the Philippines

How I got my Canadian Tourist Visa in the Philippines


UPDATE:  As of March 15, 2016, visa-exempt foreign nationals are expected to have an Electronic Travel Authorization (eTA) to fly to or transit through Canada. Exceptions include U.S. citizens, and travellers with a valid Canadian visa. Canadian citizens, including dual citizens, and Canadian permanent residents are not eligible to apply for an eTA.

However, from March 15, 2016 until fall 2016, travellers who do not have an eTA can board their flight, as long as they have appropriate travel documents, such as a valid passport. During this time, border services officers can let travellers arriving without an eTA into the country, as long as they meet the other requirements to enter Canada. Find answers to your questions about the leniency period.



UPDATE: Effective 14 April 2014 The Embassy of Canada in Philippines will only accept visa application submitted either on-line or through one of Visa Application Centres (CVACs) in Manila and Cebu. Please refer to How to submit an application

My Canada Tourist Visa Application in 2014 (through online):

NOTE: As of July 3, 2013, Canadian Visa Applications now goes through VFS Services Philippines. They might have a different way of processing documents whereas before, documents are picked up from your home or office and they just mail you your passport after. Now, it’s a lot similar to the UK Visa Application, wherein you have to go their visa processing center and submit your documents. You still have the option to mail them though. This is their website for more information:

How to submit an application from their website:


I spent New Year’s in Canada with family. I applied for my tourist visa and scheduled an appointment around December 8. I was hoping we would be able to spend Christmas and New Year’s in Canada but I realize that the time was really short so I was just hoping for the best and left any expectations. They do not do personal interviews like the US Embassy unless required, all applications are submitted through mail. This post is about how I got my Canadian Tourist visa in the Philippines.

So, my Dad’s letter of invitation with a copy of his IDs came around the first week of December so we were frantic about getting documents ready in a couple of days. I went on the website to check the requirements for a Temporary Resident Visa Application or Tourist Visa. They also state the forms that needs to be filled up here. I also called the local information line which is (02) 845-9200 for inquiry to make sure that I have listed the right documents.

As a self-employed person, I submitted the following:

  • Document Checklist (2 copies)
  • Document Checklist (Form IMM5484)
  • Completed Application Form for a Temporary Resident Visa (Form IMM5257) – This form needs to be validated since you would need the bar codes on the last page.
  • Completed Family Information Form (IMM5465)
  • Manager’s check – always check with them what the rate is since it changes. I got mine from BDO.
  • Original Passport
  • Two Passport Photographs with the correct specification which can be viewed here.
  • Original Bank Certificates with receipts and passbooks
  • Recent Credit Card Statements (They don’t really require this, I just included them)
  • My Dad’s letter and other documents
  • Business documents such as the original DTI certificate, original Mayor’s permit, and other related original business doucments
  • NSO issued Birth Certificate (This was not also required, I just included it as proof of family relations.

After I got all of these completed, I called the scheduling number which can be any of these, depending on what line you are using.

1 (909) 101-8888 PLDT
1 (903) 101-8888 Bayantel
1 (900) 101-8888 Globe / Innove / Smart / Touchcard / Touchmobile

I gave them my information and I was given a reference number and instructions to put outside the brown envelope.

Fast forward 2 and a half weeks later, I got all my documents back and my passport with a visa stamp on it. I was so happy!


canada visa pixelate


When I looked at my passport, I saw that the visa was issued before Christmas and it took longer than usual with shipping because of the holidays I suppose. It’s really okay since tickets before Christmas are more expensive. 😛


How do I get help if my visa application is refused?

There is no formal appeal process if your application for a temporary resident visa is refused. Should you wish to re-apply, you should do so only if your situation has changed substantively or you have significant new information to submit. Source




491 thoughts on “How I got my Canadian Tourist Visa in the Philippines”

      • hi ma’am.just want to ask planning to apply a canadian visitors visa but i’m currently unemployed but my auntie who has a business will sponsor my sister is the one who invite me but my auntie will support my financial needs.i also have a show money.what should i do for me to be approve?what are the chances i’ll be granted a visa?hope you can help me.thank you in advance

        • Hi Cherry rose,

          If you read the comments on this post, I always tell people that I feel like I am in no position to tell your chances of getting a visa because I simply don’t know how they process their applications.

          I always advice people to submit correct and complete documents. Being prepared increases your chances on anything. The first step is always to try. When I am uncertain about things, I try to picture myself in their shoes. Have I presented enough proof to prove that I will return to my country?

          Sorry if I couldn’t answer your question but I wish you good luck! 🙂

  • Hi! So if my requirements are already complete, I have to call the 1-900 number to schedule my documents for pick-up? What particulat courier is this? Thanks! -Raisa

    • I don’t remember the courier. Yes, you would have to call the toll free number to schedule an appointment for pick up of your documents through the visa processing center. It’s actually the visa processing center that would take care of the courier service. It’s part of the application fee.

      I researched a few things just now and I think the processing center might have changed as of July 3, 2013 and they may need a few other things not written in this post. Here’s the link of the processing center I got:

      I hope this helps. 🙂

      • Hi. Thank you for the very informative response! it was greatly appreciated. I”ve checked CIC’s website a number of times and I also found out that VFS handles the visa processing for Canada, there’s also an online application for faster processing. Again, thank you very much. :))

    • Sorry, I read further and I think they’ve changed the processing of applications. You can either go to the visa application center to submit your documents or mail it to them via the courier you choose. It’s a lot similar to the UK tourist visa application, I think they are the same company that does the processing too.

      • ms . emz, i am applying for visitor visa in behalf of my parents because they’re both senior citizens.. when i try to look and read everything the requirements, I noticed that the requires application form must be filled up electronically and then print.. pano po yon if my sister sent the said application form thru courier directly from canada. I just filled it up handwritten. will there be a possibility that my application for my parents will not be accepted? thank the good Lord i was able to read your insights and experiences when you were applying for it and those of the others that’s why i got the chance to know about vfs, i thought i just have to send thru LBC, the app forms and all other requirements ( passport, proof of financial support, invit letter etc) yun pala i still have to consider the processing center

        • Hi dada,

          From my understanding, it needs to be filled out electronically because of the bar code it generates at the last page. Maybe you can just fill out the application form electronically again in behalf of your parents and submit that instead. They would just have to sign it.

          Before, you have the option to have your documents picked up but I’ve never experienced sending it yourself. Ngayon, wala na yung pick up service. There is the Visa Processing Center that you can submit your documents through or online application.

    • Hi Joyce! If you download the application form, there’s a submit button on it. Then, it will generate the bar code so make sure that you have put in all your information correctly. 🙂

    • Hi Chat,

      Thanks for dropping by my blog. Processing times vary. You can check their website for more information. At the time of my application, it took about 2.5 weeks from the day that they picked up our application from our home. 🙂

  • im trying to contact the canadian embassy manila since yesterday. 1(900)101-8888 using my Smart phone, but it’s not working. It keeps giving me an error. Can you pls help me?

    • Hi Kass,

      I think they might have changed the process of their application since I submitted mine last year. Here’s the information on their website on how to submit an application:

      I think the visa application center that is processing the tourist visa requests is through VFS global and here’s the link:

      Good luck with your application and I hope this helps. 🙂

      • thanks for sharing your experience.I want to apply for a tourist visa to Canada but i don’t know where to start.I would like to ask many things such as, if there is an interview,a show money and how much did it cost you?I come across this Canadian immigration consultancy they are processing visas for Canada but i have to pay 15 thousand pesos filling fee aside from visa fees and courier.I hope you can help me

        • Hi Nilfa,

          I applied for a tourist visa. At the time of my application, they did not conduct interviews although I was informed that there is a possibility that they would call on me for an interview if needed. Now, the process has changed. They go through a visa processing center. I have links on this blog post about their website and requirements for tourist visa applications. I really don’t like the word show money and I’m not comfortable publicly sharing my financial records. The overall cost for my application was less than 5,000 pesos including the visa fee and courier.

          If you went to a Canadian immigration consultancy firm, i would assume that you are applying for a permanent resident visa perhaps. I don’t know how that works. Good luck on your application! 🙂

  • Hi! what courier would you recommend for me sending my passport to the embassy? i think it’s not the same as 2 years ago where you have to contact the embassy, and the embassy would give the courier a call, am i right? if ever, i’d send it through lets say Lbc, do i still need to notify them that they’d send it back or is it included in the fee which i paid 993? thanks!

    • Hi Hazel,

      I’m sorry. Since it was a year ago, I think the process may have change and I have no idea what were the changes since then. It would be better to contact them just to make sure.

  • Hi.. thank you for the info.. just want to ask if i still need to fill up the schedule 1 application for temporary resident.. thanks again.. Jes

    • Hi Mimi,

      I’m sorry. I wouldn’t know if you can submit it online now. At the time I applied it was by mail but I understand they’ve changed the process and I really don’t know anything about that. If you find out, please let us know here so we can share it to the other readers. Good luck on your application! 🙂

      • hi you can send it online! Its faster you just need to provide all you documents scan it and upload it on there website. Its faster because the next day they will send you confirmation if your qualify or not,

  • Hi…thanks for your blog it is really a big help…Just a question regarding the manager’s cheque. Did you print your name at the back of the managers check? Thank you so much.

    • I don’t remember writing anything at the back of the check but you can ask the hotline or when you schedule your appointment if that is necessary just to be sure. 🙂

  • Hi! I’m 29 and currently enrolled in a short course. I’m planning to spend the Holidays with my relatives (about 80 as of my last count 🙂 ) in canada. I’ll be done with my course by end of October. Question, is my school certification plus other documents from the bank be enough? My parents have this small business, it’s under their name but I’m managing it. What documents should I include for that? THanks!

    • Hi Angela,

      If you are applying before your short course ends, then you can include your certificate of enrollment. I am in no position to say if your documents would be enough. The documents you include in your application are like your proof of your ties to the Philippines and that you will come back. So, it’s really up to you what you would like to include. Are you paying for your trip? Or are your relatives paying for this trip? It would be good to provide documentation of that too. 🙂

      • Hi Miss Ems,

        Thanks for the reply. My relatives (siblings of my dad) will be paying for everything. I guess I’ll be paying just for the visa but the rest will be shouldered by my relatives. The last time I was in Canada kasi was 15 years ago pa yata.

        If it’s not too much to ask, may I know if you got a multiple or a single entry visa?

        Thanks! I’m planning to apply for a tourist visa around August or Early September since I plan to go there for a visit around late November.

  • Hi! Should it best to include bank statements w/ not much savings, even if I have letter of support. Proof of income that I will show are my ITR and Compensation from my Employer. And is it okay also to provide credit card statements?

  • hi,me and my son(2 1/2 yrs old) is planning to spend a holiday vacation together with my sister and hcer family in canada.How can i pass our application?is it individual or i will just put all our documents in 1 folder?

    • Every application is individual. Iba din naman passport niya so iba din ang visa na iissue sa kanya. Hindi lang naman iisa for both of you. 🙂 Ang pagsubmit ay pwedeng sabay.

  • Hi! Did you submit your original passbook with your application? Will photocopy of the passbook along with bank certificates be fine? I don’t feel really comfy submitting my original passbook, scared it might get lost or something… thanks!

    • Hi April,

      Im not sure if they require the passport now or if you need to bring it when its approved since they have a different application process now.

  • Hi ems! One thing more which is better to give to the consul the Leave of Absence that My branch head signed or the certification from our HR that i am granted for a 30 days leave and report on the 31th. Thanks

    • The certification from HR with the leave of absence in my opinion ay mas official kesa sa letter ng branch head pero read through the requirements din para sure. Ang usually naman na nagbibigay ng work certification ay HR. 🙂

  • Hi ems, good day to you. Please can you help me do to so how to apply as tourist visa to Canada. Seemed to me so confusing. I was reading all the comment in here nalilito parin ako. What is the first step that I need to do? Thanks in advance ems you are so helpful for doing this blog of yours. God bless us…..

  • Hi,
    Im here in the UK now on visit visa and would like to ask if I can apply a Canadian tourist visa in London? I dont have jobs nor property in the Philippines but I have a massive family that I can make a reason to return. I have a Canadian citizen friend that will sponsor me but dont know if it is possible. Hope u can help. Thanks 

  • Hi good day chat, may I know what wed site do I need to send my document through online? And where I can pay the charges of applying tourist visa? Thnx in advance

  • Hi Ems, I really enjoyed reading your blog. It is very enlightening and easy to navigate.
    By the way, I am planning to apply for a Temporary Resident Visa soon (around September this year, to be specific). I just have a few questions to ask, if I may.
    1. Would it be necessary for me to book an air ticket prior to my application or at least provide a copy of a “dummy/temporary” ticket? If yes, can you please recommend a travel agency, where I can request one?
    2. When they say itineraries, these are the line-up/schedule of activities that you will be doing during your stay in Canada, places to visit, etc.?
    3. How much is the total fee you paid for? Is this correct (in PHP): 3,450 – Application Fee, 634.70 – Application Handling Fee, 277.05 – Courier Delivery of Applications to Applicant, upon receipt from visa office, and 507.70 – Secure transmission of passport to the Embassy of Canada in Makati City, Philippines upon request by visa office, for a total of 4869.45?
    4. I do not have any businesses, investments, etc., but I have a stable job (working as an EA since 2011, contract expires in 2018) and a savings account. Will this have an effect on my application?
    5. Lastly, do I need to have the Letter of Invitation notarized?

    Sorry for asking too many questions.

    Thanking you in anticipation. God bless.

    • Hi Jayq,

      Thank you for visiting my blog and your kind words. 🙂

      1. No need to book a ticket. I don’t think it’s required but I have to double check that. I’m actually in Canada right now so I don’t have my files with me.
      2. Yes, your day to day schedule. That’s what I put.
      3. Not sure about the exact amount but it was around 4000 pesos. It’s on their website too. I thought I put it on the blog post but maybe not.
      4. I think it’s more important that you have strong ties to the Philippines like a stable job which you have and family to come back to.
      5. No, my letter of invitation was not notarized but I included the IDs of the person that sent the invitation.

      Good luck! 🙂

      • Hi Ems,

        Thank you for the prompt response and for answering all my queries.

        I forgot to ask, do I still need to submit my old “unused” passport along with my application?

        I’ve only been outside the country once and for very short period of time, you think it will affect my application? should I also provide them with my previous travel “history” documents e.g. hotel voucher, air ticket, boarding passes, etc. as proof?

        Thanks a lot! God bless 🙂

        • Now, it’s all online so you only need to scan those. It’s also one of the questionaires – travel history in the past 10 years.

  • Hi Ems,

    Thanks again. I preferred to apply on paper, instead of uploading everything online. I might have problem uploading the documents, since I got an intermittent internet connection. I don’t want to blow my chances. LOL!

    By the way, would you know how soon I can reapply if in any case I got refused entry to Canada? Thanks a lot.

  • Hey ems! help nman! am currently working on visitor visa! pro yung company ko cant provide I.T.R help me naman what are the other option to say that I have a strong ties to get back 1 month lng sana sa canada….
    send me email if u got time!

    • Hi je,

      Hindi lang naman itr ang pwede iprovide. Pwede ka din humingi ng employment certification with approved leave para alam nila na may work ka dito na babalikan. 🙂 Or payment slips ng sahod mo monthly or kung twice a month.

      • Ohh ok! So what if walang credit card! Pwede nman magbyad on cash dba? Pro totoo ba na peede magpakita ng title sa house if unemployed ka? If pwede true copies or photocopies! Tpos wla na title ng house pro di sa akin nakapangalan.

        Thank u ems sa reply

        • Nagapply kasi ako online so credit card lang ang pwede yata gamitin dun. Pwede ka din ata magbayad ng cash sa visa processing center pero di ako masyado sure dun kasi di ko pa nasubukan. Hindi ko alam about sa mga titulo ng bahay kung unemployed pero sino ba ang maka-afford na bumili ng bahay na walang trabaho? Unless recently lang nawalan ng trabaho? At kung hindi din nakapangalan sa iyo ang property, I don’t think may need na ipakita yun. 🙂

          • Ok! Thank you sa reply talaga
            Magkano ang dapT nasa bank pra makavisit!? Heheh what if 50k pesos lng ok naba yum!?

          • Walang definite amount ang nakaset. Kung ikaw ang magshoushoulder ng expenses mo, pamasahe pa lang baka kulang na ang 50k. Kung iba ang magbabayad ng trip mo, baka pwede.

          • Hi! Makikisingit lang. 😊 I paid using my debit card online, pumasok naman yung payment. Basta may Visa at Mastercard logo pwede.

  • good day! i actually have an online application now, but until now there is no update from the CIC for my application fo Visitors visa. Its been 2 weeks now pero wala parin message ang CIC. Ano kaya, my problem kaya application ko. Complete nman ako sa requirements. Any comments?

    • Did you make the payment? and received confirmation? You should get a reference number for it. What is the current status of your application? I got email notifications at the time of my application if something has been updated on my application. Do check your cic account for updates and the status of your application.

      • Yes i made a payment via credit card, ang received a confimation message. I also got an email from CIC telling that my status has been updated.that message came twice each of the day.but when i log in my CIC account still my status is the same, nothing has been updated. i am worried now because i have to leave before april 5, because im attending the wedding of my sister.ive been running out of time waiting for a message from CIC.

  • From then i got only two messages from cic, the confirmation message with reference number and the receipt of my payment. After that they emailed me twice stating that “your status has been updated”. But still my status is open and the decision not yet started.

    • Then I guess all you can do is check every now and then if a decision has been made and if they ask for your passport. I don’t know how to follow up on it – if that’s even possible. They should know the date you are intending to travel since you have that on your application. I know it’s just stressful to be waiting. Good luck! 🙂

  • YuP, its all in the mind. I think they are scrutinizing my application.good luck to me. Hopefully this week it will come.thanks ems..

    • Not yet Leo coz I have a lot of things to consider which I’m not yet sure if o will be qualified since I will be visiting a friend not a relative ugh!!!!!!!
      Am so confused

  • I’m applying for a temporary visit visa for Canada for attending a conference, I’m self employed just wondering if anyone can help me? Are they requiring plane tickets and hotel reservation to application of visa? time is running out I don’t want to waste plane tickets na hindi pwede marefund if hindi naman ma-aapproved on time Thank you!

  • And also yung validity ng passport ko is questionable for me they are requiring at least 1 year bago ma-expire yung passport. March 4, 2016 ang expiration ng passport ko. And conference ko ay April 20, 2015. Matatangap pa kaya yung application ko pag ganito?

  • Kamusta yung application mo iron!? Ok Na?

    Sinong nasa canada na!? Congrats!

    Ang Hirap pala magka tourist visa sa canadA, friend di pwede mag invite!? Or kulang yung money Nasa bank!? 😭

  • Hi Maam ems, I am from Davao and your blog really help a lot. Gusto ko lang po sana magtanong, student po kasi ako. Less po ba ang chance ko na ma-approve? My grandaunt will pay for my trip. Plan ko kasi na this month ako magpasa ng mga documents ko. July po kasi sana flight ko. Then yung show money ko 50k lang. Wala po kasi ako mga properties dito sa Davao 🙁 Please help. Hihingi po sana ako advice sa inyo. Thanks!

    • Hi Rochel,

      Thank you for visiting my blog. 🙂 Sa tingin ko, wala ako right na sabihin kung sino ang may chance or wala na makakuha ng visa. Ang advice ko lagi is I think as long as you can prove na you will return from your trip and you have strong ties to your country, mas lalaki ang chances mo pero syempre hindi din assurance yun. Good luck! 🙂

  • Hello everyone! Specially to you Emz. If ever my online application as tourist visa to Canada will be refuse, tanong ko lang sana pano mag reapply. The same CIC account parin ba? Or do I need to get new CIC account? Thnx for your help in advance!

  • OK Ems…. Thnx for the responds! Follow up question if you don’t mind. How many weeks it takes to process my document if granted ba or refuse. Do you have any idea Ems? Thnx again!

    • Wala naman fixed time. I read forums and some are as fast as one week while others take months. Depende lang siguro sa sitwasyon or if they need extra time to look into your documents. Mine took about a week. 🙂

  • Hi Ms. Emz,

    Firstly, I am so glad I stumbled upon your blog. This is very informative. I just have a few more queries though. Just today, I received a letter from the CIC requiring me to submit my passport via the CVAC (Can Visa App Center). They have 2 options (by mail/ in-person) in transmitting my passport. I opt to send it to them by mail. How could I pay the additional service fees? Like the Secure transmission of passport to the Embassy of Canada, PR Document Transmission Service and Application Handling fee? Do I include them in my passport through my chosen courier?
    And also, how do I receive it back? And how long will this take?

    Please, I need your advice on this. Thank you!

    • Hi Denise,

      You just need to check on the current fees on their cvac partner website. If I remember it right, I think they required a manager’s check which I included along with the letter I received and passport through your chosen courier. They will mail your passport back. It shouldn’t take too long. Mine took 3 working days. I don’t know if that is the usual. 🙂

      • Hi Ms. Ems!

        Thanks a lot for the response. I opted to go to their Visa Application Center to submit my passport in-person. If you submitted your application online, the queue is not that long.

        The lady in the counter advised me to avail of their Passport Transmission service thru a 3rd-party courier. It cost me around 850php in total, for 3-4days + 1day delivery right at your chosen address.

        If in case you are not around during the delivery date (they will inform you via the contact details you provided), you need to provide an authorization letter & a photocopy of your valid IDs.

        This process just took me about 7-10mins, from their entrance door to the exit 🙂

    • hello denise… ask ko lang po if paano po kayo nag apply for tourist visa.. if thru online or in person.. what are the documents you submitted or needed? I;m planning to apply for tourist visa. don’t have relative in canada just boyfriend wants me to visit him for 2 weeks.

      Salamat po!!!

  • Dear Ms. Ems,

    is there any option to check the Canadian visa issued or not (by passport no, Name and date of Birth) ?

    • Hi Monir,

      I’m not sure what you mean. If you mean: is there any way to check if you have been issued a visa or not (by passport no, name and date of birth), I wouldn’t know. Sorry.

  • Good day again! So my husband is Canadian citizen, how many months would be the process of sponsorship!? Or maybe I should stick with my previous plan about visitor visa! I am so confused because as I told u before my company can’t provide itr is there some help?

    • Hi, sorry Je.. I’m not familiar with the process of sponsorship either. Maybe your husband can consult a lawyer there to ask about the process. 🙂

    • The processing sa sponsorship is 14 months na ngaun, but believe me once your paper is complete it will take less than that. I had mine answered 1 month and a half. I came here in Canada too as tourist visa muna in 2010, and then I go back n forth. me and my Canadian partner were not even married but we are common law partner.

      • Chelle help me pano yung process mo or kiung married kaba dito or doon help me tnx
        Pano mo naprove na babalik ka dito yung sa tourist visa tnx so much chelle

      • Chelle!!! Huhu
        Sana makaonline ka balik dito
        Tell me the process and ihindi Kim common law! Nalilito na ako… Help Chelle pano mo na prove na babalik ka sa piinas

      • Hi Je,

        About my case is very complicated, i am married sa ex ko na pinoy sa pinas but not annuled till now. But i filed a divorced here sa canada and it is granted. But before any divorce is filed yes i submitted 3x tourist visa and denied, i used to work in a bank sa Manila during my tourist visa application. I have 200K in my bank account to show, invitation letter from conjugal partner then still not enough. I advised that your hubby will ask for. Letter from their MP if ever your first application is denied.

        And you said its ur hubby is inviting you, are you married or not? If married why not apply for sponsorship

  • Hi Ems, just asking.. Nung nag-track ka ba ng passport status mo sa online, ganito din ba ang lumalabas? “Your processed visa application has been dispatched from the Canada Visa Office MANILA “. And if ganyan nga, approved ba or denied ang visa? Based on your experience. salamat. 🙂

    • and add ko lang, nag-apply ako this april 6 lang then sabi ng officer na 16 woriking days daw ang process but nagsend sila ng email ng april 13 na dispatched na ang visa. Nagtataka lang ako bakit maaga. maximum ba ung 16 working days or may prob sa documents ko kaya mabilis ipa-pick up? salamat ulit. 🙂

      • Siguro binigyan ka lang ng approximate time frame. Kung mas maaga, eh di wow. Haha. Yung iba nga 3 days lang. Yung akin mga 2 weeks pero kasalanan ko yun. Kung mas maaga ako nagsubmit ng passport baka nasa 1 week lang. 🙂

    • Hi Mark,

      Sorry, hindi ko na matandaan ang nakalagay nung nagtrack ako dati. Nagbabasa lang ako sa forums and ang observation nila, usually daw if denied ang application, they won’t even ask for your passport. They will just let you know through a letter. So, hopefully you’ll get your good news soon. Good luck! Do let us know. 🙂

      • Ano yung letter? ibibigay ba yun mismo sau ng officer ng CVAC indication na denied na? Actually kunin ko na sya bukas. Nagdadasal nga ako na sana positive lalo na at may competition din ako sa may 2 hehe.

      • May nabasa ka ba sa mga forums dati na kapag ba may visa ka sa ilang countries like US,London,China and then nagapply ka sa Canadian Embassy, malaki ba ang chance na mabibigyan ka ng Canadian Visa? Curious lang hehe. 🙂

      • Hi Ems! Yes! Nakuha ko na passport ko kanina and YES!!! May Visa na ako hehehehe! Sarap ng feeling! Salamat sa mga info! 😀

      • Hi Ems, mark ulit here, ask ko lang ulit. Nung nagpunta ka ba ng Canada as a tourist, kinailangan mo pa bang kumuha din dito ng police clearance sa NBI? kasi yun ang sabi sa news ngayon eh. Hindi ba yun hinahanap sa immigration ng Canada pagdating mo sa airport? Salamat. 🙂

    • HI mark, we got the same notification for my mother’s TRV application to visit me here in Canada. We wonder why it took so fast w/ NO MEDICAL & NO INTERVIEW as we expected & thought about it at first until we red this blog of EMs.”thnx Ems”..
      My mother just recieved a msg last wk July28 “application has been processed” and after a wk on AUG4 “passport has been dispatch”. We dont know yet if its an approve visa or deny until she receive her passport…We might wait for a wk to know/receive the mail due to our location is in Visayas.
      but here I am, can’t I stop thinking whats on it…

      I would like to ask further couple questions about ur case MArk,
      1. If u haven’t under go medical & interview too?
      2. How many months validity of your visa given to u? thnx

      CONGATS anyweiz, welcome to canada

    • Hi po sir mark, pwede po ba magtanong, anong mga documents po yung pinasa nyo para po ma-approved kayo? Salamat po

      • Hello po Ms. Ching, bale sinubmit ko po yung (Tourist Visa po ito):

        1. Application form na IMM5257
        2. Family Information form IMM 5645
        3. VFS consent form po (you can search it sa
        4.Document Checklist ( kung ano lang po yung meron kayong documents yun lang po lagyan nio ng check)
        5. 2 pcs photo (put the name and birthdate po at the back of the photo)
        6.Original Passport
        7. Visa fee po Php3450 (Manager’s check and ang payee po dapat ganito nakasulat Embassy of Canada, Manila) –> eto po agad ang unang hahanapin pagpasok sa embassy.
        8. Invitation letter (if meron kayong invitation from relatives nio dun)
        9. Bank of statement account (sakin po hindi ganun kalaki ang amount not more than 40k) –> pwede din kau magdala ng ibang proof of funds na sa tingin mo ay masa-satisfy ang officer.
        10. Other supporting documents like clippings,articles,tv guestings–> bale nagcocompete po kasi ako sa ibang bansa kaya eto po sinama ko. Nagpa-photocopy din po ako ng ibang visa na meron po ako para mas matibay po. pwede din kau magdala ng ibang important documents na sa tingin mo ay masa-satisfy yung officer.

        Ano po palang type ng visa kukunin nio?

        Note: Dala ka po ng atleast 1000-1500php para dun sa service charge,courier,sms,email).

        -Mark 🙂

    • Kahit anong type po sana sir mark basta po ma-approve lang ako. Student pa po kasi ako kaya po worried po ako na baka po di ako ma-approve. Im planning na mag-agency na lang po kasi taga-Davao ako and wala po ako kakilala dyan sa Manila. Okay lang po kaya yun Sir mark?

      • dati po nag apply ako tourist visa before 2002 pa heheh, that time student lang din ako, kumuha lng ako ng certificate of enrollment sa school.. may invitation akofrom my sister na nasa canada..naaprove nmn ako 6 month visa ko

    • hello mark. . ask lang po pano po kayo nagstart ng application nyo for tourist visA? thru online po kayo?? nagregistered po ba kayo sa GCkey cic account?? and after that what’s next po??

      pasensya na po. salamat!!

  • Hello everyone, ask ko lng po I applied for tourist visa through online March 26 po yong submission ko. pero hanggang ngayon wala pa reply sabi ksi 7 days processing lang (embassy in Manila). any thoughts about this? at san kaya pwede mag follow up. Thanks kababayans.

    • Hi Florencio,

      Based sa mga nabasa ko sa forums, hindi lahat 7 days. Yung iba, umaabot ng 1 month or more. Pero kung sinabi nila mismo yun sa embassy na 7 days, baka pwede sila tanungin. 🙂

  • Thanks po sa reply, actually dun sa website nila yong nakasabi na 7 days processing Canadian Embassy MAnila. Thanks po ulet.

    • Hi,

      I Just have an inquiry regarding my daughter’s application. It has been two months ever since i’ve applied for her tourist visa for Canada but it has been nearly two months on the 28th of this month and we’ve tried to phone the Embassy but it was just a voicemail. We’ve emailed but we were told they don’t entertain our inquiry. I am just worried about my daughter’s documents if they lost it and/or the possibility of seeing her this year would be impossible. I hope to hear from anybody that can help. Anything helps.

      Thank you

  • Hi Ms. Ems!

    I’ll be leaving for Canada in 2days! Sorry for the late update.

    I completed my application requirements last 02 April and they asked for my passport last 09 April. I went to VFS on 13 April (because they’re closed on weekends) to submit my passport and they mailed it back to me on the 16th. 🙂

    Thanks for the tips, Ms Ems.

  • Hi Ms. ms,

    I Just have an inquiry regarding my daughter’s application. It has been two months ever since i’ve applied for her tourist visa for Canada but it has been nearly two months on the 28th of this month and we’ve tried to phone the Embassy but it was just a voicemail. We’ve emailed but we were told they don’t entertain our inquiry. I am just worried about my daughter’s documents if they lost it and/or the possibility of seeing her this year would be impossible. I hope to hear from anybody that can help. Anything helps.

    Thank you

    • Hi Kristian,

      How did she apply? I don’t know very much and It seems like you have tried to contact them already. If you applied for a tourist visa online, I don’t know how you can follow up. If you applied through the Visa Processing Center, there may be a bigger possibility to contact them.

  • Hi! I am new here. Just wanted to ask anybody who knows a good agency or consultancy for my canadian visa application? Yung Canadian Immigration Consultancy or CIC nirefer ng friend ko, is it a reliable one? Thanks in advance!

  • Nkakatuwa nga nung nag apply ako nun as tourist back in 2002, kasama ko p nanay ko, i was a student, tas wala kami bank statement. all we have is title ng lupa nmin and the letter of invitation ng ate ko sa canada, pero luckily nakapasa kmi, my ate states in the letter na sya ang magpoprovide sa accommodation at food nmin while we stay there.. so it’s case to case talaga…i was 21 yrs old then…I had cert of enrollment. pero that time meron pa personal interview sa embassy kaya nakakakaba. just sharing lang po

  • original dala nmin. since case to case basis nmn kasi, i think kung self employed ka nmn mas mainam nga yan dahil may business ITR will suffice

    • hi robbie. ask lang about sa land title… nakapangalan sa father ko ung lupa at bahay namin.. pwede ko pa isama un as may proof of assets. I don’t have relative sa canada.. my bf wants me to visit him for 2 weeks.. may provide xa ng invitation letter but don’t know kung ano ang ilalagay sa letter. .

      salamat po

      • Ok mark thanks!!!!
        Hayyy ang Tagal tagal ko ng nagtatanong tanong pro hindi pa ako nkaapply bka madeny ako ughhh IRON HELP NAMAN JAN NAKALABAS KA NA?

      • hi mark ask lang baka may mga kasama ka na nag apply visa din , just wanna know if they recieved your application na and its more than two weeks na is there a big possiblity na approved visa na,coz my freind was denied and it only one week lang send na agad passport nya, sa experienced mo or sa mga frend mo wat is your assesment pag matagal na ala pa,thanks and god bless

  • Hello guys again ha ha
    Young bank ko onb (one network bank) parang di ata kilala ang bank nato internationally.
    Meron akong eastwest and bdo pro Hindi maxado kalakihan ang ipon
    Share naman kau anong bank gamit nyo to prove na may bank or ipon something

  • Ems? I know u posted this before but correct me if I wrong… Pagmag self employed ka business license dti ba yun kailangan? At pano ma prove na babalik sa Pinas if self employed

  • Hi maam ems, ask ko lang po sana kung pwede po ba na hand written po ang pag fill up sa application form? Thanks po

    • Hi ching,

      Meron lang nagtanong nyan recently pero nakuha din niya yung sagot. Hindi ko lang maalala. Paback read na lang sa comments. Di ko macheck, nakamobile ako. 🙂

      • Hi maam ems, i ko po makita ang comment maam eh na kung pwede ba ang hand-written sa pag fill up. Pasensya na po.

  • I am planning to apply for tourist visa online. Anyone who applied his or her tourist visa online? Please share your experience. Let me know kung saan ok mag apply bg tourist visa, online or pupunta sa CVAC? Thanks in advance

  • I am applying for a tourist visa in behalf of my father, I choose online because I know its faster response that paper application and of course its cheaper because you don’t need to pay courier fee. Ill send the complete application next week so I will let you know what is the result 🙂

    • Chelle pahelp pano mo nkuha yung visitor visa mo tapia married ka 2 months na ako dito di ko parin nasubmit galit na husband ko heheh help me naman visitor visa tapia am married sa Canadian thanks chelle

      • Unfortunately my father application for tourist visa online is refused, so i will try to submit paper application now.

      • Hi chelle tnx sa reply so ego yung nhirapan aq soon to be married plang kmi tapos dunno if ano yung Maa ok mgpaksal first or tourist visa first! Yung work ko Can’t provide itr or coe…any help pano yung sayo! 17 months prin ba yung sponsorship? Prang ang tagal!

  • Hi ems, this is very informative. I hope i will have my visa approved once i submitted all my documents. I’m planning to apply for my visit visa on the 3rd week of May. I had my plane tickets already (hope that will be a big help) By the way, i would like to ask if you included a travel/medical insurance? Coz I have read on some sites which is a consultancy firm in Canada that it is better to include a medical insurance.

    • Chelsea pahelp naman ano yung mga preparation mo specially sa visitor visa nahirapan talaga ako kasi sabi mhitap makakuha ng visitor visa ang Mga asawa pahelp naman if u won’t mind u can email me
      2 months na ako dito di ko pa rin naipasa yung documents ko help help

  • HI! I just turned 18 last month and I’m currently attending my college education here in the phils and I plan to go to Canada this summer hopefully for a vacation. My tita in Canada will be the one funding my trip and I think I can show that i have around 400,000 thousand pesos in my bank but then again it will be my aunt who will be funding me. I will be travelling on my own etc. what do you think are my chances of getting approved the visa? my mom also has land titles and stuff

    • Hi Bianca,

      Sorry, I have no way of knowing if you’re chances are good or not. That’s entirely according to the documents you submit and the discretion of the visa officer that will evaluate your application. 🙂

    • No, you don’t put your signature. It’s more like an electronic signature. There’s a note on the form that says, once you validate it, that would be your signature. 🙂

      • Thanks Ems. I am planning to submit my tourist visa application this week. Wish me luck! 😊😇😇😇😇

      • One more question. Papapicture kasi ako for my online visa application. Kukunin ko ba ung soft copy or ok lang na scan ko ung photo? Alanganin kasi ako sa scanned copy ksi my specification sa photo na isusubmit. Thanksx

        • Yung specification naman sa photo masusunod pa rin sa physical copy, pareho lang. Yung problema lang size ng file. May minimum ata dapat, baka kaya naman ng scan. Just try it with another picture first kung ok naman yung file size. 🙂 What I did was I paid an extea 50 pesos brought my USB dun sa photo place and requested the electonic copy.

  • Hello Miss Ems. I received a message from my online application for a tourist visa 3 times this week saying Your application has been updated. Please sign in to your MyCIC account and check your application status and messages for more information. Pero hanggang ngaun wala namn akong mkita na update. Naencounter nyo po ba eto? Thanks

      • Ah ok. Nagwoworry kasi ako kasi wala namng message or any update sa application ko. Hoping for a positive result. 😊😆😆

      • Hi Ems! I stumbled on your blog yesterday when I’m searching for information about how to get a tourist visa to Canada. I’m a teacher here in Thailand for 6 years now and have work permit and my school can provide a copy of my contract. Planning to visit Canada in October for 3 weeks and my boyfriend will provide the invitation letter. Do I have a chance of being approved?

  • Hi Ems! Ask ko lang kung magkano yung processing fee and gaano sya katagal? PR nako sa Canada pero my boyfriend is planning to visit here. Thanks!

    • Hi Jesli,

      $100 according to their website. 🙂 Processing times differ for every application but you can check it on the cic website yung processing times. 🙂

  • Hi Ms Ems,

    My dad is inviting us to visit him April next year. Kelan kaya magandang mag-apply ng visa? Bale kasama ko hubby ko & my 5 kids. We’ll also apply din ng US visa afterwards kc sa NY kami If ever (sa Quebec ung dad ko). You mentioned earlier na 6mos validity ng single entry visa. Ung sa multiple entry kaya? Thanks & God bless 🙂

  • Hi emz, about sa financial statement/ pwede ba ipa scan ko nalang yung passbook ko tapoz ipapa authentified ko thru notary , which means lalagyan ng seal tz pipirmahan . ok lang ba yun , saka yung land title required ba original isusubmit or a photocopy would do thnx and God bless

    • Kung Online application, then scans lang lahat. If you submit it through the Visa Processing Center, I’m not sure if they need to check the original. 🙂

      • Nag-apply ako thru sa VFS mismo , yung friend ko dun mismo magcocover lahat ng expenses ko , nakaindicate naman dun sa letter of invitation nya tpoz binigay nya yung bank statement nya dun, pero bakit hinanapan pa rin ako ng financial assets saka properties ko/ i dont have any property since i am still young and my work isnt stable. / tpos kinuwestiyon nila yung purpose of visit ko dun whereas naka indicate naman na lahat dun kung ano purpose ko, kaya kung minsan napapaisip ako , anong kailangang gawin ang gulo. Anong gagawin

        • Hi Jeremy,

          I think that is a usual question when you apply for any kind of tourist visa kahit anong bansa. Any kind of financial documents are usually required. Some are more strict about it than others. They want to check na you have something to come back to. Just put yourself in their shoes, it’s just their job to check. 🙂

      • pasensya na po kung itatanung ko 2, sa letter of invitation po , saan po iaadress , sa embassy po ba ng canada o sa akin mismo.. balak ko po kc mag apply sa lunes sa VFS mismo, ask ko lang po if magkano na Tourist Visa Fee ngayon yung current wala ko ma search para alam ko ipapa-money order ko . Here are the Files That I am going to submit , kung maari , pwede bang hingin opinyon mo kung may kulang pa o wala
        – Completed Forms (Family Info., document checklist, IMM5257E, VFS Consent Form, IMM5257B)
        -NSO Birth Cert
        -NBI Clearance
        -Valid ID ( Drivers Lisence, Voters, Phil Health, UMID ID)
        -Notarized Copies ng Passbook ko
        -Land Title
        -OR CR ng motor
        -Travel Certificate Galing Immigration since di pa ko nakakalabas ng bansa
        -Some National certificate
        -Transcript of records
        -Bills Payment ng Smart Bro (e2 naisip ko yung para sa attachment ng country kasi under contract ako sa Smart Internet)
        – General Affidavit Stating my financial assets and properties
        -Deed of Sale ng Motor
        -Sworn Statements ng father ko
        -Bills din ng Kuryente (sinama ko narin proof of attachment din siguro 2)
        – insurance papers ko sa Canada
        -Propose Itenarary of plane ticket
        Para naman sa nag-iinvite sakin e2 yung ipapass ko sa kanya
        -Least contract ng apartment nya
        -Yearly revenue Income
        -Bank Statement of Account nya
        -Vlaid ID
        -Birth certificate
        -Letter of invitation
        -Passport copies

        yan na po lahat , ano po masasabi nyo , will this be enough for them to grant my application .. alam ko po case to case basis pero kung ikaw mag-aasess ano po sa tingin nyo… tnx po ng marami .. favor po pwede makuha personal contact number nyo para thru txt nalang po ako magtatanong since ndi naman po kayo lgi d2 sa site. Pm me your number if possible into this mail / / tnx po ng marami…

        • Sa invite ko, the letter was addressed to the embassy.

          Sa Tourist visa fee, it would be better to call VFS directly to check on the current rate or ano ang means ng payment na available. 🙂

          I do not make assessments I’m sorry. Just check on the requirements they have set and submit what you think is appropriate and will prove strongly that you have strong ties to the Philippines. I also do not give out my personal information here. I hope you understand. 🙂

          • Hi Ems,

            Question regarding the invite letter, does it have to be mailed by my family member or okay lang scanned copy? Thanks so much!

          • Hi Lei,

            On my first application, it was mailed. At that time, I had to submit paper copies of everything. On my second application which was online, it was a scanned invite letter. I don’t know if it’s because I scan everything anyway through the online application, maybe that’s why it doesn’t really matter much.

            I would recommend having it mailed if you have time. If you don’t, then ok lang siguro ang scanned copy. 🙂

  • Gud Am! Plan ko po kuhanan nanay ko ng tourist visa. im single mom wid two kids and need ko xa para samahan anak ko papunta dto. My mom is walang work but my dad my negosyo pro sa negosyo, name ng tatay ko lng nakalagay. Pwede pa rin ba un isubmit? Salamat po..

  • Hi,
    This blog is very informative and I would like to ask, I’m planning to have a tour in Canada next year… Is it okay to get a Visa now? Though I will be leaving next year? Thank you.

    • Hi Rissa,

      I think they issue the visa from the time they release the visa when you apply and usually the validity is 6 months so it would be safe to wait until it can cover your dates of travel. 🙂

  • I applied tru CVAC Makati last June 5 and I got a message yesterday (June 18)that my processed passport has been dispatched from Canada Visa Office and ready for pick up. Is there anyone who can tell me if my visa granted or denied? I can’t wait to know… Thank you….

  • Hi, your blog is very informative. I would like to ask some question.

    1.I want to know if I can have a roundtrip ticket Phil-Canada then Canada-Phil, eventhough (if ever) I pass my trv here in Saudi Arabia (where I’m currently working)?

    2. I’m in a province far from the Canadian Embassy, so I will apply online, I don’t have a scanner, can I use a camera and take pictures of my documents instead?

    3. Can my aunt send me letter of invitation thru email ( without her signature)?
    ( though she will take pictures of her Canadian ID and other documents and send it to me via email or Messenger)

    4. I will go for 1 month vacation inshaallah if approved, I have 100k pesos saved in my atm here in Saudi, is it enough? By the way my father can also pay for my ticket (Since I am sending money back home, though I’m sending the money to my father’s account).

    Thank you and I am truly grateful in advance.

    • 1. Im not too sure about that but if that’s your travel itinerary, it should be ok.
      2. I don’t know. Pictures usually don’t producr good or detailed image of a document. I’ve tried it and I would still recommend scanning. I applied online and still scanned all my documents.
      3. An invitation needs a signature. Otherwise, it’s just a piece of paper that can be produced by anyone in my opinion.
      4. I don’t know if they have a standard with money or if you stated that you are paying for your trip or your aunt is.


  • Hi, your blog is very informative. I want to ask some questions

    1. Can I have a rountrip ticket from Phil-Canada and Canada- Philippines even though I (if ever ) pass the TRV here in Saudi Arabia?

    2. I will apply via online due to the unavailability of Canadian Embassy in my area. I don’t have a scanner, can I just take a clear photos of my documents?

    3. Can my Aunt send me an invitation thru email even without her signature, together with her other documents in photos ( like sending pics of her ID in messenger?

    4. I want to stay for 1 month in Canada, I have 100k pesos in my atm account here in KSA, and also my father will pay for the ticket (since I am the one sending the money to him), is that enough for show money? ( by the way I also have some land assets named after me and currently employed here in Saudi as a nurse with yearly vacation)

    Hope you don’t mind my questions, I’ve read a lot but still confused with some things. Thank you in advance for any answers you could give me. Have a blessed day.

  • I’m planning to visit my boyfriend next year. He’s PR there in Canada. And i would like to maximize the 6 months time of validity of Visa. Does the Visa adjusts to the date of your plane tickets if it’s booked already?

  • Hi mS. Ems ano ung ” itinerary of my day to day activity” , pano gawin po yun ./ please help wala ako idea eh , salamat po ng marami .
    Anyway nag-apply ako last July 16, and nagsend na sila ng email sakin last June 24 , your processed passport has been dispatched, ina-antay ko nalang na ipadala sakin ng VFS, so here kinakabahan ako ngayon baka refusal letter ulit ibigay .. sana naman ngayon pagbigyan nako ni Lord.. #hope & #praying sana ma ma-grat na visa ko.. tnx sa mga Infos. Ms. Ems.

    • Yung itinerary, ginawa ko yun bago ko isend ang application. Since, nasubmit mo na yung sayo, hindi ko sure what you would need it for. 🙂 Pero yung ginawa ko lang is i listed the date – example June 16 – ano ang activities na gusto ko gawin that day. Either spend time with family or visit something.

      • wala naman nabasa ko lang kc may nabanggit kang Travel Itinerary , so nacurious ako ? may sinubmit ka rin bang itinerary ticket mo. so sa itinerary na ginawa mo , each day dapat ba listed kung ano dapat mo gawin or plan

  • hello po.. pwedepo ba mag tanong kahit natanong na ng iba lol regarding po on how to go canada as tourist. just want to confirm lang po. 1st time ko po mag apply for a tourist visa

    my bf invited me to visit him in canada. So, an invitation letter is needed for the application.. meron pa po ba dapat ibigay ang bf ko maliban sa letter? need pa po ba nya din ng proof of funds?? he is a canadian citizen po.

    need daw po kasi ng show money/ proof of funds. I have little money in the bank, credit card, a compensation from my current employer (would that be enough?) okay po ba magpasa ng land title kahit sa parents nakapangalan since I’m living with my parents or dapat nakapangalan talaga sa akin?

    I worked for 1 yr in japan- is that part of travel history. nabasa ko sa forum parang may chance maapprove kung may travel history…

    sa pag apply po b ng visa— ONLINE or pupunta po sa mismong center? which is more convinient and faster?

    • Yes, an invitation letter is needed. For my application, I also included a couple of ID’s from the person that invited me. Also, photos for our proof of relationship and a family tree. I don’t know about proof of funds since I was the one financing my trip. I was only going to stay with the person who invited me.

      Yes, that is part of your travel history. I included copies of stamps and visas of previous travel in my application.

      Para sa akin, online dahil nakatira ako sa probinsya. Yun yung mas convenient sa akin. Depende lang sayo. 🙂

      • sorry additional question po ulit.

        1. proof of billing (meralco, landlines water bill etc) need ba or pwede ba isama yun? kaso nakapangalan po sa parents ko incuding assets (land titles, vehicles etc)

        2. invitation letter- my bf and i don’t know how to make an invitation letter. we are worried baka madeny kami dahil lang sa letter. baka hindi valid ang reason to go canada.. he just wanted me to visit him. No occasion.. ok lang po ba humingi ng sample invitation letter?

        3. balak ko po 2 weeks visit lang. if ever na maapprove ako they still put the visa ng 6 months validity? or kung 2 weeks lang po magstay, 2 weeks validity din ilagay nila? and if its 6 months.. pwede ko po ba yun gamitin and magstay pa ng matagal bsta valid pa ang visa?? account- I have 2 bank accounts. ok lng po ba magprovide ng 2 bank certficate or 1 lang?

        5. balak ko po magtry ONLINE. pwede ko po ba malaman ang website/s kung saan ka nagfile?

        pasensya na po marami po ako tanong. salamat po!!!

    • Hi yen,

      I don’t like the term show money. You just present the funds you have available to support your travel if you are paying for the trip. 50k in my opinion cannot even cover the plane ticket.

  • – Completed Forms (Family Info., document checklist, IMM5257E, VFS Consent Form, IMM5257B)
    -NSO Birth Cert
    -NBI Clearance
    -Valid ID ( Drivers Lisence, Voters, Phil Health, UMID ID)
    -Notarized Copies ng Passbook ko
    -Land Title
    -OR CR ng motor
    -Travel Certificate Galing Immigration since di pa ko nakakalabas ng bansa
    -Some National certificate
    -Transcript of records
    -Bills Payment ng Smart Bro (e2 naisip ko yung para sa attachment ng country kasi under contract ako sa Smart Internet)
    – General Affidavit Stating my financial assets and properties
    -Deed of Sale ng Motor
    -Sworn Statements ng father ko
    -Bills din ng Kuryente (sinama ko narin proof of attachment din siguro 2)
    – insurance papers ko sa Canada
    -Propose Itenarary of plane ticket
    Para naman sa nag-iinvite sakin e2 yung ipapass ko sa kanya
    -Least contract ng apartment nya
    -Yearly revenue Income
    -Bank Statement of Account nya
    -Vlaid ID
    -Birth certificate
    -Letter of invitation
    -Passport copies

    These are the documents i have submitted / but the result was a mere REFUSED OF MY APPLICATION, dont understand how they check papers , sometimes i am thinking if they tricked people just to have the processing fee for free, Its like a casino . I HATE PHILIPPINES .

  • Good Afternoon Ms. Ems,

    Just want to ask if okay lang ba na ang magpaProcess ng online application visitor visa is my Boyfriend who is Canadian Citizen, may chance n po ba ako maApprove since he is my partner for 2 years.. and he supporting me in all my financial since weve meet..twice na narefuse last 2014.. for the reason of Travel History, financial, and umemployed daw ako… tanong ko lang din kung iaaprove ba nila ako khit graduating ako ng Vocational Course..mag aaply po ksi ako ulit as tourist this year… Sia naman magfifinance ng lahat…

    • Hi edwin,

      Hindi ko alam kung ma-aapprove ka. I don’t know how they process applications. Pasensya na. My advice is to give as much evidence that you have strong ties to your country and submit complete documents, then you can only hope that you get one. Good luck! 🙂

      • hi ems and edwin!!!

        im still completing my documents lol.. no problem na ako sa COE with approved leave of absent, bank certificate, credit card, pictures, lahat na yta except sa invitation letter. have you heared or nabasa sa blogs na may naapproved visa na ang boyfriend/girlfriend and nag invite??

        BTW. pwede po ba mag invite ang friend or parents ng bf/gf?

        still need pa ba ng proof of relatinship sa nag invite??

    • hey edwin..
      on my opinion at based na lang siguro sa nababasa ko sa ibang forum and blogs.

      1. If you dont have any travel history, work or self employed ( businessman/woman/ investor) bank account (money worth 300k +) no chance for visa approval..

      2. if you dont have travel history but lots of properties or business in philippines, bank account ( money worth 300k) there is a 70-80% chance for visa approval

      3. if you have all the requirements needed. travel history, properties, assets, money worth 300k+ in philippines the you have a highly chance to get visa approval.

      the only question that always in my mind is the invitation letter….

      1. mostly applicant na nag apply for visitors visa ay my relative sa canada and got visa approval.. few applicant lng na may relative sa canada and nadedeny visa ( still based on your ties…. money, work, properties, travel history etc) additional support lng kasi ung invitation letter.

      2. few applicant lang anG na approved visa pero WALA RELATIVE.. dahil sa strong ties nila sa philippines (just based sa mga blogs na nababasa ko)

      3. invitation letter from gf/bf.. i’ve never heared or nabasa sa blogs na may na approved visa na ang nag invite ay bf/gf hehehe.. kung meron man sana AKO yun at iaupdate ko kayo!!!! lol

      sabi daw red flags daw pag nag invite ay fiancee, gf, bf…

      there’s no harm on trying, yun nga lang sakit sa bangs ang gastos sa pagprocess ng visa huh. tpos in the end deny visa pala ahaha..

      • Thanks Shelem, no worries if ever na marefuse visa ko okay lang…i can use my refusal to apply as conjugal visa… that’s base to the Immigration Lawyer na kinuha ng Partner ko… kinaaayawan ko lang tlga ang maghintay ng matagal.. pero kung saka sakali man na maAprub ang visa ko as visitor’, thats great…

  • hi po.need help lang po.mag ask lang po ako if magkano po un overall payment para makakuha ng tourist visa. ang sabi sakin ng bf ko wala na daw medical un. all i have to do is to send the requiremnts needed. i have already prepared my requirement and now pinapatanong nia kung magkano ung babayaran lahat kasi sabi nia ang agency na daw ang mag process sa visa tsaka kasali na daw ung payment sa pamasahe at lahat lahat na.kasi ung pinsan nia nagbayad ng 105k ang agency na nagprocess gusto ko malaman kung 105k pa rin ba ung payment.i need your help guys.. thank u

    • mas okay liza kung direct ka apply sa vfs. madali nga lang eh.. though agency will give you some tips and help you to get visa approval at xmpre mahal ang service fee mula sknla.. hahaha.

  • Hi ms ems tanong ko lng po kung pwde po ako isponsor nang tatay ko kasi po ung papa kopo PR holder na nagkaasawa napo sya dun kya po sya naging permanent residence nang canada bali po ako anak nya po ako dto sa pinas pede nya po ba ako ma isponsor khit na anak nya ako sa ibang babae hndi po cla kasal nang mama ko pero hiwalay na po cla bgo pa po ung tatay ko pumuntang canada sana po matulongan nyo ako thanks po

    • Hi Erwin,

      Anyone can sponsor anybody or send an invitation even if they are not related as far as I know. But if you are related, it’s better if you have something to prove it. 🙂

      • hi ems and edwin!!!
        im still completing my documents lol.. no problem na ako sa COE with approved leave of absent, bank certificate, credit card, pictures, lahat na yta except sa invitation letter. have you heared or nabasa sa blogs na may naapproved visa na ang boyfriend/girlfriend and nag invite??
        BTW. pwede po ba mag invite ang friend or parents ng bf/gf?
        still need pa ba ng proof of relatinship sa nag invite??

      • erwin… he still your dad.. kung gamit mo ang surname edi un ang gawin mong proof of relationship. birth certificate mo na ang nakapangalan ay sa tatay mo.. pictures together (pwede ba yun ms ems?) hehhe mga ganun ba.. hehheh feeling expert eh noh..

  • My wife and I just received our Canada Visa today, we applied online and here’s our timeline:

    July 13: Applied Online (Submitted all scanned docs), payed via credit card
    July 19: Original Passport Requested
    July 20: Went to CVAC to submit our passport thinking it should be between 3-4pm as stated on the “Passport Collection” time but I was told by the guard that passport submission should be between 7am-3pm.
    July 21: Went to CVAC again to submit our passport including the letter requesting for passport
    July 23: Passport is ready for pickup, Went to CVAC around 3:20pm and we’re able to get our passports with Canada Visa.

    It took exactly 10days (including sat-sun) for the Visa processing via online, could have been 9days if I was able to submit our passports earlier than 3pm.

    Both of us were given multiple entry, 5yrs for my wife and 4yrs for me since my passport will expire in 4yrs.

    Cost per application:
    Canada VISA Application 100CAD (P3,694)

    CVAC Fees:
    Passport Transmission Fee: P507.70
    Courier Service Fee: P277.05 (Optional if you wish to pick up your passport)
    SMS/Email Updates: P68.80

    Total: P4,547

      • Thanks Ems! 🙂 Your blog was really helpful! we’ve used this as a guide before we went thru the application process.

      • No I’m not a Canadian, Me and my wife are both Filipino and married just last year.

        I have a conference in the US for a week and we plan to visit my sister after that, they live near the boundary of Canada and just 4 hours drive from their house. Both of us have multiple US Visa, we just tried our luck and applied for a Canada tourist visa so that we could visit Niagara Falls in Ontario.

        We don’t have an invitation letter but instead provided a “Purpose of Travel” letter stating that we just plan to visit Niagara Falls as our side trip from US.

        Most of the documents submitted are all about me since I’m the own who’s paying for the trip. My wife is unemployed since she recently resigned from work before our wedding.

        Here are the list of docs I have submitted:
        Marriage Certificate
        Transfer Certificate of Title & Construction Contract
        LTO OR/CR of car
        Bank Statement
        Certificate of Employment (salary specified)
        US round trip E-ticket
        Hotel Booking in the US
        Old Passports with Visa and stamps from other countries. (Travel History)


  • Hello! My parents and I applied for Canadian Visa last June 11, 2015. I got my visa last June 17, 2015 but my parents still don’t have theirs. (as of July 26, 2015) My Dad is a retired PNP officer and I they ask for more documents about his service which we complied the day after they requested the additional documents. We were also advised not to make follow ups because they (I don’t know whether VFS Global or Canadian Embassy) do not entertain such. Weird is, I work for my parents’ companies and they granted mine first but for them, not yet sure if they will release it or not. Is this normal? I also checked the “Processing Time” in their website and it says, usually, it’s only 7 days.

    I just want your opinion about this. Thanks!

    • Hi Bogs Go,

      I’m not sure if that’s normal but there have been commenters who’s applications are still being processed after a month. It’s not always 7 days. 🙂

      I myself would probably try to follow up especially if it’s getting close to my departure date. If it’s still a long time from that, I won’t mind waiting. 🙂

  • Hi Ems, I want to commend you for your very informative blog. I was able to submit my documents via their online service last July 24. This morning (July29) I received an email requesting my original passport for submission. I just want to know if it is possible I got a visa? Thanks

    • Thanks for your nice comment BCE! I do not know for sure but if they request for your passport, that usually means they will be putting the visa sticker on it. Otherwise, they would have just sent you a letter. 🙂

  • Hi Ems, just want to ask…
    1. I’m applying for a TRV to Canada do I need to send a police clearance?
    2. And do I need medical exam? (but I will be staying for 45 days only)

    I checked the requirements that you send, you didn’t include these… Just hoping it wouldn’t be necessary ‘coz in my status it is very difficult to obtain….

  • Hi ems, do i need to comply Certificate of Travel Record, since i have been visit 2 countries, and do i need to pass NBI travel abroad clearance? Do you think it would help me to get a visa but i dont have any investment and properties here…

    • Hi edwin,

      Certificate of Travel Record is not really required but If you have it, then you can submit it. I only submitted scans of passport and visa stamps from previous travels.

      NBI Travel abroad clearance is also not required as far as I know but you can submit that if you want to or if you already have it.

      I don’t know if those documents will help you get a visa as they are not required as far as i know. Just read the document checklist and submit as much as you can produce. Concentrate on documents that prove you really are there to visit and you have something to come back to here at home. 🙂

  • Hello! Ask ko lang po. . .If you are applying for a work caregiver and sponsored by relatives. . . ano po ilalagay sa manager’s cheque? EMBASSY OF CANADA,MANILA? or CANADIAN EMBASSY,MANILA?.. mgkakaiba kc cnsbi e.. Dba ibabalik ng cvac application mo kpg may di maipprocess papel mo.
    Sino na po nkpg-try at nging successful ang application n walang aberya? THANKS!

  • Hi ems! Ask lng po..ok lng b kung capitalize lahat letters name ng payee sa manager’s cheque? Does it matter? What’s the correct format pla? For paying work permit. Thanks😃

    • Hi riz22, I’m sorry I don’t know. I haven’t checked but you can check their website or call the visa processing center to make sure. 🙂

        • It should be on their site too or you can ask. Sometimes, the bank would know too pero don’t count on it. Pasensya na hindi ko na matandaan. 🙂

  • HI Ems! Meron ka bang idea kung anung mga medical insurance ang accredited ng canada embassy? We are applyng for Supervisa. Ty!

  • Hi. I’m a bit confused. What is the difference between a visitor’s visa and a temporary resident visa? Because the fees differ from each other and what is the difference between the two? Like requirements and how long i could stay in canada. Thank you 🙂

  • Hi ems, i just want to ask if
    1.Is it necessary for an invitation letter to be notarized?
    2. Does cvac fee and visa fee not the same?
    3. And also courier fee is not included with cvac payment? So I must pay it before sending so that I can received it back by mail.?

    • 1. My first invite was notarized but the second one wasn’t so No
      2. I don’t know what’s the cvac fee. Is it the visa processing center and of course they charge an extra fee for checking the documents.
      3. I’m not sure about that.

  • Hi ems.. just want to ask..
    . I cannot open my account in the bank here in saudi arabia due to my arabic name problem in my iqama (identification card for foreigners) so instead I ask my friend to get a bank draft for me since she can open an account.

    1. Would it be a problem if she will use her account/bank draft to pay cvac/vsf fee for my own application?
    2. I researched that usually bank draft don’t have payers name on it.. will canadian visa application center accept It… though it’s not may bank draft account?

    I’m running out of options. I almost went to all bank here and all said no to me… but one bank manager said to ask someone to pay the bank draft for me.. but don’t know what it means…?

    • 1. I don’t think so but do check directly dahil hindi ako sure about sa systema dyan.
      2. I really don’t know. I don’t want to give you answers I don’t know about.

  • Hi ems I received an email from Canada Visa office Saying “your processed passport has been dispatched from the Canada Visa Office, on 01 Sept 2015 to Canada Visa Application Center with Tracking number of ####” What does it mean?

    • Hi Cath,

      I was trying to look for my old email if it was similar but I could not find it. I don’t know how you applied, if it was online or through the Visa Processing Center. I think it just means that your application has been processed and the result is out. Your passport is ready for release. I chose delivery for mine. I don’t know if you decided to have it delivered or pick it up but it should be ready as of 01 Sept 2015. Good luck! 🙂

  • This is one of the Happiest moment of my life, and I would like to share it to you bloggers, specially to this wonderful person Ems. You are a saviour to my agony. Kudos girl! I hope you can help more people who have the same dream as me. TRV approved with Multiple entry ’til 2019, processed here in KSA.

    • Thank you for your kind comment Cath! This is exactly why I still keep this blog, hoping that some my experience can guide/help others with their application. Congrats! Enjoy your visit to Canada whenever you are planning to go. 🙂

  • hi just wanna ask or assesment from your experiecned or your frend, if my application was send two weeks ago,may agency ako rajah,do you think na mas malaki posibilidad na approved ang visa namin ng wife ko, i have an invitation from a canadian citizen who happens na same my work as a policeman, but im recently retired lang .. i was denied twice na mga five yrs ago, but ang bago sa application namin is may invitation na kami complete docs pa at may us visa na ko last feb lang and just came home from america,thanks and god bless

    • Hi Jojie,

      It does not really matter much kung may agency or wala. Siguro, ang advantage lang nun is they make sure that you have complete documents which is important for any application. I really don’t know kung sino yung pwede mabigyan ng visa or hindi but my advice is to always submit complete documents and present your situation as best as you can. Mukhang ginawa mo naman yun so all the best and good luck! 🙂

  • hi,i just want to know in your experience if the application is more than two weeks does it have a bigger possibility that the application is approved? thank you and godbless

  • hi may agency ako which is rajah travel tour,, i just wandering why i took so long,while the last time i applied last three yrs ago it only took a week they send it back and unfortunately it was denied,but my new application has a us visa,so thats different from the past,kaya ask ko or anyone here na naka experience ng hganyan katagal, thanks for the time i really appreciate it so much

  • yup and they said na minsan matagal daw talaga, i read also sa isa sa bloggers ngyari din kanya almost a month,baka lang kako sa assesment mo pag nagtagal my big possibility na ma grant visa,thanks

    • Iba iba kasi experience. Sa akin, mabilis lang. Sa iba, mas matagal so I don’t think yung possibility ng paggrant ng visa, nasa time frame.

      Your application is still being processed so malaki pa ang chance. Hehe. I know mahirap lang talaga yung anticipation ng paghihintay for a decision from them. 🙂

  • so you mean it has a big chance ano kasi if they deny na dapat send it back agad,well good moral support frend,thanks many i will let you know the result soon

  • Hi – I am planning to apply for a tourist visa. We just got married but since the sponsorship takes 17 months, i’m planning to apply for a tourist visa while waiting. Where can i send my application? Do you suggest online or paper? If in case i prefer the paper, i’m wondering how to get the barcode? Thanks!:)

    • For me who’s not living in Manila, it was more convenient to do it online. 🙂 Just depends what’s more convenient for you.

      You always get the bar code when you click submit or validate. 🙂 Then you can either print that out or save it as a pdf for online. 🙂

  • hello there .is it possible to apply for trv two weeks before the proposed departure ? and if nabigyan k n b ng visa pwede k n punta ng Canada anytime khit hndi ung proposed departure mo .( for example my proposed departure is nov.10 2015 pero nbgyan n ko visa ng oct 30 .pwede b kinabukasan fly n ko to canada?) TIA 🙂

    • Hi jade,

      Thanks for visiting my blog. 🙂

      Yes it’s possible but I’m just not sure if it’s enough time. Some applications take a month based on the comments I get. Yes pwede pero you have to consider the dates and validity they give you. The visa I received on this post was only valid for 6 months. We were supposed to travel for Christmas kaso hindi dumating in time yung visa so after New Year na kami nakaalis. 🙂 Hindi ko pa natry yung earlier. Hehe. Laging late.

      • Hello again.8days have passed and still no message from iimigration f my application is approved ..i just keep on receiving notifications that my app has been updated ..anyone who can relate? Tnx

        • Hello jade ask ko lng kung na approve kb sa time na un na nghihinty ka for canada visa?Same kc skin ngyon 8 days narn at wala parin and nakaka recv dn ako ng notifications..

  • pwede po bang ask kung yun hotline nun vfsglobal na hotline ay call collect number just like us embassy, or local landline call?. 2nd meron ba silang toll free numbers for follow up sa application? salamat sasasagot. just received kasi txt and email na nareceived yun application namin, 5 days na and still couting, ang sabi sa amin sa office wait for 8 days, just in case lang if i need to call them.. Good day to all.

  • I would like to know how you satisfy the Visa people as to proof of returning to the Philippines at the end of a trip. What proof of land ownership, job security, etc is required and how much money in the bank is needed to satisfy the Canadian Visa people. Also do you need to purchase airline tickets before applying for a visa and must they be return tickets.

    • Hi Smirky,

      I don’t know how to satisfy the visa people or how much money is needed in the bank. I don’t know their process. 🙂 I’m just guessing that maybe their data shows that those who do return from the trips from their country have strong ties in the Philippines like family, source of income, social groups they belong to, properties and savings. You DO NOT NEED to purchase airline tickets. In fact, this is discouraged. You only need a reservation.

    • Hi shelemrt,

      Last ako nagapply is through online so pdf lang nung original na invitation ang sinubmit ko. Hindi ko lang sure sa Visa Processing Center, hindi ko pa natry magapply through VFS. 🙂

      • thank you for immediate response. if ever ba na madeny ako..kelan b next pwede mag apply for touristvisa? required po ba mag bigay ng bank statement ang sponsor or yun nagbigay ng invitation letter?

        • Hi shelemrt,

          Kung madeny ka, according to the cic website: ‘If your application to come to Canada is refused, you can send a new application at any time, unless your decision letter says otherwise. However, you should do so only if you can include new or additional information that you did not send with your previous application.’
          website source:

          About naman sa bank statement, I think depende kung sino ang gagastos ng trip mo. In my case, I was just staying at my aunt’s kaya sya nagsponsor. I was paying for my plane ticket and the trip so I submitted my own bank certificate. I did not submit one from my sponsor. Kung ang sponsor mo ang gagastos, it would probably come from them kasi how else are you going to prove that there is financial capability for the trip. I think it would be a good idea to submit your own bank statement along with your sponsor’s para may proof naman na may ties ka din or savings dito sa Pilipinas kung posible yun.

          • did you also include some supporting documents like xerox of ids,birth cert,diplomas etc. that hve been notarized?

          • Hi myoung,

            From my most recent application, i submitted an invitation, pictures, birth certificate and a family tree to explain/establish relationship with my aunt who was the one who invited me. It was not notarized. The rest that you mentioned, I did not submit. I think it depends also how those are relevant to your own application. 🙂

  • tnx ems.last applying for a tvr.should i submit 2 copies of forms.ex. 2 copies of imm5484 etc…and do you hve an idea how much it will cost ( call rate ) if i use a landline (pldt) or cp (globe)…i will call this day…tnx a lot and happy halloween…:-)

  • so wala n plng pick up ska call sa 1-900? kc sa mama ko at manugang nya ako nag ayus ng papel nila kaso 2011 at 2012 yun.prehas nmn sila na grant ng visa.pero iba n pla now. need ba lahat ng biometrics? pnu yun kung online ka nag apply? need p din b ng biometrics? kung ndi nmn san ko pdeng ihulog ung papers ko? khit sang courier ba or my specific courier lng sila n pinagdadalahan? tnx

    • Oo wala na since April 2014. This blog post is from my 2012 application and pick up pa nun. You can check my most recent 2014 application which I listed on my previous reply for online applications. Philippines ay hindi kasama sa countries na need ng biometrics as of today pero check from time to time baka magbago. Please check mo yung links na sinend ko dun sa previous comment, nandun lahat ng information. 🙂

      • ms mngers check nq.nk adress s embassy of canada.wlng manila.kc s site nila gnun lng nklgy.tpos 100cad.pero plitn nung ngpgwa q is 35.23 ky 3523php pnlgy q s check.tpos my nkita q s site n 3450php ang byd ? s pg process ng tvr

          • mli ung mc q.sobra.di ky nila ttnggpin un.huhu.hrp ng online aq di q n need mgbyd ng cvac? 675 d in un eh.dmi ng bnbyrn now kesa dti.

          • tnx again qng mg online aq 100cad lng bbws s credit card right? direct embassy n b un? di nq dadaan s vfs (cvac) n need p mgbyd ng 671php pra s hndling tipid qng online? right? ttwg nq knina s 1909—— buti nbsa q msg mu.tnx tlg.

          • Opo, yung natatandaan ko is 100 cad. Yes, direct embassy. Tapos yung other babayaran lang is pag irequest na yung passport nyo is syempre yung pagsend at yung return envelope rin.

          • ok lng kya qng ndi skin nk name ung cc? tpos if mg paper form pdin aqn dadaan s vfs.ung mga form b n imm eh need n my barcode.kse ung pndla skin n my pirma ng sister q wla nmn nkpgsbi skin dpt dw my brcode?

          • Yung sa form, ifill out lang po yun, then when you click on validate on the top, it will generate the bar code that you need. That’s what you need to submit. It’s either online lang po or vfs, hindi both. Yes, you can use another person’s credit card with their permission of course.

  • Hi ms ems. Currently enrolled ako sa short term course ng tesda. I have my certificate of enrollment pero ndi nka state ntill when. Would that be case pra ma deny aq?

    • Hi Newbie,

      Sorry, I don’t know. I’m sure they look at the over all picture naman of your application at hindi lang isang document. 🙂

      • Thanks sa reply. 2 more questions. Original passbook ba ung mas ok isend? Safe b? I mean mejo gud ung savings ng husband q takot ako ipadala ung passbook. Next is ung payment, paper application aq pero online payment. Wala ka maging problem dun? TIA

        • I never submit passbooks. I just bring it so it can be verified but I submit certified copies. Sa payment, If you are doing a paper application, you have to go through the visa processing center. May extra charges yun for their handling. Usually manager’s check yung pambayad. 🙂

          • Hi,

            I don’t think so. I just searched the form now. It’s for common law unions. Mga naglive-in together pero married naman yata kayo as you mentioned your hubby on your previous comment. 🙂

  • Gud day ms ems. Paper application online payment ung gnwa q. Yesterday nov 16, im about to pass my application pero d n me nkatuloy bcoz of apec summit. Would it be possible n makapg pass aq online or do i have to w8 till monday kc holiday till friday? Mg conflict kya un kung mg online pa aq? TIA

  • Hi Ms. Ems,

    Ganito kasi yung sister-inlaw ko nakapag-asawa ng Canadian Citizen sa Ontario now gusto nya magtourist mga biyanan ko para mak-attend sa binyag ng baby nya mga biyanan ko eh senior na sila ako ang inatasan maghelp sa kanila para magprocess ng application nila. Hindi ko alam kung saan ako mgstart dami ko question pls help naman

    1. Yung application fee ba Manager Check lang puwede?eh wala nman account mga biyanan ko paano kaya yun?
    2 Paano ko malalaman yung exact fee ng visa need kba itawag or sa banko na mismo?
    3. Ano-ano pa documents need ng mga biyanan ko maliban sa birth..marriage contract at mga id’s nila. Pidala na ng hipag ko mga docs nya para attached sa application. Need ba bigay mga original docs like MC at BC?

    • 1. Depende if you apply through the visa application center – then yes, manager’s check at additional fees in cash. Hindi kailangan ng account para kumuha ng manager’s check. Kung online application – credit card.
      2. Yes, kailangan mo icheck ang exact amount either online or sa pagtawag sa visa application center.
      3. Meron naman document checklist online para sa mga isusubmit from the cic website. Kung sa Visa Application Center ka magapply, baka kailangan ang original – hindi ko sure, hindi ko pa ito nasubukan. Pag online, scans lang ng original.

      Meron din ako guide for the online application, kindly look for the link sa post. 🙂

      • I paid using debit card, pumasok naman. Ayoko kasing iutang sa credit card kung may pambayad naman ng cash. May reference/transaction number pang sinend sa akin after a few minutes. Waiting pa ko sa result ng application ko. 4 days pa lang naman.

  • Hello guys especially to you ems,

    I have a question lang kasi I’m planning to go to the US after I graduate to visit lang pero it seems like mahirap kumuha kasi marami daw na dedeny especially girls lalo pag single kasi daw may tendency na hindi na bumalik. So I’m thinking of going nalang to Canada but is it possible to visit US pa din from there? I heard meron ung Waiver pero I’m not sure kung para sa Canadian citizens yun or pwede din ang mga tourists, have you heard of it? Tapos if I ask my relatives to send me an invitation letter, dapat ba may special occasion or just a simple invitation suffice? It also seems easier if yong relatives sa Canada ang magbabayad. Is it possible if ilagay sa letter na sila ang magbabayad pero ako talaga ung mag shoshoulder? Hope to hear from you. Thanks! -Bela

    • Hi Bela,

      If you visit the US from Canada as a tourist from the Philippines, you would still need a US visa. An invitation should suffice.

  • hi,

    I actually applied for a Tourist visa and got denied, they say I have no ties and reason to come back to the Philippines,I attached my mum’s medical cert( a paralytic for 5 years) and my employment cert and approved leave of absence. I will be sponsored by my boyfriend but my visa and ticket ill pay for it. Id like to reapply but i fear I might get denied again..WHat is the best thing to do?Thanks

    • Hi june,

      It would be better to apply if you have anything new to add to your documents or your circumstances had changed. Otherwise, it would most likely be the same result. 🙂

  • Thanks..Im thinking of applying together with the land deed of sale to me, my business permit and will a confirmed schedule of a wedding this will help on will just put my application to risk?

    • Hi Lloyd,

      Hindi naman requirement na may propert sa Pilipinas. Nagapply ako, wala akong property. Ang importante lang naman is maprove mo na babalik ka sa Pilipinas after your trip. 🙂

  • hi ms ems, ist it possible na mag send ng visit visa application online then magbabayad ng processing fee sa bank? nakapag signed up na ako sa mycic plan ko ng isubmit application nmin ng baby ko pwede kaya ung payment sa bank? thank you

    • Hi joy,

      Sa experience ko, credit card payment lang yung option for online applications. I don’t think meron option for bank payment unless sa visa processing center ka magapply. 🙂

  • hi ms ems is it possible na mag apply ng canadian visit visa online then magbayad ng processing fee sa bank? wala kc ako credit card and parang hassle pag ipapadala ung docs via courier. tnx

  • hi ma’am, just want to ask something. I’m planning to apply visitors visa to Canada but I’m currently unemployed but my boyfriend will sponsor my trip. i dont have strong ties or properties to show or i can attached to my documents. i’m afraid if they will reject my application..what are the chances i’ll be granted a visa? and whats the best thing to do? I hope you can help me thank you.

    • Hi joella,

      I don’t know what your chances are. You’ll never know unless you try. With any situation or application, it is always better to be prepared. I don’t know what your personal situation is. It will depend on how you present it to them.

  • Hello Ma’am

    I would like to visit Thailand, and stay there for few weeks. And from Thailand I would like to visit my boyfriend in Canada.. Pwede po bang mangyari yon? Sa Thailand ako mag apply ng visa to visit my boyfriend in Canada?
    Hope to hear from you soon. Thank you

    • Hi joella,

      That depends on how much your trip would cost. You should be able to show that you can afford it and some extra for any emergency if you are paying for the trip.

  • ms ems for proof of funds, bank certificate ba kaylangan or bank statement? ung sa account kc ng baby ko nag transfer lang parents ko ng money paunti unti form last week of jan hanggang last week nitong feb para pandagdag namin sa pang show money namin pero pinadalhan ako ng copy ng annual salary and bank cert ng fiancee ng kapatid ko since tutulong din sya for financial support para maka attend kmi ng wedding nila. nanaluha nako ng bank cert para sa account ng baby ko is that enough nba? or need taga bank statement? tnx

  • Hi Mark!!

    I got my email saying my passport will be dispatched from the VAC yesterday and the delivery time for Metro Manila is 24-48 hours. Does that mean I should wait for it today/tomorrow? I’m kind of confused as to their choice of words “WILL BE” as compared to “already dispatched.” Or should I wait for another notification that it’s already with the courier?

    Also, aside from the tracking number (which you can use on the VFS website), is there a separate tracking number with the courier?

    Thank you so much for your time and response.

    All the best,

  • hello ms ems. kaylangan ba notarized ung authorization letter ng hubby ko para makapag travel ung baby namin na ako lang kasama? tnx

  • Hi ms ems, ask ko lang, my cousin invited me, i don’t have his birth certificate. Is it okay to submit just his passport showing we have same middle name? or put a family tree to show how we are related?

    • Hi jun,

      Yes that’s what I did on my second application. Wala ako birth cert ng aunt ko so I just included her passport and resident card id. Nagsubmit din ako ng family tree to show how we’re related. Also pictures of us both. 🙂

  • hi ms ems. me and my husband are planning to attend my sister’s wedding on may 28. right now nsa uae si hubby pero magbabakasyon sya d2 sa philippines ng may1-31 is it ok kung d2 sya magfa file ng application nmin for tourist visa or dapat sa uae? balak kc namin is may 20 aalis then sya babalik na ng uae ng may 30 from canada then ako june 23 kasabay na ng anak ko pauwi ng philippines mauuna kc sya aalis ksama ng mga cousins nya. tnx ms ems.

    • Hi Joy,

      I’m not sure. Wala akong kilala na may ganyang situation. Hindi naman niya kailangan ng personal appearance sa pag-aapply. He can apply anytime through online application or CVAC dito sa Pilipinas. Basta complete and documents na ipapasa, wala naman siguro problema kung either dito or sa UAE siya magapply. Yun nga lang, halimbawa granted siya ng visa, they would request for his passport. Dun mo siya kailangan isend. Syempre hindi naman siya makauwi kung wala yung passport. Haha. Kung May 20 kayo aalis, medyo ang limited dun sa time frame niya. Para sa akin, mas ok siguro na ifind out niya yung processing times sa UAE at least wala ng problemahin pag uwi niya. Pwede din magcall sa CVAC para mas sure sa sagot +6327894900.

  • tnx ms ems. isasabay nya kc ako sa application nya kung sa uae naman sya magfa file kakailanganin nya rin passport ko don pag na approve application dba? pwede kaya 3rd week ng april nya i file para kung na approve ung samin nandito na sya sa pinas non maipapasa namin ung parehong passport namin non? tnx ms ems. call ko din cvac he3

  • another question ms ems. pag na approve na application and may visa na pwede bang mapaaga ung pag alis papunta canada and medyo ma late ng 1week pag uwi or kaylangan sundin ung date na sinabi sa application? tnx ms ems sensya na po.

    • Depende lang kung ano nakalagay sa visa.. Kung nakalagay na validity ay mas maaga dun sa request niyo, then yes pwede umali ng mas maaga. Kung nakalagay sa visa ay May 20, syempre yun yung dapat sundin. Usually naman ang validity ng visa is 6 months unless otherwise stated dun sa visa sticker. 🙂

  • Hi mam ems,
    Kapag halimbawa ma denied ang application mo for canadian tourist visa ilang months kang mag hintay bago makapag apply ulit?

  • Hi ms ems, ask ko lang if 80-100k sa bank account is okay to present for 2weeks stay, my cousin will cover the lodging and food naman and hindi naman ako masyadong gagastos.

    • Hi Ron,

      The ticket price from Manila-Toronto is around CAD $1500 or around PHP50,000 syempre depende din sa dates at sa city. I am guessing na ikaw ang magcover nito. So, parang wala masyado na extra for pocket money at emergency. Definitely, parang wala ng babalikan din sa Pilipinas. Opinyon ko lang ito. Hindi ko din alam kung ano ba para sa kanila ang sapat. Siguro depende din sa pagexplain mo sa expenses, who will cover what. 🙂

  • Thanks ms ems for the reply, would it help if i include my credit card to my application? although with min. due.

    • Yes, I always include credit card statements in every application. Usually the last 3 months na statement. Kung ok ang credit card standing, that’s always a positive. 🙂 Not sure what you mean with minimum due? Nakalagay naman lagi yun sa statement di ba?

  • hi ms ems ask ko lang if c hubby nsa uae then ifa file nya ung application namin d2 sa embassy 2weeks b4 sya uuwi d2 sa proof o means ba kaylangan ung sa account nya sa uae? everymonth nya kc pinapadala ung salary sa philippines is it best kung pagsasama samahin nalang namin lahat ng money sa isang account kaya lang kc nasa
    pangalan namin ng baby ko ung account d2 walang naka pangalan sa kanya ok lang ba kaya yun? tnx ms mes

    • ang gulo pala nung sinabi ko ms ems he3… ok lang ba kung sa proof of means namin nila hubby and baby isang bank account nalang d kc sya nagsi save sa uae pinapadala nya lahat d2 sa philippines… iniisip ko kc ms ems if sya ung prinsipal na mag aaply para sa canada visit visa namin tas walang syang savings account na nakapangalan sa kanuan baka magka problema application namin pro ung cor and leave approval nya ipapadala namin. what do you think ms ems? may 3months salary kc sya na inipon doon is it best kung ipapadala nya nalang din dito isasama sa account namin ni baby? baka kc magtaka sa embassy sya nagwo work pro walang nakapangalan sa kanya na savings samin lahat ng baby ko he3… tnx ms ems. sensya na

      • Hi joy,

        Oo nga medyo complicated. Since siya naman yung bread winner at may salary, you can include pay slip nya for the last 3 or 6 months. Sa employment certificate nya, hindi ko sure kung nakastate dun ang salary nya. Meron din siguro sya income tax return. Sa bank account, usually sa kanya nakaname yun or joint account kayo magasawa. Kung sa baby at sayo nakapangalan ang account, maybe just include a letter na nireremitt dun at kung meron syang remittance receipts, mas ok. 🙂

        • sa coe nya ms ems nakalagay ung salary nya. then may bank account sya sa uae doon pumapasok sweldo nya. ung d2 kc sa pilipinas ung isa samin dalawa ng baby ko then ung isa dun pumapasok padala nya pro sakin lang nakapanganlan un. sa application kc nmin ung dalawang account d2 sa pilipinas isi send namin na bank cert kaya nga lang baka magtaka sa embassy kung walang nakapangalan sa husband ko ok lang ba kung ung money na nsa bank account nya sa uae ipapadala na lahat d2 para 2 account nlang gagamitin nmin or i stay ung money sa uae tas kuha nalang din sya bank statement doon isasama nalang namin dun sa dalawang account pa dito? sensya na ms ems.

          • Hi Joy,

            Pasensya na, hindi ko alam kung tama ba ang ibibigay kong sagot sayo. Pwede na kumuha na siya dun or kung may passbook siya, copy na lang nun na may pumapasok sya na salary at sinesend din nya sa account ninyo dyan. Kung isend nya man sayo, meron naman na sa name nya dun. 🙂

  • hello ms ems ask ko lng po. i ant to buy managers check para sa applicaion ng nanay ko, anu po info ang ilalagay sa payee address, thanks

    • Hi Jenet,

      Kung magbayad ka through VFS, Ito yung instructions nila. Wala ng direct mail in application sa Canada Embassy ngayon, dumadaan na lahat sa Visa Processing Center which is VFS. Make sure na tama ang ilalagay mo na amount. 🙂

      By Mail- Bank Draft or Managers cheque in Philippine Peso in exact amount, acquired from any Philippines local banks and was made payable to “VFS Services Phils. Pvt. Inc.”

      Heto yung link nila:

  • Hi all! Nag-apply ako ng Canadian Visa for me, my brother and dad. Mag-ccruise kasi kami sa Alaska with side trip ng 1 day lang sa Victoria, BC (indicated naman sa application form). It has been a week na and I haven’t received any update sa email nor sa myCIC. Hindi na ako mapalagay dahil need na namin makabili ng ticket baka hindi kami umabot sa schedule. Meron ba sa inyong nakaexperience ng walang update na narereceive pero afer some time passport request na yung nareceive na email? Ang hirap mag-prepare ng itinerary ha, tapos hindi lang din naman matutuloy =(

    • I mean naka-receive naman ako ng update ng submission pati confirmation pero after nun, wala ng iba. Usually, gaano ba katagal pinaprocess ang canadian visitor visa kapag more than 1 yung magkakasabay na sinubmit na application?

  • hi kristine! processing is 12days. nung samin kc nag send ako ng march 10 then march 11 and 15 nakaka receive ako ng email pro wala naman sa cic then nung march 22 another email ulit unfortunately na refused ung samin so better luck nxt time kmi he3. ung sa sister ko nman march 17 sila nagpasa march 29passport request na sila so 12days talaga processing satin. best of luck!

    • Thanks Joy! I just got the message from CIC requesting for Passports for all 3 of us. Thank you so much sa blog na ito, I had confidence submitting our applications. Akala ko mali yung pag-aapply ko online. So 11 calendar days lang yung sa akin, need ko nlng isubmit ung passport and wait for it with the visas stamped (don’t know how many days ulit). Thank you ms Ems, and thanks sa lahat ng Santo, Angels, at kay Papa Lord na pinagdasalan ko. I wish all best for the other applicants na rin. Kung malinis naman ang intentions natin, there’s nothing to be scared of =)

      • Congratulations Kristine! Thanks for leaving this kind comment. 🙂 Also thanks to Joy for sharing her timeline. You’re right, it helps when you know other people have done the same. Enjoy your trip! 🙂

  • for the passport naman kristine base dun sa timeline ng sister ko monday nila pinasa ung passport nila then pina deliver nalang nila kc sa province pa kami thurs dumating na if ikaw cguru magpi pick up 2days lang cguro pwede na!

    • Thanks Joy! I submitted our passports on a Tuesday, pina-courier ko na lang din then nareceive ko na by Saturday.

  • hello ms. ems hindi ko kc alam where to start for my application for visitors visa so we are planning to look for agency na mag paprocess meron ka po ba mairerecommend?

    • Hi Roxanne,

      Sorry, wala akong agency na alam. I always do my applications by myself and I just research online.

      • Hello po, tanong ko lng po saan po kayo nakapg download ng form ng IMM5257E nafill upan ko na po ung form at nag validate na po sya.pero po kapag inuupload ko na sya para ma submit na ung application ko error po ang lumalabs. Naka pdf nmn then triny ko na po lahat using chrome, mozilla.. ito nlng po ung probmlem ko. Bka po may alm kayo saan pwed ma upload ito na kapag iupload sa cic accnt hindi na error ang lalabas kapag na fill upan at na validate na. Sana po matulung nyo po ako. Hope mg reply kayo.thank you po

          • Ito po ung lumalabs sa form
            Please wait
            If this message is not eventually replaced by proper contents of the documents, your PDF viewer may not be able to display by this type of document
            You can upgrade the latest version of Adobe reader for windows mac or linux

            Pero naka upgrade po ung skin.

          • Pasensya na ang hirap kasi magtroubleshoot pag hindi nakikita yung mismong situation dahil andaming possibility. Nagsearch lang ako sa internet at minsan daw problema yan sa ibang PDF forms. Sabi mo navalidate naman yung form mo so wala naman siguro problema dun dahil kung may missing info, hindi naman siguro mavavalidate. Pero double check mo lang lahat ng fields kung may answers at N/A kung wala. Yung sa isang forum nabasa ko na ginamit daw niya Internet Explorer. I don’t usually recommend yun pero baka pwede itry. Namention mo yung Chrome at Firefox.

          • Un po ung lumalabas sa form kapag inuupload ko na po sys hindi po ung validated at may bar code na application na finill upan ko

  • Hi ems..thanks for this very informative blog..I just want to ask kahit ba pinadalhan na kami ng cic ng reference file na kelangan namin isubmit sa vfs together with our passport..Di pa rin un guarantee na approve na visa?My parents in law kase are applying for temporary visa and was told by my sister in law na approve na daw..I got confused kase wala nmn nakalagay dun sa reference letter..sabi lang “we already made a decision”

    • Hi Jhen,

      Sa mga nabasa ko sa forums before. Usually daw pag nagrequest na ng passport – approved na yun. Otherwise kung denied, they will just send you a letter na denied ang application. Hearsay lang ito ah, wala naman makaconfirm dyan. Hehe. Good luck jhen and let us know kung ano man. 🙂

      • Hello ms ems.hingi ko lng sana opinyon ninyo. Na refuse kc ung visa ko. Pero balak ko parin po mag apply ulit.ang sabi sa refusal ko travel history, personal asset at ung income ng host. Ang balak ko po gawin is sa travel history ilagay ko ung mga pictures ko nung nag tour ako sa uae, tapos dalawa po savings account ako pero isa lng po ung pinakita ko okay kaya this time sa pag apply ko ipakita ko na dalawa at mas malaki na.tapos ung sa income ng host hingiin ko nlng income tax niya ss maglagay na ako ng reservation roundtrip ticket. Tingin nyo po anu pa po kaya maidadagdag ko po?self employed ako tumutulong ako sa business ng family nmn. aside sa savings ko ung father ko ang mag shoulder lahat ng expenses ko.hindi nmn un ang isang reason na satisfy nmn sila dhil pinkita ko lahat.ubg tatlo lng tlga na un ngibg reason.tingin nyo sa online ulit po ako mg apply or humingi ng tulong sa agency?sana mabgyn nyo po ako kht konting advice.salamat ha

        • Hi Hope.08

          Ito yung mga opinyon ko.. Sa TRAVEL HISTORY, I don’t think may changes yan unless pumunta ka sa ibang bansa after ng application mo. I don’t think makakatulong ang pictures. Nung pumunta ka sa UAE, gaano ka katagal dun? Usually kasi mga kababayan natin na pumupunta ng UAE, visit visa sila pero naghahanap ng work while on tourist visa. Iniisip ko lang baka yung Canadian embassy, alam din yan. Sa PERSONAL ASSETS, ok yan basta meron change. Sa INCOME NG HOST, wala din change dyan unless nagchange ang salary ng host mo. Ano ba ang sinubmit mo before? Siguro pareho lang din yun (Income tax) kung ano nakalagay sa income nya before. Sa APPLICATION naman, it doesn’t matter kung online ulit or agency. Yung agency, I’m sure ifafile din naman nila online. Nasa sayo yun kung saan ka mas comfortable o sa tingin mo mas makakatulong sayo. Yung pinsan ko tinulungan ko magconsult sa isang agency about tourist visas and basically, ibibigay nila sayo ang requirements (which is also available online) at ichecheck nila yung requirements before isubmit. Yung difference lang siguro is may kausap ka na tao at may bayad of course pero everything else is the same. I don’t know kung nakatulong ito pero siguro sa next application mo, make sure lang na may changes from before. Otherwise, baka same result lang din. 🙂

  • hello ms ems.. thanks s post.. ask ko lang ksi I’m planning to apply TRV for canada this june single entry lang. My friend is a canadian citizen nd he’s working in US for a yr now..his contract in US is 3 yrs.. But his family is in Canada.. We’re planning that her mom will do the invitation letter since she’s in canada as well as working there..and another letter from him stating that he’ll be coming to Canada on those dates and be on leave from work..we’re going to attached his mom and his passport..btw I’m a Filipino working here in UAE for 4 yrs.. and me and my friend have been travelling since we’ve been classmate in university. he even visited me here. Do you think the immigration will consider their invitation letters as valid? and any advise which letter shall I first upload the one from his mom or from my friend? Also Is it necessary for their financial status proof? I’ll be staying with them so they’ll provide me food and tour me around but I’ll be the one to pay my ticket and other expenses. Thanks

    • Hi Valerie,

      Thank you din for visiting my blog. 🙂 The invitation letters seems valid. Wala naman ako nakikita na problema dun. I think iconsolidate mo sila as one file kasi alam ko one file at a time lang ang pwede mo isubmit pero in order mo na lang na mauuna (parang page 1) yung sa mother ng friend mo, her ID, then yung letter ng friend mo (of course mentioning din what you said na you are really good friends and you traveled together before, mas maganda kung may pics kahit 1 or 2 lang). The financial support status is not necessary if you are paying for your travel expenses anyway like what you mentioned. Just make sure na nagreflect din yun sa bank statements mo na you have enough money to pay for this trip. I hope this helps somehow. 🙂

      • Thank you for quick reply Ms. Ems. I really appreciate it. Yes, that what we’ve planned to do. We’re going to attached pictures of us travelling together..Hmmm sorry another question, any suggestion what’s the relation his mom shall state on her invitation letter? Do you think, is it ok her son’s friend? Cause I’m just worried that if the consul sees that the host is neither my relative nor friend he/she will automatically denied my application without checking the further information haha 🙂 Actually applying this visa is at high risk cause I don’t have any assets here in UAE but I do have stable job. Paying just enough for me to travel there. And I did traveled to other countries. Neither US or Canada though. Thank u so much 🙂

        • Yes, she can state that you are his son’s friend. I guess yung purpose mo is not to visit her directly but visit the place. Now ko lang napansin kung bakit nga medyo complicated. I think they will check all the documents naman, hindi yung parang sa interview with other embassies na isang tingin lang sa isang papeles, denied na.

          • Hello po.. Thank you.. Oo nga po mejo complicated tlga and tourism po tlga ang purpose ksi I’ll be staying with them sa Vancouver but me and my friend we’ll be going to Calgary for some tourist spots there..We’re ging to book hotel..Thanks Ms. Ems I hope they’ll check tlga..ksi the visas I have are just Schengen,China,Taiwan and Turkey. But all of them are expire by now haha

  • Also Ms. Ems, I’ve been visiting Philippines often like last yr I visited 4x. Then this yr last February, then I’ve already booked non refundable ticket to Philippines this coming July and October. Cause I have to visit my parents. They’re old and I’m their only daughter. Aside from the NOC, is it ok if I’ll ask a leave certificates from my work stating the approved leave dates until October. And attached as well the ticket to Philippines as additional assurance that I’ll come back here. Or giving those will add confusion and may look so defensive? 🙂 Sorry for asking as much

    • Yung mga visits mo sa Philippines, makita naman yun sa travel history if you include scans of your passport pages. Dito sa Pilipinas, usually pag nagapply ng visa and you are employed. You give a work employment certificate with the approved leaves (which is usually the date of travel), ewan ko lang kung same dyan. Pero parang ang haba naman kung from June-October ang leave, medyo suspicious pag ganun sa opinyon ko lang. Hindi ko lang alam sa pagattach ng future travel plans, baka pwede mo subukan. 🙂

      • Actually po yes same dn po klangan ng NOC dto with date of travels.. 🙂 Iniisip ko lang po ksi db po my cover letter pag mag aapply need po ijustify kng bakit that dates ako mgttravel… Ksi po my 3 approved leave po ako pa from today.. One is july 13-19 – PInas po ako nun my tiket na ko..Then Aug 19-Sept 2 (2 weeks po) un po ang sa Canada.. Then Ung last po Oct-31 to Nov 5 PInas po ulit ako nun my tiket n dn po ako.. I rea2son out ko po ksi sana s letter ko na un ung date ksi ang longest approved leave ko plus ngpaapproved dn ng leave ung friend ko that dates this yr kya un un dates n npli ko..kya plan ko iattached sana ung leave form ko if ever then ung mga tickets..Thank you so much po for being accommodating..First time ko po ksi magapply online ng visa so probably I’ll be asking questions po again pag magaapply na ko this June.. 🙂 Thank you po ulit 🙂

        • Hi Valerie,

          Sa tingin ko yung dates mo sa July na leave is irrelevant kung august yung trip mo sa Canada. Maybe just include the oct leave at ticket para hindi masyadong magulo ang explanation. You’re welcome. Good luck ulit! 🙂

          • Ok po.. Thank you so much po MS. Ems..Pasensya na po, ok lang po kaya na two page yung cover letter? Kasi po explanation ng purpose tapos relationship nmin ng friend ko tapos po background ko sa work dto sa Dubai UAE then family ties pa po mejo explanation dn tas mention dn travel history.. Actually Ms, Ems mejo kinakabahan ako lalo ksi baka isipn boyfriend ko ung friend ko pero hndi nmn po tlga ahaha kya lng since lalaki ksi sya..

          • Para sa akin lang, mas ok ang short at concise. I think mas confusing lang pag masyadong mahaba ang cover letter and 2 pages is long. 🙂 Yung family ties, I don’t think kailangan naman ng explanation other than your friend’s mother. Sa travel history, you can just list the places you’ve been to in once sentence. Hindi din kailangan ng explanation dahil self explanatory naman yun. 🙂 I don’t think they will think that way dahil sa ibang bansa normal lang naman maging friends ang opposite sex at hindi naman binibigyan ng malisya. 🙂

    • Hi Cha,

      They require documents on your Proof of Means of Financial Support. Tinignan ko yung dun and these 3 are listed: tax reports, declarations or statements. Statement naman siya, hindi lang ako familiar masyado sa audited financial statement, I wouldn’t know kung ok ba siya. Sa Philippines kasi, ang pinakacommon is the ITR. I don’t know about good chances. Hindi lang naman based sa isang document. It would be all your documents and application as a whole. 🙂

  • ms. ems, self-employed po kasi ako, pero meron akong mayor’s permit at DTI registration ang business ko pero walang ITR for now, was thinking that i’ll just submit an audited financial statement instead, will that work? kung mag file ako ng ITR ngayon, marami akong late charges na babayaran, in regards to travel history, i’ve been to hong kong and singapore a few months ago, will that work too?

    • thank you very much miss ems for a very quick response, ok, i guess i have to pursue in filing my ITR to be sure, i’m planning to apply next month,

    • Lampas na lampas na nga ang due date sa ITR.. I don’t know if that will work. Di pa ako naka-encounter ng ganun so hindi ko talaga alam. You can always try. 🙂 What do you mean sa would that work? Kung may travel history, they ask you to submit passport stamps or boarding passes. 🙂

  • ok, i have passport stamps of hong kong and singapore, was only there for 1 day in hong kong and 1 day in singapore, it’s quite unusual miss ems :), but was there only for touring purpose, look what’s around and not really for vacation. so just wondering if embassy would consider the no. of days the time i visited the said countries

    • That is unusual.. Na 1 day lang. Usually when you go on tours, the minimum is 3 days even for touring purpose. 🙂

  • Hi Ems! I would like to know, will they be returning all the documents that you have submitted once a decision has been made? I’ve applied personally via their processing center in Makati. BTW, your post is VERY informative. Thank you 🙂

    • Hi Gel,

      Thank you for visiting my blog. 🙂 I haven’t tried it at the processing center so I’m not sure. The first time I applied though it was still mail in applications at the embassy. Most of the docs they kept but some they returned. I’m not sure if it will be the same. 🙂

  • Ms. Ems.. This is Valerie po again ksi I’ll be applying next week na po online.. ask ko lang po need po b iupload ang document checklist? and any advise po san po pwede iupload ung letter from my friend and his mom since they’ll provide me accommodation sa proof of financial support or sa purpose of travel? Also po ung cover letter po sa purpose of travel po ba sya? and ung pictures po nmin together sa travel history po ba or purpose of travel? And ung mga stamps po ng current pasport twice po ba iupload sa passport at travel history?.. Andami kong questions sorry po,, And I got denial po pala para sa US visa last month sa interview ko without checking any documents,, Nabasa ko ksi na che2k nla sa database ng US dn un aplicant nla kya I have to state po na nadeny ako which is ang reason po kya ngapply ako ng US visa pra meet ko ung frend ko dun since nadeny ttry po nmin na Canada nlng..My question ksi sa app form n any history ng denial..Is there a need po kya to mention that s cover letter? Thanks po soory daming tanong..

    • Hi Valerie,

      Sorry sa late reply. Hindi naman kailangan upload ang document checklist. I would guess sa Invitation letter from your friend and his mom. Yes yung cover letter, pwede sa Purpose of Travel. Yung pictures, nilagay ko sa Proof of Relationship dati. Yung stamps, sa travel history lang yun. Sa Passport, they only need the info page and perhaps the last page of the passport. Hindi buong passport. Ay hindi ko alam kung ichecheck nila, I don’t think they have access sa US database dahil privacy ng bansa yan. Im just guessing meron silang shared database with mga may criminal backgrounds or something like that. Hindi ko din sure yan, hula ko lang. I think nasa questionnaire yata kung nadeny ka ng visa pero hindi din ako sure. You can share it there pero ewan ko lang kung necessary sya sa Cover letter.

    • Hi Jie,

      The manager’s check was payment for the visa fee at the time of application when they had them mailed in 2012. Currently, you can apply online and pay with a credit card or through the visa processing center and pay in cash. If you mail in your application, you still might need to send a Manager’s check but I’m not sure on this one. The ITR is not a must but it’s one of the most common documents to show that you pay taxes and have an income here in the Philippines. 🙂

      • How to get the itr I’m self employed but only a year after I resigned! How many days ba mkuha yan, pwede bang bus. Permit nlng ipakita hehe tnx ems for the fast reply

        • Yung ITR, finafile yan for your income the following year sa BIR. You pay through banks. So if yoy’re gonna file an Income Tax Return for 2015, It should have been filed from January 1-April 15 2016. Pag lampas na, meron na penalty. Pwede mo naman ipakita ang business permit but it only shows that you have an existing business, not necessarily an income. 🙂

          • Magkano bayad sa late file ng itr? Hmmm weeks yan bago mkuha? Sa bir yan kukunin? Meron na bang online pra mag file yan hehee

          • Hindi ko alam kung magkano, BIR ang magcompute nun. Mas ok siguro maginquire directly sa BIR dahil medyo complicated yung situation mo. 🙂

      • Hi miss Ems! Kmsta po? I applied online and My passport is requested to submit to VFS. But I am confused po about sa fee. Ano po ba dapat pagawan ng manager’s cheque??

        And yung sa VAC Consent form last page stating “Declaration to be signed only by applicants assisted by VFS Global Services Staff with electronic form”, need ko po ba ifill up yon?

        Please reply po. Thank you so much!!!

        • Hi Donna,

          Sorry, hindi pala nagsubmit yung reply ko. Medyo weird connection ko. Ngayon ko lang nakita ulit. Icheck mo sa VFS website kasi nagchechange din yung rates nila. I would call them directly to be sure pero yung naalala ko yung name ng company nila ang nilagay ko sa check. Naginclude din ako ng paid return envelope. Yung Declaration, hindi siguro dahil directly ka naman nagapply online. Hindi through them. 🙂

          • Thaks miss Ems.

            I actually sent it nung Saturday pa and they received it nung Monday. The manager’s check is P905.95 (package po wwhich includes the mandatory fee, courier service for sending back the documents/passport and update sms)

            Thank you so much for the help of your blog miss Ems! Very helpful po 🙂

          • Hi miss Ems! This is Donna again. I got my passport back with visa. Ano po magandang airlines? Direct flight po ba usually binobooked nyo? If not, please suggest airlines which is cheaper with quality service. Hehe!

            Happy New Year in advance miss Ems!

          • Hi Donna,

            I’ve flown with Cathay Pacific/Dragon Air usually kasi meron sila sa Clark, mas malapit ako dun kesa Manila. 🙂 I use to check on different airlines, price at travel time. 🙂 You can give me your options that would show up and I’ll let you know which ones are the best.

          • Lapit lang din po ako sa Clark!

            On the site you’ve given is very nice. Asiana airlines, Air Canada and PAL ang options. What do you think miss Ems?

            I will check in Cathay Pacific and Dragon Air too.

            Thank you!

  • hi miss donna

    “I actually sent it nung Saturday pa and they received it nung Monday. The manager’s check is P905.95 (package po wwhich includes the mandatory fee, courier service for sending back the documents/passport and update sms)”. paano mo na sent? thru lbc? at kanino naka address ang manager’s check? i’m from butuan city. thankz

    • Hello beradorbong!

      Yes, through lbc po. Pwede din sa 2go or Philpost. Yung MC nmn is address to “VFS Services Phils. Pvt. Inc.”

      Hope it helps! I already received my passport with multiple entry visa with 1 year validity 🙂


    • Congrats beradorbong! Madali na lang yan :). I waited my processed passport less than a week with update through messaged kung saan napupunta ang passport mo. Anyway, when mo balak magtravel to Canada? If it is ok, message me in my fb 🙂 add me up po, Mae Bulaon

      Congrats and God bless!

  • hi ms. ems. i a apply ko ng visit visa yung anak ko na 8yrs old para makasabay sa mga cousin nya this coming april may visa na sila na approved ung application ng family ng sister ko last yr so nakapag vacation sila samin kc na refused. question ko lang sa checklist kc nung sa anak ko hinihingan sya ng travel history though meron naman sya and ung family information. kc nung nag apply ako para sa amin sa family information below 18yrs hindi na magpapasa ng ganon pro ngayon meron sya is it because sya ung principal applicant? makikita naman nila sa application na minor yung nag aaply dba may proof of means naman na nakapangalan sa kanya and sa
    letter ng kapatid ko na nasa canada since sya ung host sagot nya lodging and food ng anak ko. maa approve kaya ung sa kanya kahit minor lang sya? tnx ms ems

    • Hi joy.. yes dahil siguro sya yung principal applicant. Oo they will see naman na minor with the birthdate and picture. Hindi ko masabi kung sino pwede maapprove. Di naman ako qualified. Hehe. Very unique din yung case ninyo. Wala din ako masyado kilala na minors na nagapply by themselves so wala masyado comparison. Siguro maginclude na lang kayo ng cover letter to explain the situation better. 🙂

  • ms ems another question ung sa family information ipi print muna ba un then pipirmahan ng anak ko then scan tsaka isi send or pwede ng i send as is parang katulad ng visa application? d kna kc maalala ung samin he3. tnx

    • Hi joy, Meron part sa middle ng page – end of section A for signature and date. Yung Section B is for children. Di naman nya kailangan fill upan yun part na yun dahil wala naman sya kids so kahit ileave na blank or put N/A.

      Good luck Joy! 🙂

      • thank you ms ems. dun sa proof of travel pala ng anak ko itinerary lang ba ipapasa nya don and dun sa cover letter sya din dapat signatory right? so lalabas lahat dun sa application nya na sya lahat gumawa tama ba? dko kc alam dun sa cover letter nya kung ako ba dapat gagawa non tas sasabihin na we are authorizing him to travel to canada para maka attend sya sa 60th birthday ng lola nya.

        • Hi joy,

          Sa proof of travel, ang nilalagay dun mga past travels like visa stamps sa passport or visas issued in the past, pictures of travel, etc.

          Hindi naman necessarily sa lahat ng application nya lalabas sya gumawa. Medyo imposible na siya kasi minor lang sya. Siguro yung mga kailangan lang na info at signatures dahil sya yung main applicant this time. 🙂 I’m sure it would be ok na ikaw gumawa ng cover letter, just indicate na you are the mother. 🙂

  • mali pala ako ms ems ung sa purpose of travel pala ask ko kumg itinerary lang ipapasa un nalang kc kulang nya. ung cover letter nya ako nalang gumawa and signatory tas nilagay ko na we (dad & mom) are authorizing him to travel alone to visit ung family nmin sa canada and attend her grandmother’s 60th birthday. pag minor magta travel ms ems dba need pa ng permit to travel galing sa dswd magpapasa kang kmi ng authorization letter ni hubby sa kanila. tnx ms ems dami ko tanong pasensya na

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