Ginza is known to be the upscale shopping district of Tokyo. A lot of upscale shopping stores can be found here. This is where I spend the most money shopping in Japan and we only had time for one store which was a good thing.




We actually just walked here from Tsukiji Market for about 15 minutes. This bridge has an escalator so we must be in a really posh area. Haha. While taking pictures on this bridge, we actually felt it moving a little so that must have been an earthquake. If you are taking the subway to get to Ginza, it is accessible through the Ginza Station on the Hibiya Line, Marunuochi Line and the Ginza Line.




So, here is where we spent a lot of time and money. We went through all 11 floors. I think this is their biggest store to date.




I think we spent a good 2-3 hours in this store alone. I imagine my wallet going empty should I have stayed longer in Ginza. I’ll definitely come back when I win the lottery. 😛

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