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Last Meal in Taipei




There were a few restaurants near our hotel that seemed popular and we didn’t even have the chance to check it out. We haven’t eaten and we pass by this place on our way to our hotel. I saw the menu, it was cheap and I wanted to eat the braised pork over rice before I leave Taipei which they have so we decided to have our last meal here.



Taipei Tianhou Temple




This temple is located on Ximending near the subway exit. It’s on the main street and we passed by it by chance too. It is a lovely temple with all the lanterns and candles. We went in to see it and get a glimpse. Most people say a quick prayer and leave.



Ximending Walking Street



We were just killing time before we get to the airport and catch our midnight flight so we just walked around Ximending which is also near our hotel. My friend described this place as a meeting place for young people which is true. There were a lot of young kids around this area. With that, also a lot of food establishments and entertainment places like cinemas and karaoke places. The toilet restaurant is in this area but it was under renovation and won’t open until a month after we’re gone. This post on Ximending Walking street gives you hopefully an idea of what it is like.



Fish Bowl Cafe




We saw this cafe from across Uniqlo and we found it interesting. After walking around and we wanted a place to rest our tired feet, we decided to check it out. It’s located on the second floor of the building. The spots near the window are always occupied so we had to wait for one party to leave before we can get our spot. ^.^



Ay Chung Misua and KFC in Taiwan




We decided to spend the rest of our time in Ximending. Funny that we are staying in the area. Our hotel is here but we haven’t explored it yet. It was around lunch time and we decided to grab a light lunch at KFC which we even shared. Then some shopping at Uniqlo before finally trying the famous Ay Chung Misua.



Bopilao Cultural Street




I had no idea what Bopilao Cultural Street was and I’m glad my cousin was with me since she was the one who told me about it and it was near the area. From Longshan Temple, you can actually turn left and walk straight about 5 minutes and you will find it. We did the run around and took a bit to find it. 😛



Longshan Temple



We made our way to Longshan Temple on our last day. We took the metro and stopped at the Longshan stop. Just walk a bit and you will see the Longshan Temple across the street.



The Secret Starbucks at Taipei 101



I didn’t want to spend TWD 400 to go all the way up to Taipei 101 but we also wanted to see the views. Our solution: The Secret Starbucks at Taipei 101. Well, it’s not so secret but not a lot of people know about it. Even my friend who had lived there for 10 years.



Rahoe Night Market



I wanted to go to Rahoe Street night market to try their pepper pork buns and also from blogs that I was reading, they always mention Rahoe night market as the night market to go to for really good food and I must agree.



A-mei Teahouse at Jiufen

A-mei Teahouse at Jiufen
When I first saw pictures of Jiufen on the internet, I made a mental note that I have to go there someday. I love Hayao Miyazaki’s work at Studio Ghibli and Spirited Away is one of my favorite animated films. It is said that Hayao Miyazaki was inspired by the A-mei Tea House at Jufien which looks a lot similar to his bath house in the film. Taiwan wasn’t exactly in my travel bucket list so I didn’t think I would be here so soon. Thanks to promo fares and birthdays! ^.^