Flying with FinnAir

Flying with FinnAir

Flying with Finnair was a mixed bag. Some things were nice and some can certainly be improved. It was my first time flying with them. They had good prices for Asian routes so we bought our tickets with them. We planned a trip to Japan and chose to fly through Osaka. They also fly to other cities in Japan like Tokyo and Fukuoka. Love their blueberry juice! You can read through my experience below.


Brussels to Finland



From Brussels, Belgium, we flew with a regular A320. The flight was about two hours. We had to connect through Helsinki airport to take our final flight to Osaka. I was looking at their menu and I asked the Schatje why do they not have water? Little did I know that they serve complimentary drinks. They have water, their signature blueberry juice, coffe and tea. You can purchase sandwiches or snacks but the drinks I mentioned were free. They have wine and beer for purchase too. Isn’t that nice? Not a lot of airlines do that nowadays and I thought that was so simple and such a nice gesture. Makes me feel welcome.


Finnair Menu


Flying with Finnair


Connecting at the airport


The airport was modern, seemed new and was tastefully designed. We had two hours. The Schatje thought it was 3 hours, he forgot about the time difference. We had time to eat some sandwich. Then off we went to our boarding gate. We went through immigration which was a breeze. Then we went to the other side of the gates I guess. Plenty of shops and restaurants along the way. They even have a Santa store and north pole water. We were there early. We bought some water only to find a bottled water on every seat later. 😛 Boarding was on time. On our way back, we didn’t expect that we had to go through security when we were connecting. It was really good that our flight arrived almost an hour early because we only had 45 minutes to connect originally. The security line was fast but it was a shame to have to throw out our Japanese drinks that we got at Osaka airport.


Flying with Finnair


Finland to Osaka


The plane we were on seemed a bit tired. It had small screens. We liked that there were options for two seats which is really nice for couples. We don’t need to bother anyone to go to the toilet and neither will anyone. You can tell that you kinda get what you paid for. The quality is less than with other airlines starting from the headphones to some of the crew. The Schatje’s entertainment system was not working. We informed the crew. They said that they are gonna look for another seat that works. They did not get back at us. It was a 10 hour flight with a monitor that’s not working. We did not make a big deal out of it but it would have been nice to tell us “sorry, we did not find another monitor that works” than just ignoring us. The plane was also really shaky. This flight left a bad impression on us.


Flying with Finnair



Food on Finnair


Flying with Finnair


Food was surprisingly not bad. We had dinner service and breakfast on the Helsinki to Osaka flight. It was hot meals with bread, appetizers and dessert. They also serve coffee and tea after the meal. The quality of food is not  as good as other airlines that I’ve been on but for what we paid, it was pretty decent.



Osaka to Helsinki


This is the flight that redeemed our whole experience. The airplane itself seemed new and nice. The screen monitors were bigger. The entertainment system had more options than our previous flight. I love the map and you can even zoom into places. The food was nice although they served it twice during the flight. This is the first time I’ve experienced this. They did not have the option for two seats so we had to sit with someone. Haha. The flight was comfortable and we liked this a lot better than the one we had before.


Flying with Finnair


Finland to Brussels


We were on an older plane again and it was not a comfortable flight. It was also a much smaller plane. It had a two-two seat configuration. We did not really mind as long as we get home safe. Haha


My Thoughts


Flying with Finnair was generally a good experience and I would fly with them again if the price is right. They have a lot of routes to Asia which is really nice. I just hope they have one for the Philippines in the future. They currently do not have it. I don’t mind transferring at Helsinki airport since it’s really nice. It has a lot of restaurants and facilities. Some flight attendants are much more professional and nicer than others. They can always improve on that.



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