COEX is a huge mall located in Gangnam. It’s in the more posh area of Seoul. We planned on going to Lotte World later in the day so we decided to stop by COEX since it’s only a few stops away from Lotte World on the subway. We took Line 2 to Samseong Station.

We had our lunch here. The food court had a lot to offer. I got a chicken omurice and bibimbap.

We roamed around and saw Jackie’s Kitchen. The Jackie Chan owned restaurant chain.

and a huge megabox.

There’s also a Kimchi Museum.

But there was an entrance fee of 3,000 won which is not bad but we didn’t bother to go in.

Coex Mall was just a mall, a huge mall. I wish we didn’t spend as much time as we did in this place because we needed more time at Lotte World. ^.^

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