Cebu Pacific Online Booking Tips


Cebu Pacific Online Booking Tips


Cebu Pacific is one of the biggest airlines in the Philippines and they are the top airline on the budget category. They also have a wide network of cities that they fly to. These Cebu Pacific Online booking tips can help you find get the best deals on the website. You are welcome to comment and share your own tips as well.




  1. HAVE YOUR INFORMATION AVAILABLE. Online Booking currently requires the given name and last name, birthday and nationality. Of course this can change without prior notice. I’ve lost a few tickets in the past because I had to ask for their full name and birthday and when the information becomes available, the ticket unfortunately is not anymore.

2. DON’T WORRY ABOUT ADDITIONAL LUGGAGE AND MEALS WHEN BOOKING. I hate that it is an added pressure when you book at other websites but not on Cebu Pacific. You can always add these items before your travels as long as you do not do online check-in yet. I find this a very good feature not available in other airlines. When we go to a new place and there are some good items we shopped, we can always buy the luggage a day before we depart. Additional check in luggage is available at 15kg, 20kg, 25kg and 30kg with corresponding prices depending on the route. You can even check in 2 bags at 20kg so you and your companion can have 10kg each or something like that.

3. SUBSCRIBE TO THE AIRLINE’S SOCIAL MEDIA ACCOUNTS. Sign up for newsletters or like their FB Page to get information on upcoming sales. It would be good to follow them on social media as I’m sure they give out information this way.

4. WHEN BOOKING, MAKE SURE YOUR CACHE AND COOKIES ARE CLEARED. Some websites are now tracking their guests movement on that site so if they know you are after a particular destination, they might make the price for that more expensive than it is. I don’t know if Cebu Pacific has trackers like that but it’s always better to just do it. It’s just a few clicks anyway.

5. LOOK FOR DEALS IN THE WEE HOURS OF THE NIGHT, that’s usually when the sales start at 12am.

6. ONCE YOU SEE A DEAL, BOOK IT AS SOON AS POSSIBLE because it’s on a limited time basis. You have to decide right away or have made a decision before hand to go to that destination. As long as you see it as a good deal, then go for it. I’ve lost a few really good priced tickets because of indecision. I also don’t like booking tickets too far ahead like a year away. It just really depends on your travel style and what you are comfortable with. I also have friends who wanted me to book tickets for them but by the time that they have decided, the tickets are already gone.

7. MAKE AN ACCOUNT. It makes it easier for me since it has my information already in it like names and addresses. It also has information of travel companions I have booked with before so I just check their names and don’t have to input everything every time.

8. GET A GETGO NUMBER. It’s very easy to get it and it’s free unless you want a physical card, then you have to pay 100 pesos. This is Cebu Pacific’s frequent flyer program so if you do fly with them often, you gain points whenever you travel with them or use the card with their partners. The points do rack up and you can claim it for a free ticket in the future if you have enough points for it. 🙂 Click here for more information on how it works.

9. READ THE FINE PRINT. Cebu Pacific is a budget airline and most of its promo fare tickets are non-refundable, non-rebookable or non-transferrable. You take it at your own risk. It’s like Easyjet in europe that it’s much more cheaper to just book another flight instead of salvaging the one you can’t use. So when booking, make sure everything is right.

10. CHECK OTHER AIRLINES AS WELL. I usually use a different website to check on all airlines first just to see if I’m really getting a good deal at Cebu Pacific. Sometimes, other airlines are also having good promotions so it might be better to book there.

I hope these Cebu Pacific Online Booking tips can help you navigate and use the website and its deal as well as you should. If you have any questions, feel free to leave a comment on this post below. You can also reach me on my facebook page. 🙂



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