Discovery Shopping Mall – Kuta

Discovery Shopping Mall – Kuta



Discovery Shopping Mall is the mall next to the beach. This is where we ate and did our last minute shopping. You can check out Kuta Beach from here too. It had plenty of restaurants and shops.


Our first order of business was lunch. We looked through our options. By the entrance from the the streets, there was Burger King which had the Rendang burger. There was also a pizza hut.


Discovery Mall Kuta


But we decided to go with kfc. They even had a special we didn’t know about and we got a cd with our meal.


KFC at Discovery Mall Kuta


Anyway, this area had most of the local goods and souvenirs while the right side had all the shops and the department store.


Discovery Mall Kuta


Then we walked strait and we were actually surprised to see the beach since we weren’t really expecting anything. My friend loitered and got some tan on Kuta beach while me and my other friend went shopping.


Discovery Mall Kuta Beach


They also had a few nice restaurants near the beach.


Discovery Mall Kuta



At night, there was even a band playing at the front. Since we missed the last shuttle, we took a taxi home and it was kind of a pain to get one and they were overcharging – most of them but it was a good thing we found one that didn’t overcharge too much.


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