Guest Post: How I Got My US Tourist Visa in the Philippines

Since my visa posts are usually my top posts and my friend, a fellow blogger from Eats in Baguio just recently got her US visa. I asked her to write a blog post about her experience so I can share it here on my blog. If you ask me questions about it, I probably wouldn’t know the answers since I didn’t experience it myself. Mine was more than 10 years ago. ^.^


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How I Got My US Tourist Visa in the Philippines

(Thanks More Fun With Ems for Inviting me to share my visa story. There was no way in the world this would be appropriate for my food blog. haha)

Take note of “I” and “My”. This is MY story. It’s important to note that while I’m sharing my experience, there is absolutely no guarantee that you doing it the way I did will yield the same results. Each applicant is unique.

So here’s my unique background that (I think) mattered in the application. I highly doubt someone will come up and say he or she has the exact same circumstances as me. Hehe.

  • I was issued an F1 student Visa in 2001
  • I attended Brigham Young University Hawaii ( Mormon University) and returned to the Philippines after graduation
  • I intend on visiting a friend in Utah (Mormon Mecca :) ) and scheduled it around a big Mormon event
  • I followed the provisions of my Visa- ergo- I did not overstay
  • I have two jobs- one full time and one part time – I am a full time virtual assistant- my employer is based in California and I’m also a part time Radio DJ
  • I have no family – immediate or otherwise who live in the US
  • I’ve got a couple of stamps on my passport
  • I speak pretty good English! Haha
  • I have a dog
  • Most of all, I absolutely did not have any intention to migrate to the US

I followed the steps on the official website:

Here are the steps according to the official website.

Application Process

  1. Payment of Application Fee
  2. Required Documents
  3. Schedule an interview
  4. Go for the Interview
  5. If Issued a Visa

Here’s how I did it:

Complete the D160 Application Form – I started with this. I was given a unique reference number that I used for the other online forms I filled out. I did not complete this process in one sitting. I was able to save my work and continue at a later time since I did not have a 2×2 picture handy when I started filling this form out.

Start here:

Pay the Application Fee- Back in the day, you had to physically go to the bank and pay at the counter. What I did was just use my bpiexpressonline account. So what I did first was get a receipt number from this website: I selected the BPI option and it gave me a reference number. I then logged onto my bpiexpressonline account , looked for the US Embassy Visa Merchant and plugged in the reference number. Tadaaa.

Wait: Take note of payment process times. Mine took 24 hours before it was posted.

Schedule an Interview: Go to this site to schedule an Interview:

They will ask for the D160 application/ reference number and the receipt number I plugged into my bpiexpressonline payment.

My Visa stars were aligned. I started this process on January 7th , and booked for an interview on the 14th at 7:30AM. I thought what the heck – might as well not prolong the agony of waiting and wondering if I get a visa. So I took the first available appointment.

Go for the Interview: This is the most nerve wracking. It was for me, VERY. NERVE.WRACKING. for many reasons. Here were my concerns about my application:

  • I felt that I have NO strong ties to the motherland- I am single and employed BUT my employer is based in the US.
  • I don’t have a big fat bank account – but still I gathered the statements from my 2 lean bank accounts. Haha!

And so I went. I arrived at the embassy at 6:30AM and was done at 9:30AM.

Here’s what I brought with me

  • Passport
  • The D160 confirmation print out
  • The appointment page
  • 2×2 ID picture
  • Bank statements
  • Employment Certificates
  • My insurance/ investment policy
  • My old passports ( I have 2)
  •  Payslips
  • An invitation letter from a friend to visit her in Utah

Here’s what they asked from me

  • Passports – Old and new
  • The D160 confirmation print out

I went alone because that’s how I roll. :) I left my cellphone at the hotel and I only had a small pouch with my make up and mini Toblerones. (Take note: No electronic stuff are allowed to be brought in- except if you have a pacemaker or hearing aide 🙂 )

You’ll have tons of people tell you what to do when you get there. So here’s what to expect- you’ll be herded like sheep!

I was assigned a number. My number was flashed twice on the board inside the actual building. Once for finger print scanning, the second for the interview.

Finger scanning was fast, painless and easy. I was also asked to state my name, my DOB and the purpose of my trip. Then I was done.

Now to the most exciting part: The interview.

I sat waiting for my turn for maybe 1.5 hours total. Those with old US Visas on Old Passports were asked to get the old visas ready to be shown at the interview. I’ve witnessed so many interviews take place. I don’t remember all of them but I do remember that 90% of the time- the first question was- Have you been to the US? Followed by — What do you do (Anong trabaho mo)? And then what is the purpose of your travel.

So here’s my best recollection of my interview:

Steve Carrel Lookalike Consul: Hi, good morning. How are you?

(Stamps my old F1 visa as “Cancelled”)

Me: Hi, I’m good. And yourself?
Steve: I’m good.
Me: Great
Steve: Have you been to the US before?
Me: Yes
Steve: When was the last time you were there?
Me: 2004. I went home after I graduated in 2004.
Steve: Where did you go to school?
Me: Brigham Young University in Hawaii.
Steve: Are you married?
Me: No.
Steve: Kids.
Me: No. Just a dog.
Steve: Ah. Dog.
Me: Yep.
Steve: What do you do?
Me: I’m a full time virtual assistant and a part time radio DJ.
Steve: Do you have family in the US?
Me: No.
Steve: I’m sorry what do you do again? I only heard part time DJ.
Me: I’m a full time virtual assistant.
Steve: Is that a real job?
Me: Yes (getting ready to bring out my payslips if asked)
Steve: Do you think you qualify for a tourist visa ?
Me: 1- I don’t have family there. 2- I have good travel history 3- I don’t have in demand skills US is looking for
Steve: Hey, Skills? That’s not in the law. (Not having skills) That’s not going to qualify you. What did you study in BYU?
Me: Biology and I minored in English Language teaching.  I don’t think I can teach English in the US.
Steve: Sure you can- like in California.
Me: Yeeeeah but … (did not rebut)
Steve: What is the purpose of your travel?
Me: I’m visiting a friend.
Steve: For how long and when?
Me: About 3 weeks. We scheduled it around the time of the General Conference of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter day Saints.
Steve: Church- is that the Church of the Latter Day Saints?
Me: Yes
Steve: Looks at my passport. Have you been on a mission? (Lots of Mormon folks go on missions when they’re about 18 to 20 years old)
Me: No
Steve: Shows me my Myanmar visa on my passport.
Me: I was there for 5 months as an academic consultant
Steve: Ah- academic consultant?
Me: It was a Singaporean owned school and we trained local teachers.
Steve: The conference – do you need an invitation or is it open to all members?
Me: It’s open to everyone.
Steve: Is it once a year?
Me: No. Twice- once in April and another in October.
Steve: Okay, well, then, enjoy. You’ll get your visa in a few days.
Me: Thanks, Steve. (I kid. I did not call him Steve).

And so I headed out with a smile on my face, relieved this was over and  caught a cab back to the hotel.

Wait for the Visa: I was interviewed on a Tuesday and got a call from 2Goon Friday morning that I had mail.

So here’s my timeline: From the submission of the application to the Visa Approval- it only took me exactly 1 week. Just had to wait a few more days for my passport to be shipped back to me. I don’t know anyone who has gotten their Visa at the same speed as I did.

Jan 7th Tuesday- Accepted an Invitation to go to the US, Started filling out forms

Jan 8th Wednesday – Scheduled an interview appointment

Jan 9th to 11th Thursday to Saturday – Gathered and organized all sorts of documents

Jan 12th- Sunday – Went to church and offered my first born son if I get a Visa. (Ok, I kid. I did not. I go to church each week not only in times of pending visa applications

Jan 14th – Showed up for the interview

Jan 17th- Received my passport with the Visa label- multiple entry to the US for 10 years.

So there you have it! My US Tourist Visa Application experience. I really think that if you have a legit reason to go to the US and a strong reason to come back to the Philippines and can answer the interview questions with confidence, you’ll be okay. Again, each application is unique, each consul is unique. And believe me when I say every dog has its day.

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  • hello, i just want to ask, i do have friends and relatives who all over in the US with permanent status, i just want to ask if it will help me to have a visa if I declare them? Or it will be detrimental since the consul might think I will overstay and live with?

    I am planning to have one or two weeks tour (LAX, SFO, NYC) in the US, i enjoy backpacking and i don’t require myself to stay in a fancy hotel, is 100,000php enough? i believe in the Europe to get schengen you are required 60euros/day so you need to have ATLEAST 600euros allowance on a 10day trip (excludng rentals and airfare ofcourse)

    Please advise Mam 🙂

    • Hmmm- let me see if I understand your question correctly. You want to know if 100,000 pesos or about $2200 is enough to tour LAX, SFO and NYC for 2 weeks? It really depends on what you plan to do. Want to watch a Broadway show in NYC? TIcket prices depend on the show – say Lion King starts at $89 and if you’re on a $158 a day budget, you also have to consider lodging, food and transpo costs. Also, consider airfare flying from California to New York too. It’s going to take a chunk off your budget.

      • I am more of sightseeing and walking while taking picture and videos. Since i will be travelling alone. A manila to sfo plane trip, three days after a bus from SFO to LosAngeles then after three days fly to nyc then on the following days a return plane ride to manila.

        i just want actually to know the expectations of the consul. Like in schengen, they require atleast 60euros/day of stay. So you have atleast 600euros equivalent on a ten day trip as a proof to sustain yourself there.

        • I am not aware of a similar requirement for the US visa application. I actually find it one of the simplest visa application procedures – it requires the least amount of documentations (compare it with Ems’ other visa posts)- but the interview can be a bit nerve wracking. You can have ten million pesos in your bank account but you can still be turned down if you fail to show that you have strong ties to the Philippines. Besides, they might not even look at your bank statement.
          So, the number one thing you have to show in the application —more than having enough money to spend in the US- is you have to show you have a reason to come back to the Philippines.

    • And about declaring you have relatives- it’s all in the application form you have to fill out for a visa. I say, be truthful. I “declared” that I’ll be staying with a friend- and I got my visa. Others weren’t as lucky. Each application, each person is unique. But I think most of all, what the consul wants to see are your ties to the Philippines. Good luck with your visa application.

  • hi! I would like to ask, Me, my daughter, Mom and Grandma are planning to visit my Uncle in Vegas to spend Christmas with them, I would like to know If I can apply as early as now for visa even if my intended leaving date is on December? Also, would it be complicated if I get for a visa together with my daughter or I have to get visa first then get my daughter after I get a visa? Thank you.

    • I think it’s easier to just get it at the same time if you intend to travel together. And yes, apply now. The earlier the better. I was lucky to accomplish everything in 1 week. Most people I know take longer.

  • Hi,

    My dad (62 y/o – senior’s citizen) and I (23 y/o) are planning to visit my sister (permanent resident) in the USA for 2 weeks this year. These are some of my info :

    1. Im working in one of the top corporations in Philippines for more than 2 years already
    2. I dont have much savings (though we will be fully sponsored by my sister)
    3. I have a credit card which has quite high credit limit and I am a good payee
    4. I am single and dont have kids

    Taking consideration the info provided above, what will be my chances of getting approved? Basically one of the main reasons as well why Im going to USA is to accompany my dad to travel because obviously, he cant travel alone, he cant speaks and understands english, so he needs me for his guidance. Thanks.

    • Although I am in no position to say what your chances are – I would say that that the information you detailed above does not really help establish if you have enough reason to come back to the Philippines.
      In my opinion, I was issued a visa, mainly based on 2 things: 1- I have previously traveled to the USA and followed the provisions of my visa. I could have easily stayed -illegally or legally, but I did not. 2- I have shown that I travel for pleasure on my passport.
      Other reasons that I think helped are: I do not have relatives in the US, and my reasons to going to the US are pretty related – they always have something to do with the Church I belong to- which is true.
      So, ask yourself this: In your situation right now, do you think you can sufficiently establish that you are going back to the Philippines? Whatever your answer is- I think it’s always worth a shot. 8k for a 10 year Visa is the best investment I had ever made in terms of visa application. Once you get a US visa, it’s relatively easier to get other visas.
      Good luck!

  • Hi,
    Nice blog! Would like to know our chances of getting visa. My husband was invited to visit his boss in Miami, with me and my son. It is our first time to get a visa. Is income tax return (ITR) required coz my husband is self employed, and is bank account really necessary even his boss will shoulder all our expenses coz we didn’t save in bank in fear of losing them due to some modus, etc… Hope to hear from you. Thanks!

    • ITR is NOT a required document to bring for the visa interview. The only
      “papeles” they asked me to bring were:
      Passports – Old and new
      The D160 confirmation print out
      As you can read from the blog- I brought a ton of other stuff but they didn’t check even one page. But my case is different from yours- so I can’t really say if they’d want to see your ITR. I would say, probably not but prepare it anyway just in case. good luck!

    • Also- bank account – you mean bank statement? No, this document is not required. And since you don’t have a bank account- there’s no statement to bring in the first place. 🙂

  • Hi, can someone will help me to answer my questions about getting tourist visa in US im 21 yrs old and my tita will sponsor everything. Is it okay even if i don’t have evidence of funds? I don’t have work ive never been hired here in phil. but i just want to go US just for vacation to visit my auntie is it posible for me in getting US visa anyone can answer it? Thanks

  • HI! I jut want to ask, I am going to apply for US tourist visa and Im kinda confused on what to tick, It is about the Travel Information.

    Purpose of Trip to US?
    – Temp Business Pleasure Visitor (B)

    Specify: What should I put?
    -Business & Tourism (temporary Visitor) (B1/B2)
    -Business conference – *not this one
    – Tourism/Medical Treatment (B2)

    Im confuse on the first and third one? Please help.

    Thank you


    Also, I have been refused US Visa wayback 2009
    It says explain why I have been refused, cant remember the reason but I think because I was unemployed and I am a Registered Nurse and I am a single mom.

    Please help or any advice. Thank you

    • I can’t really say- but I ticked- Business and Tourism

      When you were refused- they usually give you a sheet of paper explaining why not- most often that not- they will not specify your being a RN or single mom. The sheet of paper usually says- you do not have enough ties to the Philippines.

  • thanks for this post… my online job boss is inviting me to attend an SEOrockstart conference in SF for 3 days and a week after UNgagged conference in las vegas for 3 days also. In between of my conference I will be staying to my friend’s house in Carson California. Should my boss send me an invitation letter through post-mail or it is fine if via email? thanks!

    • When I was interviewed, I brought a letter from my friend who I would be staying with. They did not bother to look at it. Also with the conference I attended, I did not have any letters to show as it was open to everyone.

      In your case- I would think an emailed invitation is okay. But most likely, I don’t think they’ll look at your papers- as the case with me and for many I witnessed being interviewed. But of course, it’s always good to be prepared – what you have to show more than an invitation is a reason to come back to the Philippines.

  • Hi there. I have been to US before in Tennessee, but as a J1 visa holder. I want to go back at some point in 2015 or 2016 to visit friends and tour more of US like LA, Las Vegas and more of New York as tourist. I used up almost all of my 30 days grace period when I was there to go to San Francisco. I am a recent college graduate at ngayon, nagwwork ako sa family business ng pamilya ko. My passport is renewed with a used Japan visa in it, but I still have my old passport with the US visa in it with other travel stamps. What are the chances that I would be granted a US tourist visa? Last visa interview, I didn’t mention anything about relatives there because I did my internship in US. Thank you.

    • I’m not familiar with the provisions of a J1 visa- but I would think the embassy is more likely to consider giving you a tourist visa if you did not overstay in the US or any other country- for that matter. A visa from another country might help- but not so much as demonstrating that you have strong ties to the Philippines.

      According to an interview with a consul – as seen in the article above- strong ties are demonstrated by:
      (1) Family ties
      (2) Secure job
      (3) Other binding responsibilities

      About not mentioning your relatives in the US:
      “Gusto malaman ng officers yung totoo lang, walang sikreto para sa US Visa,” – said Bradshaw on the article above.

      Back to your question: What are the chances that I would be granted a US tourist visa?
      Pretty good if you can show why you have no reason to overstay in the US.

  • Hi! I am 19 and currently a student here in the PH. I’ve been issued a visa and went to the states last 2007. The only document that I can show right now is my Certificate of Enrollment. I don’t have bank accounts. My uncle will pay for my trip since this is his gift for me and I will be visiting my aunt (my mom’s cousin) in NYC. My immediate family (parents,siblings) are here in the PH. Do you think I have a good chance on getting a visa? 😀

    • Girl, sana may magic ball ako. 🙂 I am in no position to comment on your chances of getting a US Visa. If you’re uncle is officially sponsoring you – there’s a form that he can fill out. But really, at the end of the day, the only thing that the consul will have to check is if you have a good enough reason to come back to the Philippines.

  • Good evening po , i just wanna ask if it’s possible for me to get approve? I am planning to get a tourist visa , my boyfriend will pay all the expenses and he invited me to go in Hawaii for just 1 week , we just really want to celebrate Valentines together and i am very confused because i read some blogs that it will be hard like for me to go in the US because i dont have strong ties so they keep telling me ” sorry dear you cannot” just wait until he get permission” by the way he is a Marine.. and sad to say he’s not able to go in PH because of the incident happened here a month ago, it’s because of the marine who killed transgender , the officer told him he’s not able to go here until the case is done and we dont know when it will be done. .. 🙁 :'(

  • Hi there,

    Thanks for sharing this, Im planning to apply for US tourist Visa, but I still wanted to know a lot of things about the application and interviews, as I read the forum and all the comments I discovered that the most needed thing in the application is to have evidence of strong ties here in the Philippines / reason to come back, So Im 22 y/o currently employed in a good company where I worked for 1 1/2 year with good income and Im also taking classes every Sat to finish my Degree, I have little savings but I have little stocks in BPI., But my Untie will sponsor all the expenses. I have lots of relatives in US and the reason why Im going there is to visit my sick Grandfather for only 2-3weeks on his birthday, I know you can’t tell me if I can pass the application but I trust you can say anything that I need to know or anything that I can say to prove that I have good intention to come back here in PH. and can I have your list that can prove a good ties here in PH? do you think its a point to have health/life/investment Insurance?


    • Hi Adrian,
      I will answer your question based solely on my experience -I’ve been interviewed twice and was successful both times. First was a student visa and second (what this post is about) was a tourist visa. Both times, the consul never really bothered to ask me for any other additional documents apart from the ones they require you to fill out – or for my student visa- documents from the school. But bring all the documents that you can anyway for peace of mind.
      Because, for a US visa interview- I really think that’s the only purpose it serves, most times. In my observation, those interviewed – me included- never really got to dig in our folders filled with ITRs, bank statements, employment letters, etc. But it does help me feel good when I walk into the Embassy 500% prepared.
      I can’t give you a list of what you SHOULD bring. I can only tell you what I brought (which I did in the full post above).
      Your travel history matters but not as much as a really strong reason to come back to the Philippines. But it my case, it was my US travel history that mattered a lot, I think. I followed the provisions of my student visa and returned to the Philippines. So if there’s anything you can show to prove that you’ll return to the Philippines, just bring it or declare it in the application form somewhere where it’s appropriate.
      Good luck!

  • Hi, I’m gonna tell you my current state and see if I have a chance of getting a tourist visa:

    IT support in an Oil and Gas company for almost 2 years now
    Earning not more than 30k/monthly
    Possible promotion within the year

    Part time job(empleyed here for almost 2 years):
    Internet researcher/Client management, for 2 UK companies
    Earning 13k-15k monthly for each company

    Don’t even have a dog but I do have a girlfriend which I wanna marry anytime soon and can’t survive a week without even seeing her.
    Plenty of relatives/friends in the US; Hawaii, Utah, California, Chicago, New York

    Just got invited by my aunt from Hawaii to visit them for at least 3 weeks.
    Have at least 150k in the bank.
    My aunt will sponsor my stay, house, food and alcohol.
    Will just spend money on pasalubongs, meeting BJ Penn and Kelly Slater

    Haven’t been overseas since I’m a patriot and wants to explore PH first.
    No intention of migrating whatsoever.


  • Hi, I have a concern regarding applying a visa. I am currently employed in an auditing firm for 4 years but I got an offer for a permanent post in DOH. Would it be okay to transfer to the government then apply for a tourist visa after a few months? Baka kasi yun ang isa sa maging dahilan para ma deny ako. Thanks for your help.

    • Medyo mahirap sagutin yang tanong mo kasi – employment mo yan eh. Also, unless consul ang titingin sa papers mo, I don’t think anyone is in the position to tell you kung ano ang better option- to stay in the auditing firm or to move to DOH.
      Yung pag-deny ng visa- ang basis nila dyan ay kung wala ka naman talagang dahilan na bumalik.
      Yung work mo, isang factor lang yan. Pero titignan rin kung saan ang family mo at ang travel history mo. Kung anong nilagay mo sa application form, yun ang pagbabasehan nila sa araw ng interview mo. So whether it’s DOH or the auditing firm- it’s going to be up to you.

  • What if my tita live in Florida, Usa the she want invite us on her bday she sends her family invitation letter is it possible that we can go their. thanks for the reply.

    • Sure! But remember, apart from an invitation letter, you have to be prepared with other things to prove that you will only be visiting the US and have no plans to stay longer than what is allowed.

  • Hi! Great blog! 🙂 However, do you think it would be advisable to get a visa months before your actual travel dates? Or would this be a problem? Thank you!

    • Hi Carol,

      It depends on the availability of the interview or appointment they say. You must be lucky enough na my available na dates prior to your dates of travel. Eastinbaguio took hers for only 11 calendar days to receive the 10year valid visa from the start of applying online(Check her timeline). So a month would be enough “sobra na nga” 😉

      This blog is sick though! ;). Prost!!! Natawa aq sa dog. Guten Tag!

      Kind Regards,
      Gadiel Lucas

    • I’m thinking it really depends what your purpose for travel is. Say today is June and you have to attend a conference/ wedding / party on October, I say, get an appointment today – because you’ll never really know what dates are available for an interview. Ako sinuwerte lang talaga, sa palagay ko. Most ng kakilala ko, at least one month ang hinihintay bago yung date ng interview nila. At baka sa kahihintay mo, September na pala at gahol ka na sa time.
      First time I got a US visa- yung student visa ko – I was supposed to be in the US in December, kaso I just got my admission papers in November and the earliest appointment date is January. Kaya I had to defer my admission sa school
      Pero yon kasi 10 years ago pa. Iba na ngayon- pero the prinsipyo is the same- don’t delay kung urgent ang dahilan ng pagpunta mo ng US.

      • Am doing my wife’s visa online as well. I hope swertihen dn siya like this blog’s experience.

        I paid today online and need to wait that the payment went through after 24 hours(maybe tomorrow).

        But i started filling up the scheduling already and paused in the last section where you need the receipt number.

        The first available appointment is june29th 😉.

      • i got the 30th June, my nakasingit sa 29th while am waiting for the payment to go through.hehe the receipt confirmation through BPI pinrint mu pa as a proof of payment? baka hanapin ng embassy?

  • hello po, i am a 20 year old student here in the ph. currently in college. i have a small business as well because this is a requirement for school. bank accounts meron din. i have been given a visa before and i have been to the us as well pero 10 years ago pa ata yun. i want to visit sana for vacation and my aunt who lives here in the ph will sponsor my trip. sa tingin niyo po ba may chance ako to get a visa? thanks po

    • Oo naman may chance! But take note, your circumstances from 10 years ago have changed. So I would say- do not expect that the exact same thing will happen – in terms of the interview and of course, the result. If you did not overstay your previous visits in the US, then that should give you more confidence to face the consul! All the best!

  • Hi I would like to ask your opinion about this. My parents has a convention this October in New York for 10 days only and they are planning to bring me and my sister with them. We are all going in a big group. Anyway, I am employed as a full time store manager in our family-owned convenience store and a part time safety officer in a construction company. I am only 22 years old and single. And my sister is 19 years old and currently in her 3rd year in college. But my parents will pay for everything. My mom is a government official and my dad is a contractor. And I am also well-travelled, I’ve been to Europe already. What do you think are the chances of me getting approved of a tourist visa? Thank you in advance!

    • Pretty good, I would say. Then again- I’ve witnessed lots of interviews end up in rejection even if they show up with bank statements, business permits, land titles, school registration, employment letters, etc. It’s definitely a good thing you’re employed and that your immediate family resides in the Philippines. Good luck with the interview! Hope you get the visa.

      • I just stumbled on this post while browsing the internet. I’m not going to apply for a visa but i read this post and comments anyway. I just want to say how I appreciate your being so kind and helpful to the people who are inquiring. Hehe. God bless eatsinbaguio! 😀

      • I just stumbled on this post while browsing the internet. I’m not going to apply for a visa but i still read this post and comments anyway. I just want to say how I appreciate your being so kind and helpful to the people who are inquiring. Hehe! Nakakatuwa lang. God bless! 🙂

  • Thank you sa blog! pamula sa pagprocess gang sa Q&A’s, thanks it help me a lot!

    Nag apply ako last June and scheduled for Sept. 28 @ 7:15am interview. Fortunately, naapprove visa ko and received the sms last Oct. 1 for pick up in to go outlet which i stated online.

    Dahil sa blog mo naprepare ko some of my answers, pero iba pa rin pala pag andon na. Anyways, thanks again!

  • Hi! First off I just wanna say thank you for taking the time to write your b2 visa experience; it really helps people like me who are doing research on how to have the best chance at getting this visa. I hope you take the time to read my post coz I want to detail each family member’s situation as much as possible so you can also hopefully give me a better assessment.

    I’m a CR1 holder here in the US. Got in here April last year. My whole family wants to come visit my husband and I next year, around May till July, to spend some time together and go to Universal Studios before they move to Micronesia in August 2016. What are their chances of getting approved?

    Dad — Currently working in Micronesia for a branch of the UN. Earning about $4,000 per month. Has never traveled outside of the country before landing this job. Will finance the whole family’s expenses: visa fees, plane tickets, etc. Will apply separately in the US embassy in Micronesia due to work schedule not permitting him to be in the Phil around the time my mom and siblings will have their own visa interview.

    Mom — Part-time college teacher and owner of her own tutorial business for students. Got offered a job to be the Head Teacher of a startup school in Micronesia, which will begin classes in Sept. Will have the job contract on hand for visa interview, as well as the deed to her late mom’s house and land property (not under her name yet, in the process of transferring). We’ve only been renting an apartment for the past 7 yrs, so no ownership of house, but we have a family car registered under Dad’s name (can she bring that for added proof of ties or does it matter since its in her husband’s name?)

    Brother 1 — 21 yrs old, single. Currently serving a 2-yr mission for the LDS church. Will finish mission in April 2016. Plans to take over managing my mom’s tutorial business since she’s moving to Micronesia for her new job. Since he’s been on this mission from 2014, he’s been technically unemployed and has temporarily stopped studying in UP for the last 1 and a half year (2yrs by the time they interview for the b2 visa). Also plans to continue college studies after mission, so my mom’s been paying for his Leave of Absence at school so he has the option to come back and study there again.

    Brother 2 — 18 yrs old, single. Currently on his 2nd year in college. Planning to apply and hopefully get accepted to serve the same type of mission Brother 1 is currently on. So because of that, he wont be enrolling to school next year. Will hopefully have his mission call papers onhand by their visa interview.

    Sister — 14 yrs old. Currently enrolled in a university as a 7th grader. Will be moving to Micronesia with our parents and will be transferring schools there. Will be taking entrance exams next February, and will hopefully have acceptance letter or enrollment papers onhand by their visa interview.

    I understand that there’s no document that i can give them to help them with the tourist visa application, so im helping them figure out what they can do and what docs to bring to prove sufficient ties to the Philippines. My mom, 2 brothers and sister are all planning to apply together in one appointment; is it an advantage or a disadvantage? There is a possibility that Brother 1 will have a separate appointment because he cant go for an interview before April 20 since he’s still a missionary; if that’s the case, what are his chances of getting approved on his own? My family and i haven’t seen each other since I moved here last year, and with some of them moving to Micronesia possibly permanently, and some staying in the Phil, our planned vacation next year might be our only shot at spending time together for a while. Will it help if my mom mentions that during the interview when she’s asked about the purpose of travel? What tips can you offer us? Thanks in advance for your reply!

  • Hello. Gaano po katagal usually ang binibigay nilang length of stay for first time applicant? Am planning to stay there for one week. TIA

    • Hi Dee, it depends. Sometimes they give 6 months, 5 years or 10 years validity pero you can actually only stay maximum of 6 months every visit.

  • Hello! This situation has eluded me for quite some time now. I quit my job months ago and I have a small amount in my savings account. My 65 year old grandma who is a US citizen is expected to return next month to the States and she wants me to accompany her. Is there a chance that an unemployed 24 year old will be handed out a US B1/B2 visa?

  • Hello! This situation has eluded me for quite some time now. I quit my job months ago and I have a small amount in my savings account. I’ve only been to a few southeast asian countries. So my 65 year old grandma who is a US citizen is expected to return next month to the States and she wants me to accompany her. Is there a chance that an unemployed 24 year old will be handed out a US B1/B2 visa?

  • Hi! I’m 23 years old who works on a bpo company for almost 3 years now.
    I look after my siblings since we have no parents anymore.
    I dont earn that much, but a good friend of mine offered me a free trip to US, mainly in California and might do a little of Florida just for 2 weeks because that’s the only amount of time im allowed to get time off from work.
    What can be the possible things that the consul would ask me about or any additional proof of strong ties with the Philippines?

  • Consul will probably ask who that ‘friend’ is. Halimbawa kung boyfriend/girlfriend mo yan, baka usisain. Also, kung may travel history ka. Have you been out of the country- where to, ganyan, baka itanong din to help establish your ties to the Philippines. 🙂. Good luck sa interview! Relax lang!

  • Ok so here’s what you’ve told us about you- you’re 24, unemployed, did a bit of travelling to SEA countries and have a 65 year old grandma from the US- any chance for you to get a visa?
    Oo naman! ☺️ . But the chances increase or decrease based on a couple of things. It will increase if 1- you can demonstrate strong ties to the country- like- where’s the rest of your family, are they in the Philippines too? 2- you have reason to come back home- a job, commitment (school…(in my case, a dog 😜) business) . It will decrease if none of these things are apparent. But at the ene of the day, only the consul knows how to look at your info and determine your qualifications.

  • Hi. What are the chances na nakakuha ako ng us visa? Im currently a 4th yr student from feu. May pag asa po ba? Im applying for tourist visa po.

    • Hi Kat,

      Everyone naman ay may chance na makakuha ng visa. Most embassies main concern is that you return after your trip. If you can prove strong ties to your country and that you will return, you have better chances. 🙂

      • Thank you po! Pero ang main reason ko po kase sa pagkuha ng visa is iaaccompany ko ang lola ko kase once a year kelangan niya bumalik ng states. E nagkakaedad narin kase.

        • I personally don’t know anyone na nagaccompany as their main reason kaya hindu kita mabigyan ng good advice. You never know the result unless you try di ba? Good luck! 🙂

  • nurse ako for 3yrs,single, 24yrs old, pero im currently unemployed, wala akong maipresent na ITR. pero may affidavit of support at letter of invitation ng tita ko. im applying for US tourist visa, may pag asa kaya akong maapprobahan?

    • Hi wil, as much as I want to help. Hindi ko alam kung maapprove ka. Yung consul lang makakadecide nun. Hindi lang naman sa profile mo siguro magbebase kundi sa interview at documents na iprepresent mo. 🙂 Sa lahat naman ng visa application, ang pinakaimportante na idetermine nila is kung babalik ka. Usually employment is malaking factor bakit bumabalik ang mga turista dahil may trabaho sila dito. 🙂

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