Eurostar Train from Paris to London



The Eurostar from Paris to London at Gare du  Nord has a different entrance for trains travelling to London. You can’t just normally find your train and just get in. You would have to go through immigration and security so allot a bit of time for this. It’s also located on the second level.




This is what it looks like on the second level. There’s a cafe on the left and it had free wifi at the time. Haha. I was there a bit earlier but I didn’t want to go in yet so I just hung out near the cafe to get the signal and message people on Facebook. There are also kiosks that prints out your tickets if you need to. Those people on the right are filling out landing cards.




Europeans just flash their ID and they have a different lane for that. We, on the other hand need to fill up landing cards and go through a different lane for immigration.




They also have luggage tags available for free. Their landing cards are similar to our own here in the Philippines. They’re basic information and unobtrusive. So after this, I scanned my printed ticket on the scanner to go through this section. Then it was immigration after that. I was asked how long I was staying in London and which part of London it was. They were really nice and polite. I was told to enjoy my stay after he stamped my passport. After that, it was security. They just scan your bags like on regular airports. Then, you proceed to the waiting area and they have a few shops and snack shops just in case you need anything.

When they finally announce boarding, it would be nice if you were near your train car which you can find on your ticket so you don’t have to walk too long. The trains were nothing really special. I was seated at economy.




This is a good reference if you want to find out more information about the eurostar, they even have a video of what the train looks like:

They have promotions at different times so if you know which day you are traveling, it would be very good to consider that. I noticed that the closer you are to the date of travel at the time of booking, the more expensive the ticket is so try to book as early as possible. This is the actual website if you’d like to book tickets:

After passing the Channel Tunnel and 2 and a half hours later, we reach London St. Pancras station. No immigration here. You can just exit and go. The station’s architecture is very nice.




They do promise you a jolly good time.




On the way back, it’s pretty similar where you just scan your ticket onto the barrier gates. Then there was security. Plenty of shops inside but prices are a bit more. Good thing I bought a drink and a sandwich at the Marks and Spencer store next to the entrance.

Eurostar is a fast and efficient way of going into London. You can check out budget airline prices too since they’re comparable and sometimes cheaper. I’m just very partial about train travel. ^.^

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