First Vending Machine Restaurant experience in Japan

I only see this in movies or TV shows but one night when we were looking for a place to eat, we chanced upon this one. We were originally looking for a ramen shop recommended by my cousin but we couldn’t find it. We happened to pass by an older lady in a bike and since we probably look like we were lost, she asked us if we needed help and we pointed to our map asking for this place. She said it’s probably close and if we wanted something to eat, we should go that way. Lo and behold, there were plenty of dining establishments there. We chose this one because it seems like it said “unlimited rice” on the poster. The vending machine restaurant experience in Japan is a first for us. We were really excited to try it.

So the Japanese food vending machine works like any other vending machine, you put in your money, you choose what you want to eat, and a ticket comes out for this particular one.




There’s a menu on top of the vending machine and outside as well.




Then we were seated at a table and the lady got our tickets. She also gave us tea but we asked for water. I tell you Japanese customer service is the best in the world. Sesame seeds, soy sauce as condiments and everything you would need on the table.




I’m not sure what I got but it’s probably katsu-don. It’s breaded pork with egg and some sweet sauce. It was very good! We helped ourselves to extra servings of rice which was self-service. The meal came with miso soup, tofu and pickled veggies. My meal was only 580 yen. Sobrang sulit! ^.^



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