Hotel Icon – Seoul

Hotel Icon – Seoul


I actually booked Hotel Icon because of its location and good reviews on Tripadvisor. Last time I stayed in Seoul, our hotel was in Sinchon which was okay but since I’m more familiar with Seoul, I wanted to stay in either the Myeongdong area or Insadong for this trip. Hotel Icon is actually located about a block away or about 5 minutes from Ssamzegil in Insadong.


These are the information posted on the elevator. The eating area is also on the Basement floor, and you can even try on traditional costume for free.


Hotel Icon Seoul picture from


There was the lone elevator which was small but it functioned really well. On our way to our room on the 8th floor. It looked like an apartment from the outside just like in those Korean dramas because it had its own intercom. You can actually see who’s at your door if someone rings it which is pretty cool and safe.

Our comfy wall to wall beds.. Haha. The room was tiny but it was not claustrophobic. It had enough room for our luggages which was good enough for us.


Icon Hotel Seoul


We actually have a working fridge which is always good. Coffe/tea with kettle which we didn’t really use except when we wanted to eat noodles. Haha. We also had free wifi that had decent connectivity which is always a plus.

Our TV and the intercom phone on the right. That screen is actually where you can see who’s outside your door if they push the thing outside. Our AC/heater above.


Pciture from Agoda


This was our small bathroom. The shower is above the sink so the toilet will get wet. Hahaha. Things we didn’t really mind.

The room actually had impressive facilities and it was complete for such a small hotel. We did have a blow dryer in the cabinet on the right. Actually, I’ve noticed that South Korean hostels/hotels are pretty good with providing amenities in the rooms even if it’s a small room. Our room in Sinchon even had a desktop computer. This one didn’t but we didn’t mind. Haha.


Icon Hotel Seoul


The location was actually a little bit confusing. I emailed the hotel and they gave me directions and landmarks based on Korean names. Fortunately, I took free Korean classes before I went to Korea so I learned how to read things in Korean. If I didn’t, I would have missed our turn since the candy store they were talking about didn’t have any English signs but only a Korean one. The main landmark for this hotel is that it is behind the Ibis Hotel and it would be hard to miss the Ibis Hotel.

The owners were amazing. They even invited us to dinner one night. I think they are the magic to this place because they were warm and very hospitable. Their staff though are another story especially the front desk staff which didn’t care too much about the guests. It’s like they can’t wait to get rid of you after you asked a question. I hope this improves. 🙂

Would I go back there again? Maybe but I wouldn’t mind checking out other accommodations as well.

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