Czech Dinner in Prague

Czech Dinner in Prague


Our Czech Dinner in Prague was filling and sumptuous. We were walking around Prague and decided to taste the local cuisine so we checked out a few restaurants in the Old Town and decided to eat in one cozy place that had good heating. Haha. I don’t remember the name unfortunately of the restaurant.



Czech food has a lot of meat in it. It’s usually composed of meat and a side dish. Usually a two course meal, first being the warm soup and the second is the main plate. The soup was really good especially on a cold winter night.




Czech Dinner


We were also given a basket of bread.


Czech Dinner


I personally ordered meat with some potato patties and a cabbage relish, tastes like sauerkraut.



My aunt got the goulash with some white bread on the side. The goulash or gulas is a stew made of meat and spices. There are also vegetarian versions of this dish.


Czech Dinner


My other aunt got the chicken with potatoes and white bread. The bread reminds me of siopao bread. The Czech calls the white bread dumplings.



My cousin got a plate of roast pork with potatoes and sauerkraut.


Czech Dinner


Our Czech dinner in Prague was certainly enjoyable. It was not fancy. It was simple comfort food and it was especially nice in the winter. Certainly inexpensive compared to other european cities.

We only spent a short time in Prague so maybe next time, we’ll have more time to also explore the cuisine.

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